UFO / Strangers in the Night deluxe

Eight-CD box set offers remastered album and six concerts in full

English rock band UFO‘s 1979 live album Strangers in the Night is being reissued as an 8CD deluxe edition in November.

Capturing the band at the peak of their powers the original double album was compiled from recordings made at six shows during in October 1978 on an American tour. This new 8CD box set includes all six complete original concerts for the first time (five previously unreleased) as well as a newly remastered version of the original album (across two CDs). Four of the shows have actually been newly mixed from the original tapes.

The discs are contained in a two-part outer slipcase, and the eight CDs come in card sleeves. A 24-page booklet is included and features new sleeve notes by Michael Hann who has interviewed Phil Mogg, Andy Parker and Michael Schenker. A 2LP gatefold vinyl edition is also available, and a special a clear vinyl edition limited to 1000 units. Andy Pearce has done the remastering.

Strangers in the Night deluxe edition will be released on 2o November 2020.

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Strangers in the Night - 8CD box


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Strangers in the Night - 2LP vinyl


CD 1
1. Natural Thing (2020 Remaster)
2. Out In The Street (2020 Remaster)
3. Only You Can Rock Me (2020 Remaster)
4. Doctor Doctor (2020 Remaster)
5. Mother Mary (2020 Remaster)
6. This Kid’s (2020 Remaster)
7. Love To Love (2020 Remaster)

CD 2
1. Lights Out (2020 Remaster)
2. Rock Bottom (2020 Remaster)
3. Too Hot To Handle (2020 Remaster)
4. I’m A Loser (2020 Remaster)
5. Let It Roll (2020 Remaster)
6. Shoot Shoot (2020 Remaster)

CD 3
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live in Chicago 13/10/78 ]
3. Cherry (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
4. Let It Roll (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
5. Love To Love (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
6. Only You Can Rock Me (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
7. Ain’t No Baby (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
8. Out In The Street (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
9. Doctor Doctor (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
10. Lights Out (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
11. Rock Bottom (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
12. Too Hot To Handle (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )
13. Shoot Shoot (Live in Chicago 13/10/78 )

CD 4
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78]
3. Cherry (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
4. Let It Roll (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
5. Love To Love (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
6. Only You Can Rock Me (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
7. Ain’t No Baby (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
8. Out In The Street (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
9. Doctor Doctor (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
10. Lights Out (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
11. Rock Bottom (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)
12. Too Hot To Handle (Live in Wisconsin 14/10/78)

CD 5
1. Intro / Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978]
3. Cherry (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
4. Let It Roll (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
5. Love To Love (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
6. Natural Thing (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
7. Out On The Street (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
8. Only You Can Rock Me (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
9. On With The Action (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
10. Doctor Doctor (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
11. Lights Out (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
12. Rock Bottom (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
13. Too Hot To Handle (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)
14. Shoot Shoot (Live in Youngstown 15/10/1978)

CD 6
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78]
3. Cherry (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
4. Let It Roll (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
5. Love To Love (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
6. Natural Thing (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
7. Out In The Street (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
8. Only You Can Rock Me (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
9. On With The Action (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
10. Doctor Doctor (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
11. I’m A Loser (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
12. Lights Out (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
13. Rock Bottom (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
14. Too Hot To Handle (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)
15. Shoot Shoot (Live in Cleveland, Ohio 16/10/78)

CD 7
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78]
3. Cherry (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
4. Let It Roll (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
5. Love To Love (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
6. Natural Thing (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
7. Out In The Street (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
8. Too Hot To Handle (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
9. I’m A Loser (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
10. On With The Action (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
11. Doctor Doctor (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
12. Lights Out (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
13. Rock Bottom (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)
14. Shoot Shoot (Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78)

CD 8
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
2. Pack It Up (And Go) [Live In Louisville 18/10/78 ]
3. Cherry (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
4. Let It Roll (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
5. Love To Love (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
6. Natural Thing (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
7. Out In The Street (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
8. Only You Can Rock Me (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
9. On With The Action (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
10. Doctor Doctor (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
11. I’m A Loser (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
12. Lights Out (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
13. Rock Bottom (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
14. Too Hot To Handle (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )
15. Shoot Shoot (Live In Louisville 18/10/78 )

86 responses to UFO / Strangers in the Night deluxe

  1. Galley says:

    I finally got mine on Jan. 8th, after pre-ordering it on Oct. 2nd! Availability for this item had been severely limited, although I believe they may have recently done a second pressing.

