Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days: Purple vinyl LP reissue

Vinyl180 continue their Thompson Twins vinyl re-releases with a reissue of the band’s fifth album Here’s To Future Days on purple vinyl.

The label state that this has been remastered, although SDE didn’t think the Quick Step and Side Kick vinyl reissue from the same label sounded any different to the original.

This is pressed on 180g purple vinyl. The album was the last from the Thompson Twins as a trio and marked their commercial decline in the UK (despite being co-produced by Nile Rodgers) with no what you might call ‘major’ hits, although the 45s performed much better in America where Lay Your Hands On Me and King For A Day did both reach the top 10.

There’s not much more to say about this, other than to point out that it is a least quite cheap at £14 in the UK right now. Here’s To Future Days will be reissued on purple vinyl on 22 September 2017.

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Thompson Twins

Here's To Future Days - Purple vinyl


Side A
Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
Lay Your Hands On Me
Future Days
You Killed The Clown

Side B
King For A Day
Love Is The Law
Emperor’s Clothes (Part 1)

37 responses to Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days: Purple vinyl LP reissue

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  2. Phil Fogel says:

    One of my favorite albums, have the original vinyl I bought in 1986, I picked up the new remaster double CD from a few years back.

  3. Superenigmatix says:

    I have a signed copy of the original vinyl some where, signed by Tom & Allana with gold pen no less!

  4. Ian Harris says:

    One thing I would absolutely love to see done for the Thompson Twins is a CD singles box set, like the ones Edsel have done for Bananarama and others. I think I’m right in saying that you still can’t get the 7” version of Watching on CD or oddities like the US Remix Edit of In The Name Of Love which was used as single on mainland Europe. It could also correct some of the awful errors on the A Product Of / Set CD, where the early singles seem to have been mastered from a record playing at the wrong speed. Stick a videos collection in there and I for one would be a very happy man.

  5. Scott says:

    I don’t know why people are thinking Blu Ray should be the format of choice for a music video collection. What you don’t realize is that many early music videos (such as ‘Lies’ and ‘Love on your Side’) were shot on video tape and the resolution is limited by that format. A properly mastered DVD is the best video quality you will obtain. Plus, the ones that were shot on film were then transferred to 3/4″ tape and sent out for broadcast. To think that a label would go back to original film elements in these cases (if they even kept them) would be silly because the cost of all this is a lot more than a potential profit. But music video releases are rare nowadays because, from what I’ve heard, the expectation to move enough units has proven to be considerably smaller than a CD or LP reissue.

  6. Christian says:

    Here’s the thing – I’ll bet anything that there are unreleased songs and versions of songs sitting in the vaults at Arista & Sony. With the album reissues over the past years, there have been songs making their appearance for the first time (or on CD for the first time). What needs to happen is – and I’ve been banging on about this for some time – someone with great knowledge of the bands songs needs to be granted access to recorded songs to find those gems. A really nice comprehensive box set needs to be done for this band – one that includes a Blu-ray (come on, DVDs are a bit passe) that has all their music videos and recorded concerts.

  7. Richard Cosgrove says:

    Agree, John, though having picked up all the deluxe CD release I’m not sure that there’s too much stuff that would be on there that I haven’t already got (videos aside, which would be awesome). I’d probably still buy it anyway, though :-)

  8. John says:

    Why isn’t there a career spanning box set for this stellar band? Weird.

  9. Eightiesaddict says:

    Another U.S. resident here. LYHOM and KFAD were played on the radio here constantly. Especially King. Ditto in the club’s.

  10. Billy graham says:

    Lyhom 84 was dull ,
    rollover i waited patiently then no release booo got the promo 12″ 10 times the price
    dr dream nice and catchy then the album
    lyhom gets woken up
    future days you killed the clown brill the rest shiße

  11. Dennis says:

    Every time I read sth. about Thompson Twins reissues, I finally hope it is the day that a release of a complete video collection is announced + every time one can be sure, this will never be the case…

  12. Richard Cosgrove says:

    It did have a bonus disc of remixes – I was sorting out my lockup at the weekend and came across it!

  13. Ian Harris says:

    Don’t forget the first lead off single from the album in the UK was meant to be Roll Over but that was withdrawn / cancelled when Tom collapsed from exhaustion. Then Roll Over was taken off the UK album all together, although it is on the US version.

  14. seikotsi says:

    I didn’t know Don’t Mess With Dr. Dream was that unpopular. I though it was their best song after ‘Nothing in Common’

    That said I have the deluxe cd of this of a few years back which has so much repetition I don’t have to hear this album again for 10 years or so.

