Warners issue update with regards to “Heroes” sound issue in Bowie box

Following fan criticism about sound issues during the title track of David Bowie‘s “Heroes” album, within the A New Career In A New Town box set (detailed here), Warner Music has now issued detailed instructions as to how people go about claiming replacement vinyl or CDs…

The record label have issued the following statement:

We can now confirm that the “Heroes” audio has been updated via all digital download and streaming partners. CD and LP discs (in a plain sleeve) will be ready to ship week commencing 11th December.

Those who have bought the ANCIANT box set and would like an updated disc of “Heroes” should send an email to Your email should contain the following info:

• SHIPPING ADDRESS (and any delivery instructions)
• PHONE NUMBER (required by some delivery providers)
• PROOF OF PURCHASE (email attachment / photo / scan / screen grab / etc.)

Please ensure that you limit the content of your email to these details only so that the Warner Music Customer Services team can process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If fans are wondering about what they will get if they order the box set now, that hasn’t really been addressed, but the assumption is that you would get the old version and would need to claim a replacement disc. I will update again if I hear differently.

A New Career In A New Town is out now. It’s currently available as part of Amazon Germany’s 3-for-2 on physical music.

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David Bowie

A new career in a new town - 13LP vinyl box


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David Bowie

A new career in a new town - 11CD box



13LP Box Set:

84 Page hardback book

Low (remastered) (1LP)
(remastered) (1LP)
“Heroes” E.P. 
(remastered) (12” Single)*
(remastered) (2LP Yellow Vinyl) *
Stage (2017) 
(remastered)  (3LP)
(remastered) (1LP)
(Tony Visconti 2017 Mix) (1LP)*
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Re:Call 3 
(non-album singles, single versions and b-sides) (remastered) (2LP)*

* Exclusive to ‘A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)’

11 CD Box Set:

128 Page hardback book

Low (remastered) (1CD)
(remastered) (1CD)
“Heroes” E.P. 
(remastered) (CD EP)*
(remastered) (2CD)*
Stage (2017) 
(remastered) (2CD)
(remastered) (1CD)
(Tony Visconti 2017 Mix) (1CD)*
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 

Re:Call 3 (non-album singles, single versions and b-sides) (remastered) (1CD)*

* Exclusive to ‘A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)’

Detailed CD & Vinyl Tracklistings (showing Vinyl side breaks)



Released on RCA PL 12030 (U.K.) / CPL1-2030 (U.S.) on 14thJanuary, 1977.

Side 1
1. Speed Of Life
2. Breaking Glass
3. What In The World
4. Sound And Vision
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car
6. Be My Wife
7. A New Career In A New Town

Side 2
1. Warszawa
2. Art Decade
3. Weeping Wall
4. Subterraneans


Released on RCA PL 12522 (U.K.) / AFL1-2522 (U.S.) on 14th October, 1977.

Side 1
1. Beauty And The Beast
2. Joe The Lion
3. “Heroes”
4. Sons Of The Silent Age
5. Blackout

Side 2
1. V-2 Schneider
2. Sense Of Doubt
3. Moss Garden
4. Neuköln
5. The Secret Life Of Arabia

Side 1
1. “Heroes”/”Helden” (German album version)
2. “Helden” (German single version)

Side 2
1. “Heroes”/”Héros” (French album version)
2. “Héros” (French single version)

STAGE (Original)

Released on RCA PL 02913 (U.K.) / CPL2-2913 (U.S.) on 8thSeptember, 1978.

Side 1
1. Hang On To Yourself
2. Ziggy Stardust
3. Five Years
4. Soul Love
5. Star

Side 2
1. Station To Station
2. Fame
3. TVC 15

Side 3
1. Warszawa
2. Speed Of Life
3. Art Decade
4. Sense Of Doubt
5. Breaking Glass

Side 4
1. “Heroes”
2. What In The World
3. Blackout
4. Beauty And The Beast

STAGE (2017)
Side 1
1. Warszawa
2. “Heroes”
3. What In The World

Side 2
1. Be My Wife
2. The Jean Genie *
3. Blackout
4. Sense Of Doubt

Side 3
1. Speed Of Life
2. Breaking Glass
3. Beauty And The Beast
4. Fame

Side 4
1. Five Years
2. Soul Love
3. Star
4. Hang On To Yourself
5. Ziggy Stardust
6. Suffragette City *

Side 5
1. Art Decade
2. Alabama Song
3. Station To Station

Side 6
1. Stay
2. TVC 15

* Previously unreleased


Released on RCA PL 13254 (U.K.) / APL1-3254 (U.S.) on 18th May, 1979.

LODGER (2017 Tony Visconti mix)
Side 1
1. Fantastic Voyage
2. African Night Flight
3. Move On
4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live)
5. Red Sails

Side 2
1. D.J.
2. Look Back In Anger
3. Boys Keep Swinging
4. Repetition
5. Red Money


Released on RCA BOWLP 2 (PL 13647) (U.K.) / AQL1-3647 (U.S.) on 12th September, 1980.

