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This December, Van Morrison will release Versatile, his second album in less than three months!

Versatile is Morrison’s 38th studio album, and combines jazz standards such as I Get A Kick Out Of You, Makin’ Whoopee and A Foggy Day with updated renditions of Morrison originals, including I Forgot That Love Existed, Only A Dream and Start All Over Again. The album also includes a brand new song called Broken Record.

Versatile will be issued on CD and two-LP vinyl on 1 December 2017.

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Van Morrison

Versatile - CD Edition


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Van Morrison

Versatile - 2LP vinyl


Versatile / CD Edition

1. “Broken Record” (Van Morrison)
2. “A Foggy Day” (George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin)
3. “Let’s Get Lost” (Frank Loesser and Jimmy McHugh)
4. “Bye Bye Blackbird” (Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon)
5. “Skye Boat Song” (Traditional arranged by Van Morrison)
6. “Take It Easy Baby” (Van Morrison)
7. “Makin’ Whoopee” (Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn)
8. “I Get a Kick Out of You” (Cole Porter)
9. “I Forgot That Love Existed” (Van Morrison)
10. “Unchained Melody” (Alex North and Hy Zaret)
11. “Start All Over Again” (Van Morrison)
12. “Only A Dream” (Van Morrison)
13. “Affirmation” featuring Sir James Galway (Van Morrison)
14. “The Party’s Over” (Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Jule Styne)
15. “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” (George Cory and Douglass Cross)
16. “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” (George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin)

Versatile / 2LP Vinyl

Side A

  1. Broken Record
  2. A Foggy Day
  3. Let’s Get Lose
  4. Bye Bye Blackbird
  5. Skye Boat Song

Side B

  1. Take It Easy Baby
  2. Makin’ Whoopee
  3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
  4. I Forgot That Love Existed

Side C

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Start All Over Again
  3. Only A Dream

Side D

  1. Affirmation
  2. The Party’s Over
  3. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  4. They Can’t Take That Away From Me

35 responses to Van Morrison / Versatile

  1. Geoff Kavanagh says:

    My set was delivered two days ago! So they are showing up in North America.

  2. Geoff Kavanagh says:

    Has anyone in North America who ordered the super deluxe bundle received it yet? I know of two orders that have not arrived yet, mine (which is being shipped to Canada) and my friend’s (which is being shipped to the US).

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  4. Dibbsy says:

    I received my Versatile super deluxe bundle today and confirm there is a poster which I can only assume is hand signed by Van himself which replicates the cover of the album. I have been impressed with Universal in this case. I actually have the bundle in my hand on the advertised day of issue!

  5. Geoff Kavanagh says:

    Hi just got the following email from the support staff for the Van Morrison website:

    Hello Geoffrey.

    Thank you for the email.
    I can confirm this will be hand signed.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Kind Regards
    Customer service support

    No word though about whether or not the bundle is sold out.

  6. Geoff Kavanagh says:

    I’m having a difficult time determining whether the “Super Deluxe Bundle” with the signed print is sold out. A couple of times when I have gone on the site, it has been “sold out” but the next time that I go on, that notice is no longer there. I have emailed the help /support people about this but they have not responded.
    Also, I asked whether the print will be hand signed by Van Morrison but there has been no reply to this question,
    Any thoughts?

  7. Denis Healy says:

    This looks like we may not be getting the long-promised “The Healing Game” 20th anniversary set. Released in 1997, the anniversary edition was to be 3 CD with a disc of b-sides / unreleased tracks and a live disc.

    Still, we have done well in the past couple of years. Three new discs and DVD show for “It’s too late to stop now”, three new albums, a disc of unreleased versions from the “Bang sessions”, various vinyl reissues, a superb “Complete Them”, expanded versions of “Astral Weeks” and “Band and Street Choir” and a not bad “Duets” album. Plenty to be getting on with.

    • helltoupee says:

      agree with what you wrote but………….Morrison’s backcatalogue is always a mess. If one doesn’t buy his remastered discs upon release, one risks being unable to buy them in a very short period of time before they go out of print. Try to find a copy of “Veedon Fleece” for example. Albums get reissued (in, to me, no logical order) and quickly no longer available. I might be the only one that feels this way but this has always seemed liked a VM issue as opposed to a record company decision. I know there are several records I would immediately purchase if they were available and I’m guessing I’m not the only one here that feels that way

  8. Norrie MacLean says:

    Well if the lp is anything like his Glasgow gig on Tuesday we are in for a treat.

