Yazoo / Four Pieces 4LP vinyl box

New vinyl box set • Albums / Remixes / BBC Sessions • Some signed

As synthpop duo Yazoo (known as ‘Yaz’ in the US), Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet issued two classic albums, before going their own way and enjoying further success (with Erasure and as a solo artist, respectively). Thirty-five years on from this this brief, but productive, collaboration, a new four-LP vinyl box called Four Pieces is to be released. It includes both albums, a remix LP and a disc of largely unreleased BBC Sessions.

The albums Upstairs At Eric’s (1982) and You And Me Both (1983), included iconic hit singles such as Only You, Don’t Go and Nobody’s Diary.

The third vinyl record in Four Pieces is Eight Remixes. This includes a selection of classic, extended and rare remixes and a brand new remix of Winter Kills.

The numbered theme contains, with the final disc, Two BBC Sessions. This includes the John Peel and David Jensen BBC Radio One sessions, available on vinyl for the first time with six tracks previously unreleased.

This deluxe set comes in a deluxe hardcover book format and the audio is exclusively remastered and pressed on 180g black vinyl.

Furthermore, the set comes with four exclusive art prints, Upstairs At Eric’s and You And Me Both double-sided poster and a collection of six pocket-sized photos.

Four Pieces will be released on 26 October 2018. It can be ordered from the official store as a standalone item, or bundled with T-shirts, tote bags etc. 50 randomly selected boxsets will include an art card signed by both Vince and Alison.

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Three Pieces


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Four Pieces [VINYL]



The classic debut album including Only You, Don’t Go, Goodbye 70’s and Winter Kills.

Side A

1. Don’t Go
2. Too Pieces
3. Bad Connection
4. I Before E Except After C
5. Midnight
6. In My Room

Side B

1. Only You
2. Goodbye 70’s
3. Tuesday
4. Winter Kills
5. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)


The No 1 UK Album featuring Nobody’s Diary, Ode To Boy, Mr Blue and Walk Away From Love

Side A

1. Nobody’s Diary
2. Softly Over
3. Sweet Thing
4. Mr Blue
5. Good Times

Side B

1. Walk Away from Love
2. Ode to Boy
3. Unmarked
4. Anyone
5. Happy People
6. And On


Includes classic, extended and rare remixes by Richard X, Todd Terry and Youth plus the 2017 Orchestral mix of Only You and a brand new remix of Winter Kills.

Side A

1. Nobody’s Diary – Extended Version
2. Situation – Richard X Remix
3. Don’t Go – Remix
4. Only You – Orchestral Mix

Side B

1. Situation – The Aggressive Attitude Mix
2. Don’t Go – Tee’s TNT Radio Mix
3. State Farm – Madhouse Mix Edit
4. Winter Kills – Minute Taker Remix*


The John Peel and David Jensen BBC Radio One sessions exclusively remastered and available on vinyl for the first time. Includes Don’t Go, Situation, Too Pieces and Winter Kills.

Side A – John Peel, June 1982

1. Don’t Go*
2. Midnight*
3. In My Room*
4. Winter Kills*

Side B – David Jensen, September 1982

1. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)
2. In My Room
3. Situation*
4. Too Pieces*

*Previously unreleased.

143 responses to Yazoo / Four Pieces 4LP vinyl box

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  2. Ivan says:

    I am happy to see Mute releasing and re-releasing some of the classic stuff. That is understandable, and as Daniel Miller himself put it in the recently released, amazing book about Mute – these records have to stay available to the record buying public. So why not put out a new expanded version of the existing collections?

    Sure the sad part of the story is the exclusiveness and the price it sets for the record buying public these days. Too bad because not that long ago, records were still affordable, now every single version of something can cost a fortune because of the record collecting hype per se and it’s sickening how far it went these days…

    Back on Yazoo, “Four Pieces” is a good choice of title for one such retrospective collection. “In Your Room” was an interesting oddity of a CD box set, celebrating their reunion around 2008 but in itself, it already lacked exclusive material, meaning – songs and demos that may have survived and could be saved from tape obscurity… One other thing that annoyed me on that box set was the extensive use of Arial, the horrible substitute font to Helvetica or Univers (the latter originally used on “Upstairs At Eric’s” alongside the Broadway typed “Yazoo” which survived to the present day as the duo’s brand logo of sorts). Sadly Arial spoiled it and made the whole box look cheap and dangerously close to piracy.

    The end result is “In Your Room” recycled live and remixed recordings in both audio and video, clearly showing Yazoo were a respectable but far too short-lived to deliver anything beyond the two official albums and a batch of singles, whose b-sides were again taken from albums. Funny that “The Other Side of Love” happened to be a non-album A-side single released between the two albums, but “Ode To Boy” that aimed for exclusive b-side exposure later ended on “You And Me Both”.

