The Verve / Urban Hymns 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition and 6LP vinyl box

Remastered • Unheard live audio • B-sides & Remixes • DVD • Vinyl box

Universal will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Verve‘s Urban Hymns in September with a reissue campaign that includes a 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition and a massive 6LP vinyl box set….

All formats feature a remastered version of the album (the work of Chris Potter and Metropolis’ Tony Cousins) and the super deluxe edition box set adds four further CDs offering B-sides, remixes, session tracks, BBC Sessions and two discs of unreleased live performance from the era, including the May 1998 hometown show in front of around 35,000 fans at Haigh Hall, Wigan.

That same show also features on a content-packed DVD, included within the super deluxe, which includes the 1999 documentary The Video 96-98 (unreleased on DVD until now) and promo videos.

Urban Hymns – 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition

As with the last year’s Verve box sets this super deluxe includes a 56-page hard cover book, a poster and five postcards.

What is different about the reissue of this album is that there is a vinyl box set edition that is very extensive indeed and covers most (not all) of the audio in the CD box across six vinyl records (three gatefold packages). The remastered Urban Hymns is pressed on two LPs, and all the B-sides and remixes are included on two further vinyl records. All 15 tracks from the previously unreleased Live at Haigh Hall fill the final two vinyl records, completing this six-LP vinyl box.

Urban Hymns – 6LP vinyl box set

The audio you don’t get in the vinyl box is the BBC Evening Session (CD3 of the box) and the 12 tracks of ‘Further live material’ on CD 5. However, the vinyl box does come with a 20-page booklet and a download card which entitles you to all audio from the super deluxe edition CD box set.

There is a two-CD edition as well. The second disc is the Haigh Hall live performance, rather than the B-sides and remixes, although the eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that Universal haven’t just repeated CD 4 from the box set. Neon Wilderness is missing (along with the encores) and they’ve added three tracks from the aforementioned ‘further live material’ tracks. Putting this live audio on disc two is probably a good decision, since many fans will have CD singles from back in the day.

All formats of Urban Hymns will be released on 1 September 2017.

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The Verve

urban hymns - 5CD+DVD super deluxe box


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The Verve

urban hymns - 6LP Vinyl box set


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The Verve

urban hymns - 2CD deluxe


Urban Hymns / 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition


Remastered album

  • 1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • 2. Sonnet
  • 3. The Rolling People
  • 4. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 5. Catching the Butterfly
  • 6. Neon Wilderness
  • 7. Space and Time
  • 8. Weeping Willow
  • 9. Lucky Man
  • 10. One Day
  • 11. This Time
  • 12. Velvet Morning
  • 13. Come On



  • 1. Lord I Guess I’ll Never Know
  • 2. Country Song
  • 3. Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
  • 4. So Sister
  • 5. Echo Bass
  • 6. Three Steps
  • 7. The Drugs Don’t Work – original demo
  • 8. The Crab
  • 9. Stamped
  • 10. Never Wanna See You Cry
  • 11. (Bitter Sweet Symphony) MSG
  • 12. The Longest Day
  • 13. Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)


B-sides (cont.) + 2 session tracks issued in 2004*

  • 1. Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)
  • 2. This Could Be My Moment *
  • 3. Monte Carlo*

BBC Evening session 27/8/97 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

  • 4. Life’s An Ocean
  • 5. A Man Called Sun
  • 6. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 7. On Your Own
  • 8. So Sister

CD4 Live at Haigh Hall 24/5/98 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

  • 1. This Is Music
  • 2. Space and Time
  • 3. Catching the Butterfly
  • 4. Sonnet
  • 5. The Rolling People
  • 6. Neon Wilderness
  • 7. Weeping Willow
  • 8. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 9. Lucky Man
  • 10. Life’s an Ocean
  • 11. Velvet Morning
  • 12. Bitter Sweet Symphony


Haigh Hall Encore:

  • 1. One Day
  • 2. History
  • 3. Come On

Further live material (Washington / Brixton / Manchester – 1997/8)