Side 1
1. It’s No Game (Part 1)
2. Up The Hill Backwards
3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
4. Ashes To Ashes
5. Fashion

Side 2
1. Teenage Wildlife
2. Scream Like A Baby
3. Kingdom Come
4. Because You’re Young
5. It’s No Game (Part 2)

Side 1
1. “Heroes” (single version)
2. Beauty And The Beast (extended version)
3. Breaking Glass (Australian single version)
4. Yassassin (single version)
5. D.J. (single version)

Side 2
1. Alabama Song
2. Space Oddity (1979 version)
3. Ashes To Ashes (single version)
4. Fashion (single version)
5. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version)

Side 3
1. Crystal Japan
2. Under Pressure (single version) – Queen and David Bowie
3. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (soundtrack album version)
4. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy * – David Bowie and Bing Crosby
* mono

Side 4
Bertolt Brecht’s Baal
1. Baal’s Hymn
2. Remembering Marie A.
3. Ballad Of The Adventurers
4. The Drowned Girl
5. The Dirty Song

The running order for Re:Call 3 CD differs from the vinyl version

1. “Heroes” (single version)
2. Beauty And The Beast (extended version)
3. Breaking Glass (Australian single version)
4. Yassassin (single version)
5. D.J. (single version)
6. Alabama Song
7. Space Oddity (1979 version)
8. Ashes To Ashes (single version)
9. Fashion (single version)
10.Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version)
11.Crystal Japan
12.Under Pressure (single version) – Queen and David Bowie

Bertolt Brecht’s Baal
13.Baal’s Hymn
14.Remembering Marie A.
15.Ballad Of The Adventurers
16.The Drowned Girl
17.The Dirty Song
18.Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (soundtrack album version)

19.Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy * – David Bowie and Bing Crosby
* mono

183 responses to Warners issue update with regards to “Heroes” sound issue in Bowie box

  1. Ryk says:

    I just purchased ANCIANT and emailed to get the replacement vinyl. After a couple of days they responded with “The offer for replacement discs of “Heroes” from the David Bowie box set “A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)” has now come to an end. We apologise for the inconvenience, and understand it must be disappointing. However, the version of the album with the updated “Heroes” is available from all streaming and download services, as well as on individual CD and LP via all good physical outlets.”

    So, if I do want the replacement, I now have to track down a copy and pay for it. Also, suggesting download is not an option, as I purchased vinyl and would like a vinyl replacement.

    • Ryan says:

      What is the exact track and time code if the audio drop? I just got my box set and I’d like to check it.

  2. James says:

    On 12 January I received an email telling me my replacements had been dispatched and would arrive within 20 business days. I am pleased to say that they finally arrived yesterday, 22 March, a full 70 days since they were dispatched. I live in Canada but for some reason the address on the package listed my country as ‘USA’. The package was shipped from the UK and ended up in Virginia for reasons I am sure nobody will know. Thankfully it eventually made its way to me. The box was badly damaged with a huge hole in the side. I have not played the contents (2 LPs, 2 CDs) but they look okay. Fingers-crossed.

  3. Tom Kristensen says:

    Got my replacement copy of the “Heroes” LP today. Sounds great! Big thanks to superduperdeluxeedition and the nice people at Warner Music Customer Services. Cheers!

  4. Paul says:

    Received my replacement “Heroes”. Track volume issue seems fixed!

  5. PC says:

    I got my replacement CD. I don’t think I would have known about it were it not for this site. Thanks, Paul.

  6. Fitzysbuna says:

    got my replacement in the mail today! thanks for giving the information Paul otherwise I would have never known about it !

  7. GaryB says:

    Requested my replacement CD and vinyl early January. Email came back Jan 18th that request was received. Lastest update received on replacement was Feb 8th. Still waiting for more replacements to send out. As of Feb 28th nothing.

  8. Jozek says:

    My replacement came today

  9. Simon says:

    Got my replacement disc this morning. It came in a plain paper sleeve I was hoping for a coloured sleeve with info on. Still all sorted now

  10. M. T. BARNES says:

    Is anyone else still awaiting a replacement CD ?. As I’d heard nothing, I messaged them again to be advised they are awaiting more stock due to high demand.

    • Sami says:

      Im still waiting here aswell for CD + LP replacements.
      I immediately contacted them when the replacement-program was announced, and week ago I got this email:
      “Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are waiting for more copies of the replacements to be produced.
      As soon as we receive these your copy will be dispatched to you.”

      And today came this one:
      “Please accept our apologies in the delay in dispatch of the replacement.
      We are not expecting to receive the replacements until mid to late February unfortunately.”

      • Sami says:

        Paul, do you know anything more of this replacement-thing?
        Do you have any connections whatsoever?
        Today, I got email that basically said this when I asked if they could provide me email notice when the replacements are being dispatched:
        “Unfornately, you will not receive an email. Could you please contact us in mid February so that we can give you more information on this.”
        Im disappointed how they have dealt with the matter. Pretty poor handled by them.
        I don’t understand as I asked for the replacements immediately I saw it mentioned here on the SuperDeluxeEdition-pages on december 8th.
        If you need, I can provide and send you all the replies I’ve received from them.