    The only proper (official) b-side is the lonesome “State Farm” (originally paired with “Nobody’s Diary”), which already reappeared on a number of CD releases in the last 20 years (starting with the single’s CD re-release and the “Only Yazoo” compilation from 1999), while the ultra obscure “Get Set” and “Chinese Detective” happen to continue slipping through.

    The Peel Sessions and Jensen sessions will surely be of some consolation for this occasion but some of it was available previously as well.
    Generally “Four Pieces” is something the newer generation of listeners will appreciate more – and for that, it is surely welcome.

  3. Trash says:

    Just received my (vinyl) copy.
    Overall quite nicely packaged although:
    – Not a big fan of reimagined cover artwork, it would have been nice to have the covers true to the originals (i.e. no white borders – the original of You and Me Both in particular looks great as a full bleed image).
    – My vinyl seems to have arrived with a fine layer of dust on each of the albums which is a bit bizarre
    – Having the cover as brilliant white is just begging for it to become tarnished and stained with age

    Still it’s the music that counts ultimately…

    • Russ Thomas says:

      It is a delicate beauty. It’s gorgeously designed but maybe a transparent plastic slipcase might have been wise as, stored on a shelf, it definitely will mark.
      I’ve taken the vinyl out of the cover and placed them in plain paper sleeves. Easier.
      The content is phenomenal. Stunning new Winter Kills remix and the sessions are just shockingly great – Moyet sounds fabulous on them all.
      I love these two iconic albums and it was about time Mute showed some respect and reverence to their first ever number one act. With Four/Three Pieces, I think they finally have.

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  5. Griffin says:

    I wasn’t going/planning to buy this as all the mixes I wanted, were on the 2008 In Your Room boxset:
    B-Sides And Remixes
    Situation 2:24
    Situation (Extended Version) 5:20
    Don’t Go (Re-Mix) 4:07
    Don’t Go (Re-Re-Mix) 4:20
    Situation (US 12″ Mix) 5:45
    Situation (Original US Dub) 5:47
    The Other Side Of Love 3:05
    The Other Side Of Love (Re-Mixed Extended Version) 5:24
    State Farm 3:36
    Nobody’s Diary (Extended) 6:09
    State Farm (Extended) 6:38
    Situation (Re-recorded) 7:32

    So I wasn’t interested in the newly commissioned mixes. No, I won’t buy any more vinyls. Been there done that (vinyl 7”/12”/album etc). When CD came, I re-bought everything on CD (if possible). Now I’m still waiting/hoping for the Expanded/bonus re-issues with all the vinyl only mixes from the vault. So if there was something I wanted in this set. And they chose to exclude me then I’ll try my luck getting my hands on those without buy8ng this vinyl (or blu ray audio) set. Like the Grace Jones set. I did get what I want without paying. It’s not that I don’t want to pay. But they didn’t give me the choice to buy them on CD (that’s my preference). Also many sets included both vinyl and CD I would avoid (big package, high on the shipping, more risk of damaging the package, getting caught for the import taxes/duties). So always giving us the choices to get the media we prefer (CD only, vinyl only, with DVD or Blu Ray, etc BUT no all the other nonsense like Cyndi Lauper reissue or the recent Guns & Roses extra’s).

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  7. Marco says:

    I was on the way to order the 4LP vinyl box set but I stopped when I see the shipment price to EU 28.80 Euro, for a total amount of 113.79. Hope will be released also on Amazon.

  8. Tonk says:

    In a professional basis, I’ve been reading release schedules for pretty much all my working life from the days when the total number of CDs available to the general public was around 300. I’ve shipped sold and sent back everything you could ever imagine, so I start to ask questions when someone is telling me something but I have little evidence of it.
    The thing about the CD death/Vinyl rebirth thing is, truly, who is buying it? A new Lp is a really expensive thing – it’s not like the days when you could go into Virgin with £20 and come out with 5 LPs. Nowadays it’s more like 1.
    There certainly is a crazy drive to make all you buyers re-buy the stuff you ditched your original LPs for . . the humble, and in my opinion, wonderful, CD . . . but is it all hyperbole and bollocks?
    Can you do a straw pole Paul and get your readers to count 12″ vinyl carrier bags on the streets of the world, because I have seen about 3 in 5 years.
    I remember the days or racking out 25 copies of every import Iron Maiden 12″ on a Friday afternoon and selling them all come Saturday – stuff just isn’t selling like that now, so I am wondering what on earth is going on to make the big boys justify their decisions.
    On an interesting note we’ve had a few import lists recently with lots and lots and lots of new pressings with a dealer price of around 6 euros . . . hmmmmmm

    • Michael says:

      That is not completely true (at least for America). I had an old Charlie Pride record from 1975. It was marked $5.99—calculated for inflation that is $28.06 in 2018 money. Plus, it was on Dynagroove which is plastic not vinyl. 180g weight doesn’t matter as much as it being made of vinyl not platic.

