U2 / Achtung Baby & other vinyl reissues

Zooropa and Best of 1980-1990 also being reissued on vinyl

Surprisingly, despite the lavishness of U2‘s 2011 reissue of Achtung Baby (five physical formats, including vinyl box, super deluxe and uber deluxe editions) there was no straightforward and affordable just-the-album-on-vinyl re-release of the 1991 long-player. That has now been corrected and a vinyl edition will be issued in July.

This will be a double LP edition with both records sliding into a wide-spined sleeve. The album after Achtung Baby, 1993’s Zooropa, is also being reissued on double vinyl, as is The Best of 1980-1990.

All three are due on 27 July 2018

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Achtung Baby 2LP vinyl


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Zooropa 2LP vinyl


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The Best of 1980-1990 2LP vinyl


54 responses to U2 / Achtung Baby & other vinyl reissues

  1. Vincent says:

    I bought the Zooropa and The Best Of 1980 to 1990 reissues and have to say that I am really happy with both. Can someone let me know if at all possible if the current reissue of Achtung Baby is the same remaster as the 2011 version?

    Even if it is would someone be in a position to say if the current pressing is of superior quality? Given the quality of Zooropa and The Best Of I’d be tempted to buy it again for a superior pressing!

    On a related note I’m also curious to know if the Zooropa CD that came with the 2011 Achtung Baby reissue was a remaster as the accompanying download seems to indicate that it was. Does this mean that there are two remasters of Zooropa out there?

    • Rstr310 says:

      According to this article, it’s a new 2018 remastered mix…

      Regarding the pressing, I haven’t heard the 2011 version on vinyl so I can’t compare it directly. However, even though I’m not entirely thrilled about any real “remixing” occurring on these classic albums, sonically I found both 2018 versions of Achtung Baby and Zooropa to be far superior to my original UK copies from 1991 & 1993. The physical pressing is very nice, flat and centered, although I wish they would have used more of the surface of the vinyl and spread out the groove as there is quite a bit of runout space on each side. The packaging is on target and holds true to the original release in almost every way.

  2. Michael Hoare says:

    Pre-ordered this direct from for USD28, together with Zooropa. It seems to be one of the cheaper options available.
    I have the original UK CD release which showed Adam in all his glory (for those that are interested!)

  3. Rick says:

    Can’t wait for these two vinyl releases but I’m not clear on why there are two discs. Is the second one B-sides and remixes? Or are they just adding a few bonus tracks? I can’t seem to find an answer about that anywhere so far.

    • Michael says:

      Achtung Baby Tracklisting:

      Side 1

      Zoo Station
      Even Better Than The Real Thing

      Side 2

      Until The End Of The World
      Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
      So Cruel

      Side 3

      The Fly
      Mysterious Ways
      Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World

      Side 4

      Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
      Love Is blindness

      Zooropa Tracklisting:

      Side 1

      Baby Face

      Side 2

      Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
      Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car

      Side 3

      Some Days Are Better Than Others
      The First Time
      Dirty Day
      The Wanderer

      Side 4 – additional remixes

      Lemon (The Perfecto Mix)
      Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix)

  4. cutthegrass says:

    I bet many will be warped and dished, and people will have to send them back. 180 g records are the bane of the industry. The pressing plants are under such production pressure, they pull them off the plates before they cool.

    • Pat says:

      Vinyl is always a risk, but all of the U2 vinyl reissues have been pressed perfectly.The overall consensus has been very positive from even the most fussy of audiophiles.

      • Paul says:

        The Joshua Tree box was all that I could hope for. I was really happy with Pop but my copy of ATYCLB was dished hard. Side A sits about 3mm off the platter the whole way around. The low end suffers greatly in Beautiful Day until near the end which means it’s pretty underwhelming when the Larry and Adam come in.

  5. Lee says:

    Rats, missed out on ordering these when they were listed at $22 from the U.S. store.

  6. GentleRabbit says:

    Just wondering if there could be one further batch of 3 set for release? We recently got Pop, All That You Can’t Leave Behind and Wide Awake In America. Now it’s Zooropa, The Best Of 1980-1990 and Achtung Baby.

