What’s the colour of money? McCartney limited edition vinyl hits the wallet hard

Last year Paul McCartney moved labels from Concord to Capitol Records, with Flowers in the Dirt being his first Archive Collection reissue with the famous American label. Now Capitol are taking the opportunity to reissue the remasters that have been put out over the last seven years, as ‘vanilla’ CD and vinyl releases with no bonus tracks. However, they haven’t missed the opportunity to tempt fans who’ve bought everything already, with some limited edition coloured vinyl pressings of all eight studio albums.

So while the single CD digipak and 180gram black vinyl single LP formats might leave you a bit ‘meh’, the limited edition coloured vinyl pressings look ace. One bonus is that they will be the only vinyl issues of the remasters that don’t have that annoying ‘Paul McCartney Archive Collection’ strip on the left hand side. The only trouble is, they are scandalously expensive, particularly in the UK.

Update 20.30 6/10/17: The information below has now changed. At 17.20 today all the overpriced vinyl was taken down. After pulling all the listings down, all eight of these McCartney records are now back up at £29.99 everywhere they are available in the UK. An improvement on £35, £43 and £52 but it’s still an £8 premium for coloured vinyl instead of black. I’m disappointed in this strategy of dual-pricing which just comes across as rather greedy. I say this not as just an observer, but as a retailer myself. When I sold 500 signed Sam Brown box sets on the SDE shop, there was no premium over the standard sets, despite the fact that it created a lot of extra work to get the sets signed and to open and re-pack every box set. Team Macca is making a profit on black vinyl priced at £21.99. The £29.99 price point is simply about making even more profit and feels a bit exploitative, given that vinyl copies of these albums have already been marketed to the core audience over the last six or seven years. – Paul, SDE.

You can only buy the coloured vinyl pressings at specific online shops, including The Sound Of Vinyl, uDiscoverMusic and (all in the UK). However, on both of these sites while the non-limited black vinyl is priced between £18.99 to £23.99 – not particularly cheap to start with – the retailers have added a huge premium for the coloured vinyl pressings. They are all £34.99 each, with the exception of Band on the Run which is an unbelievable £42.99!

For some reason, both uDiscover in the UK and The Sound Of Vinyl have neither Venus and Mars nor Wings at the Speed of Sound listed, but at the red/yellow vinyl copy of Venus and Mars is – wait for it – £51.99! I will remind you that this is ONE vinyl record we are talking about. It means the cost of buying all eight coloured vinyl pressings is £305.

Together, the two colour vinyl pressings of Venus and Mars and Band on the Run will cost UK fans £96!

Unlike the UK, the US uDiscover site has a bundle to buy all eight coloured pressings for $240, which equates to around £185 – over £120 less than in Britain. However any plans to buy these to ship to the UK will be thwarted since the site doesn’t deliver internationally.

I’m aware that this is another post on SDE that’s being quite critical of McCartney, but these prices are simply crazy. As way of comparison, the double LP glow-in-the-dark gatefold vinyl package of Michael Jackson’s Scream is £22 on the SDE shop. It’s starting to feel like a long time since Paul McCartney release ‘got it right’ either in terms of pricing or content.

Black vinyl LPs, coloured vinyl LPs and CD editions of these albums (see list below) will be released on 17 November 2017.

Albums being reissued by Capitol

  1. McCartney (1970). Limited version is RED vinyl
  2. RAM (1971). Limited version is YELLOW vinyl
  3. Band on the Run (1973). Limited version is WHITE vinyl
  4. Venus and Mars (1975). Limited version is RED and YELLOW vinyl
  5. Wings at the Speed of Sound (1976). Limited version is ORANGE vinyl
  6. McCartney II (1980). Limited version is CLEAR vinyl
  7. Tug of War (1982). Limited version is BLUE vinyl
  8. Pipes of Peace (1983). Limited version is SILVER vinyl

188 responses to What’s the colour of money? McCartney limited edition vinyl hits the wallet hard

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  2. Catweazle says:

    Just received my yellow ‘Ram’ – must be the ugliest yellow vinyl in my collection (in fact it’s sort of greenish)!

  3. Mick says:

    All of the individual titles have just been added to the U.S. udiscovermusic:
    The coloured are $30.00 + shipping each and the black are $20.00 + shipping each.
    I just ordered the 4 titles I wanted.
    Interesting that udiscovermusic prices usually include shipping, but these Macca LP’s (including the bundles) all have an additional shipping fee. Clearly Mr. McCartney and Capitol are under the mistaken impression we all have money trees in our yards.
    I just hope they arrive, as I’ve had trouble dealing with udiscovermusic recently.

  4. Mark says:

    Paul – The US site of Universal seems to have the bundle

    just ordered mine – seems to have worked well.

