UB40 / Present Arms and Labour of Love deluxe details confirmed


The details around Universal’s UB40 reissues have finally emerged with both 1981’s Present Arms and Labour of Love from 1983 being released as three-CD deluxe editions.

As expected Presents Arms comes with its companion release Present Arms In Dub with the third disc devoted to BBC sessions. Labour of Love, which boasts four UK top 20 singles including number one Red Red Wine, includes a bonus disc of seven-inch edits, dub mixes and twelve inch versions and like Present Arms includes a CD of BBC live sessions. The full track listings can be viewed below.

Both albums will also be reissued as two LP 180g vinyl sets. Present Arms includes Present Arms In Dub on the second vinyl record while Labour of Love repeats the edits/remixes bonus disc on LP number two (minus the live version of Food For Thought).

Present Arms and Labour of Love are reissued on 2 March 2015.


Present Arms (3CD Deluxe)


Labour of Love (3CD Deluxe)


Present Arms (2LP Vinyl deluxe)


Labour of Love 2LP Vinyl Deluxe)

Track listings for all formats


Present Arms (3CD Deluxe)

Disc 1 – Present Arms

  1. Present Arms
  2. Sardonicus
  3. Don’t Let It Pass You By
  4. Wild Cat
  5. One In Ten
  6. Don’t Slow Down
  7. Silent Witness
  8. Lambs Bread
  9. Don’t Walk On The Grass
  10. Dr. X
  11. Don’t Slow Down (12” Version)

Disc 2 – Present Arms In Dub

  1. Present Arms In Dub
  2. Smoke It
  3. B Line
  4. Kings Row
  5. Return Of Dr. X
  6. Walk Out
  7. One In Ten (Present Arms In Dub Version)
  8. Neon Haze

Disc 3 – BBC Live Sessions

BBC Radio 1 Session (23.04.81)

  1. One In Ten
  2. Present Arms
  3. Silent Witness
  4. Sardonicus

BBC Radio 1 In Concert (13.06.81)

  1. Present Arms (includes intro by Gary Crowley)
  2. Tyler
  3. Food For Thought
  4. Don’t Let It Pass You By
  5. Sardonicus
  6. One In Ten
  7. Madame Medusa
  8. Don’t Slow Down
  9. Burdon Of Shame
  10. Don’t Walk On The Grass (Instrumental)
  11. I think It’s Going To Rain Today / Dream A Lie / My Way Of Thinking (Medley)


Present Arms Deluxe Edition LP

Present Arms

Side A:

  • 1. Present Arms
  • 2. Sardonicus
  • 3. Don’t Let It Pass You By
  • 4. Wild Cat
  • 5. One In Ten

Side B:

  • 1. Don’t Slow Down
  • 2. Silent Witness
  • 3. Lambs Bread
  • 4. Don’t Walk On The Grass
  • 5. Dr. X

Present Arms In Dub

Side C:

  • 1. Present Arms In Dub
  • 2. Smoke It
  • 3. B Line
  • 4. Kings Row
  • 5. Return Of Dr. X

Side D:

  • 1. Walk Out
  • 2. One In Ten (Present Arms In Dub Version)
  • 3. Neon Haze


Labour Of Love (3CD Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1 – Labour of Love

  • 1. Cherry Oh Baby
  • 2. Keep On Moving
  • 3. Please Don’t Make Me Cry
  • 4. Sweet Sensation
  • 5. Johnny Too Bad
  • 6. Red Red Wine
  • 7. Guilty
  • 8. She Caught The Train
  • 9. Version Girl
  • 10 Many Rivers To Cross

Disc 2 – Singles & B sides

  • 1. Red Red Wine (7” Version)
  • 2. Sufferin’ (Dub Mix)
  • 3. Many Rivers To Cross (7” Version)
  • 4. Food For Thought (Live)
  • 5. Johnny Too Bad (Unexpurgated Version)
  • 6. Cherry Oh Baby (Dub Mix)
  • 7. Frilla (12” Version)
  • 8. I’ve Got Mine (Extended Version)
  • 9. Dubmobile

