The Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup reissued as a super deluxe with 5.1 mix

New stereo mix • 5.1 & Dolby Atmos • Brussels Affair • Rarities

The Rolling Stones‘ 1973 album Goats Head Soup will be reissued as a super deluxe edition box set in August.

The 3CD+blu-ray package will offer a brand new stereo mix, a 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos mix, a disc of rarities and alternate mixes and the much desired ‘Brussels Affair’ concert, recorded live at the Forest National Arena in October 1973 is reissued on CD for the first time outside Japan.

The stereo and surround mixes have been created from the original session files and the rarities disc includes three previously unreleased tracks: ‘Scarlet’ (featuring guitar by Jimmy Page), ‘All The Rage’ and ‘Criss Cross’.

The super deluxe edition (or should that be souper deluxe?) includes a 120-page book, which sounds McCartney-esque in style, with loads of photos and three essays: 50 Years On – An Appreciation of Goats Head Soup by Ian McCann, Brussels Affair Live 1973 Tour by Nick Kent and The Story Of The Cover Art by Darryl Easlea. This set also includes four 1973 reproduction tour posters which are rolled up, not folded.

A 4LP vinyl box is also available which contains the new stereo mix, the rarities disc and the Brussels Affair, while a 2LP edition omits the live gig and a single vinyl LP offers just the new mix of the album. ALL the vinyl is half-speed mastered.

Similarly, 2CD and single CD options are available. So I make that SIX physical formats in total.

Goats Head Soup will be reissued on 4 September 2020. You can purchase some formats from the SDE shop, using this link or the button below. Other formats and other options are in the widgets!

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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - 3CD+blu-ray box set


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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - 4LP vinyl box set


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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - 2LP vinyl


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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - 2CD edition


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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - vinyl LP


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The Rolling Stones

Goats Head Soup - single CD


Goats Head Soup 3CD+Blu-ray box set

CD1 – 2020 Stereo Mix

1. Dancing With Mr D
2. 100 Years Ago
3. Coming Down Again
4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
5. Angie
6. Silver Train
7. Hide Your Love
8. Winter
9. Can You Hear The Music
10. Star Star

CD2 – Rarities and Alternative Mixes

1. Scarlet
2. All The Rage
3. Criss Cross
4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)
5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)
6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)
8. Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
10. Silver Train (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)

CD3 – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’

1. Brown Sugar
2. Gimme Shelter
3. Happy
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Star Star
6. Dancing With Mr D
7. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
8. Angie
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. All Down The Line
13. Rip This Joint
14. Jumpin’Jack Flash
15. Street Fighting Man

Disc 4:  BLU-RAY

Dolby Atmos, 96kHz/24 bit high resolution stereo, and 96 kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

1. Dancing With Mr D
2. 100 Years Ago
3. Coming Down Again
4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
5. Angie
6. Silver Train
7. Hide Your Love
8. Winter
9. Can You Hear The Music
10. Star Star


Dancing With Mr D
Silver Train

Goats Head Soup 4LP vinyl box set

LP 1

2020 Stereo Mix


1. Dancing With Mr D
2. 100 Years Ago
3. Coming Down Again
4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
5. Angie


6. Silver Train
7. Hide Your Love
8. Winter
9. Can You Hear The Music
10. Star Star

LP 2

Rarities & Alternative Mixes


1. Scarlet
2. All The Rage
3. Criss Cross
4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)
5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)


6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)
8. Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
10. Silver Train (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)

LP 3 – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’


1. Brown Sugar
2. Gimme Shelter
3. Happy
4. Tumbling Dice

SIDE F – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’

5. Star Star
6. Dancing With Mr D
7. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
8. Angie

LP 4 – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’

SIDE G – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’

9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Midnight Rambler

SIDE H – ‘Brussels Affair – Live 1973’

11. Honky Tonk Women
12. All Down The Line
13. Rip This Joint
14. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
15. Street Fighting Man

Goats Head Soup 2CD deluxe

CD 1 – 2020 Stereo Mix

1. Dancing With Mr D
2. 100 Years Ago
3. Coming Down Again
4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
5. Angie
6. Silver Train
7. Hide Your Love
8. Winter
9. Can You Hear The Music
10. Star Star

CD 2 – Rarities & Alternative Mixes

1. Scarlet
2. All The Rage
3. Criss Cross
4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)
5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)
6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)
8. Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
10. Silver Train (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)

Goats Head Soup 2LP vinyl edition

LP 1 – 2020 Stereo Mix


1. Dancing With Mr D
2. 100 Years Ago
3. Coming Down Again
4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
5. Angie


6. Silver Train
7. Hide Your Love
8. Winter
9. Can You Hear The Music
10. Star Star


1. Scarlet
2. All The Rage
3. Criss Cross
4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)
5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)


6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)
7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)
8. Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)
10. Silver Train (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix)


187 responses to The Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup reissued as a super deluxe with 5.1 mix

  1. JC says:

    Do you know if in the 4lp edition there is a download code for all files in high resolution?