  11. Monkey RobbL says:

    I received my replacement “Heroes” disc today. Listening right now to figure out if I can tell the difference.

    Here’s the Discogs record for the replacement disc, so I’m not the only one:

    • Monkey RobbL says:

      Update: Yes, you can tell both visibly (I was using Fission to open both files) and audibly that the volume problem (boost at 2:42, cut at 2:50) is fixed on the replacement CD.

  12. Martin Kyprianides says:

    I wonder why some of us haven’t received our replacements yet, despite sending off for them a while ago, yet other have and fairly quickly in some cases.

    Paul: is it possible you can find out what is going on here?

  13. David Harold says:

    Got my Heroes LP yesterday. Plain card sleeve with just the disk in an inner sleeve. Sent my DPD signed for. I bought the CDs in the recent Amazon offer too so just sending off for a replacement disk for that too – can confirm that as of last week the sets shipping were still the duff ones.

  14. Nico says:

    Got my replacement LP in the mail today. i live in France. i sent the first email on december 8, a second one on jan 4.
    did not have a chance to listen to it yet.

  15. David Ryan says:

    Ordered my “Heroes” replacement CD on the 8th January. Arrived one week later. Happy days. Thanks Paul for keeping us in the loop.

    • Martin Kyprianides says:

      That was quick David Ryan! I sent my email and receipts on 13 December and still nothing in terms of product, although I did get an email with a case reference. I’ve chased it again tonight. Seems like a long time I am waiting for my CDs and vinyl. I need 2 CDs as one set I bought (at the same time I got mine) was a Christmas present for someone.

  16. CS says:

    Just checked with Warner as they have raised an order for the replacement but no disc yet (vinyl). I got an instant reply from Warner saying that due to the high demand they are waiting for more discs and will send out as soon as they get them.

  17. Sami says:

    How would say Paul I should do with this matter?
    Do you know more about this, if there’s many people that haven’t received replacements yet?
    Thanks for the blog and providing deals, but also helping around.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you haven’t received your replacement, no harm in sending another email chasing it.

      • Sami says:

        I did sent enquiry back 2 days ago to both messages that I got.
        No replies yet, I will inform here if get anything.

      • Sami says:

        Just got this reply, hopefully it will mean that I will get both cd and lp as requested:

        “Hello Sami

        Apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this.

        Thank you for providing us with your proof of purchase receipt, we have now raised the replacement for you”.

  18. Sami says:

    I sent my information, details and the fact that I want both cd+lp, addresses and scans of the AmazonUK-receipts to the given email-address when this was mentioned here.
    Anyways, then on january 4 I received 2 messages (same messages with differing case-numbers) from them:
    “We are currently working through all requests so may not be able to respond to you immediately.
    Once your replacement has been processed, we will provide you with an order confirmation email so that you know that your copy is being arranged for you.”

    Since then I haven’t heard anything, so yesterday I sent enquiry on the approximate time for the delivery.
    Should I just wait here or contact them again?
    I just hope that I will receive the replacements..

  19. James says:

    On Friday 12 January I received an email telling me that my replacements have been dispatched and should take 20 business days. I am in Canada so I will let you know when they arrive. I am expecting two vinyl and two CD replacements as I bought both sets for myself and both sets for a friend.

  20. Rob says:

    Three days after requesting it, my replacement Heroes vinyl arrived today. Just in the inner sleeve understandably.

  21. Christo says:

    I just received an email telling me that my replacement vinyl heroes disc has been dispatched and I should receive in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

  22. Arr Gee says:

    “If fans are wondering about what they will get if they order the box set now, that hasn’t really been addressed, but the assumption is that you would get the old version and would need to claim a replacement disc.”

    I got the old version yesterday so am requesting replacement.

  23. Rob says:

    Warners seem to have sorted out their processes. I only requested my replacement vinyl last night, immediately received an auto reply with case number to acknowledge my request and the following morning had another email confirming it was being processed along with an order number.

    The second email had an apology for the delay in coming back to me, suggesting it was a template they used as they couldn’t have been quicker!

    All seems good :)

  24. Arr Gee says:

    Ignore my post on the other thread!

  25. Dean Taylor says:

    My cd turned up today and my vinyl is now on its way . I hope with this problem solved we can all start to appreciate this set for what it is which is bloody fantastic . And let’s not forget Amazon who took quite a hit on all of this .

  26. Andrew F. says:

    Just to let you know I received my replacement CD and vinyl in today’s post. I’m in the U.K.

    Hopefully the rest of you will start to see your packages arrive too.

  27. Richard Simons says:

    Why no “Rebel Rebel” on “Stage 2017” ? The next re-issue ?

