The Who / Vol 2: The Reaction Singles 1966 seven-inch box


April’s Brunswick Singles box was always volume one of four planned seven-inch Who box sets (Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor) and August brings the next: The Reaction Singles 1966.

This set contains five heavyweight seven-inch vinyl with sleeves reproducing the period graphics with die-cut centre holes. Like the previous set more remastered classics abound including Substitute, Happy Jack, I’m a Boy, the Ready Steady Who E.P.

This will be packaged in the same rigid outer box and comes with a booklet featuring liner notes by Who biographer Mark Blake

Volume 2: The Reaction Singles 1966 is out on 13 August 2015.

Price Watch: Not available from Amazon UK at time of writing, but Germany price is decent (equates to £44) although Spain, curiously enough, is the best deal at less than €55 which is just under £40 in sterling or $60 (may be even cheaper for US with tax deductions). The packaging will all be in English, in case you’re wondering…

Track listing

1. ‘Substitute’ b/w ‘Circles’ aka ‘Instant Party’ Released 4 March 1966.
2. ‘Substitute’ b/w ‘Waltz For A Pig’ Released 14 March 1966. This is version 3 with the unusual b-side credited to ‘The Who Orchestra’.
3. ‘I’m A Boy’ b/w ‘In the City’ Released 26 August 1966
4. Ready Steady Who (EP) inc. ‘Disguises’, ‘Circles’ b/w ‘Batman’, ‘Bucket T’, ‘Barbara Ann’ Released 11 November 1966
5. ‘Happy Jack’ b/w ‘I’ve Been Away’ Released 9 December 1966

18 responses to The Who / Vol 2: The Reaction Singles 1966 seven-inch box

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  2. Paul says:

    It’s on Universal’s website – got mine delivered yesterday. £50 including postage!!

  3. Scott says:

    I’m unable to find this for sale right now. Does anyone know if this was delayed?

  4. Jim Galvin says:

    Gone from Amazon U.S. and The Sound Of Vinyl websites, both showing not available. Price is ridiculous I admit, buy after you bought the first one you need to get the rest. At least I do, but even at £44 here in the U.S. is alot for 5 singles……sorry, 4 singles and an e.p.

  5. ED says:

    WOW finally this is coming out soon, i got the brunswick singles box the day it came out so i am very pleased with this news, i think of all 4 box sets it will be the first 3 that are most popular and sell best, time will tell…………………………..

  6. Fan says:

    Don’t forget that with the heavy heat on Europe,most of the records will probably arrive melted :-D

  7. trigger says:

    By my count there were 15+ UK singles by the The Who on Track Records, so who knows how much the next box set will be! Love the Brunswick box, but all 4 sets might end up being a costly investment!

  8. Geoff says:

    Currently £39:99 at Spin CD’s.

  9. Fat Old Bloke says:

    There is already a CD singles box out there. Great sound as well

  10. David says:

    But DFB if you forget about the pre-order you may be surprised when it ships. I forgot to cancel an order for The Beatles mono set from Italy and was shocked when I got a notice that it was on it’s way!

  11. Stan Butler says:

    The decline of CD sales seems to have given the record companies carte blanche to flood the market with ridiculously overpriced vinyl in an attempt to claw back their ailing revenues. I’m a big Who fan but I wouldn’t touch these with a barge pole.

  12. It is being advertised here though:*/*/Volume-2-The-Reaction-Singles-1966/4MUZ0000000

    Postage will probably be added on top of that

  13. Joachim says:


    THREE discs LESS,but a price INCREASE of €10.-!!

  14. DogfacedBoy says:

    It’s the usual game. Put in a pre-order and wait for the price to drop. A dance as old as time itself

  15. David says:

    7 inch singles at 8 pounds each? May be cheaper but more a rip off than a deal.

    • Dean says:

      It’s no wonder record companies are welcoming the resurgence of Vinyl – there are people out there willing to pay these kind of prices. Even on sale this is utterly ridiculous.

  16. Liam Bastick says:

    For non-EU purchasers, the Spanish website doesn’t seem a good deal. No tax knocked off and the postage is very high. Germany is working out the best for this Aussie presently. I will be interested to see what price comes in at when it’s finally displayed.

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