What’s coming out on this year’s National Album Day?

Releases from Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Dexys Midnight Runners & more

National Album Day‘ returns for the third time in October this year as record labels and retailers work together to provide what will this year be an eighties-themed celebration of ‘the album’. So what releases can we look forward to? Read on to find out…

The exclusive offerings are largely coloured vinyl, although some CD-based products are coming out on the National Album Day (10 October 2020) and, in theory, flying the flag, although in reality these are things that would have almost certainly come out anyway (e.g. the Dire Straits CD box).

So let’s dig in… Duran Duran release a studio album on vinyl for the first time since 2015 with a WHITE vinyl reissue of their 1981 debut album across 2LPs. This includes a disc of ‘Night Versions’ although if you are looking at the glass half-empty, I should point out that this is the much-criticised 2010 mastering.

Rhino’s Smash Hits: The 80s 20-track compilation was issued back in 2017 on black vinyl but is now issued on RED vinyl for NAD. You can checkout the track listing on discogs.

Talk Talk‘s It’s My Life album (from 1984) is repressed on PURPLE vinyl and Roxette‘s poptastic Look Sharp! from 1988 is issued on clear vinyl (having been put out on red vinyl only two years ago).

The soundtrack to US horror classic The Lost Boys – which features music from INXS, Echo & The Bunnymen and Roger Daltrey – is pressed on RED vinyl, but again, only two years ago we were offered a white vinyl pressing, so I’m experiencing a lot of vinyl déjà vu here!

ZZ Top‘s mega-selling Eliminator (from 1983) is issued on YELLOW vinyl, while Dexys Midnight Runner‘s 1980s debut Search For The Young Soul Rebels is released on RED vinyl. Rod Stewart‘s Greatest Hits Vol 1 (not actually the 1980s, since this was issued in 1979) is coming out as a new WHITE vinyl pressing.

Other vinyl releases including The Stone Roses first album (CLEAR vinyl), Paul Simon‘s Graceland (CLEAR vinyl), Blues Brothers soundtrack (BLUE vinyl), Simply Red‘s Picture Book (BLACK vinyl), Ice T Rhyme Pays (YELLOW vinyl) and Alphaville‘s Forever Young (ORANGE vinyl). There’s also a Rocky IV soundtrack vinyl picture disc and the only-just released Made of Rain from The Psychedelic Furs is available on WHITE vinyl.

In terms of CD box sets, Howard Jones‘s previously announced Cross That Line reissue becomes a NAD release, and a Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt It 4CD set is coming too (more info on that when we have it).

National Album Day is on 10 October 2020. All of these releases mentioned come out the day before on 9 October 2o2o.

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Duran Duran

Duran Duran 2LP white vinyl


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Talk Talk

Talk Talk - It's My Life - Purple vinyl LP


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Dexys Midnight Runners

Dexys - Searching For The Young Soul Rebels - red vinyl


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Alphaville - Forever Young - orange vinyl


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Roxette - Look Sharp! clear vinyl


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ZZ Top

ZZ Top Eliminator - yellow vinyl


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Various Artists

Smash Hits The 80s - red vinyl


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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits - white vinyl


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The Lost Boys Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Lost Boys Soundtrack - red vinyl


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Simply Red

Simply Red - Picture Book black vinyl LP


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The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers - blue vinyl LP


90 responses to What’s coming out on this year’s National Album Day?

  1. Chris says:

    Apparently on the Duran Duran white vinyl they have fixed the glitch at the beginning of Girls On Film. I’m not sure about the loudness issue, tho as I’m still waiting to hear back from those who have gotten it and played it.

  2. Stephen says:

    Amazon have told me my lost boys pre order has now been put back to Dec 31st?!? Other sites and shops still have it as out this Friday?!? Anyone else had this with amazon?

  3. Richie B says:

    Hi does anyone know how Limited these are? I can’t see how many of each are supposed to be made? For example List Boys release is widely available but Paul Simon not so much. How many of the Stone Roses are there?