  2. mark browne says:

    Ron is Right…if you look at the bluray cover on the reverse in small writing it says the dolby atmos mix contains a 7.1 and 5.1 mix and we play dependant on your system. It sounds great

  3. Ron Mustang says:

    The 5.1 mix IS on the disc. It just doesn’t state “5.1” anywhere. Instead, it states Dolby Atmos (the second of the two audio options).

    I listened to the whole 5.1 mix last night, and the three bonus tracks are also in 5.1.

    Mick was mostly front and center. The guitars were mostly front left and right. The pianos and keyboards were mostly rear left and right. The horns were rear left and right and LOUD.

  4. Stephen Hance says:

    I managed to get to the Carnaby St store and got a copy of the exclusive red vinyl. Can’t believe how slapdash the packaging is. The inner sleeve has a larger font than the original which means that on side 2 listing all the guest keyboardist listings get split over 2 lines – which means that Star Star gets accidentally bumped off the bottom! Did no one proof read this? I saw it as soon as I opened it. Bad enough on 1000 red vinyl collectors editions – but presumably same mistake on all the vinyl editions? Shoddy.

  5. Paul says:

    “DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1” = False advertising

  6. Pete says:

    Don’t know when/why the 5.1 mix got dropped from the Blu-ray, but it’s only got Dolby Atmos, and 96kHz/24 bit high resolution stereo mixes.

    The posters are beyond rubbish BTW, not sure where managed to source such cheap paper.

  7. Salamander says:

    The download version features the entire set (including bonus tracks and Brussels Affair) in HiRes 96 kHz/24 bit. I will meanwhile hold on to my Japanese SHM SACD of this album for the ‘sleazy’ original mix, which I quite like. The real highlight here is the Brussels Affair live concert, which was previously available for download as well, but not in HiRes. Why is there no stand-alone BluRay with the 5.1 mix? That I would gladly purchase.

    • Ron Martin says:


      According to some reviews I read, you need to insert the Blu-ray and you should see as one of the options, Atmos 7.1.

      Please try this and get back with us.

      • Pete says:

        Yes Atmos 7.1 is one of the options, but the only other option is hi def stereo. No 5.1 option. I haven’t got an Atmos set up so when I select the Atmos option the sound only seems to come from 2 speakers. The stereo mix comes out of all speakers but it can’t be mixed for 5.1 if as it’s a 2 channel mix. Seems odd not to have a 5.1 mix, I don’t think many people have got Atmos.

  8. Chris says:

    So at the same time physical media becomes available all of the audio is released officially on YouTube for free for Goats Head Soup. I’ve spent several hundred bucks for cd box and vinyl with virtually no resale value. Once people our age are broke or incapacitated, physical media will die with it.

    Glad for the stash I’ve got!

    • Dave H says:

      YouTube doesn’t have the 5.1 surround which I’ve just listened to and it sounds great.
      The rear speakers haven’t been used for ambiance, there’s lots of nice discrete vocals and instrumentation like strings and horns. Main vocals from the centre speaker.

      Hopefully there’ll be more 70’s Stones albums in surround because this adds value to spending £100 on a reissue and makes it a worthwhile purchase.

    • graeme ewan says:

      agreed mate. just listened to the new version of it all and it is a bit minge. All puffed up with nowhere to go. Vote with your own wallet of course folks, but for me it;s a “no” on this one.

    • graeme ewan says:

      And this. New version is totally LOUD and loses the “dull” or funkiness of the original releases. Its all to clean for a goats head soup. No broth left anymore.

    • Chris says:

      Finally arrived. What an awkward box to navigate through. I think I’m right to see that both the disk book and coffee table book are actually glued into the outer cover. I don’t want to force and tear it??? The Grrrrr book in that vinyl box set is a really awkward size too.

      When unwieldy stuff like this arrives I’m like the guitarist from”Spinal Tap” who won’t even let people look at let only handle his gear…

  9. Miguel Rocha says:

    As much as I love Winter, am I the only one that hears it as a bit of a piss-take on Van Morrison. I read a story from around the time of Exile or GHS of Keith dismissing Van or even throwing a Van record out the window, so it always surprises me how much of an influence he’d have on this song! Slagging Van, blazing lines (guitar and otherwise), or putting his tongue in someone else’s pie; all quintessential Keith!

  10. Bruce Kelso says:

    does anyone know who did the remix ?

    • CJS says:

      Giles Martin and very good it is too.

      • Jarmo Keranen says:

        To me name Giles Martin and remixing means nightmare. It would be miracle if i could listen his remixing more than once. Glad i own the old versions on vinyl and cd. Shame there isn’t Glyn Johns 1973 mix for all the tracks. He’s the producer who’s work i have always liked. By the way is the Star Star still the censored version like it was on 2009 cd version?

