Tim Bowness / Stupid Things That Mean The World / new album


Tim Bowness of art-pop duo No-Man will this July release Stupid Things That Mean The World, a new solo album and swift follow up to last year’s Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

The album features members of the No-Man live band (Stephen Bennett, Michael Bearpark and Andrew Booker), Colin Edwin from Porcupine Tree, and contributions from the likes of David Rhodes and Phil Manzanera. Bowness and Bruce Soord handle production duties.

Like last years’ album this will be available in some very special formats. A Double CD ‘mediabook’ edition includes a companion disc of alternate mixes and demos (including an unreleased No-Man demo from 1994), and there will also be a very limited – and hand-numbered – transparent vinyl version, in a gatefold sleeve (which comes with a CD as well).

Even better, if you pre-order from the Burning Shed online store you get an exclusive signed postcard and a FLAC download of a 5.1 mix of the album by Bruce Soord (which will be available on the day of release).

Stupid Things That Mean The World is released on 17 July 2015.

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  3. stevo says:

    Good to be reassured. Thanks Paul.

  4. Stevo says:

    My only disappointment with the previous album was no 5.1 remix. So this is wonderful news. I understand Peter Hammill is also on the album. Very exciting indeed.

    Hopefully the FLAC download is not just *on* the day of release, but *from* the day of release? I will be travelling about on that particular day! Anyone able to clarify that?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, pretty sure they mean “from”. The point they were making, I think, is that you don’t get the 5.1 immediately when you pre-order, you have to wait.

  5. Robert van Diggele says:

    Excellent way to go , a physical copy plus the 5.1 as FLAC. Tim’s previous album was great, so this will be hopefully a nice follow up.

  6. R.naud says:

    I’ll buy the vinyl as I always do but was hoping for a new no-man album by now. I know Steve Wilson is rather busy with his own solo career and as a remixer of everyone and anyone these days (King Crimson, XTC, Tears For Fears…)

  7. Graham Burbage says:

    I very much enjoyed Tim’s last album so this plus the 5.1 flac is a no brainer.

  8. alan hansen says:

    although i don’t enjoy TB’s solo material as much as no-man, it’s certainly viable and definitely worthwhile.

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