    Some indies have sold out of pre orders already

  4. andy says:

    Cherry Records website has listed the Flaunt It track listing. Includes a live disc and the original album excluding all non Sputnik adverts.
    I couldn’t see anything particularly rare in the track listing. But it is great to see this album rereleased. They truely were a vision of the future.

  5. Adam says:

    Why no DVD with the Sigue Sigue Sputnik set? A lot of their appeal was visual.

  6. Patrick says:

    I was excited to hear of reissue of Duran debut back in 2010 but I avoided due to the reviews on the loudness. Debut Spandau suffered similar fate. ‘Picture Book’ is a great record (one of my favourites) but surely only the most diehard collector can be bothered to shell out for an album that is widely available on vinyl for about 50p in many charity shops and the original sounds great too. Would love a Simpy Red box set with b-sides, demos etc, early live etc. Also, Talk Talk London 1986 I hope will be issued again in the near future.

  7. Albert says:

    The sound on the 2009 pressing of The Stone Roses LP was diabolical. The sound on it was terribly low. The 2012 version was an improvement, but the 1989 original was fine. A deluxe reissue of Second Coming is also long overdue.

    A shame that the Duran LP is the 2010 version, which was also a let dowb, as it’s a great album. It appears that DD aren’t that bothered about their legacy and what is or isn’t remastered or reissued.

  8. Gareth Pugh says:

    Details of the SSS box set (it is indeed Cherry Pop/Cherry Red). I’m not enough of an afficionado to know if this is a good track listing or not, but very reasonably priced!

  9. PeterB says:

    I wonder who makes these colour choices? It just seems so random. Although at the poppy end of their spectrum, the purple Talk Talk feels inappropriate to me. And the red Dexy’s is a major discordant clash to my eyes. I’m red green colour blind (which is more a brain fizz when red and green are next to each other than blindness) so that probably explains it. I’m still a sucker for some of these colour editions though – hello The National High Violet

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      The label’s in-house design team should be the ones making the color choices. Usually, they will pick a color intended to co-ordinate with the cover art work. For example, the yellow vinyl is meant to match the yellow highlights in ZZ Top’s logo; the purple vinyl is meant to compliment the purple color scheme on the Talk Talk cover illustration; and the red vinyl is meant to pick up the red in the type on the Dexy’s sleeve.

      Because these are items for the collectables market, the labels will usually try to avoid using colors that were used on previous vinyl reissues.

  10. seikotsi says:

    the ice-t one is on amazon and banquet records. i didn’t plan on buying any of these first but love the ice-t one and it’s not an obvious choice to release (well Rod Stewart isn’t either but would be more interested in his actual 80s albums).

  11. AndreasL says:

    A colored Simply Red is on it’s way. No prizes for guessing what color It’ll be :-)

    • SimonP says:

      Wold it be red by any chance? (U missing on prpose)

      Some Talk Talk SDEs would be good. We’ve waited long enough!

  12. Shane D Collins says:

    Amzon uk is not shipping to the US WTF is that all about

    • Mark says:

      I didn’t get round to checking the news today. Does the USPS still exist?

      It seems like more and more overseas merchants have struck the states off of their lists, presumably because such a high portion of packages end up going missing, thanks to… well, you know the rest of the story…

    • AndreasL says:

      So maybe use RoughTrade instead?

  13. frank says:

    The Lost Boys soundtrack was also recently released on transparent red vinyl as well by Friday Music. I’ve got a copy sitting on my shelf next to the white version. Yeah. I stupidly have two. I think I’m done now.

  14. Carl says:

    I`ve still got Flaunt it in a box made to look like a Japanese robot toy , they were just a hype band but it is not a bad listen now with the fake ads in between tracks.

  15. mike says:

    Probably wont be a popular comment but I am so sick of this coloured vinyl obsession the music industry is feeding us with. It is largely to the detriment of anyone who supports SDEs, as it is diverting record companies to the easy profitable buck, rather than curating decent well thought out sets.