    Best, Mark

  5. Louise says:

    All seems like a bit of a PR faff all round. I only really wanted ATSOS on Orange (which I think I’ve got, altho’ knowing Universal it’ll probably get cancelled) and V&M which was sold out. Clearly the bundles were just standard price as they knew they’d sell anyway without any discount enticement. Just goes to show, price them properly and they’ll sell! My email arrived at 10.23 from Universal btw…

  6. Presenile dementia…

  7. Sean L says:

    Lots sold out…..unusually quick considering I looked 1o minutes after receiving the email????

  8. V&M coloured sold out on udiscovermusic already.
    Maybe this is really ‘limited’ after all (until the next pressing…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I can’t even see it on the site. Band on the Run and bundle both supposedly ‘sold out’ but they are still showing them. What a mess.

  9. Chris Squires says:

    All up on the various Universal sites again at £26 for the coloured variants. The “Special Bundle” is really hard to work out. It offers all 8 albums in a bundle at the special price of £208, which if my O level maths is correct is 8 x £26…. so there is absolutely zero discount or incentive to buy the bundle yet it clearly states “Sold out”. You would have thought the bundle would be less than £200….. “Buy more and save Nothing”

  10. Kevin S says:

    Recordstore have the coloured vinyl up for sale
    All at £26.00. Looks like the ‘bundle’ of all eight albums for £200+ has gone.

    Link for V&M Red/Yellow

  11. Carl Homes says:

    The links are now working on the McCartney site. uDiscover have a link to the coloured vinyls at £26 and Amazon have a link to the black at various prices. Some of them more than the coloured vinyl!.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Bloody hell, the coloured vinyl bundle – which didn’t exist before – is sold out already. When did that go up?

      • Chris Squires says:

        Something can’t be right. I got an email that came in live so to speak as I was on my PC, I went straight to the relevant sites and it was already showing sold out at the glorious saving of nowt. Everything else is functioning as stand alone except Band on the Run which also shows sold out.

        Either was never available or sold out in seconds….. hmmmm fishy.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Didn’t think it was physically possible to make such a hash of something. Third price change, no discount on the bundle, stuff ‘sold out’ more or less immediately. Hmm.

  12. Michael Leek says:

    When the price on Amazon dropped to £20 (yes Paul agreed, must be black), got red/yellow V&M from
    Yup, I’m a (happy) sucker…

  13. Ordered V&M on amazonUK for £35, if it’s black, it’s too much and will send back…

    • Roy says:

      Unfortunately I think it will be black. Amazon UK now has a black record showing. Venus seems to be £35 in the UK everywhere, I guess it must be the packaging.

  14. Louise says:

    Pledge has just announced its selling all the black vinyl & CD’s for about £19 each (vinyl) or £11 CD, plus postage… No sign of the coloured vinyl versions though. Maybe they’re an urban myth

  15. Kevin S says:

    PledgeMusic have the following on ‘offer’:

    “Archive Collection

    Paul McCartney’s critically acclaimed and multiple Grammy Award-winning Archive Collection will offer fans another chance to complete their collections on November 17, 2017. That date will see the MPL/Capitol/UMe reissues of the first eight Archive Collection titles in affordable single CD digipak and 180 gram black vinyl single LP formats. All vinyl LPs in the Archive Collection will feature a download card and fully restored artwork”.

    Single vinyl and single cd.

    No mention of coloured vinyl and haven’t the ‘Archive Collection’ albums so far all been released on vinyl along with the relevant cd boxed sets as they came out?

    Is there a demand/need for single disc versions?

    • Scott Sparks says:

      Supposedly these will have the original artwork without the ‘Archive Collection’ strip on the left side which is what kept me away from them

  16. Tony Orwell says:

    Am I being cynical or could it be that the record company I fuelling the hype by giving mis-information to ensure we keep talking about it. You would hope that McCartney’s supply chain would have their act together before they make the announcements, let’s face it nobody in the business thoughts that the 50th anniversary ‘withdrawn’ love me do single was anything other than a marketing ploy.

  17. Paul Spurgeon says:

    It’s become a farce when it needn’t have been. If they’d just reduced them to £20 each (which is fair) then I along with many others would of bought most of them.

  18. Carl Homes says:

    I’m amazed at how amateurish the whole thing has been. If the error had been rectified within a day or so, then the whole episode would have been forgotten about and people would have moved on. To leave fans hanging on without a clue as to when, where and IF they will be able to purchased the advertised products is inexcusable.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s very misleading on McCartney’s site too, since in the UK all those ‘limited edition coloured vinyl’ links are geo-tagged to go to the BLACK versions on Amazon. I’m sure many people won’t know any better and will think they are ordering the coloured versions. I asked McCartney’s representatives to tell me what was going on, but still waiting for a response.