  • 4. A New Decade – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 5. The Rolling People – Brixton Academy (16/1/98)
  • 6. On Your Own – Brixton Academy (16/1/98)
  • 7. History – Brixton Academy (16/1/98)
  • 8. The Drugs Don’t Work – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 9. Slide Away – Manchester Academy (11/8/97)
  • 10. A Man Called Sun – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 11. A Northern Soul – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 12. Space and Time – Brixton Academy (16/1/98)
  • 13. This Is Music – Manchester Academy (11/8/97)
  • 14. Weeping Willow – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 15. Stormy Clouds (and Reprise) – Manchester Academy (11/8/97) 7.24


The Video 1996-1998 –originally issued as HUTVID1

Later with Jools Holland – 01/11/97 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

  • 1. Lucky Man
  • 2. Life’s An Ocean
  • 3. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 4. Bitter Sweet Symphony


  • 1. This Is Music
  • 2. Space and Time
  • 3. Catching the Butterfly
  • 4. Sonnet
  • 5. The Rolling People
  • 6. Neon Wilderness
  • 7. Weeping Willow
  • 8. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 9. Lucky Man
  • 10. Life’s an Ocean
  • 11. Velvet Morning
  • 12. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • 13. One Day
  • 14. History
  • 15. Come On

The promo videos:

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • The Drugs Don’t Work
  • Lucky Man
  • Lucky Man (US version)
  • Sonnet

Urban Hymns / 6LP vinyl box set

LP 1 & 2

Remastered album

Side 1

  • 1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • 2. Sonnet
  • 3. The Rolling People

Side 2

  • 4. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 5. Catching the Butterfly
  • 6. Neon Wilderness

Side 3

  • 7. Space and Time
  • 8. Weeping Willow
  • 9. Lucky Man
  • 10. One Day

Side 4

  • 11. This Time
  • 12. Velvet Morning
  • 13. Come On

LP 3 & 4

B-sides, session tracks issued in 2004*

Side 5

  • 1. Lord I Guess I’ll Never Know
  • 2. Country Song
  • 3. Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
  • 4. So Sister

Side 6

  • 5. Echo Bass
  • 6. Three Steps
  • 7. The Crab
  • 8. Stamped

Side 7

  • 9. The Drugs Don’t Work – original demo
  • 10. Never Wanna See You Cry
  • 11. (Bitter Sweet Symphony) MSG
  • 12. The Longest Day

Side 8

  • 13. Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)
  • 14. Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)
  • 15. This Could Be My Moment*
  • 16. Monte Carlo*

LP 5 & 6


Side 9

  • 1. This Is Music
  • 2. Space and Time
  • 3. Catching the Butterfly
  • 4. Sonnet

Side 10

  • 5. The Rolling People
  • 6. Neon Wilderness
  • 7. Weeping Willow
  • 8. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 9. Lucky Man

Side 11

  • 10. Life’s an Ocean
  • 11. Velvet Morning
  • 12. Bitter Sweet Symphony

Side 12

  • 13. One Day
  • 14. History
  • 15. Come On

Urban Hymns – 2CD deluxe

CD1 Remastered album

  • 1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • 2. Sonnet
  • 3. The Rolling People
  • 4. The Drugs Don't Work
  • 5. Catching the Butterfly
  • 6. Neon Wilderness
  • 7. Space and Time
  • 8. Weeping Willow
  • 9. Lucky Man
  • 10. One Day
  • 11. This Time
  • 12. Velvet Morning
  • 13. Come On

CD2 – Live 1997/98 – ALL UNRELEASED

Tracks 1-11 from Haigh Hall concert – May 24, 1998

  • 1. This Is Music
  • 2. Space and Time
  • 3. Catching the Butterfly
  • 4. Sonnet
  • 5. The Rolling People
  • 6. Weeping Willow
  • 7. The Drugs Don’t Work
  • 8. Lucky Man
  • 9. Life’s an Ocean
  • 10. Velvet Morning
  • 11. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • 12. A New Decade – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97)
  • 13. History – Brixton Academy (16/1/98
  • 14. Slide Away – Manchester Academy (11/8/97)

77 responses to The Verve / Urban Hymns 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition and 6LP vinyl box

  1. Jude says:

    I recently purchased the LP Box Set brand new, but it did not come with a download card. Do you have experience with this situation? If that happens will the record company send me a download? Thank you!

