The Rolling Stones / Totally Stripped


The Rolling Stones’ 1995 album Stripped will be reissued as Totally Stripped across a large number of formats, including a 4x SD Blu-ray + CD edition, in June this year.

The original fourteen track album was issued post-Voodoo Lounge Tour and is a mixture of actual live performance and live-in-the-studio versions of some ‘Stones classics.

The 4xSD Blu-ray+CD edition is packaged as a 60-page 12” x 12” hardcover photobook and contains the newly revised documentary (which includes previously unseen footage), three full performances on Blu-ray (Paradiso, Amsterdam; L’Olympia, Paris and Brixton, London) and the CD. This version of the release is also available as a 4xDVD+CD with the same content. In America, both of these editions are an Amazon Exclusive.

A two-disc DVD+CD edition pairs the documentary with the CD album, whilst a DVD+2LP set does the same thing except with two 180g vinyl records. Exclusive to the USA is a two disc blu-ray+CD edition with the same content. If you’re not into all this ‘combo’ business you can simply pick up the new documentary on standalone DVD or standalone SD blu-ray.

Exclusive to Japan is the Totally Stripped Premium Box which includes the four blu-rays and CD, the two vinyl LPs, the book, a T-shirt, a bonus CD and replica backstage passes. But it’s very expensive and the T-shirt is in Japanese! The tracks on the Japan bonus CD are The Spider and The Fly (Amsterdam performances), Sipping Away (Paris performance), Sweet Virginia (Brixton performance) all different, apparently from the original Stripped CD.

Totally Stripped will be released by Eagle Vision on 3 June 2016.



4 x SD blu-ray + CD Edition


4 x DVD + CD Edition


DVD + 2LP Vinyl Edition


Blu-ray + CD Edition (USA Exclusive)


DVD+CD Edition


SD Blu-ray




CD+DVD Edition


Totally Stripped Documentary


1. Not Fade Away – Amsterdam 26/5/95
2. Honky Tonk Women – Paris 3/7/95
3. Dead Flowers – Amsterdam
4. Faraway Eyes – London 19/7/95
5. Shine A Light – Amsterdam
6. I Go Wild – Paris
7. Miss You – London
8. Like A Rolling Stone – Amsterdam
9. Brown Sugar – Paris
10. Midnight Rambler – London
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Paris
12. Gimme Shelter – Amsterdam
13. Rip This Joint – Amsterdam
14. Street Fighting Man – Amsterdam


CD+4 x DVD Edition


Totally Stripped Documentary

DVD 2 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, 26th May 1995

1. Not Fade Away
2. It’s All Over Now
3. Live With Me
4. Let It Bleed
5. The Spider And The Fly
6. Beast Of Burden
7. Angie
8. Wild Horses
9. Sweet Virginia
10. Dead Flowers
11. Shine A Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Connection
14. Slipping Away
15. The Worst
16. Gimme Shelter
17. All Down The Line
18. Respectable
19. Rip This Joint
20. Street Fighting Man

DVD 3 – L’Olympia, Paris, 3rd July 1995

1. Honky Tonk Women
2. Tumbling Dice
3. You Got Me Rockin’
4. All Down The Line
5. Shattered
6. Beast Of Burden
7. Let It Bleed
8. Angie
9. Wild Horses
10. Down In The Bottom
11. Shine A Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. I Go Wild
14. Miss you
15. Connection
16. Slipping Away
17. Midnight Rambler
18. Rip This Joint
19. Start Me Up
20. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
21. Brown Sugar
22. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

DVD 4 – Brixton Academy, London, 19th July 1995

1. Honky Tonk Women
2. Tumbling Dice
3. You Got Me Rockin’
4. Live With Me
5. Black Limousine
6. Dead Flowers
7. Sweet Virginia
8. Faraway Eyes
9. Love In Vain
10. Down In The Bottom
11. Shine A Light
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Monkey Man
14. I Go Wild
15. Miss You
16. Connection
17. Slipping Away
18. Midnight Rambler
19. Rip This Joint
20. Start Me Up
21. Brown Sugar
22. Jumpin’ Jack Flash


1. Not Fade Away – Amsterdam 26/5/95
2. Honky Tonk Women – Paris 3/7/95
3. Dead Flowers – Amsterdam
4. Faraway Eyes – London 19/7/95
5. Shine A Light – Amsterdam
6. I Go Wild – Paris
7. Miss You – London
8. Like A Rolling Stone – Amsterdam
9. Brown Sugar – Paris
10. Midnight Rambler – London
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Paris
12. Gimme Shelter – Amsterdam
13. Rip This Joint – Amsterdam
14. Street Fighting Man – Amsterdam

57 responses to The Rolling Stones / Totally Stripped

  1. Kim says:

    Stones is hardcore milking with this release. The same goes for sweet summer sun, not impressed at all. Saw both Hidepark concerts, not Worth a release. I expect the same for the Havana job. I have 600 LP & cd’s, I dont know how many 7 and 12″, probably more than 1500 hours VHS and dvd. Only thing I really want is a new record with new songs!

