Thompson Twins: “Remixes & Rarities” pre-order window open


Cherry Red’s Thompson Twins Remixes & Rarities two-CD set – compiled by SuperDeluxeEdition’s Paul Sinclair – is now available to pre-order across various Amazon sites.

This 24-track collection features classic remixes remastered from the original tapes alongside some rare B-sides. Six tracks are previously unreleased on CD including the single/AOR version of The Gap.

The booklet features a great selection of photographs from the Sony archive and a brand new interview with Tom Bailey where he talks about the heady era of the mid-eighties and offers an analysis of some of the tracks included on this set.

Remixes & Rarities is released on 22 September 2014. If you have any questions about this set then please ask away by leaving a comment.

Thompson Twins / Remixes & Rarities track listing:

CD 1

  • 1. Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) 7:25
  • 2. Lies (Bigger & Better) 6:35
  • 3. Lay Yours Hands (US Remix) 5:51*
  • 4. In The Name Of Love (12” Dance Extension) 5:39
  • 5. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) 7:33
  • 6. Watching (You Watching Me) 5:53
  • 7. In The Beginning (7” B-side) 3:14*
  • 8. We Are Detective (More Clues) 5.50
  • 9. King For A Day (US Mix) 7:20
  • 10. Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Version) 7:20
  • 11. Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) 7:56
  • 12. The Gap (Single/AOR version) 3: 53*
  • 13. Big Business 4:13 *

CD 2

  • 1. Sister Of Mercy (12” Version) 9:26
  • 2. Roll Over (Again) 6:50
  • 3. Love Lies Fierce 6:58
  • 4. Lay Your Hands On Me (1985 Extended Edit) 5:12
  • 5. The Gap (Extended Version / Club Remix) 8:34
  • 6. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) 6:10
  • 7. Nothing In Common (Club Mix) 7:38
  • 8. Hold Me Now (Extended Version) 9:54
  • 9. Revolution (Extended Mix) 6:25
  • 10. Rollunder 4:40*
  • 11. Fools In Paradise 4:45*

* Previously unreleased on CD

56 responses to Thompson Twins: “Remixes & Rarities” pre-order window open

  1. Florian M. Kranz says:

    Anyone interested in the 8 CD Box Set? Write me!

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  3. Sera Bishop says:

    Hi, will this Pre-release for Thompson twin rarities signed by Tom Bailey be available for Australians? I am very keen to pre order!!

  4. David says:

    If a second T-Twins release happens it would be great to have remastered versions of the cassette remixes of “Fallen Out” and “Frozen in Time”. The full version of “Fallen Out” has never been released to my knowledge. It fades in on the tape and I assume there is a longer version with a proper beginning.

  5. billy graham says:

    Bloody time too we need a merchandise shop well and carry on

  6. Olly says:

    Another fantastic collection from the band who invented the 80’s.

  7. Dom says:

    I heard that this release has been delayed. True? If so, I hope the TT head logo is fixed (Joe’s bangs are chopped off) and the graphic designer did not use the Stop font for the band’s name (which is the more accurate font vs. Comaro). Sorry, I studied graphic design. It could be improved.

  8. Alexander says:

    Hi Paul,
    first a BIG thank you for all your work with SDE and several releases you were involved in!

    I also would vote for an ABC Zillionaire SDE release full of rarities and unheard / unreleased promo stuff.

    But first I’ll have a listen to this fab TT release …

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  10. Simon S says:

    The question is, will Amazon include an autotip? Always sounds better on my mp3 player

  11. Todd R. says:

    Paul I’m adding kudos here because you’re doing it out of the need to organize what some would call lesser-than-great work from the past. I haven’t heard all the Edsel expanded series to make an overall rating comment, but I’ve heard that Tom B. had no involvement at all with those, so perhaps this time will make up for such. Thanks for taking the time, just as he’s hitting the road for the first time in three decades.

  12. Mike says:

    Agreed DOA are a massive missing market and the countless missing Bananarama. I think the TT one is ok but it doesnt have enough of a wow factor for me, it could have safely had 12 unreleased on cd and appeal to the mass market as well. This doesnt really hit the collector market enough. Nik Kershaw, given his attitude to his back catalogue is unlikely. ABC loads missing, vote for that!

  13. Orig80'sAddict says:

    Thanks Paul for all the hard work and efforts. Love The TT”s and am very happy they are getting a “new” release.

    I second the request for Dead or Alive remixes. I do not understand why such a popular group has such limited content on cd. Could someone please explain this to me?

  14. Mike the Fish says:

    Well it appears there’s a relationship with Sony, so more artists under that umbrella seem possible. I’m liking the tape sourcing and no crazy addiditional compression approach. Exciting work for you, Paul!