    • Alan M says:

      My wife likes them. I think they’ve flooded the market and they’re now all a bit tacky although the odd marbled or splatter looks cool.

  16. Alan B says:

    Clear vinyl edition of the Stone Roses debut album is mentioned in the official blurb but there is no pre order link anywhere to get it. Strange.

  17. Paul Taylor says:

    If they had released Colour Of Spring I would’ve jumped on it but I’ve already got It’s My Life on a black vinyl reissue from a couple of years ago. As others have said it’s Rehash Central which seems to be Universal’s MO these days, sadly.
    Unfortunately there are people out there less aware than SDE readers who will lap it all up.

  18. Paul Wren says:

    And we’ve not even got past me going bankrupt as a result of the forthcoming Record Store Day 1 yet – a thousand curses!

    • Jay says:

      Got the purple talk talk – which is nice as I’m collecting their stuff on vinyl. The colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are absolute masterpieces – RIP Mark Hollis.
      I’ve looked everywhere though and can’t seem to find the clear vinyl Graceland anywhere? Anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Paul for the heads up on these as always.

  19. AndreasL says:

    So mostly colored repressings of titles released fairly recently and still available? No new mastering? No point.

  20. MarkD says:

    If it’s National Album day why are the record comapnies releasing compilations ?
    I don’t class these as albums, may just be me.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Excellent point.

      I would have assumed that the intent of a “National Album Day” would be to encourage consumers to think of music as a linked sequence of songs put together by the artist, as opposed to the current download-driven mindset that focuses on single tracks.

  21. Brian Roberts says:

    Thanks for this Paul…bit more Talk Talk to get get and listen listen

  22. Rich E says:

    Ice T is a definite for me. Paul Simon very possibly. Already got the nice green Young Soul Rebels so will probably, (probably!), pass. Don’t need another copy of Stone Roses but we’ll pressed clear vinyl sure looks good.

    That said, the fact I’ll be my umpteenth version of all the above speak more to how little of interest has grabbed my wallet so far this year.

    Be interested in the Flaunt It set. Be nice if it was modelled on the original vinyl deluxe packaging.

  23. JayCee says:

    I’ve never heard of this… it sounds like Record Store Day but, err, doesn’t support physical, independent record stores!

  24. Luke says:

    I was wondering if the version of I Don’t Want To Talk About It on that Greatest Hits album from Rod Stewart is another version than on Atlantic Crossing. I thought that GH-version was shorter with different vocals. Anybody?!

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      To my ears they sounds the same. Only difference i noticed was that GH-version is about 30 seconds shorter single version!

  25. Francois says:

    I’d rather have a new LP press g of afternoons in utopia instead of yet another pressing of Forever Young

  26. Garry says:

    Hi Paul,

    The Flaunt It 4 CD will be very interesting…

    19 years ago when the ’21st Century Boys: The Best Of Sigue Sigue Sputnik’ compilation was released many of the tracks had suffered from having the original film clip audio removed and replaced with voiceover actors. Not surprising I guess as Love Missile F1-11 alone contained clips from films such as A Clockwork Orange and Scarface – I guess it was not economically viable to get the licensing – so I’m interested to hear what passes for a 4 CD set and if they’ve managed to retain the original mixes.

    • Matteo Leoni says:

      I have the “21st Century Boys” compilation and I’m pretty sure that Love Missile and the other songs have the original samples and NOT the remade-ones for the US market… btw, I could be wrong, I’ll check asap.

      I’ve tried to make a list of the various versions, remixes and b-sides of the Flaunt It era and there are more than 3 hours of music, so in a 4 CDs box there will be even space for some unreleased stuff.