      Btw…£20 in 1975 is about £159.50 in 2017 money which is about 5-10 LPs depending on wheter they are new or reissues and domestic or imports.

  9. MIKE RALPH says:

    Believe me once they have sold all their expensive vinyl stock,lo and behold there is a cd super deluxe edition (randomly signed) for all us gullable fans who lets be honest will be buying the same musical output but in a different format every time.Thats life I’m afraid,good music never dies it justs gets rehashed/regurgitated.

  10. Eoghan says:

    The box sets that contain both cd and vinyl content are surely missing the point. I’d like to grab the Big Pink at but have no use for the vinyl .

  11. Josh says:

    This is exactly the type of release that I would’ve picked up on CD since I’m not especially well versed with the band, but it’s a no-go for me if it’s only on vinyl. I do have a record player and stereo system hooked up but vinyl is not my standard format for purchasing music; rather, it seems to serve as a nice change up for select albums. Disappointing.

  12. Carl says:

    I used to clean my vinyl ,anti static mat etc and record it onto the best Metal tapes over and over until i got the least surface noise so i could listen on the go with my Walkman . I dreamt of crackle and pop free listening then CD came out , not perfect, but a revelation, the things i could hear that seemed not to be there before ,buried by wow and flutter.
    Now they want to drag us back , i wouldn`t mind but have you seen the shoddy suitcase style turntables they are using to listen on?.
    Now we have less choice beggars belief.

  13. Simon Long says:

    CD was launched as a *superior* replacement for vinyl. In every objective technical measure – dynamic range, speed stability, accuracy of frequency response – it is significantly better than vinyl. A brand new vinyl LP can have a slightly higher frequency range, but a) that degrades as soon as you start to play it, and b) the human ear can’t hear anything higher than CD can hold anyway.

    And yet, a tiny group of hipsters seem to have pushed audio quality backwards. Vinyl coming back and CDs not being released is like the grounding of Concorde – we’re going from a better product to a worse one, for no reason other than that the record companies – who used to sell CDs for twice the price of vinyl – are now seeing vinyl as a premium product that they can charge a fortune for. It’s truly depressing for anyone who actually loves music…

    • Klaus says:

      Concorde was grounded as a result of it crashing in Paris plus it was too expensive to use in the upcoming days of low-cost carriers like Ryanair but i don’t remember anything as catastrophic happened regarding cds and vinyl normally isn’t exactly low-cost these days.

  14. elliott buckingham says:

    if you don’t mind having the mp3 copy you can get the boxset in you room which with regards to this release is far superior on the tracklisting but misses out the bbc sessions only £13.99 on amazon or £65 for the cd

  15. Kevin Wollenweber says:

    You know, I totally understand the vinyl craze. When I started listening to and buying music to add to my library, vinyl was the choice, because the covers were so stylish, from the Jefferson Airplane to Joni Mitchell (whose albums were concepts from the front cover to the sides of music) to just about everyone you can mention and, yes, some musicians remember vinyl warmly enough to want to see their albums reissued exclusively to vinyl. I’m finding that, if enough folks who also like vinyl support this, there will be a CD version of the box eventually.

    The amount of music that I buy (all physical media) does not leave me any room for vinyl, although there are times when I wish I still had a turntable so I could enjoy the vinyl that I still have (like the Moody Blues’ IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD in its absolute original mix), but I doubt that they are even selling component systems anymore with the finest speakers around, etc. So, alas, CD’s are the format of choice. If a CD set was issued of this set, I’d buy it just to be introduced to the music inside since I don’t have anything of this group in my collection. All I can do is hope, but I’m still sadly hoping for the Beatles’ Christmas messages set to be reissued, or issued as part of some other box set idea for the Fab Four and there is not a single blip about it.

    • Zoomquist says:

      oh no, really ? let’s hope someone from the record company reads this then so they can stop the press

  16. David says:

    Can’t believe there won’t be coming out on cd,I had thousands of vinyl,sold them had no space,surely there should be both give the general public the choice either cd or vinyl.

  17. Peter says:

    I am not a Yazoo fan but I am equally frustrated about being treated with contempt by record companies releasing vinyl exclusives – the recent Bruce Springsteen box, Record Store Day etc.

    Some artists like Jack White ensure bonus content isn’t on cd versions. Nine Inch Nails released cd versions of their last 3 EPs under protest and with no promotion.

    I think the issue is that CDs are cheaper than vinyl so that is less profit. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Doors, Ramones bundle vinyl and cds together to make fans pay through the teeth for the boxes even though only one format will be used.

    I have a rule with releases. No cd = no sale.

  18. Kevin Galliford says:

    I never actually bought any of their albums first time around but they did make brilliant singles which still sound good today so I think I would buy this if it comes out on CD! I think the market is huge for a well done SDE box as opposed to the bog standard jewel case so come on Mute, sort it out!!!!