      • Chris Squires says:

        If the recent trend continues you will possibly get the response….”It was meant to be like this, we were trying to recreate the feeling of how it would have been in the pre-internet days, going back to the original, earliest available marketing strategies” – rather than what everybody thinks “We screwed up – sorry”.

  19. Mick says:

    SoundStageDirect has now removed the coloured versions from their pre-order page
    What IS going on with these?!

  20. Auntie Sabrina says:


  21. Wouter says:

    Universal Music just announced that in The Netherlands these titles will be exclusively available through Each title sells at € 34,99 incl. shipping.

  22. Scott Sparks says:

    I don’t see the colored vinyl (only the black) on anymore. But my order status is “Processing”

  23. Tony Orwell says:

    Pricing is always going to be what the market will stand, blondies pollinator on red £15 from the blondie web site, both bowie gold vinyl’s £14 from Sainsbury’s so even with these top draw artists they are able to produce these items and make money at the middle teens. The bowie pressings are maybe not top drawn but the blondie is a superb heavyweight pressing with printed inner sleeve and download code.
    So, the question is, how much are we willing to pay?
    I think if they have advertised these as a limited run of 500 or 1000 for each title they would have been sold out pretty much before they went on sale, but as far as I can see we do not know how many are pressed.
    There is a limited number of fans who will pay regardless and the record store days have now found that out. Last record store day, anything limited to 1000 of a recognised collectable artist sold out quickly and in the short term were selling for a premium on auction sites. However, titles by mega artists like Iron maiden for example where 4000 were pressed I could have gone into my local independent store and buy them for at least a month at the retail price.
    It will not be a big surprise to most that a massive majority of limited editions bought are snapped up by dealers or by people who think their purchase will increase in value so it is a tightrope that the companies walk when trying to price an item, they don’t want to give it away but then again, they don’t want the racks stacked with ‘unsellable’ limited editions. (ask HMV).
    This year’s RSD the companies tried to push the boundaries too far charging £20 for a 7″ black vinyl single and £30 for a 7″ shaped picture disc and some of them are still in the racks unsold so I think they are gradually going to get the message.
    Recent releases and pre- orders have become laughable with the amount of coloured vinyl options available and this can only be because they feel the market will stand it and pay up, after all why would Morrissey release 1 album with 6 different coloured vinyl’s, if he want to offer a limited edition why not just press one extra colour?
    I think over the last 10 years we have all become conditioned to assume that unless we buy it quickly we will miss out and have to pay double or treble on eBay and when things were truly limited this was the case.
    These days I think the vinyl pressings must be increasing the numbers and instead of a vinyl album being considered to be a limited edition soon to be deleted they will be back to the days of £10 for an album for people to listen to.
    Having said all of the above, I have bought all the Morrissey’s, David Bowies, Blondies and every other limited edition that has come out by a major artist so maybe those of us who buy are the biggest problem.
    As always Paul, thanks for this awesome site.

  24. Chris Squires says:

    Yes Richard. “Much price checking” equates to an “SDE Deal alert” preferably something some way south of 20 quid.

    The other thing to note, and it’s a frequent question here. What constitutes “limited edition”?
    What I have found is that if a limited edition is truly a small run “Limited Edition”, the kind that makes you feel the warm glow, then the companies are quite quick to tell you. 500, 750, 1,000, 1,500…. that kind of thing will be broadcast. Music on Vinyl always tell you how limited is “limited” and they number their editions. I like that model.
    With no proof whatsoever I also get the feeling that some companies will call anything limited, and strictly they are right, but if something is “limited edition” in my book there should be a fixed, low and known number. Not variable, high or unknown. And there certainly shouldn’t be a second identical pressing a la Queen studio albums coloured collection. Second pressing is fine as long as it is clearly different, like a book. All books have edition numbers. Saying something is limited and having 10,000 copies, then re-pressing identically is akin to fraud in my book. I know some here see collecting as some kind of elitist thing that should be outlawed but it is a kind of unwritten contract between label and punter. I have bought limited editions that I possibly wouldn’t have bought if it were bog-standard ….. that’s why companies make limited edition anything (books, cars, turntables, LPs, chocolate bars etc.) once that trust is broken and the words “Limited Edition” mean nothing we are less likely to jump in and buy.

  25. richard says:

    Must admit I’m a sucker for coloured vinyl, patiently waiting for Sandinista and Combat Rock by The Clash to get a coloured release ( all ready have several versions ). If I was a Macca fan I’d probably get the lot but only after much price checking online.

  26. Arnd says:

    With respect, I do not see the point of complaining about the price of a luxury product – and a coloured vinyl record definitely is -, even calling it scandalous.

    We are not talking about apartment rents or public transportation prices here.

    If it’s too expensive, I am fine with that and will not buy it. I am also fine with everyone willing to buy it anyway.