Disc 3 BBC Live Sessions

BBC Radio 1 Session 14-04-83

  • 1. Red Red Wine
  • 2. Don’t Make Me Cry

BBC Radio 1 In Concert 07-01-84

  • 3. One In Ten
  • 4. Keep On Moving
  • 5. Don’t Let It Pass You By
  • 6. Love Is All Is Alright
  • 7. Johnny Too Bad
  • 8. Sweet Sensation
  • 9. Cherry Oh Baby
  • 10. Red Red Wine
  • 11. Please Don’t Make Me Cry
  • 12. Present Arms
  • 13. Tyler


Labour Of Love (Deluxe 2LP)

Labour Of Love

Side A:

  • 1. Cheery Oh Baby
  • 2. Keep On Moving
  • 3. Please Don’t Make Me Cry
  • 4. Sweet Sensation
  • 5. Johnny Too Bad


Side B:

  • 1. Red Red Wine
  • 2. Guilty
  • 3. She Caught The Train
  • 4. Version Girl
  • 5. Many Rivers To Cross


B Sides & Singles

Side C:

  • 1. Red Red Wine (7” Version)
  • 2. Sufferin’ (Dub Mix)
  • 3. Many Rivers To Cross (7” Version)
  • 4. Johnny Too Bad (Unexpurgated Version)


Side D:

  • 1. Cherry Oh Baby (Dub Mix)
  • 2. Frilla (12” Version)
  • 3. I’ve Got Mine (Extended Version)
  • 4. Dubmobile


Present Arms (3CD Deluxe)


Labour of Love (3CD Deluxe)


Present Arms (2LP Vinyl deluxe)


Labour of Love 2LP Vinyl Deluxe)

91 responses to UB40 / Present Arms and Labour of Love deluxe details confirmed

  1. Enrico G. says:

    3 years to get released.
    How could it be possible?

  2. Saad says:

    I have it on good authority that these will both be getting their official release in the next few weeks.

  3. Glenn says:

    Seller listed these on EBay this week with an August 4 release date. I asked him about the source of the release date and he said it was from the record label. Hoping these get a proper, wide release.

  4. Paul Bennett says:

    Did these ever get released? I see Amazon are listing a ‘new’ version of the Present Arms vinyl (a 2 disc affair with Present Arms in Dub) but I have no idea if they have been remastered and if so to what extent? Above all I would love a proper vinyl re-issue of Signing Off …

  5. Michael says:

    Ordered my copy of “Present Arms” Deluxe from Amazon US, was due for estimated delivery on the 23rd of March. Nothing yet. I await nervously and impatiently til I finally physically have it.

  6. Nuno Madeira says:

    Arrived today my copy, great set, i bought in amazon trough CDV marketplace

  7. Mark Wilson says:

    Contacted last week to ask why both cds were available from marketplace sellers but not amazon. In reply they gave me gift card for the difference between the marketplace seller price and my preorder price. Both arrived today and I only paid £31 for both.

  8. Philip says:

    “nunomadeira says:
    February 28, 2016 at 23:13

    When this available?! Any news?
    cheers from portugal”

    Strangely my copy camr from a dealer in Portugal for just under £24.

  9. Andy Vizor says:

    Well Paul, sure you already know…. Saga continues…. Three mails from Amazon this morning, both CDs delayed, Present Arms Vinyl Cancelled. Think it’s time we all give up, cancel our orders & spend our hard earned cash on a band that WANTS to sell us something. Is this why they went broke?? The Amazon photos – as well as others out n about – seem to show finished art work & pressed products!! How long has this been now, two years at least!!

  10. nunomadeira says:

    When this available?! Any news?
    cheers from portugal

  11. Paul H says:

    Either will happen or will never happen. I’m just past caring, no one concerned deserves my business.