  15. Chris says:

    Yes, even though Lay Your Hands On Me was a song on the album, it’s initial release was something of a stopgap before they had Here’s To Future Days complete, not to mention that they probably didn’t have a name for that album. I somewhat suspect that this was their submission for a hopeful Christmas #1 for 1984. The new (re: Nile Rodgers) version was the first single for the U.S. and other territories – but oddly enough it wasn’t reissued in the UK with that version. Germany, on the other hand, not only got the Alex Sadkin release, but they also got the Nile Rodgers version!

    Kinda veering off topic but somewhat related, it would be pretty cool to have Here’s To Future Days reissued as the Alex Sadkin version. I’m sure it can be done as there are songs out there (commercially released!) that were the versions before Nile got involved. Those songs are: Lay Your Hands On Me, Future Days, Roll Over and King For A Day. Granted that’s just four of the ten songs that were on the album, but you have to wonder how many songs Tom got completed with Alex before the tragic loss. Makes you kinda what would have been!

  16. memoryboy says:

    I love the shade of Purple they chose for this vinyl reissue, it’s like Grape Bubble Gum, Yum!

  17. memoryboy says:

    And all the remixes were great in my opinion, I still listen to this album and remixes.

  18. Peter dB says:

    No doubt the 2 disc version will follow after the release of the single disc.

  19. Michael Leek says:

    Absolutely the original LP had a remix bonus platter

  20. David White says:

    Lay your hands was indeed a single from late 1984 but was included on the album when released nearly a year later
    Don’t mess with doctor dream was the first single to properly promote the album. A very similar situation arose when sat in your lap by Kate bush was released as a single in 1981 and included on the dreaming in 1982. Again the title track was released as a single a few weeks before the album release , again over 12 months after sat in your lap
    On another note I do recall the TT album was originally released with the extra album of remixes!

  21. memoryboy says:

    I’ll admit, ‘Don’t Mess With Dr. Dream’ kinda grated on my nerves. I tend to avoid it. It shouldn’t have been a single. Buy I actually like the remixes of it, which is strange. But I do like this album, and the other singles. And Allana’s hair! It was glorious during that period.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      I loved Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream! It was also a significant record buying moment for me when I took back the 12″ because it jumped on the record player at home and they replaced it with a different (and better remix) which I think was a new one on me – two different 12″s?! Pretty cool for a 12 year old record buyer.

  22. Stephen K. says:

    Not as compelling as a second Paul Sinclair-curated singles or remixes compilation. I live in hope!

  23. memoryboy says:

    This album and its singles were really a big hit here in America, I remember these hits being on the radio constantly and I’m surprised to hear that in the UK that this was really not that popular, I think it’s kind of weird, I guess I thought it was a hit everywhere… to find this out really surprised me I guess. This post was a bit sad and depressing to read, just the wording, seeing as how I love these songs so much. But yeah this was a big album back then, from what I remember. I think the singles we’re just as good as any of their other earlier ones, in my opinion.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It was a ‘hit’, relatively speaking, but instead of top 5 singles in the UK it was top 20 singles. Don’t Mess with Doctor Dream isn’t very good, with the best will in the World and that was the lead single in Britain!

      • John Lloyd says:

        Sorry Paul, you seem to be wrong. The Official Charts stats has Lay Your Love on Me in Dec 84 (peaking at #13), and Dr Dream, complete with weird monkey-type noises, the following August.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          That version of Lay Your Hands isn’t the version on the album. That’s the Alex Sadkin version, not the Nile Rodgers one. As David White points out it wasn’t really the lead single to promote the album.

  24. elliott buckingham says:

    to save even more money when the dbl lp release comes ill just stick my original remix lp inside the single sleeve of this release.

  25. Martin says:

    Ordered as at that price a bargain – I vaguely remember the album sleeve but not the tracks so will give it a spin.

  26. Heinerich says:

    @Dave H The first pressing was a single disc. The remixes was added after that.

    • Lee says:

      Hi. I bought the original on day of release and it had the bonus LP with it

      • HI Lee I’m sure your right. I remember buying it from my local Woolworths and it had the bonus disc. I was and still am a huge fan. And back then I was so desperate to get this that I’m sure I got it very soon after its release.

  27. gb says:

    the one I had been looking forward to. love this album cover. just don’t like it now with that black border around it. to me it was perfect before, just don’t see the point of altering it.

  28. Heinerich says:

    Excellent… As Mr. Buckingham mentioned, the previous vinyl releases did indeed feature a very good sound quality… Now, I do hope that they will continue doing the same with “Close to the Bone”, “Big Trash” and “Queer”.

  29. Dave H says:

    Didn’t the original release contain a bonus disc of remixes?

  30. elliott buckingham says:

    its about time seems ages ive been waiting for this to announced. ordered and at that bargain price. I was impressed with the sound quality of the previous coloured vinyl releases

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