    My humble opinion.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t consider a coloured vinyl record a luxury product. It’s a simple – and obviously collectable – variation of a black vinyl LP. A 27-disc music box set is more a luxury product, something which you’d expect to pay a premium amount for.

      • Cris says:

        Maybe I wrote this before, however:
        – The record industry self-destroyed itself forcing the introduction of f*** CDs (which were certainly not indestructible, btw)
        – We had our hard times (you guys living in the UK have no idea what it has meant to try to find import vinyls, which in any case had been reduced in amount everywhere, in Italy)
        – In any case, at least they cost less than CDs, so we had also a bit of convenience aer so much hardship in the search
        – The industry went even further in its auto ball-cutting, favouring streaming and dowloads, de facto cancelling the so called “support” with which music is distributed, which we love so much
        – Thanks to us, there has been a resurgence of vinyl
        – The industry realised they had an undeserved way to save their arses
        – They started raising prices. They also started printing double LPs as an excuse.
        – Fierce, I am now boycotting them and waiting to buy a record until it has not reached the price I judge is fair, or buying from the honest “channels”/”contacts” I have established during the hard period (i. e.: still haven’ t bought DM’ s Spirit nor the two recent 12″s, which require a good price reduction, even on Amazon)
        And that was that.

        But now for the first time, with this overproduction leading to bad pressings, or mastering, or other, and with this absurdity in fixing such ridiculous prices with such nerve and without justification, I am starting to me fear that it might all crumble down again after the hype. AGAIN the industry is going to spoil everything by greedily wanting to milk people of as much money as possible here and now, instead of carefully cultivating the unexpected and undeserved help they received from out of the blue with good issues and honest prices.
        Of course I cannot envisage an alternative and futuristic support, but still I am starting to wonder where all this frenetic nonsense of issuing and pricing will lead us… I am starting to get nauseated.

  27. Greig S says:

    The sad thing about issues like this is that even if it cost 400 quid for one coloured vinyl LP, someone somewhere would still pay that amount.

    I absolutely love this website and how it calls a spade a spade when reporting on these things whether it might upset the artist or not, and we all know that is not your intention. You simply report the facts.

    Keep up the good work, Paul – You are the voice of the ordinary folks!

  28. Andy says:

    What planet is Macca living on, £43 for Band on the Run, ha I picked up a mint copy with poster for £1.50 bout a decade ago. I can spray it white if needs be, still be £40.50 cheaper if i factor in the £2.00 spray paint.

  29. Trash says:

    Hi Paul –
    Quick question: are the black vinyl versions of these actually available on Amazon yet?
    The vinyl editions of Band on the Run and Tug of War that are listed (on Amazon UK at least) seem to be dated 2010 so I presume those aren’t these (or do the dates refer to the remaster dates rather than release dates).

    Thanks Paul

  30. John Higney says:

    Capitol are ramping up the McCartney discs with his blessing they will have to pay the legal costs for any litigation in his 50 year old return to owner copyright claim its obvious that he dumped Conchord Records for that reason they probably weren’t big enough to take on Sony and the Jackson family.So Paul gets his revenge at no cost for his back catalogue and passes the costs on to his fans wrong decision Paul.

  31. Bob says:

    Its no secret that McCartney is so tight his butt squeaks when he walks .

  32. Scott Sparks says:

    I’m confused on the artwork. On one hand as Paul states here referring to the colored vinyl pressings: “they will be the only vinyl issues of the remasters that don’t have that annoying Paul McCartney Archive Collection strip on the left hand side”

    But on McCartney’s web site it states: “All vinyl LPs in the Archive Collection will feature a download card and fully restored artwork”

  33. Charlie Waffles says:

    I guess Mac has to pay that ex wife some more money…

  34. voxstarstream says:

    Sound Stage Direct states “item not eligible for further discount”

  35. Mark says:

    Thanks Paul. Amazing Site by the way. Regards from Germany!

  36. Mark says:

    This link leads directly to the US Amazon store – no mention though if these are the coloured ones – good preorder price though 19.98 $

  37. Jan Spring in ,t Veld says:

    Is there anybody who knows something of a boxset off Ringo Starr. That’s what i am interrested in for now instead off those amazing expencive Macca releases.

  38. Tom M says:

    Still listed at MusicVaultz (the Canadian version of uDiscover)*/Vinyl/

  39. Craig H says:

    Bad math, $23.99 each after 20% discount. Too early here in California!

  40. Craig H says:

    The colored vinyl are available at SoundStage Direct for US $29.99 each with 20% discount using promo code LP20 at checkput, bringing them down to $24.99 each.

    • Mick says:

      But there’s no indication that these are the coloured vinyl. Likely they’re not.

