UK fans can save £100 on Metallica Super Deluxe Edition box sets


The forthcoming Metallica Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning boxes are really desirable, but frustratingly expensive, particularly in the UK. However, if you are clever with your purchasing ‘strategy’, British fans could save around £100 by looking abroad.

On Amazon in the UK, these super deluxe editions are an eye-watering £173, which is a total outlay of £346 plus shipping. However, in the USA Amazon are selling these boxes for $135 each which equates to about £96.

Obviously, you do have to taken into account shipping, but if you buy both boxes then ‘AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping’ (8-14 business days) postage is less than £10 to the UK. But what about import duty? Well, you can take all the uncertainty out of that equation, because US Amazon charge an ‘import fees deposit’ of £41.82. You pay this upfront and they sort it out for you. So no UPS man knocking at the door demanding some figure pulled from thin air.

At the time of writing, both Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning super deluxe boxes can be delivered to the UK from the USA with expedited shipping ALL IN for about £250. Still a hefty investment of course, but a saving of around £100 when compared to the Amazon UK price and about a £60 saving over Universal’s uDiscoverMusic store.

These are due out on 15 April. USA links are below.


Kill ‘Em All deluxe box (4LP+5CD+DVD+Book)

Ride The Lightning deluxe box (4LP+6CD+DVD+Book)



16 responses to UK fans can save £100 on Metallica Super Deluxe Edition box sets

  1. Sam says:

    Both boxsets are now priced 139.99€ at
    I have waited to see if the initial prices would drop or should I get these from Amazon USA instead but now I have finally ordered my copies.

  2. Richard Francis says:

    Is anyone having an issue regarding these sets being purchased from Spin…I am still waiting

  3. David says:

    Is there a different date for the UK release of these? Spin are showing 29th April for the box sets and Amazon UK have a Virgin EMI pressing of the vinyl only listed for 29th April. The box sets can also be ordered from Universal Music UK (Virgin EMI) for £150.00 plus postage – but these show a release date of 29th April. Is the 15th just the release date for the import version??? Confused.

  4. tom says:

    Sitting these one out and start saving for Master of Puppets.

  5. spot says:

    Is there a reason why nobody has mentioned that has the boxes cheaper than
    Last week, when I ordered from there, they were both around 110 € plus shipping, I paid around 230€ in total (I live in Germany)! Now I see that the KEA-Box is CDN$ 55 up, still cheap in comparison. Is there a difference between ordering from Canada or the US (custom wise)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Amazon Canada don’t do the upfront tax thing, so you can’t predict final cost easily to UK…

      • spot says:

        Thanks Paul, didn’t know that. Recieved my boxes yesterday and ended up paying around 56€ fees, wich means I paid less than 290€ alltogether for both boxes!

  6. karl says:

    Still too much

  7. Hermen says:

    Last time I orded a box set (wings at the speed of sound & venus and mars) from Wow-hd I had to pay almost €29 for the first one an €25 for the second one as an extra for import duties. I have orded Single cd’s and there weren’t duties. Boxes get those duties and it is a surprise how much it will be. For boxes etc. I stay in Europe…

  8. eric slangen says:

    Still too expensive for me. I will wait for them to come down. The first Zep boxes are now also about 90 euros so patience.

  9. Tyrone Tudor says:

    You must be joking? No marbles?

  10. Alan Wilson says:

    They mark the items down so they aren’t subject to import duty/tax, I’ve had high price items from them in the past, it’s the one place where I’ve NEVER been charged import duty and or VAT.

  11. Alan Wilson says:

    Alternatively, you could head over to CDWOW and buy them for:

    Ride the lightning £103.44
    Kill Em All £102.35

    That’s a total of £205.79 including delivery, you don’t get hit with customs from CDWow either, so I can only presume the have a European warehouse as well.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The last few people who left feedback about CDWow (or WowHD to use the new name) didn’t have good things to say about them. Doesn’t their stuff come from the Far East? In which case you WOULD be subject to import duty. Although you wouldn’t if you were ordering just a single CD due to the low cost.

      • IainM says:

        Company quietly went bust last year leaving orders (which they charged for upfront) unfulfilled. Web site redesigned with no mention of this until you asked customer services where outstanding cds were, when you were told (eventually): sorry that was another company. Shoddy service, the new company could have supplied and won goodwill, instead of being on “never deal with again list”.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          That’s called ‘pre-pack administration” I think. Company goes bust, leaves suppliers / customers up the spout, then rises from the dead as another legal entity claiming previous company is ‘nothing to do with them’.

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