  11. MüllerMüller says:

    Sadly the download version of disc 2 hast two bonus remixes of Scarlet – One is by The Killers!

  12. Mike G says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve diligently collected all 13 in the PMc Super Deluxe series, but could you please tell me what other releases are officially in the Stones Super Deluxe series?? Really looking for to the Super Deluxe Goats Head!

    • Tim Joseph says:

      Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street and Some Girls. There are also SDEs for the last 3 Decca albums (Satanic Majesties, Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed), but there offer no new material.

      • Mike G says:

        Thanks Tim, I think it was the no new material that confused me and if they still constituted SDEs. I was hoping for a big Beggars but I guess they’ve already released all they’re going to for that album. Thanks

  13. JP says:

    Will the Blu-Ray have any region compatibility issues? I wouldn’t think so, but you never know…

  14. graeme ewan says:

    Just cancelled my order from amazon. After much pontification almost £100 isnt worth it for basically a blu ray in a card board box. Got every thing else in ex bootlegs so it is a no from me. Keep the Ton for Bob Mould etc. try again if it comes down to about £50/60. Linda and Richard as well this month so the Stones had to go.

  15. Paul says:

    Will “Star Star” be censored?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Why would it be?

    • bruce kelso says:

      this track in my opinion is one of 2 that i really, really hate, the other being its only rock n roll. UGH! there was/is other songs that would of made a better choice such as criss cross man long version mix 5 with a long swirling ending and thru the lonely nights. i have only played it once when the lp was first issued and never again. in fact i made a cdr from a jap shm cd reflecting my vision of goats without that track and its all killer no filler.

    • CJS says:

      Starfucker has not got the word “pussy” edited out like some remasters have.

  16. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    And now the Stones Store are selling a one disc GHS with the alternate cover with a bonus etched 7″ single of “Scarlet”. Somewhat annoying as I’d love the 7″ but have already pre-ordered the 2 disc clear vinyl and the 7″ isnt available to buy seperately.

    • Howard Keese says:

      Any insight into Glyn Johns’ involvement in recording/mixing the album? I know Andy was the engineer, but was unaware of Glyn’s work on the album. These bonus tracks of his mixes came as a complete surprise to me.

  17. bruce kelso says:

    another sample available today is scarlet. its complete and sounds like it has NO new overdubs. its was cut at island studios during the final mixing. sessions. my opinion its ok but there has to be better and more tracks than this. it does have a very jamaican feel tho.

    • bruce kelso says:

      also of note is the recording date oct 24 74. not a goats outake as stated.

      • bruce kelso says:

        more info on scarlet. new percussion by mick, recorded at ronnie woods home studio. this ia a new 202o mix.

      • Andrew r says:

        Also this is the period when jimmy page allegedly started hanging with Keith . The list of people who crashed and burnt after sharing
        Vitamin H with him is staggering . For me this track will always equate with Page’s downfall .
        Can’t listen sorry

  18. Norman says:

    An essay by Nick Kent?
    From what I remember, Kent slagged off Goats Head Soup and especially Angie pretty badly at the time. He more or less said the Stones were a busted flush in 73 and that GHS was crap.

    An essay by a true fan like Kris Needs or even Bobby Gillespie would have been better.

    • Rich G says:

      Nick Kent was also a talking head in a J’Accuse The Rolling Stones TV programme around 1990, confirming the same. Maybe he needs the money. Anyway I’ve always thought that it’s very lazy to say Exile bookends the classics, make an exception for Some Girls and then write off the next 42 years. GHS I love more than Exile (which is also great). IORR has some more very good stuff on it as does Black and Blue, which also has a lush funky 70’s sound and is brilliantly recorded. I know they are reluctant to do deals with ABKCO on the 60’s unreleased stuff, though they found a way for Ya Ya’s, but I’d love them to keep progressing through the 70’s and later with the vaults. Incidentally, I hope the ABKCO stuff wasn’t lost in the Universal fire.

    • Ted says:

      many critics came down hard on GHS, including Rolling Stone mag itself – after ‘Exile’ it did seem a little disappointing, but time has made us appreciate it so much more – especially for the dreck they’ve made post-‘Some Girls’

  19. Jeremy says:

    ‘100 Years Ago’ is not just the best song on Goats Head Soup, it’s one of the best Rolling Stones songs ever! A sublimely crafted song with Mick Taylor at the top of his game. I can’t believe they’ve chosen to put the Glyn Johns’ mix of this song as a Japan-only bonus track. Outrageous!

  20. Dave H says:

    I’m not sure if seeing The Beatles reissues having a 5.1 surround blu-ray has made The Stones add a surround mix but I’m happy that they have.

    The only other Stones 5.1 surround mix I have is the ABKCO released SACD single of Sympathy of the Devil. It’s an ideal track for a surround mix with all the added percussion and backing vocals. I don’t know why ABKCO didn’t do the whole album in 5.1 for their deluxe reissues, it would have added something new. Instead they went for the mono/stereo vinyl + SACD and no bonus tracks.