      • Scott Sparks says:

        The black vinyls are $19.99 and colored vinyls are $27.89 but it didn’t let me applied the promo code. Still $27 seems like a good deal. I just ordered the 1st 4.

  41. Kenneth Tilley says:

    Ahh poor Paul he must be short of a few pounds

  42. Tony says:

    Does a prettily coloured vinyl play any better than a black vinyl? When I grew up in the 60’s we bought records for the music and what was on the album cover. And that seems to be getting lost. Coloured vinyl is a cynical ploy to make you buy the same thing yet again. If you buy just to make money you aren’t going to play it cos that devalues the disc. I can see demo takes etc as extras. They can be interesting. But coloured vinyl at a premium – no. Waste of money and the only people who make a profit is the record label and artist.

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  44. gary oliver says:

    i suppose they could rotate the eight colours and some people would buy all eight rotations

  45. Kauwgompie says:

    His box sets are all overpriced, then he released the last boxset, Flowers In The Dirt, and that one is SO overpriced you think it comes with a gold bar. Now these vinyls, no I have lost every shred of respect for Macca. And these albums are all very average anyway, except for BOTR.

  46. Tony says:

    A lot of milking going on. Would far prefer he re-released vinyl albums which haven’t come out on the archive series such as RRS & London Town. Straight reissue like the Elton John is doing. Otherwise I may well be dead before they come out. And vinyl does sound different…

  47. Auntie Sabrina says:

    HMV currently plan to charge £23.99, £27.99 and £29.99 depending on the title you want but these may, or probably are the black vinyl editions.

  48. Albert Tatlock says:

    HMV in Bury (near Manchester) currently have Beatles albums (‘Magical Mystery Tour’ ‘For Sale’ ‘Revolver’ etc) for £34.99! This time last year they were £17.99…. All other albums (Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd, Who etc) are all under or just above the 20 quid mark. But Beatles vinyl has ridiculously skyrocketed at HMV. God knows what they’re going to charge for these Macca albums…

  49. Bobby's Dad says:

    The irony of coloured vinyl, is that some ‘collectors’ prefer the records to be in pristine condition such as ‘bought ones’, and destined to forever spend it’s life ‘sealed’ in shrink-wrap, and therefore will never know what colour the vinyl is except by ‘hearsay’…. Yes, I’m one of those ‘collectors’. Silly me. LoL

  50. Auntie Sabrina says:

    “Paul McCartney products will be back soon” according to

  51. Tony says:

    As Mick says,it looks like all have been pulled from the UK.
    Any idea whats going on Paul.

  52. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Yep – they’ve been pulled again!
    What is going on?

  53. Mick says:

    “Oh no! Page not found!” currently on udiscovermusicus. Was this the only place in the U.S. selling these?
    Ooooo – waitaminute – it seems to have been pulled from all the U.K. retailers Paul linked to here as well.
    There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark…

  54. Louise says:

    Beatles related stuff is an absolute cash cow for Universal, they must have been dancing a happy dance when EMI went pop. I’ve seen standard Beatles albums in HMV for £30+ for single albums and doubles £50! Shame the Deagostini issues aren’t widely available as they’re a bargain but the only place I’ve seen them (and bought them from) is Tesco!£17 for singles, £25 for doubles/triples… bargain!

    • StevieB says:

      Bought my first De Agostini this week (Live at the BBC, the 2013 remastered version), sound quality is excellent as is the packaging. £24.99p for a three disc set. Many WH Smith stores have them and you can also get them by mail order but I got mine from the local convenience store (!) who order and always sell ten copies of each album.

  55. Marc says:

    It is such a shame this is going on. I’ve been the biggest McCartney fan for years, got most of the Archive doubles, got tons of other Macca vinyl, new, old, collectable, etc etc. I am really into coloured vinyl as well, but these prices are above my limit. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I’m going to pay 30 pounds (33 euro) for these. What a pity…..
    New single on the way……F*cking Up ;-)

  56. FROM MARS says:

    Come On.. The Pipes of Peace Deluxe was a beauty !

    I welcome Silver Wax, too.

  57. Darren Briscoe says:

    Done with buying McCartney rip offs. Great discussion….I really hope his team are reading!

  58. Marc says:

    Crazy! Crazy prices…and crazy that for shure a lot of people will buy it….
    I am still happy with my George Harrison Vinyl Box I get from UK for just 183£ (199£ – VAT + Shipping). THAT’s a deal – Mr. McCartney!
    Thanks Paul (not the McCartney one)

  59. Tony says:

    Been pulled from websites again?

  60. Thomas Beattie says:

    What amazes me is that rich rock stars seem to think the normal record buying public have endless amounts of money to spend on stuff like this.
    And it’s just not McCartney but just about most of them.
    Great site by the way Paul.

