The Who Live at the Fillmore East 1968

Universal Music will issue The Who Live at the Fillmore East 1968 in April, a set of unreleased recordings from the second of two nights played at Bill Graham’s legendary, but short-lived, venue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The Who’s manager Kit Lambert had recorded both the 5th and 6th of April shows of ’68 with a view to issuing as The Who’s fourth album after Sell Out. That never happened, but 50 years later sound engineer Bob Pridden (who was there in 1968) has restored and mixed songs from the 6 April show for this new archival release.

The setlist features extended versions of My Generation (33 minutes!), A Quick One…, Shakin’ All Over and many other Who classics. This will be issued as a gatefold triple vinyl set and a two-CD edition.

The Who Live at Fillmore East 1968 will be released on 20 April 2018. Amazon UK have a remarkably cheap pre-order price for the 2CD edition. Who fans should also note that an expanded 2CD deluxe edition of Pete Townshend‘s Who Came First will be issued a week earlier on 13 April.

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The Who

Live at the Fillmore East 1968 - 3LP vinyl


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The Who

Live at the Fillmore East 1968 - 2CD Edition


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Pete Townshend

Who Came First - expanded 2CD Edition


LP 1

Side 1

1. Summertime Blues 4.14
2. Fortune Teller 2.38
3. Tattoo 2.58
4. Little Billy 3.38

Side 2

5. I Can’t Explain 2.28
6. Happy Jack 2.18
7. Relax 11.57

LP 2

Side 1

1. I’m A Boy 3.23
2. A Quick One 11.15

Side 2

3. My Way 3.16
4. C’mon Everybody 1.55
5. Shakin’ All Over 6.55
6. Boris The Spider 2.32

LP 3

Side 1

My Generation (Part1)

Side 2

My Generation (Part 2)

2CD Edition

CD 1

  1. Summertime Blues  4.14
  2. Fortune Teller            2.38
  3. Tattoo                           2.58
  4. Little Billy                    3.38
  5. I Can’t Explain            2.28
  6. Happy Jack                  2.18
  7. Relax                             11.57
  8. I’m A Boy                     3.23
  9. A Quick One               11.15
  10. My Way                       3.16
  11. C’mon Everybody     1.55
  12. Shakin’ All Over        6.55
  13. Boris The Spider       2.32

CD 2

  1. My Generation         33.02

Who Came First / 2CD expanded edition

Disc: 1
1. Pure and Easy
2. Evolution
3. Forever’s No Time At All
4. Let’s See Action
5. Time Is Passing
6. There’s a Heartache Following Me
7. Sheraton Gibson
8. Content
9. Parvardigar

Disc: 2
1. His Hands
2. The Seeker (2017 edit)
3. Day Of Silence
4. Sleeping Dog
5. Mary Jane (Stage A Version)
6. I Always Say (2017 Edit)
7. Begin The Beguine (2017 edit)
8. Baba O’Reilly (Instrumental)
9. The Love Man (Stage C)
10. Content (Stage A)
11. Day Of Silence (Alternate Version)
12. Parvardigar (Alternate take)
13. Nothing Is Everything
14. There’s A Fortune In Those Hills
15. Meher Baba In Italy
16. Drowned (live in India)
17. Evolution (live at Ronnie Lane Memorial)

55 responses to The Who Live at the Fillmore East 1968

  1. Chris S says:

    Had a TMofQ boot of the Fillmore show, decades ago, and I played it to death . Ordering Now!!!!

  2. Electric Sydney says:

    It looks like Amazon Italy is attempting to correct their Who Came First pricing.

    • Andrea says:

      My order has been cancelled yesterday since (they say) the price was wrong.
      The release is currently unavailable and no price is indicated.

  3. Andrea says:

    Great deals!
    Fillmore East ordered at (both vinyl and cd) and Who Came First at
    Thanks Paul!

  4. Rupe says:

    From the setlist here… it looks like Substitute and Pictures of Lily are missing from the tracklist (not sure about the cover of My Way; guessing that could be incorporated in what looks like an extended workout on My Generation):

    • Hippy Gumbo says:

      That’s the setlist for the night before, the 5th. You want this one:
      The running order of that setlist tallies with the new release.

      The recording of the 5th was screwed up somehow and therefore most of it was/is unusable. There’s an image of the tape box from the 6th (this release) doing the rounds that has the word ‘unusable’ next to Substitute and Lily. No further explanation yet, but I imagine it’ll be covered in the booklet/sleeve notes.