    I hope the Stones continue to reissue their 70’s albums with a 5.1 surround blu-ray.

  21. Albert says:

    I was wondering if there are other takes of what became ‘Waiting On A Friend’ that could have been included. I know Mick Taylor did his guitar part during the GHS sessions. The instrumental version before Mick Jagger added vocals and the Sonny Rollins sax for Tattoo You would be interesting. It would have been nice to hear an early instrumental of it on this deluxe version.

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi albert, on the 2 cd japan goats head soup sessions there is the raw waiting for a friend.sound quality is AMAZIN. not hard to find.

  22. Paul Thomson says:

    I just ordered via Amazon Japan as I thought this would be the SHM-CD release with the two extra tracks, but looking again it states it’s an import. Does this mean that the set linked above would not be the Japan only SHM-CD release just the worldwide release? No point in buying from there if so. Thanks for any feedback.

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi paul .cd japan has the 2 cd set shm with the standard bonus trax, you only get the 2 bonus trax if buy the soupier deluxe edition which cd japan says is sold out. i bought the 2 cd shm for $33.64 with out shipping. those other 2 trax we will get via a download.

      • Paul Thomson says:

        Thanks Bruce, it’s the SD that I’ve bought from Amazon Japan. What I need to know though is whether this means I would get the SHM with the bonus tracks version or just the same issue available everywhere else worldwide? CDJapan had more copies in stock btw. Grateful for any thoughts anyone may have as I will cancel if this is just the same edition as I can get from the UK.

  23. Albert says:

    Looking forward to hearing Coming Down Again and Winter in 5.1.

  24. Michael says:

    Courtney Love said that The Rolling Stones have 4 good albums. Don’t think this is one of them. Anyone have any idea which ones she was referring to? Thank you

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Are we bothered what Courtney Love thinks?

      • graeme ewan says:

        Kind of. Hole had at least a good album. Eric Erlandson is a great guitarist fo sho.

      • Michael says:

        Yes she is great. And she knows rock music.

      • james vandegrift says:

        It Is official. Paul is my hero! My thinking exactly.

      • Electric Sydney says:

        I am not.

      • George glazener says:

        Frankly, I’d like to know what all of you guys think are the best 8 or 9 Stones albums. I know so many of the individual hits, but which albums are considered their 8 or 9 best? Thanks

        • shane madgett says:


          I’ll bite.
          Cliché or not
          Beggars Banquet
          Let It Bleed
          Stinky Fingers
          Exile On Main Street.

          Goats Head Soup
          It’s Only Rock and Roll (fingerprint file, come on!!! And an even greater version on LA Friday)
          Black And Blue
          Tattoo You.

          I feel weird leaving Some Girls and Emotinal Rescue off.

          Mom was a big stones fan, I grew up inundated with 70s Stones, Stevie Wonder, LED Zep and the holy father Bowie. You can see my list is pretty much memories of my childhood.

          I had it rough, with the music I was subjected to.

          • george glazener says:

            @Shane, thanks..!! I have picked up almost everything on your suggested list, and they’re all great..! And yes, you were lucky to have been raised within that musical environment. I was too, and I doubt that there will ever be a more creative outpouring of musicianship, experimentation, and raw energy than 1964-1975.

      • Tim Abbott says:

        Why are you being a sexist jerk? I thought you were a decent sort, Paul. First you’re allowing some dickhead ranting about Penny Lane on the Saint Etienne thread, and now this? Have I pegged you wrong?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Why is suggesting that no one should be interested in what Courtney Love thinks about The Rolling Stones in any way sexist? You clearly WANT to interpret it that way. I think she’s overrated and her opinion is worth zero. Nothing to do with her sex. By the way, if you enjoy SDE and like leaving comments here, do you think calling me a ‘sexist jerk’ is a good idea? Maybe think about your own comments before coming on here and trying to stir up trouble for no reason.

          • Jarmo Keranen says:

            She’s a woman and by today’s standarts you’re a chauvinist if you say something rude about women!

      • Enrico G. says:


      • peter chrisp says:

        Paul brilliant & very funny comment on the band Hole. Can i put an S in front of it too?
        Have to totally agree who gives a toss & what she thought. Musically speaking is there any comparison to The Beatles & The Rolling Stones? As we all know both bands released a number of classic albums & we all have our fave songs from both artists.
        More like a golf course “Hole In One”? George G The Stones have some killer albums.
        One of my fave tracks of all time, & there are many it gets me all the time “The Midnight Rambler”

    • Tom Walsh says:

      That’s 4 more than Nirvana or Hole then.

  25. Tom m hans says:

    I unearthed early CBS Stones CDs after reading this post. I think I played GHS 4 times back to back. To me the follow up, Its only RocknRoll is superior, maybe because the mix is better. I ordered the Virgin remasters to see how it holds up. Right now its just a muddy record with two highlites: Angie and Star Star…. Peace.