  2. Anders Guldstrand says:

    I was gonna see The Verve on Roskilde Festival in 1998, but they cancelled. So it’s nice to finally see a concert with them on dvd. Richard sings as good as on the records?! It’s like he is in the studio. Excellent.

  3. phil Gough says:

    just ordered 6 lp boxset on amazon uk for £45.52. it doesn’t show on The Verve Urban Hymns but if you search on CD & Vinyl – vinyl – boxsets; its currently on page 2

  4. Tracey says:

    I received my CD deluxe box set a few days ago from It wasn’t in very “new” condition. The packaging was thin and flimsy. Sending it back…

  5. Durango55 says:

    Phil Wilson – I also noticed that The Drugs Don’t Work – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97) (disc 5, track 8) is missing as well.

    Disc 5 time is 76 minutes, so it likely just didn’t fit, so they removed the track but didn’t update the packaging or online information.

    It’d be nice if they offered it as a free online track…

  6. Phil Wilson says:

    Enjoying the box, especially as I was at Haigh Hall but I remember thinking when I saw the promo 12″ that comes with some orders that the live version of The Drugs Don’t Work was on the box set anyway, so didn’t bother. However, it is NOT on disc 5. Read through the book this morning and disc 5 shows it on there, as part of a 15 track CD not the 14 track one that was released. It’s not hard to get the book and CD to match is it?

  7. Crispin says:

    Most of the group’s b-sides were pretty great, and I wore out my bootleg cassette of the Haigh Hall gig a long time ago, so I’m quite pleased by this collection. I’d have certainly liked to see some of the unreleased tracks that made their way on to various other bootlegs, but it’s a minor quibble. I’m also thrilled by the inclusion of various songs from the 9:30 Club show as I was there and had no idea it’d been recorded. Unlike many of the other shows on that tour, I never saw a bootleg turn up. Will buy the vinyl set and maybe the deluxe CD/DVD set as well.

  8. Adey says:

    Its nice to see an actual “super deluxe edition” and not just some coloured vinyl, money making “stamp collectors” edition.

  9. fan says:

    83€ is nice when U2 overprice their last vinyl box!

  10. Joseph says:

    I am leery because when they announced the last two sets, they promised the music video, but then pulled them without announcing that they had. So, caveat emptor….

  11. michael1984 says:

    A fantastic LP of theirs, I only wish I had the $$$ to shell out for the super – deluxe- enormodome CD version; but I sadly don’t. The 2 CD version is no temptation either as it is only live material on the second disc and not the B-Sides, etc. In another alternate universe this set would be sitting comfortably on my massive CD/music rack next to all the other box sets I couldn’t get (and the sets I do own).

    Besides, an LP recorded, mixed and mastered in 1996/1997 doesn’t really need to be remastered, but that’s a whole other story. I’ll just keep spinning the Sgt. Pepper set from last month and keep on rockin’

  12. Paul W says:

    Change of mind orderd the box set what the its only money, and you only live once, hsve not told wife yet

  13. Paul W says:

    Thanks for the info Paul just ordered the 2 cd version that will do just fine

  14. Renato says:

    Cool! I’ve been waiting for this. Already got the first two box sets, so this will fit in nicely. Thanks for the info, Paul!

  15. deluxer says:


    The string motif from BSS was from an Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra cover of The Last Time by the Rolling Stones. But The Last Time was a traditional song recorded by others before the Stones. Somehow Jagger and Richards have the copyright.

    Also see:

  16. CJ says:

    Ordered without a second thought. I’ve been waiting for this since they started their reissue campaign.

    But 20 YEARS?????? Has it really been that long? Christ, I feel old.

  17. Samppa says:

    Also, if there are releases like these which format do you prefer?
    Making these sets available on both cd and vinyl is difficul to choose from..