  5. Rob says:

    How is Who Came First $40? I have the remastered/extra tracks edition with 18 tracks on it. This new offering only adds 8 tracks. Am I to believe the poster is worth $40 even though I stopped hanging posters in my bedroom 30 years ago. Sorry, Pete, no sale.

  6. Felvis says:

    Anyone understand the Italian pricing on the vinyl? Is that the cost for a reservation? Or, just a mistake on the LP pricing?

  7. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    Surely the first record to split one track over two sides – what a stupid idea!

    • Grum says:

      Canned Heat split Refried Boogie over two sides back in 1968 on Living The Blues, but it was slightly over 40 mins long so it wouldn’t really have fitted onto one side of vinyl.

    • Jeff Milrod says:

      No not at all. You forget Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick

    • markieface says:

      Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac
      Sex Machine (and many others) by James Brown?
      Mountain Jam by The Allman Bros?
      Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd?

  8. Adam Shaw says:

    Does anyone know if the tracks on Who Came First are the same as the ones on the 3 Scoop albums ? Ta

  9. Matt Driver says:

    I’m sure this concert appeared on Spotify a year or so ago?? It’s not there now. So is this some kind of copyright thing as already mentioned. Wonder if this is any different to what was on spotify previously (in terms of source / mastering?)
    My order’s in anyway.

  10. bob says:

    JUST ORDERED BOTH for $30 total to USA. Should have looked around bit more, noticed scoop 2 & 3 for $10 each on their site I still dont have these new remasters yet as they are $17-$20 each right now here in the US. I might just add to the order

  11. Sam says:

    Boring artwork but the explosive music inside will more than make up for it. Here’s to more live ‘Oo from the vault!

  12. wardo says:

    Hopefully the Who Came First US price will go down. Especially if Lantern Cabin isn’t included.

    Maybe they’ll put out the Woodstock set next year!

  13. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Amazing that the UK price is one-third the price in the US. Well worth it to order the 2CD version from Amazon UK, even if the delivery wait is acouple of weeks longer. Thanks for heads-up!

  14. karl probst says:

    Ordered from the A UK Woot Woot

  15. Alan Blevin says:

    I had long ago given up hope on them releasing shows from the Moon years.The liner notes at the back of the book for the 30 Years box said they would and that came out in 1994!
    Now this is out hoping for San Francisco,Swansea and Charlton at least in the next few years.Please don’t stretch them out to the 50 year copyright deadline.

  16. Karl Bray says:

    Any news on the Pete album being re issued in vinyl???

  17. Paul Wren says:

    Triple vinyl just ordered – an easy decision as it is well priced as already mentioned by others.

  18. Jeff Milrod says:

    Once you order it the price drops even below the price it’s listed for for the pre-order by around 1 British Pound for Filmore East 2-CD set…..awesome deal…..I ordered 3 copies

  19. Murray Robbins says:

    I wonder and strongly suspect that this is a copyright protection move along the lines of the pre-Piper 1966/7 Pink Floyd sessions and demos that were released in tiny quantities to stores with zero publicity two years ago. That microscopic release was soon changing hands for north of £300 on Discogs.

    This protected the first sub-set of the Early Years box in terms of legal ownership.

    I also expect Jimmy, not respecting his “who will blink first Mexican standoff” with the Jap bootleggers re Osaka/Tokyo/Kyoto 1971, is thinking along similar lines with the next Zeppelin live release . I would not mind a small bet on 1968 or 1969 in a “non uber price super-deluxe” version of some sort being scheduled soon. Nice!

  20. HalloweenJack says:

    FINALLY – This is great news! A much welcomed addition to the Who catalogue! Excellent gig!

  21. Mr Foley says:

    Is it me or is the artwork a two for one offer from the designer of Paul Wellers latest… Not a problem just saying.. nice and bright and clear.

    • Chucky says:

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing. After years of “borrowing” from The Who, they finally took something from Paul.

    • Trash says:

      Yes indeed – glad I’m not the only one that noticed. I’d be interested to see who designed this…

  22. JohnC says:

    I’m sure I read on some other forum that The Who at the Isle of Wight was being released as two volumes on vinyl in April too!!

    • Alan Wilson says:

      Yes, that’s correct about the Isle Of White release.