      Here’s the list:

      LOVE MISSILE F1-11
      – 7″ version
      – 7″ promo version (omits the “ultraviolence” sample at the beginning)
      – 12″ extended version (aka “Ultraviolence mix)
      – Dance mix
      – Bangkok remix
      – Trailer mix
      – Video mix
      – Love Missile F1-11 & Actuality Sound
      – Japanese mix (a longer “Bangkok mix” released on “The Remixes” digital compilation)
      – US 7″ version (with remade samples)
      – US 12″ extended version (remade samples)
      – US Dance mix (remade samples)
      – Dakeyne megamix (on Sci-fi Sex Stars “Rock N Roll mixes” compilation)
      – US Video mix (on “The Art of the 12″ Volume 3” compilation)
      – Extended video mix (on the “Sex Bomb Boogie” VHS)
      – HACK ATTACK (dub)

      21st CENTURY BOY
      – 7″ version 1
      – 7″ version 2
      – 12″ TV mix
      – 12″ German remix
      – 12″ Dance mix
      – Video mix (is it different? I don’t remember)
      – BUY EMI 7″ mix
      – BUY EMI 12″ mix

      – 7″ version
      – 12″ Magic flute
      – 12″ Sex Bomb Dance
      – Video mix

      – US 12″ version
      – US edit version
      – US dub version

      – Rockit Miss USA 12″ version
      – Teenage Thunder
      – Suicide
      – Commercial Break
      – Rockit Miss USA 7″ version (I think it’s different from the 12″ but I’m not sure)
      – From the Gutter to the Stars (interview)

      • Eric says:

        I ran an indie record store and SSS were a goldmine. We stocked and sold out of every version of Love Missile on 12″. There was one coming out almost every week, I lost count how many there were.

      • Hugh Hall says:

        Great list you’ve done there. Can I just add for completeness:

        Love Missile – Westbam Remix Short Version
        Love Missile – Westbam Remix
        Love Missile – Westbam Remix Dub Version

        21st Century Boy – Horses Remix

        Teenage Thunder (Sputstyle)

        Atari Baby – 97 Remix

        • Matteo Leoni says:

          Thanks for the addition, I didn’t consider the later remixes… what is that “Horses remix” of 21st Century Boy? Never heard of it

          btw, I checked my Sci-fi Sex Stars 7″ and both “Rockit miss USA (Deatwish IV)” and “Teenage Thunder (Sputstyle)” are shorter edit of the tracks on the 12″.

          I also checked my “21st Century Boys” compilation and “Love Missile” has absolutely the CORRECT samples and not the remade-ones like in the US singles. Maybe there are two version of that compilation, mine is the one with “EMI UDEN 527 3282 @ 1 1-1-5-NL” in the runout circle.

      • Ian Wade says:

        Oh man. I’m actually quite into this box set idea – and having the first flush of 12s along with the Sci-Fi Sex Stars EP. However, part of me thinks about the lack of imagination across the other releases (a lot of records whose original copies are part of charity landfill, pretty much all that were bought BITD as mid-price ! or Fame editions) that the only un-previous-y released thing would be a new SSS box set. I would have expected it to be announced in its own right. I was a bit giddy for them back then – saw them at their Royal Albert Hall gig, which was a then previously unseen (by me anyway, it was my second ever gig) spectacle of TV screens. They felt terribly exciting for about six months.

      • Garry says:

        Hi Matt,

        Hope this helps – the entire compilation is up on YouTube; – and you can hear that they are very different mixes compared to the originals; certainly in the case of singles such as Love Missile F1-11 and 21st Century Boy.

      • Neil Kelly says:

        Great list shame full details announced and much of your list missing. We don’t even get 1 ’21st century boy’ 7″ (i didn’t know of a 2nd). Lots of space too. Very annoying. Great price but i’d prefer to pay £29.99 and have all discs FULL

  27. Ben Williams says:

    National Album Day?! If you love collecting music, everyday is album day!

  28. BJ says:

    Blues Brothers Blue Vinyl is listed on amazon.