  12. Michael says:

    Well, the saga drags on, and on……………..
    Message from Amazon this morning:

    We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on October 16 2014
    Ub40 “Present Arms Deluxe Edition”
    We’re awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information.

    Yawn! Defeated, given up all hope.

  13. Philip says:

    Getting closer. Off on hols on Friday, so will eagerly swoop on new mail on my return!!!!!

  14. Mark Wilson says:

    2 Weeks to go. Will they be released?

  15. Glenn says:

    Yes, just saw that on Amazon UK:
    This item will be released on 26 February 2016.

    No date for Labour of Love however

  16. Michael says:

    This just received from Amazon:


    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on October 16 2014 (Order #204-3119576-0857145).

    Ub40 “Present Arms Deluxe Edition”
    Estimated arrival date: February 26 2016

  17. Philip says:

    Tried emailing the band’s website for news, but they haven’t replied yet……..

  18. Michael says:

    The saga continues…..
    “Present Arms Deluxe Edition” last estimated delivery was between Wednesday last week and today.
    E-mail today stating: We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on October 16 2014.

  19. Philip says:

    Fingers crossewd, breath held, eye kept on postie…………..

  20. trash says:

    Received the vinyl reissue yesterday 23rd Aug.
    Includes the new sleeve notes which (I believe) are the same as the ones in the much-touted CD deluxe edition so I presume the CDs should be:
    1 -definitely happening (can’t see why they would reissue the vinyl and not the CD)
    2 – be imminent (by which I mean before the end of the year….)

    • Michael says:

      Excellent news Trash, glad to read that you received the remastered vinyl.
      Was just checking to see if you’d received it. Here’s hoping that the CD follows in the coming weeks.

  21. Michael says:

    Okay, my latest “forever delayed” news from Amazon this morning was this: UB40 “Present Arms Deluxe Edition” Estimated arrival date: September 03 2015 – September 07 2015.

  22. trash says:

    And now I’ve just received a notification that the Vinyl reissue has been despatched so *maybe* there is some hope on the horizon for the CD reissues…

  23. Trash says:

    Latest Amazon update on these:

    We’re writing to let you know that the following items have been unexpectedly delayed:

    Ub40 “Present Arms [VINYL]”
    Estimated arrival date: August 22 2015 – August 26 2015

    I’m hoping that the fact that they have quoted dates means that these are getting closer (but that might just be wishful thinking).

  24. Philip says:

    Just checked Amazon and they claim to not know when it’s due in, although on another page they still expect me to receive it this week…….

  25. johnny says:

    I notice that amazon has images of the rear sleeves, with full tracklistings, and (c) 2015…Heck, they even have a bar code…So they must have got pretty far with these (it’s gone well past the planning stage)

  26. Paul H says:

    I got an email from amazon today deferring the release by two weeks Aug 18-20. It’s a soap opera.

  27. Glenn says:

    Any updates on these? I already traded in my CDs/vinyl that these would have replaced… :(

  28. John Elliott says:

    According to Amazon, they are now saying both Present Arms and Labour of Love might now not be available at all, or words to that affect. My guess is, it’s a dispute between past and present members. A great shame, if that’s the case.

  29. David says:

    For the people who are looking for the 7″ version of I’ve Got Mine, it’s available on The Best Of UB40, The Dutch Collection disc 1.

  30. trash says:

    I hope it is not due to wrangles between the various ex and current members of the group – those can take ages to resolve (and sometimes can’t be).

    Oh well, I’ll have to be content with the Lloyd Cole reissues in the meantime…

  31. Paul H says:

    To be fair it could also be an Amazon problem. the official announcement on the UB40!website and repeated on this one earlier this year said “postponed until further notice”….still would like to know why

  32. Philip says:

    Options could be :

    1. Revamping the tracklisting
    2. Avoiding a new release from the band
    3. Massive manufacturing cock-up
    4. Wrangles with members past and present about the reissue

  33. Michael says:

    Yup! I had my e-mail from Amazon giving a release date of August 7th. At this rate it will have been a whole years delay as it was due out in November last year.