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  20. Steven says:

    If there’s no market for CDs, then someone should hurry up and tell all the other artists who have announced CDs recently not to bother :D

    Seriously, I would have thought the outrage on this website is clear indication that there IS the market for a CD release….but for me this ain’t it – I’m in the camp with those that would rather see a round up of all the BBC material (sessions/concerts) in its own right.

    That would make a nice complement to ‘In Your Room’ rather than giving us the albums AGAIN……

  21. Neil says:

    They certainly have made themselves as popular as a fart in a spacesuit with their stupid comments about there being no demands for a CD release.

  22. AndyPoP says:

    Please, give us at CD-box!
    I don´t buy any vinyl anymore, I have already enough in the garage!
    So, please, give us a chance to listen to this wonderful songs again with real digital sounds!

  23. Guy says:

    If Paul announces a SDE from any artist and it’s vinyl only, it would be really good if the responses weren’t cluttered up with the usual ‘no CD, so I’m not interested’ posts. We know!

    Just saying….

    • Straker says:

      And if there are no such comments then record companies will just assume they’re right in forcing these vinyl only releases on us. We know the only reason they’re doing it is to leverage a higher price knowing hard-core fans’ collector mentality will overrule rationality and they’ll buy anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “bowing to unprecedented demand” CD release for this within a year, by which time of course they’ve sold all the vinyl they’re going to and will be looking to get all those same peeps to double-dip and all the fence-sitters to purchase too. Chuck in a few tracks not on the vinyl set and it’s a win-win for them.

  24. Craig says:

    Maybe there would have been a CD release if the largest music buying country in the world was allowed to buy it?

    Who has the rights to Yaz music in the US now?

    Taking a quick look the only versions available in the US now are the 2008 Import remasters. And of course, Upstairs at Eric’s doesn’t even have any version of Situation on it, which is arguably their biggest hit in the US.

    And people wonder why Apple Music and Spotify are taking over.

    People can’t buy what isn’t available.

    • Darren Howard says:

      I’m not actually sure their albums are still in print in the UK on CDs.

      • Klaus says:

        Both original albums are currently available in their 2008-remastered (i.e. “In Your Room”-box) versions on several UK-sites for GBP 6-8 without problem.

    • Martin Kilroy says:

      Ps get set is still available to download on iTunes

  25. Melvin says:

    I would love to buy this on CD. So Mute please release a (limited) cd box.

  26. Dean says:

    What a huge disappointment…
    We had a CD box set released with a DVD in 2008, that was incomplete. The BBC recorded and aired a full length concert (Nov. 22, 1982, Dominion Theater, London) this has never been commercially released.
    The Peel sessions have still yet to have a CD release.
    Basically a missed chance, and/or a backfired commercial flop. This should have a CD release, the record company, Mute, has been quoted as saying CD will not sell!?#$…
    Wij are fans not asked?

    • Dennis says:

      exactly… release the November 82 gig along with the Peel + Kid Jensen session + put it on a nice 2cd set…

  27. FM says:

    Yazoo is one of my favorite bands of all time, but it comes down to this:

    No CD, no interest, no sale

  28. Glenn Roger says:

    I currently have no Yazoo in my collection at home on either vinyl or cd. So when I saw this, I thought it was very cool. I am in the US, and although these types of box sets are not marketed for the US market, I always find a way to purchase one. I purchased this one even though some of the comments claim that it is not available in or to the US for license and rights issues. I find that so annoying I can hardly speak. But, I eventually get whatever comes out that I want. I think the presentation of the vinyl looks good although I have to agree with everyone, only 50 signed? I guess I better cross everything, stand on my head, rub my lucky Pee Wee Herman doll, and hope for the best to be among one of those 50!

  29. steve says:

    DO PEOPLE STILL buy cds? Vinyl is where it’s at people

    • Klaus says:

      I don’t agree.

      • Chris Squires says:

        I don’t agree either.
        PHYSICAL is what we want. Streaming is where it’s at……sadly.

    • Dean says:

      A choice would have been better… this would have sold well on CD.

    • Daran says:

      DO PEOPLE STILL buy LP’s? Cassette is where it is at people :)

    • John Voller says:

      Yeah I use to love buying vinyl back in the eighties having to return 12″ers and albums time and time again back to HMV to get one that didn’t pop ,click or skip.For me Cd’s were the best invention ever and things haven’t changed at all just read the vinyl reviews on Amazon .Time and time again people’s reviews mention the sound quality and all the issues I use to have 30 odd years ago .This is my simple personal view and do wish to get into any debates about equipment quality etc ,xxx

  30. Glenn says:

    Echo the oft-repeated ask re a CD release here. Saw post saying Mute didn’t think there would be enough demand. Would hope they reconsider.

    Would be nice to also get the live tracks from the Mute Audio Documents box (and any others from that show).