  28. Ray Culkin says:

    I sent initial email on 8 December and resent it on 4 January. I received an acknowledgment and case number within the hour. Both vinyl and CD replacements arrived today.
    Great site Paul. Keep up the good work.

    • Julian Hancock says:

      I haven’t had anything.

    • Martin Kyprianides says:

      I sent my email on 13 December. I am waiting on 2 CDs (1 was a gift), and 1 vinyl. Got an email and case number on 4 January but nothing since. What’s going on? Shouldn’t take this long should it?

  29. Kevin Grange says:

    Replacement LP received today …

  30. Steve W says:

    I received notification of my email yesterday. Happy to wait now I know it’s on the way. :)

  31. Kenneth Tilley says:

    yippee my replacement cd arrived this morning, friday 5th jan.

  32. Chris Lawson says:

    Got my replacement LP today. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet. Fingers crossed…

  33. Tom Kristensen says:

    Received my case number and apology regarding the LP yesterday. Remember, the John Lennon “Rock `n` Roll” replacement LP took nearly six months before I got it.

  34. Mario says:

    After having sent Warner’s three emails in the last three weeks I’m glad to advise that today I received three replies from them. So I assume that a copy will eventually arrive……….

  35. Murray Robbins says:

    Got my case number too! Thanks again to you Paul!
    Happy New Year!

  36. CS says:

    PS I’m in the UK

  37. CS says:

    Just got a reply from Warner with case number and apology for the delay, so just waiting for the replacement. Yipee

  38. Matt says:

    Just received an email confirmation with a “case number”. Good to know that they’re working on it.

  39. MART BARNES says:

    Additional email sent today (original on 08.12.17) – as I’m still awaiting replacement disc & no contact received. Within minutes, a response was given – apologising for delay, assigning a case number. I was also advised that a confirmation email will be sent once my replacement has been processed. PROGRESS!

    • Carlo Lo Cascio says:

      Hi, could you please confirm the email address to request the replacement?
      Many thanks

  40. Simon says:

    Sent my request again yesterday and have now eventually had a reply today tellling me they would now take action. Pretty poor service I think.

  41. Kevin Grange says:

    I have just re-sent my email giving all details and proof of purchase and within a minute I received a reply to say an order has been raised for a replacement vinyl LP and an order number has been given and should I have any further issues to email them again quoting the order number. Hopefully disc will be arriving soon.

  42. Steve says:

    I had an email yesterday with an apology for the delays and the new disc arrived today.

    • Nico says:

      Great news! Could you please tell me the country you live in? I have the feeling that UK is being taken care of first.

  43. Oliver says:

    I sent my request at 11. Dec, at 22. Dec and today again. Still no reply :-(

  44. Christophe Bornier says:

    Following my message on this thread on the 29/12, I resent my initial email and got a reply today saying that they apologized for the delay and that my replacement cd is being sent today. So things are happening with a little bit of patience. ☺

  45. Kenneth Tilley says:

    Wonders will never cease, i have just got an email from them with exactly the same wording as Frank’s reply. Looks like it’s finally happening ))

  46. Frank says:

    I send my email yesterday (02.01.18 12.34) and get an answer at 02.01.18 14:57:

    Hello Frank,

    Apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this.
    Thank you for providing us with your proof of purchase receipt, we have now raised the replacement for you.
    Your order number is …
    If you have any further questions at all, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Warner Music Customer Services

    I use the above email “”.

  47. Kenneth Tilley says:

    I’ve just sent a message to them, doing something is better than nothing. I just read somewhere that the replacement cds started shipping 11th december, i don’t know anyone that’s got one. It’s really winding me up, i recall i emailed to get a replacement King Crimson bluray disc and i got it in 24 hours. Is WMG just taking the Pxxs or can’t they care less, they take the money quick enough.
    End of rant ))

  48. Young Dude says:

    Ummmm seems like we’ve been here before. So Chris Lawson you’re suggesting we all get together and complain to WMG about us complaining to Parlophone that there was an issue with ‘Heroes’ that we’re now complaining to WMG about because they haven’t replaced discs on an issue we complained about……err aren’t we going to disppear up our ______ if we go on like this.

  49. Chris Lawson says:

    I’ve sent my details twice and heard nothing back.

    Here’s WMG’s contact page. I’ve emailed them maybe everyone else should, too:

  50. Steve says:

    I sent my email on the day paul posted on his blog.
    I had no reply and have had no replacement as yet.
    Also thought it odd that there’s no word of this on the official Bowie site? Or have I missed it there?

  51. Alan Rosoff says:

    I too have received no response to two emails. Has anyone received an email.let alone a replacement disc?

  52. Christophe Bornier says:

    I live in France but I placed my original order with AMAZON UK…I sent my email like others when the anouncement of the replacement was made on this website. I have not heard nor received anything since then. When similar problems happened in the past with CHERRYRED records for example or WARNER with the NEW ORDER sets, the response was quicker and more efficient. It is not normal that some received their sets whilst other are still waiting for them. I will resend my email today. Paul, any suggestions from your side ? Thanks

  53. Edu says:

    I sent two separate e-mails for replacement of cd and lp. I didnt get even an answer!!!