  34. paulxtr says:

    Amazon UK are now stating 7th August as the release date

    • trash says:

      7th August!!!
      Another two-month delay!

      At this point I would love to know what the problem is/are because clearly there is something up.

      If it does eventually surface I hope it is worth the wait – i.e. none of the usual reissue screw-ups.
      I’m so glad I did not jettison my originals.

  35. Philip says:

    “Supposed” to be delivered this week, but product page now states “Usually dispatched within 9 to 12 days” which makes it seem like they won’t be on schedule this time…………..

  36. trash says:

    Yep, echo all the recent sentiments above.
    I just checked to see when I originally ordered this and it was at the start of Oct last year, i.e. 8 months ago! Not quite sure why they announced it so damn early when the dates just keep getting punched back.
    I was really looking forward to getting the Present Arms package today- especially after I checked the Amazon page and it said “In stock”.

    I’m still not convinced that these won’t get cancelled :-(

  37. Paul H says:

    Currently (!!) pushed back two weeks. The reissues were fairly positively reviewed in the music monthlies two months ago but the casual buyer will have lost interest. This could potentially have detrimental impact on the success of these reissues and in turn make it harder to for all involved to persuade themselves to bother with UB44.

  38. Michael says:

    Waited all weekend for an e-mail from Amazon. This morning an e-mail from Amazon arrived to say that “Present Arms” now delayed til Thursday the 21st of May?
    Is this ever coming out?

  39. Paul H says:

    I am waiting patiently for my usual Saturday Amazon dispatch emails for this. Nothing yet. I wonder…….

  40. Steve Woodward says:

    Now back to May 11th on Amazon, time will tell I guess

  41. Steve Woodward says:

    Yet another very last minute postponement on Amazon UK. Now apparently put back to August 7th. Will these ever actually see the light of day?

  42. Julio Garcia says:

    Disappeared from Amazon Germany??? No more available???

    Julio Garcia
    (sorry for my bad englisch)

  43. norman de langen says:

    hello gazelle,

    I’ve been working on the tracklisting for the deluxe editions. It was difficult what to do with “I’ve got mine”because it’s an “inbetween” released after UB44 and just for Labour Of Love. We had enough space on the labour of love edition and no space left at the UB44 edition. So you have right that it fits more on the UB44 edition but believe me the UB44 edition is brilliant, if thet ever gonna release it. We also have to choose or the 12″version of suferin or the Single version. There was no space to put them both on it. We thought the 12″version is more special to you all.

    greetings Norman

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Norman… do you happen to know why these releases are “on hold” (from UB40 website). Thanks, Paul

      • norman de langen says:

        hello Paul, i don’t have a clue. Think it’s maybe something with the rights?? But i thought that BBC and Universal work together, so maybe that’s not the point. When i find out more, will let you know.

        Respect Norman

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Thanks Norman… I wondered if perhaps the band and label had had some disagreement… but who knows. Best, Paul

  44. Saad says:

    The postponement could be due to the fact UB40 are touring the UK during May.

    If so then it makes sense.

  45. trash says:

    Yep really irritating…

    To be honest I am half-expecting a ‘It’s been cancelled’ notification to arrive any day…

  46. Michael says:

    See my post of January 7th. Just had an e-mail from Amazon to say that has been delayed “again” for the fifth time!!!! Now it’s due for release on May 11th. Am now a little fed-up with this.

  47. Philip says:

    Now put back to 11 May!!!!!!

  48. David says:

    Maybe the reason for not including the extended version of “Don’t Let It Pass You By” could be because it is also available on the Best Of UB40 released in 1987. Running time: 7:46.

  49. Glenn says:

    The German 12″ of Red Red Wine includes a longer version of Sufferin’ (8.25) as per its Discogs entry.

    Is this legit?

    Also would like to see UB44 reissued properly!

