Van Halen / The Studio Albums box

Van Halen /  The Studio Albums

On Monday 25 February Rhino will release Van Halen: The Studio Albums.

This limited edition box set (only one production run)  compromises Van Halen’s first six albums spanning 1976 to 1984 – effectively the David Lee Roth-era – and contains some of their best known songs including Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, Runnin’ With The Devil, Jump, Dance The Night Away, Unchained, Everybody Wants Some, Hot For Teacher and Panama.

The CDs will be packaged in the usual card vinyl replica jackets, housed in a clamshell box.

The Studio Albums track listing

CD1) VAN HALEN: 1 Runnin’ With The Devil, 2 Eruption,
3 You Really Got Me, 4 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love , 5 I’m The One, 6 Jamie’s Cryin’,
7 Atomic Punk, 8 Feel Your Love Tonight, 9 Little Dreamer, 10 Ice Cream Man, 11 On Fire

CD2) VAN HALEN II: 1 You’re No Good, 2 Dance The Night Away,
3 Somebody Get Me A Doctor, 4 Bottoms Up!, 5 Outta Love Again, 6 Light Up The Sky,
7 Spanish Fly, 8 D.O.A, 9 Women In Love, 10 Beautiful Girls,

CD3) WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST: 1 And The Cradle Will Rock,
2 Everybody Wants Some!, 3 Fools, 4 Romeo Delight, 5 Tora! Tora!, 6 Loss Of Control,
7 Take Your Whiskey Home, 8 Could This Be Magic?, 9 In A Simple Rhyme,

CD4) FAIR WARNING: 1 Mean Street, 2 Dirty Movies, 3 Sinner’s Swing!,
4 Hear About It Later, 5 Unchained, 6 Push Comes To Shove, 7 So This Is Love?,
8 Sunday Afternoon In The Park, 9 One Foot Out The Door,

CD5) DIVER DOWN: 1 Where Have All The Good Times Gone!, 2 Hang ‘Em High,
3 Cathedral, 4 Secrets, 5 Intruder, 6 (Oh) Pretty Woman, 7 Dancing In The Street,
8 Little Guitars (Intro), 9 Little Guitars, 10 Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now),
11 The Full Bug, 12 Happy Trails,

CD6) 1984: 1 1984, 2 Jump, 3 Panama, 4 Top Jimmy, 5 Drop Dead Legs, 6 Hot For Teacher, 7 I’ll Wait, 8 Girl Gone Bad, 9 House Of Pain,


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  3. marc says:

    Most disappointing thing is that they do not feature any Outtakes/Demos/B-Sides.

  4. Beat Takeshi says:

    this product is MADE in USA or not made in usa
    I’m only buy USA cd’s

    thank you from answer

  5. Eric says:

    £24 for this set is about twice what the earlier Warner sets were going for. albeit this has 6 CDs and not 5. Unless storage space is an issue, it probably works out better to get the individual jewelcase reissues from a few years back. They’re all way under £5, even as low as £3.

  6. Neil says:

    You could pick up the six of these individually remastered with booklets for less than what they are asking for this box set. I much prefer the Hagar era of Van Halen and it’s about high time those albums were getting the remaster treatment which so far have only been available in remastered form from Japan a while back.

  7. Sean says:

    This item is NOT being released in the USA! Arrrgh!

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