Ultravox / Quartet white vinyl


The Weatherbox label follow up their Vienna vinyl reissue with a white vinyl pressing of Ultravox‘s 1982 album Quartet.

The record has remastered for 180g vinyl using the 2009 remasters and, as before, ‘initial pressings’ come with a bonus seven-inch single, this time with Serenade (7-inch edit) on the A-side and The Voice (Live) (fan club flexidisc version) on the flipside.

This album saw the band working with Beatles producer George Martin and four singles were issued: Reap The Wild Wind, Hymn, Visions In Blue and We Came To Dance.

This Quartet vinyl reissue is out on 25 May 2015.

Quartet LP

Side 1

1. Reap The Wild Wind
2. Serenade
3. Mine For Life
4. Hymn

Side 2

1. Visions In Blue
2. When The Scream Subsides
3. We Came To Dance
4. Cut And Run
5. The Song (We Go)

Bonus seven-inch

Side 1
1. Serenade (7inch Edit)

Side 2
1. The Voice (live) (Fanclub Flexidisc Version)

8 responses to Ultravox / Quartet white vinyl

  1. discoadam says:

    Just received my copy of Quartet today! I was one of the lucky 100 to get a numbered clear vinyl version (92 of 100)! Once again Weatherbox / have outdone themselves. First class heavy stock jacket repeating the matt-shine combo of the original issue front cover art work. As with their first Ultravox re-issue the record is inside a poly-lined paper sleeve and the white 7″ is in a clear vinyl envelope. Also enclosed is a card inner sleeve replicating the original. The clear vinyl is a thing of beauty. A very special re-issue indeed.

  2. Tom of FIN says:

    @discoadam/Rob Kirby: Wonderful news to hear that, indeed. @trash: controversial artworks in Rage in Eden back in the day is never read to me too.

  3. Rob Kirby says:

    Yes, I was rather expecting Rage to be next up too :) I think the intention is that all the 80s albums will be done this way.

    And Derek, you’re right – that edit of Serenade has never been issued previously, although its certainly been known about before now. I’ve yet to discover which of the four singles eventually took it’s place. My bet is that it was Hymn, as I recall Midge or Chris joking on Radio 1 at the time of its release that Chrysalis thought that, it being called Hymn, the song might do well in the Christmas market!

  4. discoadam says:

    I have a nice email from vinyl180 confirming that Rage in Eden is indeed in the pipeline for reissue.

    • trash says:

      Cool – that is good news.

      Hopefully it will be the original (controversial) artwork.


  5. Derek says:

    Am I right in thinking that the edit of Serenade is previously unreleased?

  6. trash says:

    Have to agree with you. Rage in Eden is my favourite of the Midge Ure-era albums.

    Ordered Quartet when it was announced – it’s been delayed twice since though.
    Seems to be happening a lot lately…

  7. Tom of FIN says:

    Underrated Rage in Eden deserved deluxe type of marketing better than any other Ultravox album after Vienna.

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