  26. Will says:

    Amazon UK have the 2LP deluxe version for £19.99 and the 1LP for £14.99

  27. Rick says:

    “Created from the original session files”

    So, this is digital and not all analog?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The concept of doing an ‘all analogue’ vinyl pressing doesn’t really apply to a new remix.

  28. michael1984 says:

    This is an LP the Finally receives it’s due…I have loved this LP since I got it back in the late 70s around my 7-8th B-Day (1978-ish). I have loved it and have seen it ripped apart in reviews ever since. To see this release happening is great….

    The only problem, which is MAJOR is that the so called Brussels Affair CD extra is most likely the Brussels 1973 concert as remixed and released as download and vinyl only years ago. It’s not the far superior Brussels Affair BOOTLEG which also had songs (better versions to be more accurate) from other stops on the 1973 European Tour – the last with Mick Taylor. The bootleg was compiled for a live LP which was never released, but played on the USA radio show King Biscuit Flower Hour. It is amazing and better than the sole Brussels concert.

    If the Stones who seem to fuck up every so-called super edition wish to make this the real deal, they would remix the BOOTLEG VERSION of the Brussels Affair and make it probably the best in this awkward series of “Vault releases”.

  29. Albert says:

    No DVD of promos for Angie (x2), Silver Train, Dancing With Mr D or the 73 tour?
    And I do hope that Star Star isn’t ludicrously censored and cut up like previous versions.

    Also, will prints of all the Stones from the cover session by David Bailey be included?

  30. uprev says:

    Appreciate the site and all the news everyday. Just ordered it from uDiscovermusic store for $95.40 with free shipping. Used code UD20OFF for a 20% discount. Stay safe out there.

  31. Marc K. says:

    The double vinyl is only 19,99 pounds right now on!

  32. Rick Marino says:

    Does anyone know the size of those rolled posters?

  33. bruce kelso says:

    soupier deluze edition shm jap box is sold out from cd japan. 2 shm cd set is $33,64. ( ordered) remember that only DHL and FED EX PIORITY are the only means for shipping, japan post has suspended all others. phil my last post of this was not listed.

  34. John Orr says:

    Alright Paulie? Heh heh, ok, I’ll try this comment for a third time. Thank goodness I’m not a Stones fan, couldn’t afford the deluxe anyway, even in passing. Some of the Stones’ lyrics over the years (unsure about this particular record) have been close to the mark to say the least.

  35. Konrad says:

    I think the 3 unreleased songs are in surround as well.
    At least it says at 0:38 in this official trailer:

  36. MARK LEVY says:

    I’ve got enough Rolling Stones for now. Sorry about that.

  37. John Johnstone says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like the Brussels Affair is the same as the version that was available for download on the Stones Officially Authorised bootleg site … which I got ages ago. Two CD version for me!

  38. Tim says:

    No announcement of sacd at cdjapan like previous anniversary editions, only shm-cd. Bummer :(

    • Dave says:

      The Stereo / Mono anniversary editions are from ABKCO who own the Rolling Stones 60’s recording. From what I gather the Stones won’t authorise them to use any unreleased material for their anniversary editions hence why they aren’t great apart from being on SACD.

      There were a batch of Japanese SHM-SACD’s issued around 2012 of the Stone’s 70’s albums.

  39. Steven Roberts says:

    Sod the Stones – where’s the 50th of Tull’s ‘Benefit’, hmmm?

    And the 40th of ‘A’, while they’re at it……..

    • Wim says:

      Hopefully they will do a 50th of all the great albums because I missed some essential 40th editions.

  40. Graham says:

    £25 for the 2Lp edition.
    £85 for the 4LP edition.
    2LP Brussels Affair + cardboard box is £60.
    No chance.

  41. Marc K. says:

    People in The Netherlands….have a look at (Universal Music related)
    They offer all the different configurations, such as the clear vinyl 2lp and have free shipping on orders over 50 euro.

    • Pedro says:

      They are too expensive (except for single CD) if you compare them with the other listed prices…

  42. Tom says:

    Paul, Can we get these sequenced according to post times?
    Lot’s of good discount tips but you might as will print out comments and throw a dart when trying to follow response to individual comment. Thanks.

  43. Phil Cohen says:

    My guess is that the idea for this set came from Universal Music, and while I’ll be buying the CD/Blu-Ray box, there’s one complaint. As with “The Beatles-Abbey Road” box, the outtakes CD’s (or in this case, CD) are being limited to L.P. running time limitations, so that the vinyl release could be musically identical. Vinyl enthusiasts were unhappy that the vinyl editions of The Beatles’ “Sgt.Pepper” and “White Album” boxes did not have all of the outtakes heard in the CD/Blu-Ray boxed sets. Whatever decision that Universal made was going to leave some consumers unhappy. Universal opted to make CD collectors unhappy by not filling the CD’s to capacity. There were certainly more studio outtakes that could have been included. Perhaps, if there is someday an “It’s Only Rock n’Roll” boxed set, we’ll get to hear them.