  2. Ralph says:

    These 6 UFO shows were all headline shows from October 1978. They were not recorded during any support slots on the BOC tour – that finished on 10 Sept 1978, and BOC’s last gig of the year was 1 Oct 1978.

    More details here:

  3. MJ says:

    Will this ever be avaiable again?

    • Brennan Brammer says:

      One copy currently on ebay for $140 USD. My Amazon order placed in the Fall mysteriously disappeared overnight…

      • Sean Frank says:

        Same here I pre-ordered back in October same thing happened with the vinyl order total BS! Limited supply so sellers are gouging us consumers! Not happy with Amazon at all!!

    • Jimmy in Greenwich says:

      Disappointed that my Amazon order for Strangers Deluxe was cancelled. Also wondering if this and Will The Last Man Standing ever be re-released? Maybe Capitol in the US would release it? Sounds like there is demand, no?

  4. Mendip Paul says:

    Was very fortunate to see UFO in 2017 in my home town of Frome, Somerset. Oh what an evening! It was a warmup for shows with Saxon. Anyone go to these shows? Did they blow Saxon away?
    7digital have the deluxe set for £7.49 on mp3.

  5. Scott says:

    Does anyone know the exact venues for Kenosha and Columbus? Kenosha appears to be at Carthage College, but was it on the campus or at the local Ice Rink?

    • Reine Boström says:

      Referring to “” was the gig at Kenosha Ice Arena.
      Rock on,
      Reine Boström, Stockholm, Sweden

      • paul brando says:


        The concert was at the Carthage College School. I was at that concert, i live in Kenosha.

        • John Steffen says:

          Do you know where at Carthage College it took place? The official release says the Ice Arena, but that info could have been pulled from the internet.

          The intro does say “Hello Carthage College…”

          • Ralph says:

            > Do you know where at Carthage College it took place?

            The venue was Carthage College Fieldhouse… always regard setlistFM entries as suspect unless proven otherwise, and you won’t go far wrong…

    • JR Remke says:

      I looked at and it was listed as the ice rink. KISS and RUSH apparently also played there.

  6. Dave Edwin says:

    Just got the email notifying me I can listen on Amazon Music early. Sound is incredible! Though similar setlists, each show is its own monster. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate. Great price for some of the best live concerts ever.

  7. ocaleman says:

    This is great news…can’t wait for it! I wish Ted Nugent would do the same with Double Live Gonzo, if the original master tapes still exist somewhere!

  8. Aris Seralidis says:

    I say, one of the best live hard Rock album of all time!!! and I ‘ m so waiting for the Day of
    also Deep Purple made in Japan
    Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the same
    Lynyrd Skynyrd live at the fox

    • peter chrisp says:

      A brilliant live album & also the killer Humble Pie “Performance Rockin’ The Fillmore”. The 4disc set is a gem. Although it rarely gets a mention Ten Years After “Recorded Live”

  9. Ufo Kevs says:

    I am most impressed that these shows were recorded on 6 straight nights in 6 different cities. HARD WORKING Band. Got my question answered about Mother Mary and This Kids, my friends at the Chicago gig said they didn’t play them. I owe you guys a beer!

  10. DeePman says:

    Absolutely great package for those of us, who think Strangers In The Night is the greatest live album ever, sometimes surpassing even Thin Lizzy’s magnificent Live And Dangerous, maybe not songwise, but the energy of the band and the show is really unbelievable.

  11. Pierre Martinez says:


    Thank you Paul!!!! I ordered both (CD and Vinyl) from your links.

    I have been waiting for this for a while. Back in my High School days (1976-1980), we used to rock to this vinyl like no other. Schenker was amazing on these recordings, just the perfect hard rock, the way it should be played on guitar. Back then I wanted be him…LOL.