    Unless I’m mistaken, there are arill 3 major releases awaiting a vinyl reissue: No Line On The Horizon, The Best Of 1990-2000 and Passengers: Original Soundtracks One. Fingers (and toes) crossed in hope… They would be amazing to round off this program.

    • Antonio Cunha says:

      Yes, Passengers ‘Original Soundtracks 1’ would be a dream if it will be rereleased. As well as ‘Best Of 1990-2000’.
      The recent rerelease cover art of ‘Wide Wake In America’ is awful. I’m glad I have the original japanese vinyl version.
      Even though I have the original ‘Zooropa’ vinyl I believe I will add this new version as well. But I need to see it first.
      It seems many original art of old records were lost; take a look, also, for those Annie Lennox new ‘Diva’ and ‘Medusa’ record covers – it gives me the creeps. :|

  7. Harry Knarrie says:

    Achtung and Zooropa are back to $35 now… :-(

  8. Michael McA says:

    Is the vinyl black?
    Gotta have that!

    (Yes – reduced to sarcasm)

  9. Neil says:

    Would have loved an LP of the Achtung Baby B-sides like Night & Day, Satellite of Love, ,Salome (Robert Plants favourite U2 song) and various Oakenfold dance remixes. A creative peak of different styles I’m not sure we’ve seen by anyone since, still not readily available on vinyl.

  10. Matteo says:

    Any idea why Amazon USA doesn’t have Best Of yet?

  11. Peter Anderson says:

    Wish they would release as per the originals on one disc or at least give us the option. At least the Ebay costs may come down now though?

  12. Gisabun says:

    Would love to see the re-release on BR of the older videos plus a deluxe edition of Rattle & Hum album and movie.

  13. Benjamin Adams says:

    Excellent. The last two U2 albums I really rate. Preordered!

  14. Jefferson says:

    This is great news to wake up to!! I was literally just pricing out Zooropa on vinyl on eBay last week. Pre-ordering all 3 now!

  15. François says:

    I love the first part of Zooropa up to “Daddy’s gona pay..” included. The songs after that one always sounded unfinished to me, except for “The wanderer” which seems to have had the right to a proper “polish” (maybe thanks to mr Cash contribution).
    The only thing which has always annoyed me is the “squeeking” sound during “Lemon”. At the time I thought it was a malfunction of my CD and went back to the store to get it replaced. Only to realize that not only was it part of the song, but they went all the way to add the sample when they played the song live (can be heard on the Zoo tv dvd). I really think it spoils a wonderful song. I only wish they released a remixed version of Zooropa without the “squeek” on Lemon.
    So Zooropa Vinyl for me, and I’ll wait for the comments of my fellow “Superdeluxies” to go for AB. the AB superdeluxe box is sufficient for me (there are no lyrics for Zooropa in the book in the box, that is my excuse to buy the vinyl..)

  16. michal says:

    zooropa ends with mezmerizing “the wanderer”, a perfect end to a perfect album. somehow that bothered some schmucks from universal who decided it would be a good idea to throw 2 ridiculous mixes on top of that (track 11/12). jesus !!

    • Pat says:

      Fear not! ‘The Wanderer’ closes Side need to flip it over.

    • Martijn says:

      Yeah, I also notice that there are 2 bonus tracks on Zooropa (at least, on the tracklisting on Don’t see the problem though, as the album itself is on 3 sides with the 2 remixes on a separate side. If you don’t like them, don’t turn over the record. :)

    • kook says:

      Ah, my pet hate: incongruous ‘bonus’ tracks bunged on the end of an otherwise perfectly-formed album.

      That, and non-removable hype stickers.

      And stickers on apples. (Just WHY??)

    • Antonio Cunha says:

      Lemon (The Perfecto Mix) is a classic. I quit Numb remix though. I remember buying the – now famous – ‘Melon, Remixes for Propaganda’ and heard that incredible Perfecto mix, just like the ‘Mysterious Ways’.

  17. LR says:

    Glad Zooropa is finally getting a vinyl reissue, as originals are going for £50-£100.