    Winter Kills, Don’t Go, Situation
    Recorded by the BBC at The Dominion, London on the 22nd November 1982

  31. Eric M. says:

    On a positive note, this has really reminded me what a perfect set ‘In Your Room’ is. I think I’ll listen to it tonight. After a lot of searching, managed to snag one credited to Yaz a few years ago, as it is in my part of the world.

  32. Ex-Oligarch says:

    The BBC recorded and aired a full length concert (Nov. 22, 1982, Dominion Theater, London) which is a pretty good listen. It has never been commercially released. (Of course, five minutes of searching will get you an unofficial download).

    There is also a five-song set that appeared on The Tube but was omitted from the prior box set’s DVD.

    So we can probably expect another deluxe reissue variant in a few years featuring this material.

  33. Steve Marine says:

    No CD option = No.
    No “Get Set” = No.
    This is a resounding NO.

  34. Guy says:

    Per Alison Moyet social media feeds:
    Release in all territories EXCEPT the US (licensing/rights issue)
    No CD (Mute decided there is not enough demand) – bizarre
    Digital release will also be available (except US)

    This is obviously a play into the vinyl fever right now, but a big mis-play on assessing the target audience demographic. Illegal download sites it is then…

    • Guy says:

      “…the record company…informed us the box set won’t come with a digital code.”

    • Tom of FIN says:

      Not enough demand for CD is likely just another expression for not higher enough profit margin. Vinyl has had a better margin for years, as 85 pounds for 4 LPs clearly indicates.

      Must-buy for me anyways. They quit way too soon as a duo, so talented songs!

  35. John 79 says:

    I would definitely have bought this if you got a signed print with every box set, I don’t like this ” sent out at random” idea, it looks a cool release though .

  36. joel ivins says:

    have never had the vinyl of their albums…never got “in your room”…will totally get this…

  37. Cindy says:

    I would have bought a CD box set of this. Don’t have a turntable and don’t have much more room for “collectors” vinyl I won’t play. If there’s a digital release I guess I could do that but a CD box set would have been nice.

  38. Carl says:

    OK for the retro vinyl crowd , but if they want to make some money get a CD release out with some Hi-Res download codes.Blinkered.

  39. Steve Foster says:

    No CD release = no purchase by me I’m afraid which is a shame.

  40. hamicle says:

    I get why they’d want to create a new collection, but it’s a shame they aren’t just re-issuing ‘In Your Room’ alongside a standalone BBC Recordings collection. Oh well.

  41. Straker says:

    Schu, you can get a used In Your Room set on Amazon or eBay for @ £65 currently. Worth it if you’re a fan.

  42. Schu says:

    People keep talking about sticking to their “In Your Room” Yazoo boxset . . . I wish I had the In Your Room boxset as they are asking £150 for new ones! CD release please!

  43. Douglas Bailey says:

    I’ll await a CD version.

  44. -SG- says:

    I think the phrase is “know your audience.” This looks interesting but No CD release definitely misses the mark, not even a hi-res download. Who exactly is this aimed at anyway, a christmas gift? as most willing to get this already have most of what is presented here. The two studio albums are not exactly rare. It has finally come to… we want the bad stuff, I think the use of a flashlight should be employed to look for the alternate versions hiding in the dustbin behind the old mannequins, that coupled with a song by song interview booklet sounds to me like something that at this point anyone who is still interested would actually want.

  45. Jim says:

    “Don’t Go” from the BBC Peel Session is already uploaded to the YouTube channel Yazoo/Yaz Official. Alison is in fine voice, but the instrumentation and production is quite…thin. It’s honestly not enough to justify the price of this hefty set, because most of the remixes I already have (including the remastered original albums on the “In Your Room” box set) and the ones I don’t will appear at some point on a digital platform.

  46. Jhonn says:

    This ‚randomly selected‘ is complete nonsense. You feel always disappointed, when you get the parcel, you open it – and you are not among the ‚randomly selected‘. Usually you should feel happy, when you get an expensive record. I remember the Primus ‚randomly selected’ yellow vinyl edition. Guess what? Mine was black. So, I am also out.

  47. Craig says:

    Have to add my disappointment.

    I get the vinyl craze, but I’m not buying in. No reason for no CD option. Or as suggested, re-release In Your Room and add the BBC stuff. Or just release a CD of the BBC stuff.

    At this point, would just be happy with deluxe versions of the two albums with all the remixes/edits of the period. I don’t need the re-re-mixes from later times.

    How many times can they go to the well? Plenty if they do it right. LOL

  48. Jan says:

    I may have missed the message. Is there a DL code with the vinyl and is this still a Mute release?
    Mute are pretty good at giving DLs with their vinyl.

  49. Eurovision says:

    The best thing about the IN YOUR ROOM set was the 5.1 Surround mixes, glad I got my copy when it was affordable.