  44. David Olstein says:

    I think it’s great that we’re getting hi res stereo and surround mixes on the Blu-Ray. But why couldn’t they have included a hi res version of the original stereo mix and Brussels Affair? I’m sure there would have been enough room.

    Too bad we didn’t get hi res stereo and surround remixes for Sticky Fingers, Exile and Some Girls.

    • Mick says:

      David, at the time Exile had a standalone 24/96 BluRay Pure Audio disc released (no surround though).

  45. Shaun says:

    Didn’t expect this to be the first RS album to get 5.1 treatment. Interesting.

  46. Rob O'Connor says:

    A bit of a bummer that there are only 3 new songs. The Genuine Black Box bootleg has many more outtakes. Maybe stuff like their cover of Dobie Gray’s Drift Away was for It’s Only RnR but since it’s highly unlikely they’ll do a special edition of that album, why not just include it here?

    I hope the sound isn’t brickwalled like the Universal Remasters. I got the Brussels set from Google Music years ago. Looks like I’ll do the 2CD version if it isn’t brickwalled.

    Anyone have an idea of when any of the Beatles stuff — Let It Be, JL/POB, All Things Must Pass — will be released to the world?

  47. AndyB says:

    Have the FLAC Brussels download from 2011. Same track list. 2 cd for me!

  48. Glenn Milam says:

    Brussels Affair has a long history. My understanding is that two shows were recorded for the King Biscuit Flour Hour. They have since been reassembled, rebroadcast and rebootlegged in many configurations.

    The version I recorded from the radio in the mid 70’s is the first tape I transferred to CD when I acquired the ability to do so. Absolutely amazing show.

    I hope this doesn’t suffer from too much brickwall compression like a few of the other archive releases have.

  49. KevinK says:

    According to the official unboxing promo on YouTube, the Blu-Ray “includes the full album plus the 3 unreleased songs in Dolby Atmos Surround Mix”.

  50. paul wren says:

    At last, The Brussels Affair on vinyl that won’t bankrupt you. Buy now or wait for it to drop in price later on?

  51. Elliott Buckingham says:

    Wow they know how to charge similar sets by marillion and inxs £25 this appears to be £70 overpriced

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Even Abbey Road SDE wasn’t that much and that had similar content (CD+BD w/ 5.1 and Atmos + book). I would wait to see if the price comes down like Abbey Road did (£71.99 right now at Amazon UK).

      Not a huge Stones fan so hard to justify even though one can get the BD without buying vinyl (unlike the Rush boxes).

    • Jihn Drayton says:

      Mick has never roamed too far from the London School of Economics.
      Us Stones and have always had to ‘take one for the team’ when it comes to material.
      *shrug* You get what you need…

    • Screwball says:

      The Rolling Stones are a band of the highest order. It’s like The Beatles, you’re always gonna pay more for a top class artist.

  52. Cornelius says:

    There’s a widely available bootleg entitled ‘Goat’s Head Soup: Reheated’ which sounds great. Hopefully, the new remixes will sound just as great.

  53. Tim says:

    No sacd this time?
    Hope Japan will continue with their sacd-editions.

  54. Harry says:

    The clear vinyl is still available through their webstore. I’ve just bought one at 7:40pm

  55. Kevin says:

    The 3CD/BR seems cool, but the value for money ratio plus the poor remastering reputation of previous Stones reissues has me a bit gun shy. I am more than content with the 1994 Virgin remasters. Will wait for price drop and/or updates on sound quality.

  56. Bernard Reynaert says:

    Since I bought the Japanese box set of “live at the Marquee club” which had “the Brussels affair” as a bonus disc, I will content myself with the 2CD deluxe. But for those who haven’t got that Japanese edition of “Marquee“ I will recommend them to buy the super deluxe edition of “Goat head’s soup”, the “Brussels affair” is one of the best Stones records I have ever heard!

  57. Keith says:

    Expensive for the box set to get the 5.1 I’ll probably buy though because it does not come with the vinyl.

    Looks like they got the formatting right on this one just the pricing is a bit high. Anything over £15 per disc is steep in mybook

  58. Dean Taylor says:

    Ok.. I’m in for the cd super deluxe and two lp clear from stones sight … just so you all know I just ordered this minutes ago (6.45 pm) and it’s in stock from the uk stones store .
    Haven’t bought a thing this year so far and with the Beatles stuff delayed by the looks of things I can stretch to this .. maybe the Lennon Plastic stuff coming up too.