  29. Dusty Brown says:

    Just another way for record labels to gauge vinyl buyers out of more money. Oh wow! A yellow copy of an album right after a red copy a few years back. No difference in the pressing/mastering otherwise. Rip off.
    Labels have a endless goldmine pit now with vinyl doing decent in business.

    • Stephen dC says:

      I completely agree. Just a cash grab as vinyl is the latest cash cow. If it’s ‘album’ day why are CDs almost excluded?

  30. Mark says:

    Give the first two Duran Duran albums to Scott at Rubellan to remaster with bonus singles and b-sides just as a remaster as opposed to a independent release

    • Keith says:

      You would have thought the bsides should be there late bar, khanada, faster than light and fame and a few 12 inches then it would be a great release

    • Scott says:

      I’d love to remaster those early DD albums, especially that first album. It’s tremendously special to me and will always be one of my favorites. I did ask Warners a while back about licensing it for a remaster/reissue and they said the DD catalog is off limits. That 2010 remaster needs to fall into history in favor of a brand new proper remaster. Hey Warners, if you ever consider a new remaster your U.S. office knows how to reach me ;-)

      • Mark says:

        Any chance you could ask them again Scott?

      • John 79 says:

        Hi Scott,
        Can I just say you did an amazing job on the 3 Visage albums & the SPK album,It would be great if you could remaster the early DD catalogue,it’s such a shame that they won’t let you license the releases….

    • Carl says:

      I would buy that for sure his remasters are a fine example of getting it right.

  31. AkickUPthe80s says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the master used on the Duran Duran album. I’ve cancelled my order. Fool me once…etc.

  32. Oliver says:

    DD release looks good. Such a great album that have not suffered during the years from the 80s sound.

    I would be interested in HMV Bowie reissues but unfortunately, no deliveries to France at the moment.

  33. Paul S says:

    Any link for paul Simon Graceland yet?

  34. motte says:

    Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Flaunt It on 4 CDs!!!!
    Great news. Let’s hope, all the 12″ versions are on it.

    • Steve Mccarthy says:

      Yes I was hoping it will have the 12” versions, the single edits ( there different to the album versions) , the b sides ( Buy EMI, hack attack, Dancerama early version etc) , and the ad-free version of the album.

      • What? Sputnik? Worry says:

        I believe is this coming out on Cherry Pop

        • Hugh Hall says:

          At last, a subject I can really get my teeth into!

          I think there’s around 40 potential bonus tracks for a Flaunt It box set that have been officially released. Including about 15 ‘Love Missiles’ – it could have it’s own disc!

          Obviously there’ve been demos released previously but I don’t know if there’s other stuff in the EMI vault? I wonder about live stuff – Abbey Road maybe?

          Anyway, looking forward to this. (I know it’s way too early to say this but a 4 CD of Dress For Excess would be even better!).

  35. FrenchDuke79 says:

    Wow. It’s always great to see physical media being released but from the theme (80’s) to the content they really seem to have made some strange choices. Was the soundtrack to Rocky IV really a great album of the decade? Is Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits really an ‘album’ to be celebrated. There are some absolute classics on there but many are from the 70’s. Don’t even get me started on the Smash Hit’s compilation.

    Each to their own and all that but personally I am dreading the companion promotional stuff. The gushing of the usual suspects on BBC Music. HMV pushing the same old, same old. A bit more imagination would have been welcome. Maybe this will get more of a younger generation into physical media but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just encourages a small blip in the streaming of full albums instead.

    In other matters, I did a search on box sets on Amazon UK the other night and found one coming out in October at £51 that was linked to reviews for Tears for Fears’ Seeds of Love. I went back today to get a link to share on here but it’s disappeared now. Sorry to be a tease but…it was there.

    • Rich. says:

      I did an order on amazon uk for it. Hasn’t been cancelled yet but I’m sure it will be.