  2. Marco De Angelis says:

    Havana Moon, the Cuba concert, will be at cinemas in September 23…
    No news when Eagle will release the DVD? Superdeluxedition as Sweet Summer Sun ?

  3. Julian says:

    Bought the Japanese box after seeing the link here (thanks, Paul!). Customs charged me a wallet-crippling €113 (£95) on top of the already expensive box. I paid close to €400 (£337) in total. Madness. Sparta.

  4. Ollie says:

    I was there Olympia Paris july 1995 !

  5. JWL says:

    Has there ever previously been a Deluxe Edition of an album released that doesn’t actually include, uh…. the album itself?

    Nowhere in all these formats and versions is the original album they put out in 1995! Whole studio songs have now been banished and replaced by live versions!

  6. Vincent Hendy says:

    Is the information on Amazon UK incorrect? Region 2 DVD’s

  7. Ian Lichtenstein says:

    Are the blu rays region free? I ordered from the German Amazon site as it was half the price of the us amazon site. But the savings are irrelevant if I cannot watch the discs. Thanks!

  8. Chris O'Callaghan says:

    Hi Paul, There’s quite a price difference at the moment between Superdeluxe Edition Amazon us listing and Amazon uk listing at the moment. They have different ASIN numbers. Does the uk listing include the 12 x 12 book or a smaller version? Thanks.

  9. Jack says:

    Apparently, Amazon Japan now lists a 3lp edition.

  10. Mick says:

    I’m utterly discombobulated by all the formats…
    More so, I’m miffed that they skipped to this release for the DE treatment, while continually bypassing Goats Head Soup and It’s Only Rock & Roll. :-p

    • Jochen Mosthaf says:

      Goatsheadsoup marked the fall from grace for the band, and they never really recovered from this. It sounds dull, in a bad way, not the way Exile sounds dull. I recently bought a bootleg CD of Goatsheadsoup, which was apparently remastered or remixed, and it sounded brilliant. I also saw the Stones when they toured this album in Europe, their last gigs with Mick Taylor as a band member, and as a live band, they have never been better (listen to Brussels Affair, not the best concert from the tour, but still…). Yes, it’s a brilliant album.

  11. Avitom says:

    No “Little Baby” but 5 “Rip this joint?

  12. elliott buckingham says:

    another milking of the cash cow. I would like a reissue of the 12″ collection that was American market only

  13. Paul Wren says:

    Why couldn’t they have put out a triple vinyl to include tracks that were on the original 1995 vinyl release (now costing about £75+) that bhave been excluded from this release?

  14. Ron says:

    Great stuff. Glad to see it. My favorite tracks from the original release (besides “Like a Rolling Stone”) were the studio tracks, though. Too bad there are no more of these.

  15. AlexKx says:

    You all do not learn. If something is wrong it was probably done on purpose so that in the years to come a re-release will be justified. That’s not a bad thing or a good thing. The thing that kills me with this is that it is a “modern release” that so many have done in the twenty-first century and that is that the audio c.d. is what is thrown in here along with the d.v.d.s. This is not for music fans. This is for theater fans. If it were for and about the music then it would potentially the other way around. Multiple audio c.d.s with a or equal amounts of d.v.d.s. Why this is not obvious and addressed from so called “music fans” is lost on me. I hate that shit. Maybe it is expected that you do what they call “rip” the music from the d.v.d.s? Also what is SD? Is that sexually transmitted? Some algebra going on here.

    • Joseph says:

      Seriously, the blu-rays could easily deliver audio files in cd/wav format. Not playable directly on CD player, but would be more user-friendly for CD burning or what have you. I’m no genius when it comes to audio extraction either, so that would be appreciated. And why not hi-res audio as well if the source material supports it (no fake upscaling).

  16. Rich says:

    There were a number of tracks recorded at Toshiba Studios that were not included on the original CD. Some appeared on the unofficial Stripped Companion CD.

  17. jimmer77 says:

    Not including the original album in such an extravagent package is strange enough but completely ditching tracks (‘Little Baby’ doesn’t even seem to be on any of the blu-rays) is plain bizarre. New artwork looks like an outtake from the photoshoot for the ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ sleeve. It’s been a while since the Stones played one of those intimate little shows – will be great to see these performances… although the old Voodoo Lounge Live in Miami DVD is a Stones classic

    • David says:

      People complain when original album is included, see The River box set and also complain when it is not included. I am glad I don’t have to pay for it again.

      • fan says:

        still it would have been nice to reprint the original 2LP separately since it’s not available anymore,except if you’ve got Trump’s bank account

  18. eric slangen says:

    I go for the 4blu ray /cd version + seperate the lpversion.
    I don’t care about a tshirt or passes. I will burn or download my own extra cdsingle.
    The extra costs for the cdsingle only doesn’t justify the HUGE price difference for me.

  19. Simon says:

    The 4Blu Ray set is currently unavailable from Amazon Uk. Have they sold out?

  20. eric slangen says:

    On a special note for the Japanese superdeluxe box from CDJAPAN : there is NO cancelation option and NO return.