  50. Gazelle says:

    Suggested disc two track listing for ‘UB44’ deluxe edition:

    1. ‘I Won’t Close My Eyes’ [7″ Version]
    2. ‘Folitician’ [7″ Version]
    3. ‘Love Is All Is All Right’ [7″ Version]
    4. ‘One A Penny’
    5. ‘I’ve Got Mine’ [7″ Version]
    6. ‘Dubmobile’
    7. ‘I Won’t Close My Eyes’ [12” Extended Version]
    8. ‘Folitician’ [12” Extended Version]
    9. ‘Love Is All Is All Right’ [12” Extended Version]
    10. ‘So Here I Am’ [12” Extended Version]
    11. ‘Forget The Cost’ [Extended Version] (from NME cassette ‘Mighty Reel’)
    12. ‘I’ve Got Mine’ [12” Extended Version]

    There were also live versions of ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘Dr. X’ issued as b-sides to ‘So Here I Am’.

  51. Gazelle says:

    A few observations about the ‘Labour Of Love’ deluxe edition track listing:

    (i) Only one mix of Sufferin’ has been included. It was originally the b-side of ‘Red Red Wine’ and ‘Please don’t Make Me Cry’, credited as ‘Sufferin’ (Version)’ (3:45) and ‘Sufferin’ (by UB40 with Nya & Natty)’ (3:35) respectively.

    (ii) The 7″ mix of ‘Frilla’ is missing.

    (iii) I agree with Johnny that ‘I Got Mine’ and ‘Dubmobile’ would logically sit better on a ‘UB44’ deluxe edition.

    • JorisJ says:

      To be really complete they should have also tracked down the exclusive dub mix of Sufferin’ (My People) with Nya & Natty which was used by SFX tape magazine. This is yet another dub mix, but with echoing vocals.

      From a collector’s point of view I would have loved to hear actual demos or outtakes also, on both Labour Of Love deluxe as Present Arms deluxe.

      Oh, and Return of Dr.X on Present Arms in Dub, why is this not on side D as the original album (side B)?

  52. Tom says:

    I’m pretty sure that the live concert in the Labour of Love Box Set is the one from Hammersmith Odeon (24-10-1983).
    And the “Labour Of Love” movie was released on the DVD of the deluxe version of “Best of Labour of Love”, in 2009.

  53. Derek says:

    I was really hoping for the 7″ version of I GOT MINE. I’ve only ever heard the 12″ version

    • Eric says:

      Same here, completism compels me to want that track, especially in its single/7″ form. Very odd to only include a 12″ version, on a Labour Of Love deluxe, when as others say, you’d expect it to belong more to the UB44 era.

  54. Cliff says:

    **Shorter INTRO.

  55. Cliff says:

    I think as with Red Red Wine, the 12″ version and the album version for Don’t Let It Pass You By are both the same length. Red Red Wine 7″ lacks Astro’s toasting at the end (on both the album and 12″); the same with Don’t Let It Pass You By (I have the 7″ version on a Greatest Hits from the early 90’s, and it has a shorter into and less Astro at the end).

  56. johnny says:

    Thanks, Francis…So how long is the album version of Don’t Let it Pass You By ? I’m confused…

    The 7″ version is 3.49
    The 12″ version is 7.44
    and the album version is…. ??

    It’s the 7″ version that’s missing from this DE isn’t it? I’m assuming that the album version and 12″ version are the same thing, no?

    • Gazelle says:

      Yes, the 12″ version of ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By’ is the same as the album version.

    • Francis says:

      I found a track listing of the original album with playing times, and yes, the 12inch and album version seem to be the same as they have the exact same playing time. Good to know as I assumed the 12inch version was extended specially but it seems not. Hurrah, I can update this version from vinyl knowing it is the album track.

  57. johnny says:

    How long is the extended 12″ single version of “Don’t Let It Pass You By” compared to the album version?

