The Rolling Stones / GRRR! / New hits collection across four formats

The Rolling Stones / Grr! / New hits collection

The Rolling Stones / Grr! / New hits collection

The Rolling Stones have today announced a new greatest hits collection entitled GRRR!

This three-disc set will be released on 12 November (13 November in North America) and will contain – you guessed it – 50 tracks to celebrate their 50 years in the business. It will bring their story right up to date with two new studio recordings Gloom And Doom and One Last Shot, recently completed by the group in Paris.

There are various formats available including an 80-track Super Deluxe Edition box. At the moment no track listings or further details are available.


Super Deluxe Edition Box Set
4CD / 80 tracks plus Bonus CD, 7″ Vinyl, Hardback book, Poster, 5 postcards in a presentation box
UK Pre-order: Super Deluxe Edition
USA Pre-order: Super Deluxe Edition
GERMANY Pre-order: Super Deluxe Edition (best price)

50 Track 3CD Deluxe Edition
3CD / 50 tracks in a DVD size box with 36 page hardback book and 5 postcards
UK Pre-order: 3CD book edition
US Pre-order: 3CD book edition
GERMANY Pre-order: 3CD Book Edition

50 Track 3CD album

3CD / 50 tracks in a digipak with 24 page booklet
UK Pre-order 3CD digipak
US Pre-order 3CD digipak
GERMANY Pre-order: 3CD digipak

12” Vinyl Box Set
5x 12″ Vinyl / 50 tracks in a casebound LP Box

8 responses to The Rolling Stones / GRRR! / New hits collection across four formats

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  2. wardo says:

    I can’t decide if I hate the title or the artwork more. Either way, I’m finding it very difficult to get excited about this.

  3. Steven Cacciaroni says:

    I don’t mind the collection, but the cover art is awful and irrelevant… Why didn’t they use that new 50 years classic Stones logo? A random gorilla?? When I think of Mick and Keith, the first thing that comes to mind is a random gorilla…

  4. At this point, how does anyone sell something for over 50 bucks and not include a BD with lossless audio?

  5. claudio says:

    ..and what about the videos????

  6. Hedley says:

    Perhaps a Super Deluxe edition including all (10?) the previous Greatest Hits issues, from High Tide and Green Grass through Forty Licks.

  7. Eric says:

    That sleeve….oh dear!

    The collection itself is just 40 Licks updated with all those new songs they did in the last decade…like, er…..

  8. Stormbringer72 says:

    Not listed is the Super-Duper-Deluxe Edition, which also includes autographed test results from each band member’s most recent prostate exam.

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