Ultravox / Vienna white vinyl LP


Ultravox‘s 1980 album Vienna is being reissued as a remastered vinyl LP next month (by Weatherbox) with initial copies pressed on 180g white vinyl and coming with a bonus white vinyl seven-inch single.

The record comes in a heavyweight sleeve and inner bag with full lyrics and the bonus seven-inch single includes live recordings of Sleepwalk and All Stood Still from August 1980 rehearsals at London’s Lyceum Ballroom.

Vienna was of course the first record to feature Midge Ure and the title track was a massive hit, infamously kept of the UK number one spot by Joe Dolce’s ‘comedy’ record Shaddap You Face.

The album will be reissued on vinyl on 8 December 2014. If you pre-order from the official Weatherbox store (Vinyl180) you might get a hand-numbered CLEAR vinyl version.

Track listing

Side 1
1. Astradyne
2. New Europeans
3. Private Lives
4. Passing Strangers
5. Sleepwalk

Side  2
1. Mr X
2. Western Promise
3. Vienna
4. All Stood Still

1. Sleepwalk Live
2. All Stood Still Live

9 responses to Ultravox / Vienna white vinyl LP

  1. Peter J Hopkins says:

    Do you have the Ultravox 180g White Vinyl LP & White Vinyl CD in stock yet??

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  3. trash says:

    Got given this for Christmas.
    At first I thought about returning it (as I have an original) but decided to open it and keep it and actually it is superb.
    – lovely white vinyl
    – nice 7″ which is also white vinyl
    – inner sleeve with lyrics (which I am pretty sure didn’t come with original
    pressings – unless mine isn’t as original as I thought)
    – nice textured outer sleeve (the originals were glossy)

    All in all a nice reissue!

  4. Worth pointing out that if you buy this from Amazon (currently £17.99), you also get the album available as an AutoRip and the version you get is the 2 disc, 20 track “Further Listening” remaster from 2008 that offers the 9 track album plus 11 further racks including live tracks, early versions and 12″ mixes, including the two tracks that feature om the enclosed 7″ white vinyl. Oh, and the digital booklet. Mustn’t forget the digital booklet ;-)

  5. trash says:

    Have to say that this looks lovely. Still have my original copy so possibly not worth getting but it does look nice.

    Joe Dolce – terrible terrible record indeed. I believe Midge eventually scored a number one with If I Was… but the rest of the Ultravox team will forever be dissapointed (and rightly so).

  6. Nigel Hall says:

    Nitpicky point – it was Joe Dolce not Dulce. Terrible record :-)

  7. Richard Dowling says:

    What is the point in releasing limited editions on RSD when they just become reissued?

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