  15. Gary c says:

    I’m imagining ABC may already be pencilled in, which is a shame because apart from maybe half a dozen remixes, there isn’t much worthy of further investigation, or unreleased. I can easily imagine a list being scratched with a ragged nail on a desk as I type this…
    We are all very familiar with the remixes from the Lexicon of Love, the paucity of material from Beauty Stab, the overkill of the Zillioniare period and it’s multiple editions, and the evils of Chicago house that blighted many a remix from Alphabet City.
    Barring the unearthing of something hidden from Beauty Stab, which I like as an album more and more, I think ABC have had a fair crack of the whip already with reissues and remix releases…
    I’d pick Eurythmics as the next project, not because I’m a big fan but because I think their fans got stiffed in the SDE stakes last time out.

  16. Eric says:

    The title does say “a collection of…”, and not “the complete collection of..”, to be fair!

    I like the style and concept of these sets, like PY and TT and Bucks Fizz. They’re a damn sight better than all the cheap and nasty budget sets that were tossed out in the 90s and 00s.

  17. Daniel says:

    Thanks to Paul for his job.
    You can’t find everything !
    I understand you.

  18. john archbell says:

    Well £10.99 hardly breaks the bank account. It’s a fine addition to my existing TT collection. I also enjoy reading the booklets and linear notes. After all its all in one package. Plus there’s a recent interview with Tom. I’m afraid if you enjoy music and collecting then the record companies are gonna get their blood. Quite honestly I don’t care as I enjoy buying my music. Duly ordered from Amazon!

  19. Lee Carson says:

    It’s a nightmare job pulling together a compilation that pleases everyone. Even putting absolutely everything into a collection won’t satisfy some people but Paul seems to have made a decision of the “style” and “type” of mix that he wanted to include and has done a good job based on that criteria

    Anyway I would support an ABC collection as there are quite a few mixes which haven’t been released on CD and others which are spread all over the place

  20. Daniel says:

    I’m really disappointed.
    I thought “compiled by SDE” would make my dreams come true…
    Where is the “Nothing In Common” Street Mix Vocal & Instrumental ?
    No “Sugar Daddy”. No “Get That Love”.
    Where is the alternate US 7″ Mix of “Bush Baby” ?
    All 1988 Remixes of “In The Name Of Love” ?
    The 7″ Version of “Dancing In Your Shoes” ?
    Not the ( 5:25 ) “Extended Version” of “Fools In Paradise”.
    Nothing from the 4 fantastic US Remixes of “Bombers In The Sky”…
    All these rarities are missing here.
    70% of the list were released otherwise in good CD quality in the last years.
    No demo’s, no unreleased instrumentals ?
    No unreleased, alternate versions ?
    Nothing in the vaults to surprising us ?
    I hope that the ( last week ) announced 3CD version
    of Donna Summer’s “Another Place & Time” will bring a smile
    in my DeluxeEdition-heart.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Well you’re never going to please everyone. This set wasn’t ever supposed to be about gathering together as many obscurities as possible – it’s part celebration of the extended remix and part mopping up exercise and putting some rarities on there as well to make it interesting.

      A lot of people said they’d have preferred the 12″ mix of Paul Young’s “Some People” on the PY set over the Dub mix which was included. That’s a good example of why ‘rare’ isn’t always best. It’s just a balancing act. The “No Talkin'” version of Love On Your Side is ‘cooler’ and a bit more ‘hip’ but the Rap Boy Rap version for me is just better, with the vocals.

      Bush Baby 7″ was in the running for a while, as was Get That Love 12″, but you can’t fit everything on. Also, let’s be honest ‘Get That Love’ isn’t really very good. So I’m not going to prioritise that above the 12″ of Hold Me Now, however ‘common’ the latter may be.

      The Extended Version of Fools In Paradise has already been on CD while the 7″ version hasn’t – so there’s your answer to that query! :)

      Hopefully you’ll all agree this sounds great, it blows the dust off some B-sides which have never been on CD and – more or less – gathers up all the 12″ versions from the classic era. Who knows, if this does well other opportunities may come along to go ‘deeper’ into the catalogue.


  21. Daniel says:

    i tried now 4 times to leave a comment.
    did i something wrong ?
    why was my comment not published ?

  22. omar says:

    I’m in. My copy is already on pre-order. I think Paul you should tackle ABC next and have Cherry Red compile all the 12″ mixes as well as some of those newly discovered masters that were announced.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes ABC.
      I hope that the promo versions of all songs from
      “How To Be A Zillionaire” will finally released soon.
      They were only on promotional LP’s and have
      different instrumentations.

