The S.L.P. / debut album

Signed vinyl now sold out

Serge Pizzorno – aka the bloke from Kasabian – has a solo project in play right now called The S.L.P. (his initials, it turns out) and a debut album will be issued at the end of this month.

The first single from The S.L.P. was ‘Favourites’ and featured British rapper Little Simz. This was made available at the end of may and you can take a listen below…

The album is self-titled and features 11 tracks. The vinyl edition is a white vinyl record (version with signed print now sold out).

The S.L.P. is released on 30 August 2019 via Columbia.

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The SLP white vinyl LP - unsigned


Compare prices and pre-order


The SLP cd edition


The S.L.P.

1. Meanwhile… In Genova
2. Lockdown
3. ((trance))
4. The Wu
5. Soldiers 00018
6. Meanwhile… At the Welcome Break
7. Nobody Else
8. Favourites – THE S.L.P. feat. Little Simz
9. Kvng Fv
10. The Youngest Gary
11. Meanwhile… In the Silent Nowhere

15 responses to The S.L.P. / debut album

  1. Alan B says:

    Yet another artist advertising an “exclusive” release only available from their web store – this time a clear vinyl edition. Except you can pre order it from any record store. Pre-ordered the signed CD weeks ago.

  2. Trev says:

    Also a limited edition clear vinyl from hmv

  3. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    If you read the description it refers to 3 discs. I am assuming that Discs 1 and 2 refers to sides 1 and 2 of the vinyl. Amazon usually make the mistake of referring to ‘sides’ as ‘discs’. The 3rd ‘disc’ contains all tracks and may indicate that the vinyl comes with a CD also?

  4. Tom Acornley says:

    This is a right result!! I’ve wanted to pre-order this on vinyl for a while but I’ve been looking about to see if anyone was offering a signed vinyl version. I was almost resigned to having to order the signed CD as well. Top man Paul, thanks!!

  5. Alan Mitchell says:

    Signed albums aren’t really worth diddlysquat though unless you had the artist sign it in front of you. There’s never any proof so resale value isn’t there.

    However a lot of the used LPs i buy are often signed. Not by the artists but by the owners. Sometimes they even leave little notes or comments. Personally i love that as it always adds a story behind each album. Getting some 70s compilation album that once belonged to a Jackie or Sharon…. love it :)

  6. Nick Love says:

    Love that single. One of my favorite new songs of the year so far.

  7. SeanL says:

    Jeez give him a break !!!!!!

  8. John Lloyd says:

    It would appear the print is exclusive to amazon, but the signed part is not, for his own store has signed CDs – plus the usual bundles of cassettes, etc. Vinyl can be bought on clear or white or both – and both come with the CD in a gatefold poster pack.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Indeed. No vinyl at the store comes with anything signed, hence why Amazon can say that this is ‘exclusive’.

  9. Alan Fenwick says:

    You did in the body of the text, but the headline/title reads “signed white vinyl” its a bit misleading as a title.

  10. Luke Underwood says:

    Yes exactly what it states if you read the description.

  11. Alan Fenwick says:

    I looked at this last week, but when you look at it closely the picture shows a signed photo with it. In my opinion I don’t believe the actual vinyl cover is signed just the accompanying photo.

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