  18. Samppa says:

    I like The Verve, they are great and etc…I haven’t bought the previous boxsets (yet) but these news of the Urban Hymns anniversary-releases just made me think things here.
    I have nice collection of music (lp and cd), perhaps a bit larger than the normal average bloke roaming the streets and drinking beer in pub does, but anyways…

    But I somehow, Im just been thinking this morning about all the reissues and etc stuff that’s now becoming more and more as some albums have anniversaries. It’s sort of coming more and more like forced release and record-companies are pushing these more and more.
    I think Im getting a bit tired, especially in the cases where there has already been some deluxe-edition or similar released in the past or if some new anniversary boxset really is lacking the material that ought to be there (maybe they are still holding on to something to justify further anniversary etc edition released again some years later?) making the boxset like inadequate and not fully satisfyingly complete.
    I think Im getting a bit tired of buying the same albums again and again, so it’s now stopped and I will gladly just seek new music or albums that weren’t that much available before on vinyl (for example some of the reissues of the 90’s albums that were sold-out many years ago). Better to have little collection of wider styles and stuff than too many copies of your loved albums/artists (which are great but do you really need to have umptheeth copies of the same Beatles, Pink Floyd, Doors etc albums?).

    Now, as I like to buy old and new vinyl, cd or boxsets, of course I like these releases, but now eventhough I have the dough for the goods I think I will be more and more selective on what I will buy from now on. I think I didn’t have patience in the past and made some purchases as they felt to be compulsory and if they were marketed as limited-editions (which they weren’t after all). Actually I have started this little hobby of doing inventory of the whole collection, then yearly (last year for the first time and this year also) start to sell some of the not so needed cd/lp/boxsets to secondhand recordstore, which will provide me nice exchange for the more desired albums.

    Anyways, I think the whole reissue and repackage thing is worth to talk about here.

    Morrissey said it pretty nicely:
    Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
    Re-evaluate the songs
    Double-pack with a photograph
    Extra track (and a tacky badge)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That Morrissey quote has been ‘reissued’ more than any album!

    • andrew r says:

      +1 You articulated something i have had a nagging unease about for a while.
      Namely peak stuff . Buying the same thing ad nauseam .

  19. voxstarstream says:

    I would’ve much rather had the BBC tracks on the vinyl edition than the Wigan gig, which has been available on bootleg in perfect quality for many, many years.

  20. -sg- says:

    This had a lot of potential, but besides the live offering, this is really underwhelming. I think it is actually terrible that they left ff the more obscure releases such as the alternate and instrumental of BSS. There were also loads of other revordings such as Song for the Lovers and some of the songs rerecoded on Fourth. Oasis did a much better job with their reissues and offered a lot of value for money.

  21. Nick says:

    Like I say be very wary of recordstore…… 1 out of my 5 orders delivered signed……. and a useless customer service who only do anything when you do a PayPal Claimback…….
    try ……*/*/Urban-Hymns-Super-Deluxe-Vinyl-12-Signed-Book/5L9T0000000

    Signed by Author Book and the Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set for £99.99 plus postage !
    Udiscobermusic also list everything separately with the signed book at £29.95!

    • Michael says:

      Recordstore, udiscovermusic, digitalstores and the artist stores that they run are all the same company. They often have long delays and send unsigned items or poorly packaged things like prints that end up damaged. Customer services via the web site email take about a week to be answered.

  22. Ben King says:

    Some of the Verve members who put this set together have already confirmed elsewhere… Richard put a stop to them including a disc with unreleased/demo material within this box set release. Too bad, many of the solo demo versions have been floating on bootlegs for years but it would have been nice to hear a number of the full-band studio jams.

  23. Rory McCann says:

    Will definitely pick this up to go with last year’s two deluxes – enjoyed those very much. Looks very promising but agree that Disc 3 could be filled up a bit more with single edits. One thing that looks cool is with the additional live material disc that has tracks not included in the Haigh Hall gig.

  24. paolo says:

    There’s no unreleased studio material here, unlike the previous two deluxe sets, so I assume Ashcroft isn’t involved. I can hear Verve die-hards bitching about this. I think it is a great set to round up all the studio material from the era in remastered form, I still have to pick the first two so it’ll probably be my (fairly expensive) Christmas present. Now I understand why they put out the remastered regular vinyl last year, they wanted to cash in with a nonsense vinyl box set. I suggest vinyl lovers to pick up the 2LP version from last year, the remaster is the same.

