The Rolling Stones / GRRR! Blu-ray audio-only release

The Rolling Stones / GRRR!Whilst the expensive Super Deluxe Edition box set version of The Rolling Stones’ GRRR! hits compilation was horrible, the band have recently put out a Blu-ray audio edition which dispenses with the giant boxes and useless books, and concentrates on the important stuff, like the music.

The blu-ray offers the 50-track version of the compilation as used on the three-CD editions.

There is no video at all – this is an audio-only release – but the music is offered in three different audio formats:

  • 2.0 PCM 24-bit/96Khz
  • 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio 24-bit/96KHz
  • 2.0 Dolby True HD 24-bit/96KHz

All of those represent lossless hi-res audio and although the “2.0” indicates just stereo and no surround sound, the blu-ray can be bought for less than the price of the three-CD version on at the time of writing (£11.20) – that’s only about a pound more than the 2CD version!

If sound quality is your main priority, rather than gimmicks and packaging, and you have the appropriate set-up at home, this could be well worth picking up.

8 responses to The Rolling Stones / GRRR! Blu-ray audio-only release

  1. Joe says:

    I won’t buy Blu-ray audio only discs unless they are in 5.1. There is such a potential for re-releasing all of the known surround mixes of 70s & 80’s classics that I can’t understand why record companies like Sony & Universal are hesitating.

  2. A.V. Ort says:

    Selling in Mexico now!!
    Got mine today, great release and sound

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  4. jj says:

    why wouldn’t they release this in the USA.

    Also, strange they didnt package this with one of the other box sets.

  5. Will M says:

    Hey, hey we’re the monkeeeeeees!!!!!!!

  6. Shaun says:

    Is it region free?

  7. pablo scouse says:

    I think this is Possible the first ? Looks Great to me As in the past i have several DVD Audios discs in Surround sound , So any progress down this road is Most Welcome –Its Only rock n roll But we Like it Like it YES We Dooo ! —

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