    Ah, and the Scorpions Lovedrive appearance by Schenker…. also just great…



  12. Kevin Henry says:

    What a superb package for a classic album. I had the original CD and now have the 15 track expanded edition CD with Hot ‘N’ Ready from Youngstown and Cherry from Cleveland and will be purchasing this.

  13. James Agates says:

    I have no doubt this will be THE release of the year. Such a fantastic live album and finally all the shows will be there in an awesome box set.

    I just got a message they’re changing the mic’s can I fill in!!

  14. John Naisbett says:

    Excellent news. I can’t wait for this release. Surely one of the best live albums ever made. I know it has been available in reissue formats in recent years but this is such a comprehensive box set & at a very good price.
    An essential purchase for me.

  15. Albert says:

    I really hope this Deluxe treatment is given to the other Schenker era UFO releases. SITN & Phenonemon are a great start but I really look forward to Obsession & Lights Out in particular. Outtakes, demos, live shows and anything else they want to put out there will be a pleasure to hear after so long in the vaults.

    • Paul says:

      Sorry Albert… Nevison has gone on record saying no further material exists for obsession & Lights Out (makes sense as Obsession had Lookin Out for No1 (Reprise) to get the run time to over 36 mins). We may get some soundboards though….

  16. Dave says:

    Paul – I am not sure if this came from my email to you, but either way – THANK YOU for the info!! GREAT news!! Love the site…. Dave

  17. Somebody asked why a full concert was less than 80 mins. I believe UFO were the opening act on the tour that these shows were recorded on, so not surprising that these aren’t 2 hour shows.

  18. Larry Davis says:

    I’m in the minority here, but I am not a UFO fan…I tried em out after I would watch uberfan Eddie Trunk on US program That Metal Show on VH1 Classic go on and on about UFO, so I found a 6CD clamshell box of The Chrysalis Years & bought it to try it out, as I had never heard their music before…I was literally like huh?? Raving over THIS band?? Why?? No good songs, dull & boring…and promptly sold that 6CD set…on the other hand, another band Eddie raved about that I was not familiar with that I dug a LOT more was Saxon…maybe better songwriting?? This DOES look like a nice package though, and if I was a fan, I’d be all over this, but for once, there is a 4Q box I get to avoid, haha…much rather get the Lizzy set…but at least I gave UFO a try…maybe I just like rock & roll brighter, punkier, catchier, poppier, more colourful than what UFO deliver…just my taste…

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Your last sentence doesn’t explain why you think Saxon were better…..

      • Larry Davis says:

        Thought I did…better songwriting, more English-sounding, maybe I like the vocals more, catchier, brighter…I just found UFO sounding dull and boring, not catchy enough like powerpop…that’s my problem with a lot of hard rock & metal…not bright & catchy enough like powerpop and when it actually is, it’s not hard rock or metal anymore, it’s hard powerpop, which I love…plus I find that music’s fanbase to be utterly conservative and not open to change or doing anything different or experimental…did I explain myself well??

        • Simon Croft says:

          Saxon better than UFO!!!? I just shat myself laughing, thanks for the entertainment

          • Sean Frank says:

            Love Saxon but UFO are a totally different kind of band in the ultimate way so not a good comparison that being said I cant wait for this box set!! Just glad I was able to See UFO on their last live tour before this f–cked up virus came along.

            Long live UFO!! I hope this sells a million plus copies and helps Phil and Andy retire in style they more than deserve it!!!!

          • Mark Guscin says:

            Good one Simon!! My thoughts exactly

        • Todd Tappe says:

          LOL, UFO “boring” and Saxon is not? Been a Saxon fan since the beginning (late 70’s) and “Denim and Leather” to me is their best release. But come on, man, most of there albums sound the same with little melody. Schenker and his sublime melodic playing and songwriting made UFO into a great act. Listen to all the tracks on “Strong Arm of the Law” and “Wheels of Steel” and tell me where is the nuance in any of the music? It all sounds the same – solid hard rock to be sure, but nothing that screams “alltime classic”. They were a very solid band and at times achieved greatness but they come nowhere close to UFO at the peak of their powers. And your little “conservative” quip was REALLY LAME!