  54. CS says:

    Still no replacement or acknowledgement !!!

  55. Young Dude says:

    Kenneth Tilley – I assume Paul has the contact details of the guys at Parlophone he discussed the ‘Heroes’ issue with initially or the people at Warners who gave him the contact info regarding replacements. I would assume he’s not going to release this info. But it would be nice to know:-

    – Why is the response to emails random some have received replies many other – no response at all
    – Did shipping start on 11th December?
    – How long is the delay in receiving a replacement as appears very very (very…..) few people have received replacements to-date

    Yet again it would have been smart if Warners had just said we’ll be replacing the discs early in the New Year. You know my boss would have had my guts for garters if I was involved in something like this. No wonder the price is tumbling on this (great) set they must have truck loads of them following such bad PR – as we are witness, in this case, is still ongoing.

  56. Kenneth Tilley says:

    Does any one know of a phone number we can call to ask what’s happening ? maybe if they got a lot of phone calls they would do something about it.

  57. Young Dude says:

    I like others here hope this is just a holiday season delay. Each day the post arrives I live in hope though. Just seems like the whole of this project was given to the Saturday morning boy/girl. On the basis it’s Bowie so they’ll buy whatever quality/service we put out there.

    My only gripe is with “Heroes” – which was just blatantly a shoddy piece of (quality control) – work. I don’t blame Visconti for this at all.

    Although, I do hope that this will not disusade Parlophone from any further issues. But, I guess whatever releases come out there are going to be prople who find some kind of fault i.e. comments with this set on Bass, Hiss, Buzzing, Brickwalling and missing intros. But they must know that the Hoffmen are going to be unhappy whichever way. Nice to see that Paul’s approach and the comments on this forum have been well balanced.

    What do find strange is that – correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that only one person Don Lambert (above) has received a replacement and I think only one person on the Hoffman site so given my maths is correct that is 1 + 1 = 2 people! out of what I would have thought is quite a few if you take this site and the Hoffman site – strange eh!

    Nice to see Danielz posting on here.

  58. Jim Kearns says:

    I sent it for the fourth time in two weeks, just to clarify. They have more than had time to confirm my replacement request, yet they have seemingly deemed such courtesies and service at least as unneccsary as quality control, if not more so.

  59. Jim Kearns says:

    I just resent my request a fourth time, because this email address neither sends a confirmation nor any sort of automated response.

    Suffice to say, I have yet to see or hear of any trace of a replacement.

    Great service from these guys.

  60. Kenneth Tilley says:

    Same here still nothing, no reply or cd

  61. Danielz says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments about the ANCIANT box set with interest. I haven’t had time to listen fully to the set, but have enjoyed what everyone has had to say – especially about the production masters, as Tony Visconti is a good friend of mine. I am still awaiting my replacement copy of “Heroes”, but I guess many staff are on Xmas hols, so I’ll give it a bit more time.
    I thank Paul S for the tremendous help in this matter, and the intricate information in all releases.
    Have a great 2018 everyone!

  62. Andreas Müller says:

    No replacement CD received until now.

  63. Simon says:

    Still no response or replacement. Customer service at its finest.

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  65. fantailfan2 says:

    For a man in his fifties, I have way too much emotional investment in getting a replacement CD of a disc which would be the sixth version of “Heroes” in my collection had I not sold the two RCAs, the Ryko Au20 and the Virgin 1999 (I kept the Ryko regular issue).

    I think it’s a holdover from when I was a kid and the last few days before Christmas were agony for me. For reasons unrelated to David Bowie I no longer celebrate Christmas, but the kid brain is still active.

    Feliz Navidad for all of you out there in Super Deluxe Edition land, especially Paul.

  66. fantailfan2 says:

    I just realized that the email I sent December 8 came from my sending address (university alumni email) and that it did not match the email address (Gmail) I provided in the body of the email.

    Matching sending and requesting email addresses would be one way to screen out fake requests. So I sent the request again with matching addresses and a SHORT explanation.

  67. Francis says:

    Great to see people receive replacement discs. If you haven’t applied for a replacement do it now. If you’re not 100% sure about the initial disc with first time ever volume drop, getting a replacement will remind the company to pay extra attention to future releases. So this kind of operation from now on will be unnecessary, as it should be. Enjoy.

  68. Kenneth Tilley says:

    i sent for my cd on december 8th, and nothing no cd or a reply, i’ll be surprised if i get either, here’s hoping

  69. Kenneth Tilley says:

    I sent email on the day Paul’s article appeared here, still nothing, no response or cd (((((

  70. MART BARNES says:

    Request sent 08/12. As of 21/12 – awaiting replacement.

  71. Laurent says:

    This remastered edition is included in each Japanese CD box set as a 12th CD.

  72. DavidDR says:

    Sent mine on 12/8 and still nothing in the mailbox. I have both a CD and LP boxset. Guess I’ll just wait and see and update later if/when it happens.