      • AudioDile says:

        Here’s another vote for ABC. Would love to see the following on CD:

        Be Near Me (Ecstasy Mix)
        Vanity Kills (Mendelsohn Mix)
        When Smokey Sings (Detroit Mix)

        Or Dead Or Alive, B-52s, Bananarama, Eurythmics or Robert Palmer!

  23. Mike the Fish says:

    See you there! Am excited :-)

  24. Gary c says:

    It’s a decent compilation, and if it’s remastered then it will be a worthwhile purchase. Some of the tracks on the Edsel editions were a bit shabby, so I for one am glad to see this happening.
    Hands up who has a ticket to see Tom in Reading? See you there then!

  25. Mike the Fish says:

    Also there are 10 tracks on here that were not on the 2 disc sets (although the US 12″ edit of Lay Your Hands for the Greatest Mixes is arguably superfluous). It’s six tracks that are new to CD in general.

  26. Mike the Fish says:

    *…when in SOME cases…*

  27. Mike the Fish says:

    80s music doesn’t need remastering? I have spoken to someone from a big UK mastering house in person and on the phone, and they said that in the early digital mastering process what you ended up with could be as little as 12 or 14 bit audio. It is not correct that remastering is only extra dynamics squashing, when in done cases it may not be that at all.

  28. abacab collins says:

    Francis is correct. This is an un-needed compilation of tracks that are already available. Remastered usually means the volume was cranked up, which in turn removes the dynamics of the originals. Some digital effects will be applied and thats it. The fact is, 80’s music does not need remastering. Theres a reason its known as the decade that spent millions on production techniques and had the greatest producers around.

  29. Fong KM says:

    Anyone who had bought the Edsel reissues would acknowledge that tracks from those CDs were either ripped from vinyl or poorly remastered. The sound quality was uneven or downright poor.
    These TT remastered tracks, if they sound as good as Paul Young’s, would be greatly welcomed.

  30. Francis says:

    CORRECTION – A better release would be a 2CD set of the Thompson Twins fifth album “Close To The Bone” rather than this compilation consisting of 18 tracks out of 24 that are already available on CD! – £11 for 6 unreleased tracks – No thanks!

  31. Francis says:

    A better release would be a 2CD set of the Thompson Twins fourth album, rather than this compilation consisting of 18 tracks out of 24 that are already available on CD! £11 for 6 unreleased tracks – No thanks!

  32. Gregg says:

    One key track missing is: (Long) Beach Culture, one of my TT faves from the “Double Play” cassette of U.S. version of “Side Kicks”

  33. Griffin says:

    I will buy this! And I vote for Nik as well (even a bootleg CD I bought of Nik in the 90’s or later, had more remixes than those 2 deluxe editions I bought)! So if Paul will come up with a 2CD set of Nik I’ll buy it :P

  34. Gary C says:

    Another vote for a Nik Kershaw collection with remixes please!

  35. Mike the Fish says:

    Good call, Steven.

  36. Steven Roberts says:

    Nik Kershaw next, please, Paul – including all the remixes and rarities which Mr Kershaw, in his wisdom, chose to leave off his recent deluxe reissues.

    I can give you a list, if you like :)

  37. Francis says:

    Most of the tracks are already on their 2CD album reissues of a few years ago, so this collection is pointless!

    • Dominic says:


      Six unreleased (on CD) tracks; there’s six points for buying it, including the excellent single version of In the beginning, which is ace!

      It’s a fairly comprehensive 12″ collection, which every 80s artist should be required by law to release; so there’s another point for buying it.

      I like having a collection like this on CD with all the mixes in one place, because I like the ritual of putting on a CD or LP at home, reading the cover & inlays; I love holding the music in my hands (see strap line above).

      Yes, I could make a playlist or mix cd of the majority of these tracks from the reissues, but not all.

      And this isn’t or, it’s a place to celebrate the physical product, and commiserate when applicable, which I don’t believe is the case here. I think the term pointless is unnecessarily negative & unfounded.

      Horses for courses obviously, and your entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine which involves buggering off to amazon to make a preorder.

    • Francis says:

      I am not purchasing a 24 track collection just for 6 unreleased tracks which can easily be downloaded especially when I have all the rest. Feel free to waste your money! The same goes for the recent Paul Young remixes collection as most of those tracks are already on his previous reissues. It is releases like these with loads of duplicate tracks that are putting money into record companies greedy bank accounts. The same goes for all the constant T.Rex releases, of which there is another on its way.

    • NeilKelly says:

      Francis you are an idiot!

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