  19. Albert says:

    I’m holding off ordering this until I see if it’s getting a Japanese release? Then ordering both the box set and the vinyl… Awesome album. Then will be doing something like Led Zeppelin’s the garden tapes and working out which shows each song was taken from :)

  20. Jamie Crampton says:

    Apparently there’s a 2LP version of the Youngstown gig coming out for Recordstore day drop 3 next month. That’s from a UK dealer so no idea whether it’s UK only.

  21. LowPop says:

    As many have said, simply one of the best live albums ever, if not THE best. I ordered both the CDs and clear vinyl Friday. Easy decision; however, still can’t get used to placing orders where shipping is more than the item (clear vinyl from Townsend). Would’ve loved to have seen more vinyl options with content from the CDs. The RSD release will have to suffice. I also agree that a Blu-ray option with hi-res audio and potentially some video content would’ve made my year. All that being said, the price is great (except that TM shipping) and I’m really looking forward to spending time with these.

    Interesting side note, it appears that over the past couple of weeks or so the various Amazons are once again restricting orders outside of their respective countries. There’s really no logic applied, at least that I can decipher anyway. There are several instances where you can order one format but not another. Just bizarre…

  22. Brendan Jacobson says:

    One of the best live albums ever. I have been waiting for this one for a while. Already ordered. Maybe remaster will be done by Andy Pearce?

  23. Joachim says:

    Wow! One of my favourite albums. Will order it as soon as it gets available in Germany.

    But 1 question: When and where are Mother Mary and This Kid’s recorded? I can’t find them in the setlists of the “complete” shows – or am I blind?

  24. UFOyster says:

    I remember this sounding so great or record, I can’t imagine it needing re- anythinged!

  25. RockOn says:

    Weren’t a couple of the tracks used actual studio recordings. Not tweaked live versionS. I loved this LP. My second ever gig was UFO on the Strangers UK tour. (First gig was Powerage AC/DC in Dundee)

    • Anders Hedman says:

      @RockOn. Regarding AC/DC in Dundee 78. There’s a lot of rumours that they played Gimme A Bullet there. Could you confirm or deny that?

  26. Greg says:

    Absolute nailed-on no brainer. Simply the best live rock album I’ve ever heard.

  27. Paul Taylor says:

    All six concerts might seem to be stepping into Ramones territory but at £45 there’s little room for complaint. I have the original vinyl and one of the expanded CDs but have ordered the clear vinyl album. I’m also eyeing up the Youngstown 78 release on RSD Drop 3. The CD box might be a bit too much for me as I’d be unlikely to do it justice by giving it the attention it deserves. Great to see it getting decent treatment though.

  28. Mark Guscin says:

    Great!! Cheers Paul!!

  29. Mad Earwig says:

    Wow my favourite live album, massively expanded for £46
    Ordered within a minute of reading this.
    Autumn is looking good.

  30. Ron says:

    Can these really be complete concerts, meaning the band was done after 80 minutes?

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      If you weren’t Bruce Springsteen, most concert of those days were about 80 minutes. Now i’m waiting for the day that i saw same kind of boxes by Thin Lizzy and AC/DC!

    • Wayne k says:

      If you edit out all of the between song stuff, the time off stage before they come back for the encore,,I could see be(ng able<to squeeze it all onto,)me disc.

    • Moggy says:

      I read on Steve Hoffman Forums that they were not headlining these shows, so their sets were not as long compared to if they were the main act.

    • UFOyster says:

      Support act in US at the time

    • Patrick says:

      Saw them in Belfast at this time & it was all over in 60 mins. Felt like a rip off & took me a good few years to listen to UFO again. Saying that I’m in for the Cds & LPs. Incidentally Youngstown is also being released as a Record Store day exclusive I believe.

    • The Geordie Expat says:

      When these shows were recorded UFO were second or thiird on the bill. Thankfully in Europe we got to see them as headiners.