  73. Alone With Strangers says:

    Sent request 9 December (vinyl) no response or sight of disc yet.

  74. CS says:

    Has anyone had their replacement yet? I’ve sent in my details and heard nothing yet.

  75. Chris Hanington says:

    I ordered my replacement disc and vinyl the day it was announced but have not heard anything as of yet. Being in Canada, I have no idea when to expect anything from Warner Music. I will keep everyone updated as things happen.

  76. Don Lambert says:

    Replacement disc received today

  77. XAVIER says:

    HI FROM BARCELONA. Sent request 11 dec. and no answer … If anybody receives answer please tell everybody, but i don’t understand why they don’t anwer mails :(

  78. Young Dude says:

    See at the top where Warners have indicated “CD and LP discs (in a plain sleeve) will be ready to ship week commencing 11th December”

    On the Steve Hoffman site another communique from Warners states – “Deliveries to UK can take between 1-4 working days”.

    So that means in the UK we should start seeing the CDs arrive this week. But as this is the parent Warners getting involved and not Parlophone (that’s a bit strange anyway) I think 1 to 4 days if they are being shipped from the US is very optimistic more like 1 to 4 weeks unless a huge batch is being shipped to a central Warners/Parlophone site in Europe. Who knows?

    The Hoffmen are starting to get twitchy and we know what to expect when that happens. Lets hope we see something this week or else this is going to turn into an even bigger fiasco.

  79. Andrew F says:

    Just waiting patiently now for someone to confirm that they’ve received their replacement disc(s), just so the rest of us can fret that we’ve been forgotten ;)

    • wayne klein says:

      I sent mine in on 12/9 so will update folks here once they have shipped the replacement. My guess is that we won’t see this until sometime after the first of January when they would be pressing the CDs for the standard releases next year on CD and vinyl.

  80. Jim Kearns says:

    Thanks, Paul. I sent my request, after I noticed your response to my post in the initial replacement announcement, regarding timing and availability of its release. Might it also be a good idea to post the relevant info over there, as well? I just happened to type my comment, since I hadn’t seen your post from a few days prior. This particular page doesn’t even come up when googling “David bowie a new career in a new town heroes replacement disc release date” or the like. Just a thought.

    Regardless, a very sincere thank you for making this information available, since the label doesn’t seem too keen to do so.

  81. Sami says:

    Hey, Paul do you know if they will respond the emails?
    I already sent my info for replacement LP + CD but have got so far none reply back.

  82. Mario says:

    Thank you Paul.

    Out of curiosity has anyone received a reply of confirmation from Warner’s?

    Thanks again Paul.

  83. Nemo says:

    I don’t know if it’s the consequence of your request Paul but I send em an email with a photograph of the box with my id card close to it. hope their response will be positive for me.

    thanks Paul

  84. John says:

    Thank you Paul.

  85. David Hartley says:

    I put off ordering the box set until this issue was resolved, so like others, I thank Paul for his work in chasing up the record company on behalf of Bowie fans.

  86. Stephen says:

    Many thanks Paul.

    After many years of concert going as well as playing in pub bands, I really wish I could say my ears are good enough to notice the sonic differences. being mentioned

    However, when I get my new copy, I’ll pretend I can.

    You provide a great service to music lovers Paul, thank you.

  87. Ian Stafford says:

    Many thanks as always Paul, replacement LP ordered

  88. John Hirst says:

    Thanks for the info Paul – replacement disc requested.

  89. stephen d king says:

    Thanks for this Paul: nothing on the Bowie website so just as well we have you to look after us!

  90. Mikey Roberts says:

    Another thanks coming your way Paul, and well done for getting the word out on how to claim the updated disc!

  91. Adey says:

    I wonder if the chinese knockoffs on ebay will be “updated”?! (Only joking btw!)

  92. Robert Laversuch says:

    Hi thank you so much and thank you for all your efforts this far

  93. Gareth Pugh says:

    Done. Thanks Paul!

  94. art says:

    God, they didn’t happen to fix the horrendous mastering, did they?

    • +-6db of truth says:

      yeah – they did, haven’t you been following this! well, they fixed the “horrendous mastering” of all the original albums – giving them the compression and overbearing bass that they forgot to add on the original releases.
      trouble is, everyone is getting this the wrong way round all the time – it’s the new versions that are great and the original versions that are no good.
      ok, . . . you can remove that gun from my head now mr visconti

      • Dean says:

        The issue is the dissonance around this release. Your claim of “overbearing bass” is subjective. I own Low on original vinyl, RCA CD, Ryko CD, ENI CD, and now this – the bass is not “overbearing”. These is so much posturing around these releases. I suggest people make up their own minds, because owning multiple copies as I do, I don’t recognize all the bile about the set. Some things I question? Sure. But damn, those making out it’s a disaster had only to return their copies for a refund. At least hald of the “problems” noted don’t exist.