  25. Mike says:

    Universal have an exclusive Bitter Sweet Symphony 12″ Single, (Alt. version + B-Side Drugs Don’t Work live), bundled with both the CD+DVD (£54.99) and Vinyl £79.99 + P&P) Box Sets…. it’s also available on it’s own but seems very expensive for 2 tracks at £14,99 + P&P!

    If the Amazon price stays at £49.22 I might shell out the extra to Universal for the 12″.


  26. fan says:

    I’ll hear how does the concert sound before any preorders…remember the Status Quo deluxe editions scam with concerts recorded from the toilets on mono tape under a blanket?…

    But it’s way better than U2’s recent box,gig is FULL !

  27. Eamonn says:

    Bittersweet Symphony’s most prominent musical motif is clearly lifted from the Stones – surely that can’t be disputed?

  28. Daniel says:

    Just got an email from The Verve with an offer for the super deluxe CD + signed book+ 12″ vinyl single. I went to order and it was $96 + $87 postage to the US!! I think I’ll stick with the Amazon price with no extras!…LOL!!

  29. Koen Kroeze says:

    I presume ‘Deep Freeze’ will be a hidden bonus track on CD1.

    There’s plenty of space on CD3, so why not include the radio edits:
    Bitter Sweet Symphony (Radio Edit) 4’35
    The Drugs Don’t Work (Radio Edit) 4’46
    Lucky Man (Radio Edit) [US promo] 4’20
    The Rolling People (Radio Edit) [US promo] 4’25
    Sonnet (LP Edit) [US promo] 3’43

    And/or a few demos…

    However, it’s a great deluxe edition and I will order it anyway!

  30. Stevie B says:

    @petshopboys Please not THIS is how a reissue with bonus material should be done!

  31. Don says:

    Seems to be a growing trend with saving b-sides and 12″ versions only for the super deluxe. Purple Rain and Tango in the Nightare two recent examples.

    • StevieDal says:

      Also The Joshua Tree reissue , live stuff on CD2 .
      The Stone Roses did it a while back with the debut , cd2 had demos instead of the b sides. Pretty crap .

  32. Tyrone says:

    And about time too. At a cheaper price of course

    The royalties being taken away for Bitter Sweet is one of those arguments that I didnt like.
    The song was in fact brilliant and there is an argument for and against.
    Plagiarism is plagiarism but it was a great moment in time.
    This album deserves a deluxe box set after the rubbish deluxe affair a couple of years ago

    Im in

  33. auteur55 says:

    I personally think they’ve made a mistake not putting the b-sides on the two disc. Many of us out there aren’t as crazy about loads of live material we want a smaller version of the album that fits onto CD shelves and wraps up all the recorded material from the era. You have the album and then the rarities b-sides alongside it. Now I have to buy some enormous 5 CD box that will take up prime real estate just to get the b-sides. I wouldn’t be as frustrated about it if the disc 3 was unreleased material or some new tracks from the vault but to just have 3 discs of live material doesn’t excite me. 99% of the time artist release the 2 or smaller 3 disc with the b-sides.

  34. Great news, thanks Paul. I’m already enjoying the deluxe editions of A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul, I can’t wait to hear this one.

  35. Scott G says:

    Recordstore have a Urban Hymns Super Deluxe Vinyl, 12″ + Signed Book – Bundle including an exclusive 12″ Vinyl Single of “Bitter Sweet Symphony” Alt. Version: and a book “The Verve – Photographs” By Chris Floyd (Signed by Chris Floyd)

    • WillumH says:

      $109 postage to US. Book signed by photographer not the band. 12″ available $19.99 separately as well.

    • Nick says:

      I’d be very wary ordering anything from recordstore – they are Next to useless! 5 of my 6 last ‘Signed’ Orders ordered in the last 2 months have arrived Unsigned and been Returned! I won’t order off them again! Still waiting on a refund from 3 weeks ago…..Taken them to a PayPal Claimback !