    Hopefully the price won’t be as high as the Pop reissue which has stuck at £35 since it came out. I think what harmed the success of Songs of Experience was the £30 price tag

    • fan says:

      “what harmed the success of Songs of Experience was the £30 price tag”

      how true it is, I still haven’t bought my copy, waiting a price drop on discogs,
      or a black cheaper edition

      • probablyrustin says:

        Right… The price tag harmed its success, not critical or public indifference to their new music… These reissues are more interesting to many to be frank.

  18. Vandal1976 says:

    Excellent news, and ordered via your link, thank you!

  19. CJ Feeney says:

    Will they keep the siren “loop” at the end of Zooropa?

    Probably the last released LP I’ve heard that trick on.

  20. Albert Tatlock says:

    They should also put out the 1980-1990 Best Of on DVD. There was an excellent DVD for the 1990-2000 Best of with loads of extras. It would be nice to see the early videos and the rarer promos like ‘A Celebration’ and ‘Two Hearts Beat As One’ etc restored, as well as the TOTP, OGWT, Tube, Get Set For Summer and early RTE appearances.

    • John says:

      At this point, I think they should just issue a new video set with the 80’s, 90’s, and stuff beyond that in a single BR package. Throw in the extras you mentioned, MTV performances, etc.

    • Dennis says:

      Would love to see that released as well, can’t imagine it happening, though. Especially not with additional performances (early RTE gems would be a blast). It would sadly include a hell of licensing work when licensing material from various tv stations. Can’t see a recordcompany willing to do that work in 2018…

  21. David Carter says:

    This is great news my 2 favourite U2 albums, I only need No Line on The Horizon now to complete my vinyl collection.

  22. poptones says:

    Excellent news. An original mint copy of the 80-90s compilation costs more than €200 so à repress is very good news. I hope they will also repress the 7inch box set.

  23. Mark R says:

    About time! Love AB and rate Zooropa highly.

  24. Brian says:

    It’s about time. They’ve been charging a fortune for it on discogs.

  25. Justin (uk) says:

    Ordered Zooropa via your link. Been looking for a vinyl cooy of my fave U2 for ages…

  26. Trash says:

    Zooropa definitely my favourite of the ‘post-Eno’ albums (Boy is probably my favourite pre-Eno).
    Slightly surprised it is a 2LP release though as I always thought it was quite a short album….

    • Mark says:

      I think it’s 51 minutes and at the moment labels seem to be making them no more than 20 mins per side.

    • Martijn says:

      Considering that Brian Eno is one of the producers on Zooropa I don’t think you can call it a ‘post-Eno’ record. :) And the album is 50 minutes, so it isn’t that short.

      • Trash says:

        I did fumble looking for the right terminology. I meant “Post Eno” as in ‘After he started working with them’ as opposed to “Pre-Eno” being before he started working with them.
        That probably isn’t too clear either…. I’ll get my coat….

  27. Mark Wood says:

    I’m really pleased to see this being reissued but the pricing compared to the US is just ridiculous, $16.84 is £12.68, we are being asked to pay double!

  28. GentleRabbit says:

    U2’s 90s work in particular has always been amongst my most favourite music. It’s just spectacular, boundary-pushing, gente-bending brilliance, from beginning to end.

    It seems forgotten of late (for a whole range of reasons) just how much they helped push things forward, during this era most of all – both in the studio and in the live performance aspect. The ‘biggest band in te world’ mantle didn’t used to be thrown around quite so flippantly, and in their case was both hard-won and thoroughly deserved.

    Zooropa might be my personal favourite (of theirs, or Of most anyone), for so many reasons – though Achtung Baby and Pop are not far behind, and I agree that Achtung might be their best.

    What I would REALLY love to see is the Passengers album re-released, and perhaps subsequently reappraised… it truly deserves a wider audience. Even more than that, though, expanded deluxe editions of these albums (Zooropa, Pop, Passengers) would perhaps be the absolute ultimate. Fingers crossed for those, but looking forward to these…

  29. eMSig says:

    Good news. And funny, too. Only a few days ago I thought about looking for Achtung Baby and Zooropa on vinyl.

  30. Jan Burnett says:

    I wonder if they’ll use the original Adam photo.

  31. Mark says:

    This is great. I’ve wanted the Achtung record for ages.
    Thanks Paul.

  32. GentleRabbit says:

    Oh yes, now this is good news.

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