This Week’s Music and Box Set Deals

FRANCE Deal: INXS / The Very Best 2LP heavyweight vinyl – £14.50 or €15.99

GERMANY Deal: Donald Fagen / The Nightfly Mo-Fi Ultradisc 2LP – £85 or €95

ABBA / The Album 2LP 45RPM half-speed mastered 40th anniversary edition

UK Deal / ABBA / The Album 45RPM 2LP half-speed – £23.95

24 responses to This Week’s Music and Box Set Deals

  1. Klaus says:

    Not sure if this can be considered a Deal, but currently has The Classic Soundtrack Collection by Henry Mancini for EUR 24 (GBP 21), for customers living in France even with included AutoRip.
    And a bit off-topic, because it’s a film, but nevertheless one with really great music, also currently offers the Blade Runner 35th Anniversary box set, including 2 BluRays and 2 DVDs for a mere EUR 25 (GBP 22), featuring several cuts of the film, lots of bonus material including audio commentaries and a book(let). English audio is included, as are several other languages, also several language subtitles. Bit of a treat for fans who want to upgrade from DVD to BluRay and also a very well priced item for those who don’t know the film yet, but are willing to really get into it ;-)

  2. Dean says:

    I’m waiting for the Grateful Dead since October too Peter. The good news is it’s been as low as £13 since then (if Amazon ever send it). And thanks for the New Order heads up Alan.

  3. Steve Rickard says:

    Inxs silver coloured vinyl available here if anyone interested…*/*/The-Very-Best-Of-Exclusive-Silver-Vinyl/5ORC0000000

  4. Peter Stanton says:

    At the same time I ordered Tom Rush Circle Game expanded CD at a very reasonable price, but that has just been cancelled as no longer available.

    Most annoying.

  5. Peter Stanton says:

    Thanks Mark just ordered.

    I am still waiting for Two from the Vault on vinyl, £20, ordered in October.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Bobbyjean says:

      I posted the info in here and I’m still waiting for are starting to look seriously dodgy with some of these deals

    • Semperet says:

      I’m waiting in joyful hope, too. The deal did seem too good to be true, but they advertised it….

  6. Colinthebruce says:

    Wow. Abba gone back up already. Glad I ordered yesterday,.

  7. Mark says:

    Suspect this might not be honoured but if it is, it’s a hell of a deal for Grateful Dead fans:

  8. Bobbyjean says:

    £28 now

  9. Alan says:

    From one Alan to another – thanks for the New Order tip! Managed to get it yesterday. The price has gone up slightly now to £20 on conversion plus shipping, import duties, but it’s still a bargain.

  10. Jim says:

    New Gold Dream box set currently £26 on Amazon UK.

  11. Jan V says:

    Thanks for the New Order tip, Alan!

  12. Steve Miller says:

    Thanks to Alan – I’ve just gone in on that Japanese New Order set.

  13. Trevor says:

    Woohoo, thanks Paul. Been waiting for the Abba Half Speed Master to fall in price so have ordered immediately. The last one they did for Arrival was superb so hopefully this is too.

  14. Alan Wilson says:

    Remember the New Order ‘Furoshiki’ Box Set

    More details here if you forgot what it was all about

    Anyway, to the point – I’ve just picked this up from Amazon Japan for a mere £25 delivered (approx conversion), thats including taxes as well, thats a decent price for a CD album, 3 x CD singles, and a cassette all housed in a box with a fantastic wraparound cloth.

  15. Foxee says:

    The new remaster of Abba – The Album is an absolute must! The quality is superb and you’ve never heard ‘Name of the Game’ sound so good anywhere else ever!

  16. Paul E. says:

    Hi Paul- wasn’t sure how to best get this on the SDE Radar but wanted to voice a concern I have with the recent INXS “Kick 30” box. It took some time to reach me here in the States but I’ve now had a full 24 hours to audition it and found a (mastering?) error with the track: “Never Tear Us Apart (Soul Version)”. The song intro contains about three unnecessary seconds of silence- not contained in the prior Deluxe Edition or 25th Anniversary Edition. Thought I’d throw this one out there to see if you or any other readers on the site noticed. An easy fix on my end when ripping to digital but slightly annoying (“only slightly” – seeing Morrissey November 25th in Chicago! so no apologies for that). Overall I’m fairly pleased with the release plus the Dolby Atmos hype is well deserved and literally rattles all four walls of my theatre room (ceiling included).

  17. Ron de Joode says:

    I don´t expect that ever sent the MOFI Donald Fagen box when checking the availability and prices for this box anywhere on the net. Or MOFI has decided to press a second run ….

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