  50. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow, this is a terrible release. First of all, no CD version. That alone excludes most SDE readers and 80’s music enthusiasts. Second, if you do remixes, do it properly and include them all. This is a potpurri of remixes from the 80’s, early 90’s and late 90’s. Half of the available remixes are not included. Utterly incomplete.
    Im happy I was able to get my hands on In Your Room for a decent price. The 5.1 mixes are absolutely outstanding. Some are simply not very well done but these are maybe the best 5.1 mixes I have in my collection. Worth every penny I paid. The sound is also excellent. They should release the individual albums in SDE format, include all the remixes, b sides, BBC sessions and other live material and include the already existing 5.1 mix. I just don’t get record labels sometimes. Wake up guys!!

  51. David Stanley says:

    I had no knowledge of “Get Set”, so thank you. I found it on iTunes, at least in the U.S., on Reconnected Live as an added digital-only track; it sounds like the original studio track and not a live version. Will it be available on CD or vinyl someday? I’m sure they’re cooking up ways to get us to re-buy everything ad infinitum with different packaging configurations and so can’t give us “everything” we want because we wouldn’t keep buying.

  52. MusicFan says:

    Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that Yazoo’s Reconnected Tour in 2008 finished THIS WEEK exactly 10 years ago!

    I wonder if this announcement was intended to coincide with this or perhaps it was just a coincidence.

    Either way, let’s hope it isn’t 10 years until another release!

  53. Brian says:

    The Remix LP is completely wrong…for that reason I won’t buy it. Missing The Other side of Love, Situation (Francois Kevorkian version) and original 12 inch versions is a big mistake.

  54. Vinyl only? Has the music industry lost its mind? Have we reverted to our childhood where it acceptable to have pops and crackles? If it is “too expensive” to release a CD set, I can’t imagine it is any less expensive to release a space hogging vinyl box. Sell me a Hi-res download please.

  55. Ken says:

    i am surprised that most of the comments mention CD. i also am only interested in CD format. I’m leaving this one thanks. the only reason companies are saying CDs are not in demand is because they just plain refuse to make them. its easy to say CDs are not selling when you don’t offer them no? oh well i wish Vince And Alison good luck. I am sure they will sell all of them.

  56. Aaron says:

    Ricky: “Which Y…which Y had a hit single with ‘The Only Way is Up’ and sang with the Plastic Population?”

    Brent: Yazoo!

    Ricky: Yazz.

    Brent: Yep.

    Ricky: Yeah, no, you said “Yazoo”, which is a different person…

    Brent: I know, what’s your cut-off point, though? Yazz…I know…

    Ricky: Yeah, but you said “Yazoo” first. You would have got it wrong on Blockbusters.

    Brent: I wouldn’t have said it on Blockbusters, so…

    Ricky: Well, you would have been alright then.

  57. Michael G says:

    I’m surprised the poor things actually signed 50 signatures, are either do 500 or none at all.
    It must be so busy being a eighties pop star hardly time to breath?

  58. Annabel Lecter says:

    The In Your Room box set almost wraps the duo’s discography up nicely, with the exception of Get Set.

    This new vinyl collection looks nice, but for me scores an own goal with the mixes disc. I’d have gone in favour of an album called Eight Track and included:

    State Farm
    Get Set
    The Other Side Of Love

    Only You 2017
    Don’t Go Re-Mix
    The Other Side Of Love Re-Mixed
    Nobody’s Diary Extended

    Whilst die-hard fans will already own these tracks, it seems an own-goal to exclude one of the band’s four singles. Plus Get Set really needed to be part of the package.

    If you’re a vinyl lover, like me, I’d have wanted the original single 12” mixes ahead of the chosen lesser-known mixes that made the tracklisting.

    The third disc has dented my enthusiasm, but that’s just my view. Others will have their own thoughts.

  59. Eric M. says:

    Not including one of the original 1982 mixes of “Situation” somewhere in there is a huge mistake.

  60. HS says:

    Would have bought this on CD, even though I have In Your Room.

  61. Daniel says:

    I wish this release could be different. In Your Room was so exciting, and the reunion tour was amazing! One of the best shows I’ve seen (so disappointed they only released the audio of the live show and not the video). Although I’m tempted to get the new box, I really don’t need another space filler. I’ll look forward to hearing the BBC tracks and remixes though…

    • TOM RICHARDSON says:

      ‘disappointed they only released the audio of the live show and not the video’
      Me too! For a ‘never to be repeated’ event that was a crazy decision!! And like most others have said – a CD edition with the omissions (some remixes, live material and the other missing
      rarities) included would have been as perfect as the music already is!

    • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

      i saw yazoo on the short reunion tour in berlin too. it was amazing. i was ill 4 days after that ;)
      really a shame that they exclude “i before e…” from the live cd tracklisting.

