Tim Buckley / The Troubadour Concerts, 1969 vinyl box and demos EP

Tim Buckley‘s 1969 concerts at LA club The Troubadour are brought together on vinyl for the first time in a new 6LP vinyl box.

Buckley played four sets in early September ’69 over two days at LA club, along with a rehearsal set, all of which were recorded. The band was Buckley, with guitarist Lee Underwood, Carter C.C. Collins on congas, John Balkin on bass and drummer Art Tripp.

Although these recordings have been issued across three various CD releases over the years (most recently last year) this vinyl box set sees them gathered together in one release for the first time. This set includes extensive notes and annotation by compiler Pat Thomas.

Demon Records will issue The Troubadour Concerts, 1969 on 13 July 2018.
On the same day, label are also issuing another Tim Buckley vinyl release: I Can’t See You: The 1966 demos. 

This is a 12-inch EP and is the first ever release of four Tim Buckley demos, mastered from the original tape by Bill Inglot and Dan Hersch. They are believed to have been recorded in 1966 before the recording of debut album Tim Buckley in August of that year. Three of the songs on this EP would be recorded with different musicians for Buckley’s debut. Notes on the inner sleeve of this vinyl goes into detail on this.

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Tim Buckley

The Troubadour Concerts [VINYL]


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Tim Buckley

I Can't See You [12" VINYL]


I Can’t See You: The 1966 Demos 12-inch EP

1. It Happens Every Time
2. I Can’t See You

1. Grief In My Soul
2. Sixface

The Troubadour Concerts, 1969 6LP vinyl box

1. Buzzin’ Fly
2. Strange Feelin’
3. Blue Melody

1. Chase The Blues Away
2. Venice Mating Call
3. I Had A Talk With My Woman

1. Gypsy Woman
2. Driftin’

1. I Don’t Need It To Rain
2. I Wanna Testify

1. Anonymous Proposition
2. Lorca

1. I Had A Talk With My Woman
2. Nobody Walkin’
3. Venice Mating Call

1. Nobody Walkin’
2. I Don’t Need It To Rain

1. Buzzin’ Fly
2. Gypsy Woman

1. Venice Mating Call
2. Nobody Walkin’

1. Gypsy Woman
2. Blue Melody

1. I Don’t Need It To Rain
2. I Had A Talk With My Woman

1. Strange Feelin’
2. Driftin’
3. Chase The Blues Away

7 responses to Tim Buckley / The Troubadour Concerts, 1969 vinyl box and demos EP

  1. Jim says:

    My pre-order of I Can’t See You was cancelled by Amazon this morning and it’s now showing up as ‘unavailable’.

  2. Roger Richmond says:

    I’d grab this box in a heartbeat, and still may do so, but 18 of the 28 tracks were recently issued on Greetings From West Hollywood and the RSD limited release, “Live at the Troubadour, 1969”. The box appears to have ten additional tracks to what’s on those albums.

  3. Peter Stanton says:

    I am surprised at the lack of response to this. Tim Buckley is incredible and the Dream Letter live in London is one of my absolute favourite live recordings.

    I will aim to get these, but have spent a fortune lately, due to SDE, but no complaints, and so will have to wait a while.

    As always, thanks for what you do Paul.

  4. Renato says:

    Hey there, Paul
    This has nothing to do with Tim Buckley, but since it’s the latest post, I’ll use it to ask you if you could write about the new Peter Murphy box set that’ll be released on Beggars Archive. It serms to be an interesting collection, though the track list does seem a little weird, as they sometimes overlook contemporary B-sides and include demos instead.

  5. Mark Turrell says:

    The demos EP was a RSD release in the USA. I’ve got it and it sounds fabulous.

  6. Will says:

    Me too – ordered my copy already and really looking forward to it.

    Doing the sums it looks as though there was overlap after all between the original “Live at the Troubadour” and last years “West Hollywood” with the duplication of Driftin’, or the box set is missing a track.

  7. colm47 says:

    I love Tim Buckley so really looking forward to this.
    It’s my birthday on the 12th, so it’s lucky 13th release day for me!

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