      They’re showing like this in the Record Store Day Releases for 2018

      Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.1 (2LP/white vinyl)
      Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.2 (white vinyl)

  23. Colin Harper says:

    Amazing price. Surely it can only be a matter of time before we get San Francisco 1971. And not before time. Maybe there’ll be another two or three 2000s-era Tommy DVDs before then…

  24. Seth Onetooth says:

    Kia ora Paul – £5.66 for the Who for NZ (but of course postage on top of that – nevertheless v cheap). One bonus track from earlier (Ryko & Japan) reissues of Who Came First seems to be missing – “Lantern Cabin”.

  25. Mark says:

    I agree, the CD price is amazing. Pre-ordered :)

  26. The Golden Age Of The Tax Dodgers says:

    LPs & CDs ordered.

    Amazon UK have taken a lot of stick on here in the past over their pricing but in the last 3 months they have had some amazing deals. The LP price is good, it`d be nice if the price matched the Live At Leeds price (£12.99) in the coming weeks, less than £7 for the CD – Bargain! as John Murray has already pointed out.

  27. fan says:

    Whoever manage the Who’s archives :

    a big and loud THANK YOU

  28. Euan Shanks says:

    Thank you as always Paul. I love the who and this album looks fantastic. I very much look forward to listening to this album. I also look forward to buying the Pete Townsend solo album as well.

  29. Kevin J. O'Conner says:

    A Who live album with NO Tommy—I knew it was possible…

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      There’s a good chance the extended version of My Generation will feature a medley of Tommy tracks Kevin, as per the version on Live at Leeds…saying that would need to check exactly when Tommy was released, I.e. Before or after when this show was recorded!

  30. DaveM says:

    Both preordered. Who Came First is one of my all time favourite albums. This will be the fourth time I have bought it LOL. You can’t get enough of a good thing.


    Used to have a bootleg of a different show on this tour (Detroit?) and the ‘oo sounded amazing – before they got bogged down with performing Tommy (endlessly).
    And at this price… even a casual listener should give it a go (and send a clear message to record companies about pricing).

  32. Gerry says:

    Don’t often buy CD’s but given that My Generation is on one CD, but split over the vinyl and that amazing price, just had to pre-order, thanks Paul

  33. APAB says:

    At last a REAL Who concert from the real Who. Not another boaring Tommy with no Keith and and no John. I do hope that we will see more live CDs (OK, also vinyl if you insist…) from that glorious time. Ordered + Who Came First, of course.

  34. Gisabun says:

    Yup. I can see a series of 2CD editions coming out from Pete I am guessing [since the history of Pete and his Scoop releases] that there still may be further tracks that came from the Who Came First but not released or maybe didn’t make this release.

  35. Dave H says:

    It’s nice to see a Who concert from the 60’s finally get an official release especially tracks that they no longer play these days.
    Often bootlegged and available to hear if you subscribe to Concert Vault or Wolfgang’s Vault, who acquired Bill Graham’s warehouse of memorabilia which included many live concerts.
    This Who concert on CV had a few songs faded early, it looks like the official release has all the songs complete.
    All the other Who songs on CV that found an official release on “View From A Backstage Pass” sounded a bit thin online so I imagine the official release will have a bit more ummphh on the bass which personally, I prefer.
    Looking forward to hearing this one!

  36. AndyB says:

    Wow. I’ve already pre-ordered across the pond from Pleased to see ‘Who Came First?’ as well. Paul, do you know if this is the start of Pete re-releasing his catalogue as 2-disc deluxes? I remember something about this happening a few years back, but then everything was re-released as 1 disc sets w/ no bonus tracks at all. Big disappointment. Please, please, please let ‘Empty Glass’ come soon …

  37. John Kent says:

    I’ve had an incomplete bootleg of the Fillmore show for years and it’s a phenomenal performance. Spotted it on Amazon this morning and jumped straight on it before the price goes up

  38. John Murray says:

    Thanks once again Paul.
    CD ordered – The Who between 68-71 were the greatest live band ever in my opinion!

    ‘I’d call that a bargain!
    The best I ever had!
    The best I ever had!’ 8-)

  39. Phil Wilson says:

    This has been on Amazon a couple of days, and dropped from £9.86 when first listed. Did wonder how long My Generation was, as the bootlegs from these shows only have a version under 10 minutes, but this makes sense now as to why it is 2CDs.

  40. DaKraut says:

    Thanks so much for alerting us to the Fillmore 2 CD edition. A price one would be foolish to refuse…

  41. Lee says:

    Can’t help but notice the price for the Who CD in the U.S. is triple the price in the U.K. at the moment…

  42. Pars Samrai says:

    £6.79 for a double CD of glorious music!! Remarkably cheap indeed. Thanks Paul.

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