  21. Jack says:

    The super premium box is available at cdjapan; you do not have to go thru the personal shopper. Japan Edition limited bonus CD: 1. The spider and The fly (Amsterdam performances) 2. slipping Away (Paris performances) 3. Sweet Virginia (Brixton performance) . These are diff performances from the original Stripped cd in 1995.

    • Jochen Mosthaf says:

      i’d like to add that all these deluxe box sets come from Ward Records; there are dozens of them (essentially all the recent physical live releases, From the Vault to Sweet Summer Sun, even Brussels Affair), in sometimes a handful varieties, going from 11 to about 111. Everything made in Japan, often remastered, vinyl pressed in Japan too. You can even chose the size of your T-shirt. The problem is that they don’t ship to outside Japan. You can try, but you will have a hard time.

      From Sweet Summer Sun they released a CD single which contained three or four tracks that were on the video footage, but not on any audio format. I wanted to buy one, and i eventually succeeded, but i not only had to prove that i had obtained a JAPANESE version of one of the Sweet Summer Sun releases, but also come up with a shipping address in Japan.

      Now Jack is right in saying that the Totally Stripped set is available from CD Japan, but that’s only because someone asked them through their Special Requests department. For 34,000 yen (including shipping) it will be mine and it can be yours too, no hassles.

      Most of the 20 or so other Ward Records super duper Rolling Stones releases, CDJapan have never been asked for and consequently never sold. For those interested in what is around:

      Happy hunting

  22. Kevin says:

    Hmm… maybe they crunched the numbers and it didn’t seem economically feasible, but individual CD/DVD combo releases of whole shows from these sessions would have been better. The initial release in ’95 clearly demonstrated they took advantage of a fertile opportunity in terms of reinterpreting the catalog and recording alternate versions. I didn’t know they filmed any shows, so that makes the deluxe pretty tempting, but at $100 US, I’m not too eager to drop that. I don’t know how interesting a doc could be.

    • B_Mag44 says:

      I agree with Kevin. Personally speaking, I would much prefer to have CD versions of all three shows as well, as the CDs would garner a hundred times more play than the DVDs, which will probably get a once over and that’s it. Anyone else feel the same?

      • GHB says:

        Couldn’t agree more ….. CD+DVD ‘limited’ editions where the DVD never gets played seems to be the norm in my music collection (which of course begs the question why do I keep buying them/falling for it!) …. the recent new Graham Nash album is another case in point – I really love there live concert on the DVD, but have only played it once – had it been on CD it would have been played and enjoyed countless times since the release date).

  23. Art says:

    Will the German blue ray play in USA? The price there is almost half off the US price.

  24. Carlos says:

    If the video content is in SD, why the 4 blu-ray discs?

  25. Jeff J says:

    Do you know the track list of the Japanese bonus CD?

  26. Alan Wilson says:

    The Premium box will be difficult to get hold of (seems to be only avialable via premium shopper), that’s how CDJapan are stocking it.

    Contains the following:

    1. 3 Live Blu-ray
    2. Live Documentary Blu-ray
    3. Live CD
    4. Bonus CD[Japan limited]
    5. 2 LP
    6. Official T-shirt
    7. Reprint Staff Pass
    8. Photo Book [60pages]

    A bit of digging around and it seems as though there’s only 500 of these sets.

    [Product Price 24624yen + Service Fee 4925yen = 29549yen ]

    Important Note: We received a special request from a customer through our Special Request Shopping Service to make this item available at CDJapan. This is not a regular product that we carry normally, and the price includes our fee to specially obtain it. However, we welcome orders from anyone interesting in purchasing it. EMS / Registered Air Mail shipping charge is not including. Please note that cancellation and return won’t be possible after you order this product.

    Other numbers for the alternative sets are:

    [full Limited production 1000 set SD-Blu-ray + CD + bonus CD + bonus 3SD-Blu-ray + T-shirt]

    [full Limited production 1000 set DVD + CD + bonus CD + bonus 3DVD + T-shirt]

    Info taken from Rolling Stones Fan Site.

  27. Adam shaw says:

    On the cd single of Saint of Me there’s was a great live version on Gimme Shelter which I thought was from the Brixton gig . If so its not here .

  28. Mikael Widell says:

    The Japanese version apparently comes with an extra CD. Plus a t-shirt. /Mike

  29. DaveM says:

    Trivial question, but do we know if the DVD / CD version will be a similar package to the From the Vault DVD / CD combos or will it be a DVD style box?

  30. scotty_G says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. A great release from 1995 which tends to be forgotten in the Stones back catalogue. Nice that this is being revisited with all the extra’s in many formats. Cant wait. As Paul says “choice is good isn’t it?” This is well deserved of a great marketing campaign.

  31. darren says:

    Do we need this many versions seriously?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Choice is good isn’t it? If Eagle Vision want the headache of so many variants, then that’s up to them.

  32. Nico says:

    So don’t get rid of your original cd and LPs of Stripped as track listing is entirely different.
    No Little Baby, Spider and the fly, I’m free, Wild horses, Let it bleed, Angie, Love in vain or Sweet Virginia!
    Odd, error or marketing gone stupid?

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