        • +-6db of truth says:

          tony visconti said he increased the bass on low, as it wasn’t possible to do so at the time of originally mixing and mastering the album and he wasn’t happy with that, so added more. you can subjectively like it or not, or even be unable to hear it, but it’s a fact that it differs from the original – if you believe the statements made about the release are true – hence my re-writing history joke. i think it’s overbearing, you don’t – but, it is definitely increased from the original master.
          “if you don’t like it, send it back” is clearly not the best response – the “if you don’t like it kick up a massive fuss online so that the record label have no option but to address the issue” has clearly been more successful. now, it’s still gone a long way short of them re-doing the set, but i think it’ll certainly make them think twice about what they do with the albums when it comes to deluxe editions in the future (which is bound to happen soon).

  95. Clive says:

    Done. Cheers, Paul. Hope that’s an end to it.

  96. MH says:

    This replacement of Heroes would never had taken Place if not there was going to be releases of the albums separately. Every album except for the RE:CALL an Lodger 2017remix will come out.

  97. Sean Hewitt says:

    Many, many thanks for this. Replacement ordered!

  98. andrew R says:

    Don’t know about anyone else ? I have both sets
    can’t remember where exactly i bought them from
    certainly have no receipts after this length of time
    would a photo of the items side by side suffice?

    • eric Slangen says:

      I don’t think so as everybody can get those pictures from the net.

      • eric Slangen says:

        I’m not sure but after reading their statement again it might be enough to send a picture of the actual item in your hands.
        I don’t know maybe Paul knows more as I think a lot of people didn’t bought this online or kept the receipts.
        You can always try.

    • +-6db of truth says:

      I think parlophone run on the idea that if you make a statement about something it is proof of it being true. So, just say it’s your box set in the picture and it’ll be fine – you can also say your wife/friend/mum was in the shop when you purchased it, so maybe a statement from her saying she was there, and therefore an authority on it, would also remove any doubts they might have.

    • Dean says:

      Can’t remember where you bought them from? LOL

    • Neil says:

      I think if i bought a box set that was nearly a hundred pounds i wouldn’t forget where i bought it from. Nice try though lol

  99. phlmarie says:

    Do you think that the new CD boxes sold by Amazon (for example) will be updated ?

    Thanks for your help !

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, I asked.

      • phlmarie says:

        Thanks a lot Paul !

      • fantailfan2 says:

        Please correct me if I am reading this wrong: The ANCIANT box set will not be “fixed.”
        Assumption 1: Either this means they (a) they have manufactured all they will be making or that (b) even when reissued, the box will include the “defective” CD.
        Assumption 2: When the discs are issued separately in the spring, “Heroes” will be the “fixed” version.

        I am leaning (wishing, really) towards (a), myself.

        If (a) is correct I will update Discogs with the information.

  100. Thomas Beattie says:

    Thank you Paul.

  101. PC says:

    Thanks, Paul. On the ball, as always. It would be nice to get the replacement before Christmas, but I won’t hold my breath.

  102. Ian Murphy says:

    Thanks for the info Paul. Much appreciated

  103. eMSig says:

    Thank you, Paul, that’s wonderful news. Just sent the email.

  104. Pete Murs says:

    Any idea when Low will be released on 180g Vinyl separately …… just wondering

  105. Alfonso says:

    Thanks You Paul

  106. Gianluca Morelli says:

    Thank you Paul!

  107. Jack says:

    Thanks for the update, Paul.

  108. Mic Smith says:

    Thanks for the info on the replacement disc. As others have said though the problems with this box go beyond Heroes. I’ll never listen to the opening 2 tracks from Low on this remaster – authentic or otherwise. I haven’t actually played the original mix of Lodger so hadn’t noticed the Red Sails glitch. All in all not a very professional job and a real shame that Bowie’s work is being handled in such a shoddy way.

    • Dean says:

      It’s much ado about nothing when it comes to Low and Lodger, imo. I’ve been listening to these albums since the day of their release, and honestly I’d be hard pushed to suggest these are “wrong”, let alone bad. Heroes needed fixing – the rest? Nah.

      • Ian Stafford says:

        Fully agree Dean. I too have bought all his LP’s from day of release ( since DD anyway!) and don’t mind slight changes in bass etc. They all sounded differently live anyway and Bowie did like to ‘mix things up’ from time to time.

        Just wished he was still alive (still hurts) and healthy for his family not so much his fans.

        Perhaps I need to quote one of his lyrics after posts to ‘prove’ what a massive fan I am!

        Merry Christmas

  109. Donovan Whittemore says:

    Thanks Paul! What a wonderful service you do provide!

  110. Tracey says:

    Thanks Paul!

  111. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Thanks for the Update ! just sent off an email !

  112. Mark Penny says:

    Thanks Paul; email sent

  113. Martin Power says:

    Thanks much appreciated

  114. Geoff D says:

    Before anyone gets excited by the current Amazon UK price (22:30 on Friday night) showing as £148:99 for the vinyl set, I’ve just had a chat with them and that’s a glitch whereby it’s displaying a previous ‘used’ price – the used item has been sold but the listing hasn’t automatically updated as it’s supposed to. The cheapest on the site is currently £168 from a Dutch third party seller.