  61. Tony Dunn says:

    Just an observation but apparently it does cost upwards of 70p per record more for colour vinyl over black vinyl.

  62. Ben Williams says:

    What is odd at the moment on Amazon Uk is there are still single CD editions of the first 4 reissues in the Archive series still available, such as McCartney II at £5.99 but there is now a preorder for the same album for £13.99 – the double disc versions are cheaper than this?!

    I’m happy that MPL and CAPITOL are keeping these albums in print on disc (after saying they wanted to push the streaming platform) but these prices are odd!

  63. Michael says:

    I was having a hard week, thanks for the laugh!

    Excuse, that had to be ….

    I cry :(

  64. Michael Fortin says:

    These are the days I’m glad I don’t collect vinyl!

  65. AlexKx says:

    Just wanted to point out…this website is AWESOME! :)

  66. Gisabun says:

    Money grab.

  67. colin says:

    V&M Rhubarb and Custard Vinyl has now re-appeared on the record store site £29.99 + P&P

  68. Chris Squires says:

    One has to wonder whether this was a ploy of some kind. Launch it for £35 to £52 wait for the furore, take them down and relaunch at £30 and it won’t seem so bad. Probably not when I think about it but either way £30 is still too much. Single LPs should not be any more than £20, doubles £27 to £30. Coloured vinyl should be an incentive to early adopters. The Gold standard for me has been the “collected” series with the first 750 or 1500 in a colour and the rest black but all the same price. As someone has no doubt said we have a choice, mine is to wait until they hit £20. I bought all 6 ABBA solo coloured issues for £13 each not sure these are worth up to 4 times that.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If these were £20 each then I’m fairly sure I’d have taken a deep breath and ordered them all. £160 spent. At £30 each I’m just going to pass. Result £0 spent.

    • AlexKx says:

      No way! Color should be available to everyone! I don’t like that running of stuff because you did not know about it in time (mere less some short instant!)!

  69. Ian McJannet says:

    I’m sick to death of Paul McCartney and his rip-off machine ..
    Presumably he was the one to authorize these atrocious prices..
    Why on earth should there be such a huge difference between black or coloured vinyl ..
    I REALLY hope everybody refuses to pay such ludicrous prices !!

  70. Gary Hunter says:

    Clearly Sir Paul is going to personally deliver the said LP’s to you in person and perform a gig at your house…………..that is right isn’t it??

  71. Paul Spurgeon says:

    will they come to amazon do you think paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You can buy the 2LP Tug of War with all the bonus tracks for £25 on uDiscover, but the single vinyl version that is blue is £29.99. In my opinion the coloured vinyl should be the same price as the black vinyl. The reason for doing coloured is to get a sale you otherwise probably won’t get from fans, so they are already ‘up on the deal’. But on top of that to whack on an extra £8 premium is taking the piss. Why isn’t the UK store doing a value-for-money bundle like the USA?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Where’s Speed of Sound and Venus and Mars, I wonder?

  72. Tony says:

    Any idea how limited these are?

  73. colin says:

    They (coloured vinyls) have dropped a fiver to £29.99 – They are all re-appearing intermittently on the different sites!

  74. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Back up on sound of vinyl – £29.99

  75. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Band On The Run is £29.99, McCartney, Pipes Of Peace and Tug Of War are £27.99, McCartney II and Ram £23.99, from HMV out 17 November too.

  76. colin says:

    McCartney II has reappeared on The Record Store Site!

  77. AlexKx says:


  78. AlexKx says:

    The only reason you all think the pricing is wrong is because you do not understand capitalism and that McCarteny (rightfully so) is one of the biggest ever! Goody on him! :)

  79. noyoucmon says:

    Not that I’ll buy any from this cash grab, but whither Wings Over America?

  80. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Maybe he needs the money for his new JET!

  81. derosa says:

    Happy I only collect black vinyl!

  82. Nick says:

    I’ll only buy anything from this series if I see a reasonable price on it

  83. Howie says:

    If you were selling something for £22.99 and you noticed somebody reselling it for £65. Would you carry on selling it for £22.99 or think “bugger that, my prices are going up”?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s only £65 when they are out of print or there are some other factors at play (not available in certain regions). That isn’t a reflection of what most people will pay.

  84. Ben Williams says:

    Funny also that they’re going to offer physical coloured vinyl albums when Macca and Mpl wanted to go more toward streaming…

  85. DaveM says:

    Interesting that the CDs will be bare-bones reissues in digipaks. The cynic in me thinks that FITD will be the last SDE and I doubt that the Concord SDEs will ever be reproduced by Capital. Still no word on the ‘comprehensive plan’ either.

    The limited vinyls are maybe a way of recouping the lost income on the FITD SDEs presumed low sales.