    • Grant says:

      All, beware of this weeks HMV ‘Exclusives’ as a number of them are available to buy now on Universal Vinyl and have been for for a while. I’ve raised this with them as it’s misleading

      • FrenchDuke79 says:

        Keep me posted on that Rich as i’d be keen to see what happens and when they cancel it. Here’s hoping they don’t and it materialises into the actual product.

        Grant – Interesting stuff. I’d imagine if HMV think they are exclusives they will be sorely disappointed to know they are not. Don’t know if you saw their FLASH music sale the other day but the site died pretty quickly from too much traffic and by the time they had fixed it nearly everything was out of stock. HMV are proving to be frustrating these days.

        • Grant says:

          FrenchDuke79 – I agree. Emailing everyone with a flash sale crashes the site. Unless you get in there within seconds it’s a bun fight. When it crashes you lose your basket contents for others to get and on it goes.
          I like HMV and have done so for years and they’ve had tough times but they need to think things through and not notify their entire data base to scrap for one or two copies

    • joel ivins says:

      i am not ashamed to admit that the comment about tears for fears, seeds of love and boxset gave me heart palpatations…this sde, for me is on par with the sony 4 from Alison moyet…something i never thought i would get to experience but finally did

      • Ryk says:

        I guess the rumoured release date of 4th Sept mentioned in an earlier thread was too good to be true. Even October isn’t that far off considering these things are usually announced a few months in advance.

        Anyway, Paul all but hinted at a late 2020 release for it (or at least a number of things Tears for Fears related), although COVID might well have caused some change to the release schedule.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Roland did actually tell me it was coming ‘later this year’ in Feb, I think it was. There is ‘activity’, as the listings on Amazon suggest, but there’s nothing firm to report at this moment in time. Sorry.

  36. Iain Mac says:

    Don’t think it was this week but Amazon was briefly showing a forthcoming Tears For Fears release later this year at £50ish, seems to have vanished now. Anything on the radar/crystal ball at SDE?

  37. Joe Embleton says:

    Does anyone know if Rhino will be doing their annual Rocktober vinyl releases as well? As Alan says above, it is getting impossible to keep up.

    Also Paul, there is a very nice SDE of Motorhead Ace of Spades announced. (I pre-ordered the “standard” deluxe edition at the handsome cost of £150!)

  38. Scott says:

    I was excited about the DD white vinyl but then I saw the 2010 remaster is being used, so I will have to pass. They really need to re-do that album with a proper remaster. All the negative feedback on the 2010 remaster has clearly fallen on deaf ears.

  39. Martin says:

    I’m in and saves me from running around and ordering and the DD vinyl looks to be the pick – Another £100 worse off (Ha ha)
    Great update and appreciated

  40. To says:

    These all look like mainly Warner records product? A bit short sighted of NAD organisers really and smells like brown envelopes have exchanged hands somewhere along the line…

    There are many great albums from the 80s that are on other labels.

    Another pointless marketing angle for Warners, when there are loads of other albums that deserve attention over the same stuff that gets rolled out on these events.

  41. -SG- says:

    Well, relevant to the week, The Divine Comedy’s boxed set “Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time” will be released on October 9th after being delayed by a month due to production issues. That is how I will be celebrating the album.

  42. Paul Jones says:

    Shame they are using the 2010 remasters, I’d love a decent copy of that first DD album on vinyl

    • mike says:

      There are many copies of DD on Discogs of the original 1981 and Fame 1983 repressing, sound totally fine to my ears!

      Its not the 2010 remastering that gets me down though it is awful, its that damn glitch in the intro of Girls On Film, absolutely astonishing error and simply fixed as Andy Taylor said at the time.

  43. Alan B says:

    National Album Day, Love Record Store Day (LRSD), RSD (x3) all within 4 months. I can’t keep up. Not to mention Black Friday in November. To quote Motorhead – “Overkill”

  44. Mark S says:

    Anyone see a preorder link for The Stone Roses clear vinyl?

  45. Danny says:

    Paul, will you be stocking any of these?

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