  36. Michael C says:

    Any news/link for the 2CD version Paul?

  37. Eamonn says:

    Only 8 tracks on CD3 and Haigh Hall can’t all be squeezed onto one CD…blimey, there must be a few marathon wig-outs, bustin’n’ dronin’…

  38. Lee Taylor says:

    I really wish they would reissue the original LP on vinyl without the bonus material (see also: The Joshua Tree). I just can’t justify paying the price for the 6-LP set.

  39. truthsayer says:

    Have they sorted the publishing with the Rolling Stones lawyers? I`d like to think they may, Verve, get some royalties from this and not those grabbing b@st@rds!

  40. Mark S says:

    There are heaps of demos from this era, loads of them. Surprised this doesn’t seem to include a single one of them.

  41. Buddy Mann says:

    The question to ask is ‘Is this really necessary?’ A six LP set for one album at over £100 just seems like fan exploitation.

  42. Paul Martin says:

    Great looking set, I pre-ordered the CD edtion as soon as it went from £68 to £49 on Amazon. Hope they do something SDL-like with ‘Forth’ as well eventually if there’s enough material, as along with Urban Hymns these are my favourite Verve albums. I have the deluxe CD / DVD edition of Forth which is certainly good enough but it would be nice to have an SDL edition so all four albums are done in that format.

    • Matt s says:

      Have you not heard his latest album? Its proper good, im still listening to the original vinyl pressing, there isnt much that gets near Urban, to be honest I love there 1st and 2nd just as much. And i prefer record player.

  43. truthsayer says:

    This looks really good. I only knew Verve through this album which persuaded me to attend that Haigh Hall concert.

    When the previous box sets were announced I bought the albums second hand. One thing was revealed to me – this band are bloody good.

    I am in for the CD box and probably those other box sets also.

    `Tis a pity Richard Ashcroft seems to have lost his muse.

  44. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Or is it a hidden track like last time then?

  45. andrew r says:

    Nice package but the mandatory pushing of vinyl
    as an object must be getting to “peak” with this release?
    Six lp’s worth of content from an original single lp?
    The other thing bothering me is with pressing plants
    at an all time low compared to the past, won’t quality control suffer
    in the mad rush to “vinylize” everything?
    Not a gripe merely an observation.

  46. Auntie Sabrina says:

    No Deep Freeze which on the Japan import from ’97?

    • paolo says:

      ‘Deep Freeze’ is ghost track in any CD edition of the album, so it’ll be on this reissue as well. Guess the japanese edition only had it as a separate track.

  47. Rob Deighton says:

    I’m a bit peeved by the 2CD edition. I was hoping for the album on CD1 and all the b-sides on CD2. Guess I will have hunt out the original CD singles as the SDE doesn’t appeal to me (and my wallet).

  48. AndrewM says:

    I’m in for the deluxe box set as long as it comes out at a similar price to the US one. Why on earth are amazon UK so damn slow these days?

    As for expensive – it’s ridiculous. These last three months alone have seen Sgt Pepper, Purple Rain, OK Computer and Misplaced Childhood. I’m gonna be divorced if this continues! :D

    On another note – does anyone know what happened to the Paul Simon live release from a few weeks ago mentioned on this site. Amazon now saying they have no clue if it’s ever coming out :( We really wanted that :(

    • DaveM says:

      @AndrewM, according to my Amazon UK order for the bluray/CD combo of Paul Simon’s Hyde Park concert its out on 14th July. Its been out in the US for a while.

  49. jackson says:

    What’s Jagger and Richards’ cut of this?

  50. Stevie B says:

    Just when I thought CDs were dead!

  51. Andrew Barnett says:

    £42.99 on Amazon uk for the 5cd version if anyone wants to preorder, personally I have to resist as i have just spent too much on vinyl due to just acquiring my first vinyl player for 25 years!!!

  52. Domingo says:

    2017… It’s a very expensive year…

  53. AndrewM says:

    Hi Paul

    I think headline should read 5CD+DVD? Great news though!

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