Velvet Underground / Exclusive French coloured vinyl singles

The Philharmonie de Paris have just kicked off a four and a half month Velvet Underground exhibition called New York Extravaganza and to celebrate, French retailer FNAC are selling two exclusive coloured vinyl seven-inch records.

One is a repress of the Head Held High/Train Round the Bend single and the other Sweet Jane/Rock & Roll. All tracks are from 1970’s Loaded which was reissued as a 45th anniversary set last October.

Both seven-inch vinyl records appear totally exclusive to FNAC and are released on 3 April 2016.



FNAC France Pre-order: Head Held High/Round The Bend 7″


VFNAC France Pre-order: Sweet Jane/Rock & Roll 7″

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  2. George Law says:

    For info: fnac is country wide and a fantastic promoter of live music throughout France, and with the demise of the Virgin Mega stores in larger cities, they provide a wide range of music, equipment, books and dvds on all genres including international and UK artists. Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean it’s none existent.

  3. Iain McCarthy says:

    These look great! I have ordered both. I’ve always loved the ‘Loaded’ artwork.

  4. eric slangen says:

    Thanks Paul,



    I haven’t heard of FNAC since the early/mid 90s when they were selling exclusive comp cds which proved to be a great bargain for Europeans coming to London and swapping them in the secondhand record shops as they always sold really well … I always wondered what became of them!

  6. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Ordered… it says it also comes with stickers.

  7. Paul Thomson says:

    Wish I had seen the Cale concert advertised before now as I’d have been there! Damn.

  8. Si says:

    Well worth a punt, took me back to my French lessons at school! Thanks for the shout, they look very collectible, let’s hope the coloured vinyl looks as cool as the sleeves. Cheers.

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