The Who / The Studio Albums: box set featuring 11LP vinyl collection

The Who / The Studio Albums vinyl box set

The Who / The Studio Albums vinyl box set

All of The Who‘s studio albums will be collected in a special ‘strictly limited’ vinyl box set, due for release on 19 November.

The records will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl and feature a new remastering by Jon Astley and Miles Showell. This was created at Close to the Edge and Metropolis Studios and, for the audiophiles out there, it is understood that these have been DSD mastered to 192/24 or 96/24 using analogue EQ ‘where needed’.

Original issue artwork will be meticulously replicated with Tommy boasting the six-panel fold out and 12-page colour booklet; Face Dances comes with the 24″ x 24″ poster of the album cover and Sell Out likewise comes with the 20″ x 30″ poster found in the original pressings.

The box itself is a solid rigid box, presented with matt lamination and spott-gloss varnish and this vinyl set is described by the label as ‘strictly limited’.

Box Contents:

  • 1. My Generation (1965)
  • 2. A Quick One (1966)
  • 3. The Who Sell Out (1967)
  • 4. Tommy (double album) (1969)
  • 5. Who’s Next (1971)
  • 6. Quadrophenia (double album) (1973)
  • 7. The Who By Numbers (1975)
  • 8. Who Are You (1978)
  • 9. Face Dances (1981)
  • 10. It’s Hard (1982)
  • 11. Endless Wire (double album) (2006)

The Who / The Studio Albums vinyl box set


19 responses to The Who / The Studio Albums: box set featuring 11LP vinyl collection

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  3. JIM says:

    Would love to get this!

  4. Brenez Alain says:

    I bought this from Amazon Germany at €169. You always have to compare the prices between the Amazon sites. They don’t know what price harmonization means. A little scared when I removed the LP’s from the sleeves as there were visible marks and even a scratch. But eventually excellent sounding vinyls. Clear sound, very limited surface noise. Worth buying and less expensive per LP than the Beatles box.

  5. Ron says:

    It seems that are now selling it for € 169,99 (equals £ 138) ( VS at £ 233,29.

  6. Pim says:

    Bought it yesterday for 170 euros, definitely worth the money IMO. High quality packaging and great music, what’s not to like (except that it’s not numbered)?

  7. Gabriel says:

    Hello from Argentina. Today I received The AMAZING BOX SET from Amazon UK . This looks beautiful ; with great quality cover sleeve, sticker outside the box set and the posters of Face Dance, Sell Out are wonderful and the book in Quadrophenia and Tommy looks very nice and especially Tommy with great quality of paper.
    Thanks to Superdeluxeedition page for all kind of information,
    Greetings for everyone

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  10. charles says:

    Would love to win this set for the deep cuts on the albums.

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  12. Stephen Collman says:

    Music lovers are creamed with steeply escalating prices on collector’s limited edition sets in various formats as the record companies try to counter losses due to piracy by draining the dedicated music lover. I would love to win the 20CD Atlantic Soul Legends box set because my financial commitements will preclude me splurging the required moolah to be able to actually purchase it! The Doors vinyl box set was the last I purchased apart from run on the mill cds blu rays e.g. Jeff Beck and various wav techno / trance tracks.

  13. Doods says:

    Please let me win it please. I promise to love it forever and air it regularly.

  14. Luca says:

    Winning this would definetely make my day, there are so many records in that box that I NEED!!! Anyway, this is THE website for us crazy collectors, thank you!

  15. Ray says:

    Excellent box! Would love to win it!! Thanks for the excellent site!!

  16. richard says:

    I feel like a broken record but it seems that over the last 2 years, the prices are practically double what they were. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, Manic Street Preachers and Calexico new album are the only boxsets I have been able to justify over the last six months.

  17. Hedley says:

    No Odds and Sods, gigantic US price north of $300….and part of a complete Who assault on our pocketbooks/credit cards, you can have my vinyl for $150 !
    So Vinyl box, No, Pete Biography, Yes, Hull, Yes, Quad Blu Ray, no, Houston 75 DVD yes
    Did I miss anything ?

    Joe Louis Arena Quadrophenia Tour – Tickets start at $100 and its the worst place for a show imagineable – No

    • Marsh Gooch says:

      Box set’s way too much, and if you have the Classic Records reissues then the only thing here to have is the box!

  18. Michel Drolet says:

    I’not into vinyl, so I hope this will be released on cd!!

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