The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990

The Rolling Stones‘ From The Vault series continues with Live at the the Tokyo Dome a Japanese performance from 1990 during the Steel Wheels World Tour.

Remarkably, the ten shows in February of that year were the first concerts the band ever performed in Japan. This audio was previously available for download in 2012 via the Stones Archive but this is the first physical release. As with previous ‘From the Vault’ sets, the footage has now been restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain.

So far in this series we’ve had Hampton Coliseum Live 1981, Live in LA Forum 1975, The Marquee Club Live 1971 and a North American-only issue of Hyde Park Live 1969. This new Tokyo Dome release is available as a DVD+4LP vinyl set, a DVD+2CD edition as well as individual blu-ray and DVD offerings.

Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990 will be released on 30 October 2015.



DVD+ 4LP Vinyl







  • 1) Intro: Continental Drift
  • 2) Start Me Up
  • 3) Bitch
  • 4) Sad Sad Sad
  • 5) The Harlem Shuffle
  • 6) Tumbling Dice
  • 7) Miss You
  • 8) Ruby Tuesday
  • 9) Almost Hear You Sigh
  • 10) Rock And A Hard Place
  • 11) Mixed Emotions
  • 12) Honky Tonk Women
  • 13) Midnight Rambler
  • 14) You Can t Always Get What You Want
  • 15) Can t Be Seen
  • 16) Happy
  • 17) Paint It Black
  • 18) 2000 Light Years From Home
  • 19) Sympathy For The Devil
  • 20) Gimme Shelter
  • 21) It s Only Rock n Roll
  • 22) Brown Sugar
  • 23) (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction
  • 24) Jumpin Jack Flash

24 responses to The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990

  1. Warren Voight says:

    Thrilled to get the Tokyo Dome on Vinyl/DVD set, nice clean sound (or it would have been but for the noisy vinyl pressing) quite disappointing. Thanks Eagle Rock, you’ve done it yet again1

  2. Greig says:

    I noticed the Tokyo Dome CD has the stereo reversed. Ronnie plays in Right Channel, and Keith plays Left Channel. Easily fixed with ear buds, but maybe distracting for some fans who are used to standard Ronnie/Left and Keith/Right format. Luckily the DVD doesn’t have this issue. I own Hampton & LA Forum CDs and they are correct.

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  4. Tristram Adams says:

    Is there a link to confirm Leeds ’82 being the next release?

  5. Adey says:

    Why can’t Bowie release some live goodies from his vault?!!

  6. Mick says:

    I’m still pining for a physical release of The Brussels Affair…

    • Tom says:

      There was a physical release of Brussels Affair as a pricey limited edition boxed set. I’m hoping for a mass market release for the,,, well, masses.

  7. Thomas Casagranda says:

    I understand there’s footage of a Radio1 DJ, Jimmy Savile, on the Leeds Roundhay video. They’ll have to spend some time excising that.

  8. Francis says:

    Yawn, more ‘Live’ stuff reissued!

  9. tom heusinger says:

    Why not release the televised show with Axl, Izzy, John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton from Atlantic City? I know, rhetorical question. Salt of the earth it is!

  10. purpledaniel says:

    Leeds 82 is supposedly the next vault release.

  11. Eric says:

    Identical setlist to the show I saw on the US leg in 1990. Yikes, that was 25 years ago! As i recall, this tour was noteable for the amount of pre recorded material the band used …Which is why the Voodoo Lounge shows sound very different.

    • Chudbeagle says:

      I saw the start of this tour in Philly in 1989 and it was fantastic.

      If I recall, this show has the beautiful “Almost Hear You Sigh” which was not played in the US. It was the current single at the time in 1990.

      • Greenfella says:

        So looking forward to this show. I had a bootleg copy on VHS (yeah, I know) many years ago.

        I think they played Almost Hear You Sigh in a couple of North American gigs. I saw both nights in Toronto (December 3 and 4) and they played it on the 3rd.

        Perhaps they only broke it out in cities where they played multiple nights?

        Anyway, I agree, the song is beautiful and glad we will have an official live version of it.

  12. howie says:

    I so want the Leeds Roundhay Park gig to come out. My first ever concert at the age of 13, still got the ticket £9.99. Thanks Mum !

    • Gisabun says:

      According to what I read it is some footage of them arriving at the airport in Tokyo. May not contain much else.

  13. DaveM says:

    Great news. Would love Leeds to come out as I was there (showing my age now!) and at Hyde Park in 2013 which of course came out….

  14. Mr Tim says:

    Good Good. Saw the Blu Ray on Amazon a while back but good to see the usual full packages being released. Remember the archive release and fully into the ‘modern’ era by the this time, so should sound good.
    Some will be annoyed that the Blu ray has to be bought seperately of course.
    What next the Leeds Roundhay Park show from the archive releases ?
    Paul, small typo- track 18.) should read 2000 not 20000 light years.. .

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