Visage / The Wild Life: The Best of 1978 to 2015 / new compilation


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  1. Chris Bennett says:

    I have been a Visage fan for years and what I find most frustrating is the number of Visage compilations that have been released yet they are generally the same tracks bar the odd one that you get on all the various ‘Best Of’s’.

    This compilation is different from previous releases as it contains tracks from the latter part of Visage’s career. Apart from the remix of ‘Hidden Sign’, however, these are all standard album versions or single versions that have been released on most previous compilations.

    As a fan, what I would have liked to see is a singles collection containing the A and B sides of all 7″, 12″ and CD single releases. Or better still, a CD collection of the albums with the all the single A and B sides added as bonus tracks and also include the ‘Fade To Grey’ and ‘Beat Boy’ albums in both the vinyl versions and dance remix versions which were only previously released on cassette.

    There are still Visage tracks that have only ever previously been released on vinyl back in the 1980’s or have had a very limited CD release: ‘Frequency 7’, ‘Second Steps’, ‘Fade To Grey’ Dance mixes (there are 6:17 and 6:44 versions released in Germany and Canada respectively), ‘Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)’, ‘Pleasure Boys (Black Leather Remix)’, ‘The Anvil (Dance Mix)’, ‘Pleasure Boys (Bonus Beats)’, ‘Night Train (Dance Mix)’, ‘Night Train (Dub Mix)’, ‘I’m Still Searching’, ‘Motivation’, ‘Beat Boy (Dance Mix)’, ‘Beat Boy (Dance Dub)’, ‘Love Glove (Full Version)’, ‘Love Glove (Instrumental)’ and ‘She’s A Machine’. It would have been great to finally have these on a CD release.

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