The Rutles / vinyl reissue

Tight trousers. Tea. And Biscuits.

The Prefab Four return, as Rhino reissue The Rutles, the soundtrack album to the brilliant 1978 spoof documentary All You Need Is Cash, which parodies the rise and fall of The Beatles.

The film (it was made for TV) was conceived by Eric Idle with songs written and produced by Neil Innes and performed by Innes, John Halsey, Ollie Halsall, Andy Brown, and Ricky Fataar.

This reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl and comes with a bonus seven-inch EP that features tracks six tracks from the film not originally issued on the vinyl album (but later issued on CD). Rhino have stated that this is a limited edition of 1700 copies.

The Rutles will be released on 5 October 2018

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The Rutles

The Rutles vinyl LP + seven-inch single


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The Rutles - 2007 expanded CD edition


The Rutles / vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Hold My Hand
2. Number One
3. With a Girl Like You
4. I Must Be In Love
5. Ouch!
6. Living in Hope
7. Love Life
8. Nevertheless

Side 2
1. Good Times Roll
2. Doubleback Alley
3. Cheese and Onions
4. Another Day
5. Piggy in the Middle
6. Let’s Be Natural

Bonus seven-inch single

Side A
1. Goose-Step Mama
2. Baby Let Me Be
3. Blue Suede Schubert

Side B
1. Between Us
2. It’s Looking Good
3. Get Up and Go

39 responses to The Rutles / vinyl reissue

  1. Greg says:

    Long time fan of all the Bonzos and Neil’s solo work so I’m really looking forward to the new material. Was lucky enough to have Neil and Viv Stanshall sit down next to us for lunch at a tiny restaurant in Edinburgh in 1972…Neil was dressed in what looked like pajamas that had Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck spotted throughout with Viv dressed a bit like Christ… Later, a performance with Viv and Co…best show I’ve ever seen.

  2. Albert Tatlock says:

    Maybe now Tears For Fears will finally acknowledge that ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ was ‘inspired’ by ‘Piggy In The Middle’.

    And ‘Doubleback Alley’ The ideal alternative theme tune to Coronation Street when I was in it….

  3. vinyl listener says:

    this is better than anything gile martin ever done !

  4. The Geordie Expat says:

    I might just spring for this, I’ve got a couple of Rutles CDs that get played regularly by my youngest daughter (she’s 13) who prefers the pre-fab four to the Beatles!

  5. KevinS says:

    If anyone would like to help Neil with his latest venture then please check out this

    Will be worth it.

  6. wellhamsrus says:

    I’ll be disappointed if this doesn’t include the booklet as well. I still have the original release, one of the few vinyl records I hung on to just for the cover (along with Thick As A Brick) after getting the superior CD release.

  7. Wayne Olsen says:

    People are buying them just so they can burn them.

  8. Kevin says:

    This will be great to listen to at lunchtime.

  9. Foxy says:

    As a pre-teen in the 70s I discovered The Beatles via Monty Python. When All You Need Is Cash came out I also got this album, being a huge Python fan. I loved the music so much, and it occurred to me maybe I should check out that original band they are satirizing. So simply based on album cover art, I got my first Beatles album, Magical Mystery Tour…. The Rutles changed my life.

    Forty years later, The Rutles are still the best Beatles sounding band that wasn’t The Beatles.

  10. This is, as we used to say here in the States, a no-brainer. Ordered.
    And glad it has the bonus EP and supposedly the booklet!
    The yellow wax of the original EP released off of this would be nice but “cheese and onions” vinyl would be REAL fab!

  11. Peter R says:

    I’ve spent a lifetime describing anyone not worthy of celebrity as being of “no fixed ability”. I also formed a band with someone I bumped into on a field – this is actually true.

  12. Metal Mickey says:

    The Rutles are always a good alternative when you fancy listening to the Fabs, but are feeling a bit “Beatled-out”…

    … and “Let’s Be Natural” is better than “Dear Prudence” :-)

  13. artwwweb says:

    Unless it’s got the full 27 minute version of Get Up And Go (in 5.1) I won’t be buying it. This release is a joke!

    Seriously, looks great. I have the original album but the EP is a nice addition.

  14. Reggie says:

    The groups Fame can be deduced to “It was the Trousers.”