  62. Simon says:

    No disrespect to the undeniable quality of the music, the musicians or the act but another example of money for old rope – we’ve sold In Your Room to fans and now we’ll try and sell them this.

  63. AdamW says:

    There is no reason for any Yazoo collection that contains remixes and one of them is not the Francois Kevorkian mix of “Situation.”

    I’ll keep my In Your Room box and leave this one for others to enjoy. Hope the BBC sessions are worth it. (Maybe they’ll be available digitally at CD resolution – one can hope.)

  64. Francis says:

    I love Yazoo’s music but I will NOT be buying this set! NO choice of a CD edition, NO Purchase!

  65. John Bommarito says:

    I’ll throw my vote in for a CD version of the remixes and BBC sessions. Not that it’ll make any difference as we don’t matter.

  66. Scott Van Leeuwen says:

    Seriously. Why would I spend my money on a set that may or may not be signed by the original artists. 50 only sets being signed out of how many thousands? I dislike this type of marketing and will save my money for an artist/artists that value the fans who made them famous and give more than 50 signed cards back.

  67. Jeremy R. Bromley says:

    Very disappointed to be honest. I was hoping for something that (imho) was worth buying. But I already have the In Your Room boxset, and vinyl originals of both albums. The only thing I look forward to hearing from this set is the BBC sessions. So I’m nixed on those. £75 for a big pretty box is way OTT for me, and I doubt they will be released in FLAC format, if digital probably Amazon MP3 or iTunes lossy formats, which to me are worthless.

    • Klaus says:

      Don’t be disappointed Jeremy. You say you have the “In Your Room”-box AND vinyl originals of both albums.
      I have neither of these (and won’t buy vinyl no more unless its housed in a multi-format package and i’m forced to) and as the “In Your Room”-box sells for OTT prices and i sadly didn’t buy it on release because i found it too expensive at the time (Ha, that was some misjudgement…) it seems that i won’t get any of this in the near future.

  68. carsten hansen says:

    Alison Moyet news says no cd only vinyl and digital

  69. MusicFan says:

    Oddly the official twitter page sates,

    ”Unfortunately CDs currently fall in that category of too little demand for something that is costly to manufacture.”

    I am surprised the CD format is being swept aside for a bloated vinyl boxed format where two-thirds of the content is already released.

    All we need is a BBC sessions CD/ Vinyl / Digital set and I would imagine everyone would be pleased.

    Oh well.

    • Dr Volume says:

      CDs are a hell of a lot cheaper to manufacture than Vinyl! As the comments here prove if this is just a sample of Yazoo fans they’ve seriously misjudged demand on this one. I don’t want every box set to be a big slab of vinyl…who doesn’t like a budget option of a neat clamshell box with discs and sleeve notes?

  70. Chris Squires says:

    Something else that the random signature thing does is…….. (other than pee people off) it stops people leaving their box (or spare box) sealed for the future as I am assuming you will not know there is a signed card in the package until you rip the cellophane off and search through it all.

    • Trash says:

      If by that you mean ‘people that are buying stuff and keeping it sealed so that they can sell it later’ then I, for one, have no sympathy with them whatsoever.

      Buy music to ‘listen and enjoy’ not to make a fast (or slow) buck!

  71. John Moon says:

    Can’t wait for the revival of the CD format. ;)

    • D J Salinger says:

      And when that day comes just think: all those unloved brickwalled remasters will become collectors’ items.

      I would’ve very much liked to have a ‘Two Pieces’ CD of Yazoo’s sessions and mixes sitting next to my ‘In Your Room’ box set. Maybe in another ten years when that revival kicks in….

    • Giuseppe Pastorelli says:

      I support your statement

  72. MusicFan says:

    It has been confirmed, ”The tracks will also be released on digital and streaming.”

    Still no CD announced.


  73. Jose says:

    Ahhhhhhhh! I can not breathe. I will die.

  74. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    first: i am a big fan of yazoo and visage. both bands are my first musical idols.
    remember first i heard “i before e…” i was flashed by it’s new form of music.
    everything i can get from yazoo, i will have in my collection.
    now to the product:
    the 2 new versions are very interesting for me, but not suitable for this compliation.
    i wonder that there is no download code. i thought this is normal today with vinyl sets.
    disc 3 is neither fish nor fowl. 1983/1991/1999 mixes. and if they will use rare mixes for this set, where is “tee’s capella version” of “don’t go ’99”
    or the rumoured longer version of “goodbye 70’s” ?
    disc 4 is very good but they played also “chinese detectives” and “get set”.
    i hope there is more to come from yazoo. maybe a “deluxe edition” of “upstairs at erics”
    because i can’t believe that daniel miller made no alternate versions of the songs.
    i’m also sure that the album version of “bring your love down” is an edit.
    there are a few rough cuts in it ( 1:28 / 3:04 / 3:19 / 3:33 )
    and “goodbye 70’s” has a very fast fade out that everybody think that it ends on the album before and instrumental part would follow…
    maybe somebody knows more than i: i saw in 1990 the “you and me both” vinyl album in a second hand record store with a bonus disc including a longer version of “goodbye 70’s”.
    can anybody confirm this too ?