  86. Carl Homes says:

    I waited in anticipation for a few days after hearing about these being released. As i have all the McCartney Super Deluxe issues i wanted these to compliment each box. For $240 i was in….a little more than i would have liked but still in reach. I’m astounded at the price difference for the UK. I’m hoping this is an error as i have no intention on paying £51.99 for V&M, even if it does look like a giant rhubarb & custard sweet.

  87. Not Available says:

    Has it ever occurred to anyone, that if you think they’re too expensive, DON’T BUY THEM?

  88. Yani P says:

    Since when has he ever cared about his buying market, but so so easy to ignore – just don’t buy them – surely that is the easiest way to send a message ..

  89. RJS says:

    I’m sure there are plenty of suckers who keep buying the same music over and over and over again wo will splash the cash for these.

  90. Rob Deighton says:

    He Was obviously taking hints from Paul Weller who wanted £38 quid for his vinyl reissues.

    Could it be a ‘Paul’ thing?

    (We know our website host is not included)

    • derosa says:

      The weird thing about the Paul Weller prices is the only cost half as much in Canada & the USA

      • hamicle says:

        And in the end I got the re-issue of the first Weller album for just over £15 delivered from Amazon France, which is what it should have been in the first place!

    • Richard says:

      And the Paul Weller reissues only came in one colour – black !!
      At least these are a pretty colour

  91. Lemmin says:

    No, in the strongest of ways.

  92. ATF says:

    I’d be amazed if he even knew about the prices

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      From the press release “Every release in the ongoing Paul McCartney Archive Collection is supervised by Paul McCartney himself, who oversees all aspects of each and every title”

  93. Brian says:

    Paul, my thoughts exactly. At around £20 I might be interested but at these prices, not a chance!

  94. colin says:


  95. Dean says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this. Vinyl is expensive, and that’s a rip off. But colored Vinyl is completely optional, and I don’t understand the attraction at all. So I can’t feel bad that people are being asked for silly money for it. It could be double this price and I’d have no problem with it, to be honest.

    I guess I just don’t understand the modern Vinyl buying punter. If you prefer Vinyl, go at it. But if you’re into colored Vinyl and all that, it’s just crazy, and yeah, be prepared to pay for…… some dye.

  96. Colin Harper says:

    I thought the £33 being asked for the recent vinyl reissues of Link Wray’s mid 70s albums was crazy, but maybe Macca’s going for a record?

    Macca’s Team: ‘Hey Macca, what’s the most you reckon you can squeeze out of your hardcore fan base for a load of coloured vinyl of stuff they’ll own 12 times already?’

    Macca: ‘Yo! Team! Wow, great idea, guys! I reckon we can go to 50 quid easy – we were a good little rock’n’roll band, y’know. Wings – yeah! That’s the one!’

  97. colin says:

    I recently bought the original pressing of VENUS & MARS with the original posters and stickers (unused) for UNDER 4 POUNDS! and the vinyl is Very Good too! Echo what has been said by others, ridiculous prices for these re-issue vinyls!

  98. Bruce Padgett says:

    The US uDiscover site is still up, withthe same $240 price.

  99. Domingo says:

    **** Macca, I´m daltonic¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :)

  100. Tim-meh says:

    I don’t know why but I suddenly feel nostaligic for my old Crass albums that used to state ‘Pay No More Than £3.99’.

  101. Glenn Roger says:

    I love buying colored vinyl but it’s almost like Sir Paul took a pause and realized that there was a big market in colored vinyl and decided to dive in at that last minute to make a quick buck, it doesn’t always end at the record company, he is a getting royalties. I think these albums individually are very expensive. I don’t mind paying if its of substance, like his box sets, and the last one was beautiful, but those prices, for vinyl? Outrageous. I am going to sit this campaign out I am afraid.

  102. Colin Harper says:

    This can only be based on a very nasty, cynical view that there are some McCartney/Beatles fans who have to have everything. We mustn’t forget that, with McC, everything that comes out under his name will be either approved or instigated by him – there can be no ‘hey fans, it’s the label – what can I do?’ about this.

    Why would anybody want to give this increasingly out of touch multi-millionaire £40-£50 a time for something that (a) they have many times already in other formats and (b) that has a profit margin massively in excess of what it needs to be to make reasonable commercial sense?


  103. Will W says:

    Any idea if his reissue campaign will continue for the albums not reissued in the last 7 years?

  104. Tony says:

    Seem to have been removed for now. Maybe realised price too high [ or maybe not high enough? ]

  105. GS Cleere says:

    I no longer do ‘vinyl’ so no temptation -but still waiting for a 3rd disc for my ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ Deeeeluxxe edition…

  106. Dave says:

    Just received a tax bill no doubt ?

    • Alexander says:

      The more lps like these are sold the bigger the bill. I bet the profit from such reissues is huge. In theory of course, I doubt they could actually sell enough to support this theory.