  59. John says:

    Please where can you order the Japan set ,with the two bonus tracks, for shipping to the USA or UK? Thanks! :)

    • peter chrisp says:

      As there are 3 Japanese record stores that have the super deluxe edition, HMV, Tower Records & CD Japan. Out of the 3 stores & living in Australia it was great to have a holiday in Japan. Had time too, to visit all 3 of them. John unfortunately HMV & Tower Records to my knowledge do not send overseas, while CD Japan are fine. As suggested above the CD Japan box set “sold out”
      that must have been very quick. Uncertain try Amazon Japan as a back up. Good luck!

  60. MisterD says:

    You can get the 2LP Vinyl from Amazon for £22.17 using discount code GIFT05 (until 12 July) – £5 off & post free in the UK.

  61. The Geordie Expat says:

    Brussels Affair on a single CD?
    I’ve got the Ltd Edition box set (with watch and all) as well as the Japanese Ward Records version – they both have the Brussels Affair on 2 CDs.
    What’s going on here?

    • Tim Joseph says:

      The album does just fit onto one CD (as it did when I burned the original download), so not sure why the Japanese album needed to split it over two. The idea of pushing the price up never even crossed my mind … :)

  62. David Robinson says:

    Maybe expectations too high. Sentimentally my favourite Stones 70’s album. Having heard the legend of the songs that started out life at these sessions bound for Emotional Rescue and Tattoo you I was expecting more bonus songs and not remixes. Something more iterative with session work, early versions of Heaven and Start Me up… and Brussels Affair. Spent £80 on it as part of the Japanese set. Who knows I might buy anyway ….. but what a let down…

  63. MisterD says:

    Just ordered the 2LP Vinyl from Amazon for £22.17 post free, using the GIFT05 discount code (£5 off until 12 July)

  64. Gavaxeman says:

    Double Clear vinyl with alt sleeve £28.95 delivered to uk …still in stock on U.K. store via Stones website

  65. JT says:

    ‘50 Years On – An Appreciation of Goats Head Soup by Ian McCann’ – a bit premature isn’t it?

    Criss Cross sounds like if AI was instructed to create a Rolling Stones song.

  66. Steven C says:

    ALL I ask on this box, ALL I ask… is that we don’t spend all this money and get the lame, edited clean version of “Star Star”. @Paul: Anyone you can ask whether or not we get the original band-approved version or if we get the clean version no one wants?

  67. Mick says:

    Is anyplace else selling the 2LP clear vinyl? The Stones store is ALREADY sold out. :-(

  68. Rashers says:

    You’d wish that one of the formats was 3 CD+ Blu Ray + Vinyl (i.e. super-deluxe). Also, the Brussels Affair bootleg has been around for aeons – they could easily have slipped a 24/96 version onto the Blu-Ray along with the outtakes.

  69. Ernie says:

    I see the prices creeping up now, 4 discs & a book for more than a hundred quid!!!! I dread to think how much the next Bowiebox will cost because the makers of that will be seeing how much they think they can get away with. I might for go the 2 disc version with this.

  70. Michael says:

    Oh, happy day! Finally, a Rolling Stones SDE with extras and multi-channel mix! If the “Let It Bleed” SDE box was done like this, I would have definitely bought it.

    GHS is one of the two absolute best RS albums in my opinion. Although most fans view “Exile On Main St.” as the Rolling Stones’ crowning achievement, I always preferred “Sticky Fingers” and “Goats Head Soup,” because those two albums just sound tighter and a bit edgier.

    So I’m aiming for the SDE and the 2-LP versions of GHS. Unfortunately, the very cool looking clear vinyl edition of GHS is already shown as ‘sold-out’ on the Rolling Stones official website today.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      The Stones will never permit one note of Decca/London/Abkco studio material to be released officially. The Stones will never forget Allen Klein’s alleged wrongs againt the group…even though Klein died many years ago.
      The Stones are doing themselves no favours. All of the unreleased 1960’s Stones material that circulates on bootlegs is now in Uk/Europe public domain. The 1960’s Stones albums don’t sell much anymore, and ABKCO’s primary income from The Rolling Stones is in licensing Jagger/Richards compositions for T.V. advertising use.

  71. Scott Mills says:

    Does anyone know if the cassette version will be coming to Amazon?

  72. Stuart says:

    When I saw ‘Brussels Affair’ in the header of the SDE email I was quickly looking for a pre-order link…until I saw the track listing: there’s bootlegs of this gig that run to 3CDs so I’m guessing that this is (heavily?) edited to fit on one CD.

    Also for me, GHS is a bit of a meh Stones album and the start of their mid 70s blip which lasted till Some Girls, therefore it’ll be the 2 disc version for me, as disc 2 does look genuinely interesting.

    Happy for the fans of this album to get a 5.1 mix, hopefully now that the cats out of the bag for Surround Stones then more will follow.

    • Mister Stick says:

      “there’s bootlegs of this gig that run to 3CDs”…

      Stuart, you may be thinking of the Stones’ May 1976 appearance at the same venue in Brussels, which I presume is bootlegged. They did two shows in two days there that year, with 19 songs in the set each night, including the two Billy Preston tunes in the middle. That might be enough to demand three discs. If the boot made a point of including any songs unique to one show or the other, 3 CDs would be almost certain, I suppose.

