The Smashing Pumpkins / The Aeroplane Flies High deluxe box

The Smashing Pumpkins / Aeroplane Flies High deluxe box

The Smashing Pumpkins’ singles box from 1996, The Aeroplane Flies High, is to be reissued as a 6CD+DVD deluxe box on 22 July 2013. Additionally, the set will make its vinyl debut with a five LP set also being available.

The Aeroplane Flies High was originally a five-CD set, featuring expanded versions of the five singles from the acclaimed Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album. Despite being a ‘limited edition’ at the time, actually sold over 300,000 copies.

The 2013 reissue takes the 33-track five-CD version and turns into into a massive 90-track extravaganza across six discs. Bonus tracks include live performances, 8-track demos, acoustic takes, instrumentals and rough DAT mixes. The sixth CD is reserved for live recordings from the 1996 Mellon Collie world tour, while the DVD contains a gig from Belfort, France from 4 July 1997 (it’s 14 tracks bringing the total for the set to 104).

The box comes with a 46-page book with liner notes and a track-by-track notes by Billy Corgan. The packaging is described as “embossed foil wrap and twinkle stock for jackets” – in other words, bling. Owners of the Siamese Dream reissue will appreciate the attention and detail that goes into these sets.

The Aeroplane Flies High is the fifth Smashing Pumpkins title to be reissued in recent years following on from Gish and Siamese Dream (2011) and Pisces Iscariot and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (2012).

5CD+DVD version

Vinyl 5LP

Full track listing for The Aeroplane Flies High:

“Bullet With Butterfly Wings” (CD1):

1. “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”
2. “…Said Sadly”
3. “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”
4. “Clones (We’re All)”
5. “A Night Like This”
6. “Destination Unknown”
7. “Dreaming”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
8. “Movers and Shakirs”
9. “Germans in Leather Pants”
10. “Millieu”
11. “Jackboot”
12. “A/Ab/E/B/F#”
13. “Rings”
14. “Ugly”
15. “Blaster Caster”
16. “Little Ditty”
17. “Verily I Say”
18. “New Waver”
19. “The Groover”
20. “Ravi Revi Roo”
21. “On the Loose”
22. “Slurry”

“1979” (CD2): 
1. “1979”
2. “Ugly”
3. “Believe”
4. “Cherry”
5. “The Boy”
6. “Set the Ray to Jerry”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
7. “Tonight, Tonight (acoustic version/instrumental rough)”
8. “Jupiter’s Lament (billy solo)”
9. “Zero (8trk demo)”
10. “Marquis in Spades (8trk demo)”
11. “Have Love Will Travel (8trk demo)”
12. “Infinite Sadness (siamese outtake)”
13. “1979 (acoustic)”
14. “Aeroplane Flies High (acoustic snippet)”
15. “Take Me Down (instrumental)”
16. “Star Song (dat mix/vocal rough)”

“Zero” (CD3): 
1. “Zero”
2. “God”
3. “Mouths of Babes”
4. “Tribute to Johnny”
5. “Marquis in Spades”
6. “Pennies”
7. “Pastichio Medley”

LP Only:
7. “Pastichio Medley (with fades)”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
8. “By Starlight”
9. “Set the Ray to Jerry”
10. “Mouths of Babes”
11. “Cupid de Locke”
12. “Galapagos”
13. “To Forgive”
14. “Lily (My One & Only)”
15. “Here Is No Why”

“Tonight, Tonight” (CD4): 
1. “Tonight, Tonight”
2. “Meladori Magpie”
3. “Rotten Apples”
4. “Medellia of the Gray Skies”
5. “Jupiter’s Lament”
6. “Blank”
7. “Tonite Reprise”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
8. “Stumbleine”
9. “Ugly”
10. “Meladori Magpie”
11. “God”
12. “Love”
13. “Pissant”
14. “Hello Kitty Kat”
15. “Special Winner’s Song”
16. “I Just Wanna Make Love to You”

“Thirty-Three” (CD5): 
1. “Thrity-Three”
2. “The Last Song”
3. “The Aeroplane Flies High”
4. “Transformer”
5. “The Bells”
6. “My Blue Heaven”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
7. “Silverfuck (live 7/10/96)”

Deluxe Edition Live CD:
Live Inside the Dark Globe (CD6):
1. “Where Boys Fear to Tread” (Cleveland, Ohio 7.3.96)
2. “Zero” (San Francisco, California 2.7.96)
3. “Fuck You / An Ode to No One” (Stockholm, Sweden 4.10.96)
4. “X.Y.U.” (Los Angeles, California 2.3.96)
5. “To Forgive” (Washington, D.C. 1.6.96)
6. “Thirty-Three” (New York City, New York 1.11.96)
7. “Tonight, Tonight” (New York City, New York 1.11.96)
8. “Lily (My One And Only)” (Washington, D.C. 1.5.96)
9. “Porcelina of the Vast Oceans” (Cleveland, Ohio 7.3.96)
10. “Jellybelly” (Gent, Belgium 4.6.96)
11. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” (Los Angeles, California 2.3.96)
12. “By Starlight” (Buffalo, New York 7.2.96)
13. “Bodies” (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7.5.96)
14. “Silverfuck” (Copenhagen, Denmark 4.9.96)

Deluxe Edition Concert DVD (Malsaucy Lake, Belfort, France,  July 4, 1997):
1. “Glimpses”
2. “Where Boys Fear to Tread”
3. “Eye”
4. “Tonight, Tonight”
5. “Transformer”
6. “Thru the Eyes of Ruby”
7. “The End Is the Beginning Is the End”
8. “By Starlight”
9. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
10. “Muzzle”
11. “1979”
12. “X.Y.U.”
13. “Porcelina of the Vast Oceans”
14. “The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)”

5 responses to The Smashing Pumpkins / The Aeroplane Flies High deluxe box

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  2. probablyrustin says:

    apparently it’s a 35(45?) minute live version. so different, but still…

  3. michael1984 says:

    I’m going to have to win lotto in order to keep up with these reissues! It looks amazing as usual. One minor quibble: why does he have to add “Silverfuck” to every release? What a waste of a song….

    • Maxmaxrad says:

      The answer to this particular version of Silverfuck being on this disc could be this: Billy has said that the song “The Aeroplane Flies High” is emblematic of the demise of the first incarnation of the Pumpkins. This version of Silverfuck, if you look at the date it was performed and then look at the date of John Melvoin’s overdose, is the last time the original Pumpkins played together before Jimmy got fired. Because The Aeroplane Flies High b-side is on this disc that could be why this version of Silverfuck is here rather than other b-sides or live recordings.

      It’s a fucking good version too!

  4. Lee says:

    Once again, BC does a decent job in unearthing unreleased material, even though this only contains 15 of the 29 Gravity demos…but that’s a minor quibble given what we actually get here. Just hope it’s a little cheaper than the ‘Mellon Collie’ set. Definitely want one of these.

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