  107. Paul Mortimer says:

    And coloured vinyl quite often sounds rubbish compared to black vinyl!

    Nice to look at, hard on the ears….these discs should just be sold mounted in gilt frames to admire, at that price :-o

  108. stephendking says:

    Is Macca down to his last £100m?? These prices should sort that just in time to be able to put the nut roast on the Xmas dinner table… Though saying that the sites at the links in the article now show blank pages and messages about nothing being available so maybe someone’s already snaffled the lot!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hopefully it’s a cock-up and we’ll see this back at sensible prices. I will be tempted if they’re all £20 a piece.

  109. Stevie B says:

    And I thought that the £49 being asked for the Beatles White Album on vinyl in HMV recently was bad enough (oh, and the £35 for the vinyl of Magical Mystery Tour that they want)!!!

    • colin says:

      Look out for the recent De Agostini Beatles Vinyl releases at your local newsagent or supermarket! Single albums are £16.99, 2 Disc and 3 Disc albums are £24.99 – Including the Anthology Albums, Live at the BBC, 62-66 & 67-70 – BARGAIN PRICES!

      • Mike the Fish says:

        De Agostini A Hard Day’s Night has part of first chord missing and the strange EQ fade. Sgt. Pepper has tone and inner groove garble missing. Apparently Anthology 2 has non fill issues and all four of the BBC Vol.1 albums I tried had at least one pressing fault on the third disc.

      • Stuart says:

        Whilst the price is good for these, the quality is poor with regard to sound, completeness (as noted) and presentation/sleeves

  110. Mister Stick says:

    Notice that Wings Over America isn’t included, which, one would suppose, would shade each of the three records either red, white, or blue. Or maybe they’d use all three colors for each record, like a Buck Owens guitar. Just imagine what THAT would cost at these rates.

    Anyway, I’ll save my McMoney this time, thanks.

  111. Kevin Barrett says:

    I want these, but I am not going to be ripped off, scandalous!

  112. Paul says:

    Scandalous pricing.

  113. Tom says:

    Nice….but not for me.

  114. Smartiepants says:

    Bless!! he must need it, as mentioned before Xmas is coming and he prob has a lot to buy for

  115. Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

    I think I’ll let it be.

  116. Brian Burhans says:

    Dream on Capitol/Macca…not one farthing from this old Beatlemaniac’s purse shall you receive for these.

  117. adam shaw says:

    The Venus and Mars vinyl is now on the Udiscover site . £52 is just mad , is it because it had 2 posters in it and stickers , they don’t say if these records are exact replicas of the originals or not .
    I’m getting sick of the Macca rip off .

    • adam shaw says:

      I emailed Udiscover about the pricing, Katie emailed me back saying they didn’t know anything else about the realese except what was already on the site.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I did say to Macca’s PR team this morning that £43 seemed a lot for a white vinyl Band on the Run. No reply.

        • Ex-Oligarch says:

          You know, most of the color choices in the photo seed like good additions to the original designs, but why did they pick plain white for Band on the Run?

        • Stuart says:

          “Seemed a lot”….you’re the master of the understatement Paul

          As much as I like Macca, esp BOTR, I’ll definitely pass at these price points.

          One positive tho; if the CDs are a decent price then it’s a good way to pick up the “McCartney” remaster as this isn’t the easiest album to track down

  118. Simon says:

    You never give me your money …

  119. Ben Williams says:

    The irony is that in the website promo spiel, it actually says:

    “titles in affordable single CD digipak and 180 gram black vinyl single LP formats”

    but this isn’t quite the case unless the current amazon preorder prices drop..

  120. Chris Squires says:

    I had just got the emails from various stores in the last couple of hours and was trying to work out what I was missing. was it half speed, was it double Vinyl 45RPM, there was nothing on any of the sites Paul mentioned other than the colour and the price.

    It seems that they have gone straight to Ebay prices. Why sell for £21.99 when we know it will be on Ebay for £50 within a few weeks. Lets go straight to that price point.

    Disappointing in the extreme. And thankfully, for my wallet, I am out.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Interesting observation. It reminds me of the way arena concert promoters in the US dramatically raised ticket prices in the 1990s. They finally decided that there was no point in leaving all that profit to the ticket brokers/scalpers/resellers.

  121. Kevin from Edinburgh says:

    The Queen Studio Collection, which contains what, twice as many coloured records, plus a very nice hardback book, together in a box, retailed for approx. £30 less than these 8.

    Taking the proverbial, methinks.

  122. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Absolutely scandalous pricing. I thought macca was a man of the people.

  123. Geert De Wilde says:

    Makes it even easier to ignore resist these then ;)

  124. Matthew Langhorn says:

    Well, Christmas is coming.
    He must be short this year!

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