Weezer / Van Weezer

Weezer / Van Weezer

Hope you like our new direction…

Weezer will release their 14th studio album Van Weezer in July.

As the artwork and the title suggest, this is a metal-influenced album and you can test-drive the ‘new direction’ by checking out ‘The End of the Game’, below.

The album has been produced by Suzy Shinn and will be issued on black vinyl, CD and limited indies-only Neon Magenta vinyl pressing.

Van Weezer will be released on 7 May 2021 (was 10 July 2020), via Atlantic. Track listing is not confirmed at the time of writing.

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28 responses to Weezer / Van Weezer

  1. Philip Wilson says:

    Gutted, but that is a hell of a delay. Surely they’ll release something else in the interim, Teal album 2 maybe? Probably made this decision so they can promote it on the Hella Mega tour next year, but they seem to have been quite prolific in the last few years.

  2. John McCann'. says:


  3. Kevin says:

    I don’t think it’s controversial to say that everything they’ve put out post-2003 has been diminishing returns. I honestly don’t know who this is for.

  4. vikerii says:

    Wow, sounds like a lab assignment from a “101 Intro to Formula Music” online class. Never heard of Suzy Shinn until now. Not sure if she or Weezer is to blame for this.

  5. Bob McCartney says:

    Speaking of Weezer, just stumbled across The Rosenbergs on the Emusic site. Definitely some serious Power Pop going on there. Not a ton of info floating around on them either.
    As for Weezer, never totally got them. Not sure why, kind of formulaic. I need to go back and listen to the 4-5 records I have.

  6. Blakey says:

    How unoriginal… What’s next? Iron Weezer? Guns ‘N’ Weezers? Def Weezer? AC/Weezer?

  7. Tref Davies says:

    It’s available through the UK Weezer webstore in 3 different colours, as someone has already noted, but strangely the VAT is added to the price shown at point of purchase, so the £19.50 shown for LP is actually £23.40, then plus £6.58 tax free P&P, brings you to a total of £29.98, so be warned. More expensive bundles will be additionally 20% over what they state. I’ve never seen this on a webstore before – I know it’s common in the US where state/federal taxes mean the marked price is lower than final price, but in the UK it’s unique.

  8. Neal says:

    I’m sooooo buying this. The Black Album was the best thing they did since Pinkerton, but all the albums that came in between were a hell of a lot less impressive

  9. Reed says:

    As long as Weezer stops blessing the rains down in Africa, I’m ready to try the new one.

  10. Eamonn says:

    Used to love them so much. Rivers had the potential to be the thinking man’s popstar but since the millennium it’s just been one self-parodic effort after another, the odd rough diamond aside.

  11. stupidactingsmart says:

    Not awful, but not suggesting it’s worth reinvesting in Weezer in my opinion. The last Weezer song I loved was ‘Automatic’ which rocked much harder than this and was way back on the Red album (which was not a good album). Haven’t gotten one of their albums since ‘Death To False Metal’ which stopped being good after the title.

    • Death and Destruction says:

      Listen to “Everything will be alright in the end” and “White”, literally their best albums

      • stupidactingsmart says:

        I find that incredibly hard to believe but I might give one of them a try. Strange to think I used to anticipate Weezer releases and now I’m four or five albums off the pace.

  12. Kyusslives says:

    Blue was awesome
    Pinkerton was a masterpiece
    Green had a few cool tracks
    The rest are bad, the last one really really bad

  13. Ken Evans says:

    Begging everyone to drop the non-music parts of this, quickly….

  14. Jhonn says:

    You get 50 and do this Highschool pop punk bubble rock? Sorry….then you have to do it with a wink. And more quality.

  15. Karl says:

    Seems like the target audience will be from 12-17 yrs

  16. Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

    Metal influenced a little ……

    More like pop punk…….. bowling for soup, sum 41, slowed down blink 182……. sounds a lot like Stacey’s mom (fountains of Wayne RIP)

    They are hardly jumping on the bandwagon…….Sounds good, but there is better contemporary pop punk around who do it cos it is what they do, not just cos they are out of ideas/bored/hard-up :


    Sleeping with sirens
    Simple plan

    Toodlepip……I’m listening to dream theater tonight.

  17. Paul Murphy says:

    With regard to the number of posts – mainly in the AngelHeaded Hipster piece, but since I’m here on this page at the moment … – regarding why Amazon are not shipping items to the US, it is because the Trump administration has placed five of Amazons’ overseas hubs on a blacklist. They are the UK, India, Canada, France and Germany. Depending on whom you believe, the reason is because those five sites are selling counterfeit items [the Trump administration], or because of political motives [Amazon’s side of the story].

    • tom m hans says:

      45 is waging a personal war against Jeff Bezos hence the “Blacklist” and the newly awarded 10 Billion Pentagon Jedi Cloud contract to Microsoft over amazon (“war cloud”) – however – this has been blocked temporarily by a federal judge pending an investigation. Time to get rid of 45 in November, however, I suspect that the remaining brains of the US electorate is eitherdead or still on a ventilator by then.
      And I thought witnessing 20 something years of Silvio Berlusconi was a shit show in Europe/Italy that was too sad to laugh about it all the time.
      Sorry for this post – this is supposed to be politics free zone – please review and handle as deemed appropriately.

    • joel ivins says:

      that’s interesting and not a huge surprise…ordered something from amazon canada and no mention was made that they wouldn’t ship within north america…of course so many people are on trumpys naughty list it’s laughable…the good thing is that most uk imports are available by a third party on amazon us, sometimes more expensive, sometimes less…always a crapshoot

  18. Gareth Jones says:

    Nothing Metal about that partucular track. Just bog standard Weezer to my ears. They’te too damn prolific. They should slow down and come up with quality, not quantity.

  19. Larry Davis says:

    Not bad, pretty great…Weezer always had a metal element, mixed in with their powerpop..Maladroit had a similar approach…and many don’t know this, but their roots are in the late 80s Sunset Strip with the hair glam metal bands of the day…proof in Butch Walker’s book “Drinking With Strangers”, as he came up in the same scene…Weezer used to be called Zoom & their schtick was dressing up in bathrobes & roller skates!!! When that scene died, they changed to the whole nerdy thing…but their roots are failed metalheads…which is cool…

  20. Rupi says:

    There’s a couple of other colours on their official store. Delivery costs are high though.

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