  9. Nick says:

    Good Luck if you Order the Deluxe Signed Bundle!

    I’m still waiting for my Signed Deluxe Bundle of Roll With The Punches – Gold Vinyl LP / CD / TShirt!

    Van Mossions Webstore are Shocking – They Never Reply to Emails (emailed them 9 times in the last 3 weeks ) and Ive had Roll With The Punches on order for over 3 months now A Joke!

    It seems these Big Name Distributors are Getting beyond a Joke / Don’t even start me on My Tom Petty Webstore Orders – Or my PledgeMusic Orders! ……. I am having problems with all of them and None of them reply……

  10. Benjamin Adams says:

    Oh look, another standards album.


  11. MFG says:

    I’m more interested in a deluxe edition of Saint Dominic’s Preview, and maybe Tupelo Honey as well. Any news on the reissue front?

  12. alang38 says:

    Unless I’ve missed something maybe its about the songs?

  13. FRENCHY ERIC says:

    Back on top ? Hasn’t been since then…
    Too many forgettable albums in the 00’s and 10’s !

  14. richie says:

    This is a truly great site Paul, you should encourage readers letters where they can let loose their moans and groans, oh, they already do. Hur hur hur.

  15. David M says:

    Compared to the last one, this is one of the greatest covers ever! And actually it is fine. Not sure why people complain so much.

  16. GHB says:

    Signed Super Deluxe Edition also available from his website for £100 is anyone is interested too. The bundle includes:
    Versatile Double Vinyl LP
    Versatile CD
    Limited Edition 7″
    Versatile T-Shirt
    Signed Print
    Lyric Sheet
    Looks like Dylan’s three recent ‘standards’ albums set a trend!

  17. RJS says:

    I think the cover looks OK!

  18. Stevie B says:

    If this site has been in existence in 1968 I can imagine some of the responses to the Beatles ‘white’ album cover…”terrible, lazy, they’re not even trying etc etc”.

    As for Van… this is a nice retro-style cover, well proportioned, simple, evocative of 1950s jazz long players.

  19. Lemmin says:

    The album cover is awesome actually, it reminds me a lot of the Jazz covers of the 50’s. Contrary to others I think he actually was trying here, especially considering the effort on the last one.

  20. Mark S says:

    Van, Neil Young and Robert Pollard the most prolific artists, songwriters ever. And why do so many people get so fried over album covers? Lol I happen to like it and I remember the firestorm over the stones blue and lonesome also laughable.

  21. BritinDetroit says:

    Following the June 2016 reissue of ITLTSN in various volumes, I was full of optimism that Van’s catalog would be the subject of a thoughtful SDE program. I can only hope that something fab gear is lurking behind Roll with the Punches and now this Dylanesk second disc

  22. Charles Christopher says:

    An old Blue Note cover might be what the artist was going for, but it’s very blandly rendered, as if no effort was put into it. It has a very “that’ll do” feeling about it.

  23. Marco says:

    Terrible cover this one? And what about Roll With The Punches? Anyway, Van has always been bad with album covers in the same way he has always been great with album titles.

  24. Simon Taylor says:

    Saw this last week over on the Steve Hoffman forum. Assumed there that this was not an official Van approved release. Why release a new album then 3 months later release this?

  25. Paul Kennedy says:

    The cover reminds me of a lot of 50’s Blue Note releases …Thought Roll with the punches was a good album …Looking forward to this …

  26. jan says:

    Terrible cover makes a lazy record?

  27. Charles Christopher says:

    Album cover art: no one’s trying anymore.
    The same goes for ‘standards’ albums, IMO, though I’m s sure some people will genuinely enjoy this.

  28. Mark Hanson says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad cover. Looks like a retro 50’s jazz album.

  29. Tim says:

    Feels like a lazy record…

  30. colm47 says:

    Long time Van fan but another terrible LP cover.

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