  15. Ken.e says:

    I think every Beatles fan should have this album. Full of great humor and a wonderful book that will have you laughing as you listen to music that is actually very good.
    I have had it for years and have listed to it 100 times or more. In college my roommates would request that I put it on for the music. We also had all these inside jokes from the movie that we would use like calling our program director Leggy Mountbatten… Well you had to be there.

  16. Martin says:

    Worth it for the humour value alone and the EP is a bonus

  17. Dean F says:

    I always thought of Oasis as a poor man’s Rutles :)

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I am always tickled by the memory that Oasis were forced to give a songwriting credit to Rutle songwriter Neil Innes rather than any of the Beatles.

      See if anyone can name the Innes and Oasis songs concerned without resorting to Google.

      • Dogfacedboy says:

        It’s Whatever and How Sweet To Be An Idiot. Innes referenced it at the start of ‘Shang-ri-la’ from the equally wonderful ‘Archeology’ album.

        He apparently asked the Gallaghers to be in the video but they then had one of their usual violent disagreements

      • KevinS says:

        Innes – How Sweet To Be An Idiot

        Oasis – Whatever

  18. Catweazle says:

    I vividly remember browsing the second hand record stores in Notting Hill in the late 80s for a copy of this, only to find an empty sleeve and the staff had no clue where the record was – what a disappointment! In the end I was lucky to snatch a copy from god knows where. Oh, those happy Record & Tape Exchange days (do the shops still exist?)
    I’m very tempted to pre-order this – mainly for the exclusive EP!

  19. Howie says:

    Hope we get the release of Barry’s solo album ‘when you find the girl of your dreams in the arms of some Scotsmen from Hull’

  20. John says:

    A legend in their own lunchtime

    • Ken.e says:

      A legend that would last a lunchtime, long after most living legends of died. They were bigger then Rod (Rod Stewart) who hadn’t been discovered yet.

  21. Mij says:

    Pleased to see this release get a plug. I did post the info via “Get In Touch” last week but it wasn’t published.

    According to another retailer’s website, also included in the package is the original 16-page 12-inch booklet and a new 12-inch two sided lithograph featuring a photo of the band on one side and the original 1978 press release on the other.

  22. Sylent Syd says:

    I still have an original vinyl pressing and the expanded CD. Very tempted to have those extra six songs on wax, though.

  23. Ken Evans says:

    One of the most awesome things to ever happen was when I was at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in 2009 and Neil Innes and Terry Gilliam were giving a panel to a rather large full auditorium – and they had two copies of the complete Flying Circus DVD autographed by them both – the one with the extra discs in the pink folder full of things like “best of each member” type things (so the regular 14 discs plus 6 or so discs of extras) — And they had to have a means of deciding who to give them away to, and Neil said “this one goes to whomever can name the first Bonzo Dog album” and I jumped up and yelled “Gorrilla!!!!” and won!! Got to shake hands and I think I told Neil “This is the closest as I’ve ever gotten to meeting a Beatle”

  24. Murray Robbins says:

    Perhaps this is the week where we will see over 150 comments about the SDE of The Wheat Album! On the other hand, sadly perhaps not, although it arguably has a more consistent run of brilliant songs

    Questionnaire made me laugh so much.

    ” Very crunchy, quite crunchy, not crunchy at all?” A timeless existential question for us all.

    Neil Innes is a genius.

  25. Mike the Fish says:

    I’m quite fond of this album and prefer the album sequencing to the “chronological” and elongated sequence of the CD. Will they have the correct original intro to Hold My Hand?

  26. Caroline says:

    A true classic album. In a culture where music is endlessly recycled, resampled and revived, surely the time has come for this to be recognised as a masterpiece from one of Britain’s most gifted songwriters (as if his songs for The Bonzos weren’t enough to bestow this status..).

  27. Mark Levy says:

    I’ve got the cd version of this so I think i’ll pass.

  28. Joe Donato says:

    Was this ever re-issued on a CD in the past 20 years or so?

  29. David M says:

    No Magical Mystery Tour type booklet? (was in original)

  30. michael pember says:

    well times go buy as we all know naturally

  31. Tom Kristensen says:

    Far from home… and far from talented! Met Neil Innes in an elevator once. What a bloke!

  32. StevieB says:

    I saw them at Che Stadium.

  33. Phil says:

    The only album I ever bought just for the cover!! The music was a brilliant bonus. Don’t need to buy a new copy…wallet can have a bit more recovery time!!

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