Universal break open Free vinyl box

The albums in last year‘s Free Vinyl Collection box set will be available separately in September.

The box featured the six studio albums issued on Island Records, newly remastered by Andy Pearce.  The set also included the 1971 live album Free Live!

So if the box is too rich for you (and it’s not cheap these days), you now have the option to cherry pick your favourite albums. These will all be issued on 8 September 2017.

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Fire And Water [VINYL]


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Free At Last [VINYL]


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Heartbreaker [VINYL]


Albums available separately:

  1. Tons of Sobs
  2. Free
  3. Fire and Water
  4. Highway
  5. Free at Last
  6. Heartbreaker
  7.  Free Live!  

17 responses to Universal break open Free vinyl box

  1. Steven Roberts says:

    Will probably spring for some of these when they get listed in a SoundOfVinyl sale at some point (like the Sting, the Rainbow, the Hackett, the Costello etc. etc….)

  2. oneworld says:

    These are Individual releases, So the original outer box with incorrect picture does not now apply as that’s Not what your getting here……..Just the LPs

  3. AlexKx says:

    Oh, I have been told by the moderator that that was discuss a year and so therefor it will not be any more here. There also will be no tolerance of anyone who tries to. Oh, and you are a bad person for dare mentioning it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You are repeating something that was pointed out a year ago. That is not news and not adding anything to the debate. Yes that mistake was annoying, but let’s not contrive to be ‘outraged’ all over again, 12 months later.

      • Stevie B says:

        Perhaps a polite couple of sentence response to AlexKx would have been more appropriate. Like me, he may well have been unaware of a discussion on the website a year ago.

  4. Peter Anderson says:

    Picked up the vinyl box new for around £80 last year and very glad I did despite the wrong pic on rear of outer cover

  5. Michael Leek says:

    I tried several times to play the pictures on my turntable, the sound was stiff and two dimensional – gave up after a while so my stylus didn’t get damaged.
    Conversely, the black plastic stuff sounded rich, warm and vibrant – great pressings, a must for any Free fan with a decent platter…

    • andrew r says:

      I conversely tried looking at the black vinyl for hidden messages but could find none.
      Was reduced to bitching about reversed writing credits and incorrect typeface.
      If i wanted just perfect sound, shmcd is probably better than vinyl, if one bothers to go down the vinyl route the package should be correct in all aspects.

  6. Mark Carroll says:

    Free… ABSOLUTELY SUPERB BAND. Remember (Fire & Water) has my all time favourite Guitar solo on it…

  7. John C says:

    Does anyone know if the recent 5 cd box used the remasters

  8. AlexKx says:

    The picture of one of the covers on the back are wrong and missprinted twice. Please show the back cover of the box set…

  9. Eric says:

    These are VERY much worth owning. The sound on them is pretty fantastic. Sure, go ahead and spend a lot tracking down the UK Pink Island 1st pressings, which are the gold standard. Otherwise, this box very affordably gives the fans the opportunity to hear this important band in all their glory. I have quite a few pressings of each of the above and I can attest to their quality….Don’t Pass.

  10. Truthsayer says:

    Not heard about the issues andrew r is referring to but I think I`ll wait until these LPs feature in one of Universal`s 2 for £15 sales. This has happened with all the box sets Universal have put out and then released the contents singularly; John Lennon, CCR, The Who, Bob Marley, Kiss. The list goes on, save `n` wait.

    • Truthsayer says:

      Just like I predicted, the LPs are now broken up, just wait ’till Universal have a sale in 6 months thruogh their many on-line outlets, 2 for £15 anyone?

  11. andrew r says:

    From what i have heard there are issues with manufacture, credit reversal,
    font size and colour. Another cash grab vinyl release? Pass

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