  115. The intro to’ ‘Red Sails’ on the remastered original mix of Lodger is clipped by a fraction. To me, this is just as annoying a fuck-up as the more famous “Heroes” error, but it doesn’t look like that’s ever going to get sorted out. I mean, no one at Parlophone can attempt to pass that off as an aesthetic ‘improvement’ like they have with the “Heroes” drop out or the boosted bass on Low. This is just a flat-out mistake. And yet it remains.

    • Kevin M says:

      The ignoring of the Lodger original mix reissue problems is appalling, almost like they are saying it doesn’t matter, the implication IMO being that those of us who like the album are fools. I actually prefer Red Sails to the Heroes song. Heroes is wonderful, complete genius I know, but I just prefer Red Sails, one of my top 10 Bowie 1969-80 tracks. The Bowie 1969-80 catalogue with ALL its peaks and dips, highs and lows, is one of the most important and influential catalogues in the entirety of British cultural history, and should in my opinion be in better hands.

    • paolo says:

      I have the digital copy of the boxset, and I can’t hear anything like that in “Red Sails”. It sounds just fine like in previous masters, i.e. Rykodisc and EMI.

      • Kevin M says:

        The intro beat is incomplete. You might not hear it or care about it but some of us do. It’s one of my favourite Bowie songs. No previous release has it.

        Beatles fans have recently been returning for the same reason the latest A Hard Day’s Night LP pressing released as part of a vinyl/magazine series currently being released in the UK. It seems to me because Lodger is a lesser known and lesser loved album than A Hard Day’s Night, or “Heroes”, we are supposed to pretend the problem isn’t there. Tough luck, I noticed it on Red Sails immediately, just as Beatles fans did on their release. If that makes me some mad “audiophile”, so be it.

        “I’d rather play here, with all the madmen. For I’m quite content they’re all as sane as me..”

      • Kevin M says:

        ..maybe your digital version is fixed, which would be interesting to me. I have the CD set and don’t own, but have heard, the equivalent 2017 Lodger original mix vinyl.

  116. Murray Robbins says:

    Thanks for the update Paul!

  117. Marc K. says:

    Thank you Paul, happy holidays!

  118. James says:

    Many thanks Paul. If not for your efforts, im sure this would be a different affair.

  119. Schu says:

    Thank you Paul for staying on top of this and for providing the contact information/instructions. Much appreciated!

  120. paolo says:

    I didn’t think they would have addressed the problem so quickly, very good. If correct discs are already being produced there’s a fair chance that the individual releases won’t be delayed, so hopefully by february they’ll be out.


    Dear Paul,
    I deeply appreciate your efforts to help us solve this problem. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Long life for you and for Superdeluxeedition.

  122. Andrew F says:

    Thank you, Paul. Replacement CD and vinyl ordered.

    Appreciate the update!

  123. Electric_Bird says:

    This is fabulous. Thank you very much, Paul!

  124. Mister Stick says:

    Very much obliged, as always.

  125. Steve W says:

    Thanks for the update, Paul! :)

  126. Michael says:

    Thanks for the update. Replacement cd duly ordered.

  127. derosa says:

    It would be nice if they confirm when the time comes for the individual LP release it will be the updated version.

  128. P. E. says:

    Thanks Paul for updating us.

  129. motte says:

    Just sent them an e-mail. Let’s see what will happen.

  130. Bryan says:

    Thanks, Paul! As always you make this site an multiple times a day place to check out!

  131. John Ireland says:

    Just done. Thanks for the update Paul.

  132. Paul Smart says:

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for this update. I wish they were replacing Low as well!


    • paolo says:

      Why should they replace “Low”? The title track on “Heroes” was affected by an objective mistake, nothing else in the box had any problem.

      • Kevin M says:

        “..nothing else in the box had any problem..”

        Yes it did paolo. Red Sails (my favourite track on Lodger) has a shaved off intro beat, the same album’s African Night Flight has audible tape flutter, and the “Heroes” track Neuköln has some kind of faint buzz which shouldn’t be there.

        Notice how they say the “Heroes” title track is “updated”, rather than “corrected”. Their arrogance continues…

      • Marc K. says:

        @Paolo: my copy of LOW (vinyl) was very faulty as well, side B has all kind of noises. Has to be a misprint. So I understand Paul Smart’s request. I asked for a replacement, hope to get it

        • paolo says:

          There’s a difference between a faulty disc and an objective error in the sound of a track. As much as people can criticise, apart from “Heroes”, all the other problems people hear are actually mastering choices. If you dislike it then probably those remasters are not your thing, but you can’t ask a company to remake everything just because you don’t like how it turned out.

          • Kevin M says:

            Erm, since when has a slice missing off the start of a song, tape decay/flutter, and a buzzing interference been a mastering choice.

        • Andrew says:

          My copy of Low is filled with pops on side 2.

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