      In 1973, however, they did 2 shows on the same day at that location, and so the setlist was shorter than it might be otherwise. That’s the show known as The Brussels Affair and the one being offered in this set. My copy of that is complete and only an hour and 25 minutes. Not sure which show it is, or if it is a mix of the two.

      Why they did two shows on the same day that year I have no idea. I’ve seen show lists that indicate they played doubleheaders in Europe several times that fall.


  73. Dirceu says:

    Great set! But still miss a great high resolution remaster of the original mix!

    • Nick says:

      Totally agree. When will those of us who really care what music sounds like and not just what it looks like, be taken in to account? Too few artists seem to concern themselves with the way their music sounds!

      • Dirceu says:

        The 2009 remasters are just awful! They make my ears bleed! I still had some hope that when they were going to release these albums in high resolution, there would be a decent new mastering. But two weeks ago they made all these damn remasters available on HDTracks, making them, in my point of view, the official high resolution versions of the original mixes.

        And they don’t even bother to do it right. The files are not even high resolution itself, they are 44.1 / 24bits!

        Let it (my ears) bleed!

  74. Rob says:

    Paul, is there any information regarding who created the 5.1 mix?

  75. Jim Breeds says:

    I bought this LP on the day of its release. I love it, so will be well tempted by this. Will wait to see how the prices come down nearer to or just after the release date.
    Thanks Paul.

  76. David Ware says:

    Ordered tge 4cd set ,many thanks for letting us know Paul.

  77. Nowhereman says:

    This does look quite similar to the McCartney archive series apart from the fact that it’s better as it has a 5.1 mix which none of the McCartney ones do. Oh, and apart from the price which is about half of the latest McCartney one.

  78. Jim Vandegrift says:

    Great news! Considering a pandemic, social unrest and a heatwave this is just the ticket. Paul thanks for this excellent and addicting site. Top shelf brother! Stay safe everyone.

  79. Alan Robinson says:

    One of the bands’ most under-appreciated albums. I’ve loved this since the day it came out. I shall have to get it!

  80. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    And the official Stones store are listing a clear 2 vinyl version with alternate cover. I had to go for that one!

  81. KevinK says:

    There’s also a cassette with the 2020 Remix on!

  82. HE1NZ says:

    Finally something new.

  83. James Curry says:

    Seriously, what the F are they doing?
    Why does the 4lp set not come with the book?!

    What a missed opportunity.

  84. Danny says:

    Brussels 73 is one of their best shows available on bootleg (apparently :-) )
    However the bootleg copies I have definitely not seen all show a slightly different tracklist. I take it this one is the correct running order?

    • Robert says:

      The Stones played 2 shows on 17 October 1973 at The Forest National Arena. The Brussels Affair bootleg was mostly taken from the first show (recorded for US radio) while the official release is mostly the second show (with Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambled and the guitar solo from All Down The Line are from the early show)

    • Jan-Philipp Rogalski says:

      There were actually 2 shows. The common bootleg is from the first show while this release is mostly the 2nd show. It was available as a download some years ago and available in some super expensive sets.

  85. PJ HARRIS says:

    The 2CD version is available from the Stones website for £16.95 including delivery to the UK.

  86. Jeff says:

    Why is the Blu-ray omitting 5 songs from the concert? Seems like lots are missing from the BR disc

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The concert isn’t on the blu-ray disc. It’s on CD and vinyl.

      • Jeff says:

        Hi Paul….thanks for that but, haven’t all or mostly all box sets that contain 5.1 Blu Ray or better always contained everything else that was contained within?

  87. SeanL says:

    bonus 2 tracks on the Japanese SHM-CD deluxe edition:
    100 years ago ( Glyn Johns 1973 mix )
    Hide Your Love ( Glyn Johns 1973 mix )

    ……..approx £146 plus shipping

    • John says:

      Where to buy?

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi sean, cant find a japan site with this listed. its not yet up on cd japan yet. what site was that listed on? in u.s. $ that $184 with out shipping >????????????? WHAT??????????????? also where is thru the lonely nights? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  88. Hi

    Trying to make my mind up which I would want, the Deluxe CD or Deluxe Vinyl. The CD edition seems to include a nice book? Does the Vinyl version also include this book?

    Kind regards, Morten

  89. David B says:

    Wow .. the Stones in surround sound .. now that’s a first (i think ..) for one of their sets .. just a shame the bluray isn’t available separately .. £100+ needs some thinking about ..

  90. Jeff says:

    Best deal I’ve found for this AWESOME set for the Super Deluxe Edition is at BULLMOOSE.COM for $119.97 US with free shipping…..cant wait

  91. Jason says:

    This is great news. There is also a clear vinyl alternative cover version on the Rolling Stone website.

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