  31. Dave R says:

    I am so up for this.

    RIP Pete Way, Paul Raymond and Tonka.

  32. David Carrick says:

    Oh yes… one of my favourite albums of all time

  33. Helmut says:

    Excellent news, as the original album never quite lived up to what seemed possible, especially the way the audience track was used. Let the music do the talking – finally it is so or it appears to be.

  34. Dean says:

    Boy, does this ever highlight the disparity between artists! 8 Discs, simply packaged, for a good price. If this had been a box by many others, it would have lots of trinkets included and cost four times as much.

  35. Louis says:

    Year 2020 (Century XXI)… Why 8 CDs instead one DVD / Blu-ray with HQ audio?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because most of the audience for this would listen to CDs on a CD player.

      • Martin Dudley says:


      • Louis says:

        Hi Paul.
        It was a rhetorical question. With that way of thinking or approaching the business, we would only have vinyl formats and not CDs. At the end of the 80’s most of the audience had vinyl, therefore the transition to new formats, such as CD, would not have been made with that rule. However, that transition was done quite quickly. Just the opposite in the case of CD to DVD-audio / Blu-ray audio. And we’ve been with DVD-audio for almost two decades now. At least, the companies should sell both formats. Not in the same volume, of course, but both formats.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Sorry you lost me with your comment. DVD-A, like SACD is a failed format that is extremely niche. CDs still outsell vinyl so trying to argue this set shouldn’t be on CD is being contrary for the sake of it. Yes, it could all fit on a DVD or blu-ray audio, but so what? It would be commercial suicide to ignore CD and put this on one of those other formats.

    • Mad Earwig says:

      I play my music in stereo on a good audio system the main component being a very good CD player. The material is 1978, sounds great.

  36. Joe Donato says:

    Looking at the performance dates: six straight days, six different cities with no days off! This looks like a solid SDE release for one of the best live albums ever.

  37. Brennan says:

    Finally! An instant purchase for me.

  38. johneffay says:

    Should be interesting – When it first came out, Schenker moaned about how they shouldn’t have released it because his playing wasn’t as good as usual (I seem to remember something about him claiming to have broken his favourite guitar as well?). It will be fun to compare all the different versions to see whether he had a point, or if he was just being his usual difficult self.

  39. Tim-Meh says:

    There’s also a standard black double vinyl as well as a ltd clear vinyl (1000) being released.

  40. Andrew Greenwood says:

    Why on earth have they split the original album into two? Just to make it look like the original vinyl I suppose, but it makes for short CDs. All the tracks will be repeated on the Chicago, Illinois and Louisville discs anyway
    The last remaster reordered the track list and put in two extra tracks from Youngstown and Cleveland( now included here) to make it into a full 1978 gig, but that is lost again as it is not needed, but really the original album is not needed here either.
    I think I would have just put in the 6 concerts and left it at that (I already have Cleveland on the Official Bootleg box set)
    This sounds a bit like griping, but of course I’ll be buying it

    • Mark Metalrockx says:

      Strangely the Cleveland show is missing the last two songs “Too hot to Handle” and “Shoot Shoot” on the Official Bootleg Box set. Don’t know why they left them off. This is the first time you get the complete gig…

    • Tom Kerrigan says:

      I would think the original album needs to be included as its the final result of the overdubs and studio tweaks that set it apart from being just straight untouched recordings. After listening to all 6 concerts, I think its fair to say, every song on the original SITN release has been cleaned up. I’m glad the original is included as it trucly makes this box “complete”.

  41. Keith Lambert says:

    Excellent news, thanks Paul!

  42. Isaías says:

    Yeah, great!!!

    But I’m waiting for the albums as deluxe editions as was told to be not only Phenomenon but the whole back catalogue as such!!!

    Can someone tell me something about it, please !?

  43. Paul Johnson says:

    I must admit to be terribly excited by this release, it’ll be fantastic to hear how the band approached the set differently every night, & you cannot have too much live UFO can you? Michael Schenker at his finest before he took a “break”, one point however; it’s a year late, the 40th anniversary of this iconic album was LAST year!

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