The Wannadies / Bagsy Me limited edition coloured vinyl

The Wannadies / Bagsy Me coloured vinyl

Turquoise vinyl limited to 1000 copies

The Wannadies‘ vinyl reissues continue with a special turquoise vinyl pressing of 1997 album Bagsy Me.

The album features the top 20 hit single ‘Hit’ (a performance only bettered by the reissue of ‘You and Me Song’).

This coloured vinyl pressing is limited to 1000 units and includes a four-page booklet and these are individually numbered.

Bagsy Me  is released on 3 May 2019 via by Music On Vinyl. You can order this limited edition via the SDE shop using this link, or the button below.

Bagsy Me Limited edition turquoise vinyl

Side A

1. Because
2. Friends
3. Someone Somewhere
4. Oh Yes (It’s a Mess)
5. Shorty
6. Damn It I Said

Side B

1. Silent People
2. What You Want
3. Hit
4. Bumble Bee Boy
5. Combat Honey
6. That’s All

3 responses to The Wannadies / Bagsy Me limited edition coloured vinyl

  1. Chris Brown says:

    I notice they haven’t reproduced the 7″ from the original (black) vinyl

  2. Stuart Ansell says:

    One of the very best albums of the decade!!!! Or certainly, one of my favourites…. Ordered, nice one Paul!

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