    • Francis says:

      The extended 12inch version of “Don’t Let It Pass You By” is 7min /44sec (check it out on ‘youtube’). I was hoping the Deluxe Edition would have this version included so I could update the vinyl, but alas NO. I have contacted Universal Music via their Tweet page (this being the only way I could find to contact them, as no email) but I have not received a replay yet. It is also a pity they have skipped the ‘UB44’ album, unless this is planned as a future release.

  58. Francis says:

    Why has the extended 12inch version of “Don’t Let It Pass You By” not been included considering it was a b/w “Don’t Slow Down” on the original double A-sided single? This is a hell of a slip-up when they have included 7inch versions!

  59. Neil says:

    £20.67 on Amazon for Labour Of Love have they no shame.

  60. Gazelle says:

    Almost perfect track listing for the ‘Present Arms’ deluxe edition, just missing the 7″ mix of ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By’.

  61. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Shame no DVDs are included, the first UB40 deluxe edition had a great DVD. I continue to enjoy this.

  62. Gerry says:

    Great work, hope they continue to the later albums, plenty of 12″ mixes and dubs still not out on CD…

  63. mike says:

    Makes sense as those two albums were bigger sellers than UB44.

  64. Paul H says:

    Please see Norman’s very helpful reply to my post higher up this line for news on UB44. Thanks Ubnormie!

  65. johnny says:

    If they ever had any intention of doing an expanded version of UB44, they should really have kept I’ve Got Mine/Dubmobile for that release, rather than including it with LoL. Not that I’m complaining, but it doesn’t look very hopeful for UB44….

  66. David says:

    Signing Off deluxe editions featured a DVD with promo videos and more. No DVD’s this time for Present Arms and Labour Of Love. Shame.

  67. Lee says:

    For the record, we imagined a hypothetical ‘Labour of Love’ deluxe at Real Gone back in March ’14, never expecting an official deluxe edition would ever surface:

    I hope the ‘Live at Hammersmith’ material gets released properly sometime. That original UB40 Live VHS has long been my favourite.

  68. Lee says:

    Both sets look great, but no ‘Labour of Love’ concept movie?! Surely this would have been the idea opportunity to give it a long overdue DVD debut?

  69. Philip says:

    I wonder why UB44 is being ignored? Something about it the band don’t like, or a legeal issue??

  70. trash says:

    At last!!
    I’ve been waiting for the track listing to be confirmed ever since I preordered back in Oct last year. If ‘In dub’ had not been included I would have had to cancel my preorder. So relieved this looks like a great set.
    Shame about the further delay announced today – hopefully the last one.

    Labour of Love I believe is all cover versions so I’ll skip that…

    Might have to listen to UB44 though as I don’t know that album at all.

  71. Michael says:

    I’ve almost given up hope on actually getting the Deluxe Edition of “Present Arms”. This was due out in November 2014, then put back to the end of January this year, then delayed again until the end of February. Today I get an e-mail from Amazon to say it’s been delayed until March 2nd. So it may be out in time for Christmas 2015.

  72. Paul H says:

    Very nice. All audio content is as expected I think? Good to include Present Arms in Dub. Only possibly missing some video/promos. I have always really liked Present Arms. As I wrote in the 2014 thread, I still prefer the more subtle sleeve outlay of the vinyl of Present Arms than on the CD version.

    I hope UB44 (1982) follows soon, as chronologically it has been missed out in favour of Labour of Love (1983) and I have always wanted a digital of So Here i Am 12″ which I’ve not found anywhere else other than You Tube rip.

    • norman de langen says:

      Hello Paul,

      The tracklisting for UB44 is also made, but i think Universal will wait what the releases will do. The UB44 is even more special with 8 sessions tracks from BBC a live concert and all the 12″versions including the So Here I Am version you mentioned Paul. Fingers crossed Universal will release this also!!

      greetings Ubnormie

  73. norman de langen says:

    really great editions with lots of strange stuff. The BBC recordings on the discs are brilliant believe me!! I had the opportunity to help Universal with the Tracklisting. Think its great to have to extended versions finally of CD!!

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