  75. Marcel Rijs says:

    I can’t understand why albums and sets are only released on vinyl these days. I honestly haven’t got room for vinyl albums anymore, it’s all CD now. Record companies shouldn’t be so quick to set aside large lumps of possible customers. As it is, I won’t buy this. Their loss.

    • Musicmacca says:

      ‘ it’s all CD now’ ….. crickey are you living in 1987 !!!

      • Klaus says:

        No, we live in 2018 but still “want to hold the music in our hands” and don’t like it that, regarding this release and others, would be forced to get back to 1975 and buy a turntable.

        • Iain says:

          Absolutely! The 6 disc Sgt. Pepper got it right. (4cd’s, Blu ray + DVD). and in a superb package.

      • richard says:

        no..2018 where CD’s are easier & there was a reason why they replaced vinyl in the 80’s. I love the past but Vinyl & 8 track & cassettes all have their place in the past.

  76. Martin Power says:

    I would have preferred a ‘First x releases get the signed art card etc’ – No incentive but thi is a wait for a deal box for me.

    The pricing on the bundles is a little out of sync. The full bundle is £100 but with the t-shirt is £95 – However with the bag on it’s own it’s £85 so the bag is variable price. Generally the day I cough up £10 for a tote bag you can shoot me….

  77. Paul says:

    ‘Randomly selected’ – no thanks.

  78. MusicFan says:

    I am really trying not to be disappointed but I am. I really want to love this be it is hard too.

    I was really looking forward to the official announcement and now it feel like a big slump :-(

    Why oh why a daft vinyl box set with most of it already released. It should have just been the BBC sessions on their own on vinyl and CD.

    Will the next announcement be a cassette release or maybe an 8 track tape? Pathetic!!!

    Such a sad day :-(

    • Simon says:

      A cd of BBC sessions and maybe a cd of all the remixes by third parties to go with my In Your Room box would be great.

      • CJ says:

        Don’t joke about the cassette thing. The local store I go to has started stocking them by the register. I joked with the guy one day, “Does anybody actually come in and say, ‘Oh thank god cassette’s are making a comeback!!’?” And he said they actually have been selling at a steady clip and they’ve decided to expand their stock. Apparently there is nostalgia for the terrible sound and risk of watching your album get eaten by a machine.

        I bought a boombox to use when I’m out working in the garden, and there were two choices that had cassette/radio with no CD player.

        I think the record companies are ecstatic about anything physical that is difficult to rip.

  79. Tony Orwell says:

    £85 with postage is a bit steep but for a 4 lp box set I suppose its not too bad, thanks for the heads up ordered and fingers crossed for the signed print

  80. AKICKUPTHE80S says:

    Bit disappointed in this to be honest. Would have been more tempted by a CD release.

  81. Del Murray says:

    I’ve got both the original albums on Mute. Mute never scrimped on the vinyl cos they’re both 140g/180g and still sound fantastic. I’ve also got the In Your Room set so I’ll pass on this.

    • BillyD says:

      I have the UK & US vinyl of both and of course Mute still sounds better. Even better than theMoFi Upstairs. Never liked that Sire screwed with the tracklisting and band name so I stuck with the imports.
      So I’m passing on this very expensive doorstop even though it may contain a rare and valuable signature card.
      The point of a remix taking up one side of a record is so it will playback louder. You can get two tracks on one side for ok reproduction, but four remixes? I can’t possibly imagine them sounding very good.
      At what point did cd become a dirty word? Not all of us are going for this streaming/download nonsense. When cds are gone they will kill the lp once more and you will pay to own nothing.

  82. Hmmm… I was very excited about this and it still could be a beautiful thing. The price is just about manageable if the quality is there but a download code for all the new/old tracks would be a deal breaker for me. Vinyl is nice but it would be great to have the unreleased stuff in high quality digital format too. We shall see…

    • Klaus says:

      Official statement on Alison Moyets Twitter channel says no download code with the box but you can purchase the download or stream the content.

  83. Klaus says:

    No cd-release planned? :-(

  84. Steven says:

    Will the vinyl be half-speed mastered, I wonder? Almost seems to be the norm these days….

  85. Oystein says:

    No “Get Set”, either.

  86. Steven says:

    Surprised they’re not re-releasing an (updated*) ‘In Your Room’ box set along this vinyl release – the 5.1 mixes should be in circulation again.

    *updated to include the BBC Session tracks, and perhaps any ‘BBC In Concert’ gigs.

    • BillyD says:

      The 5.1 mixes should have been a higher bitrate and all tracks from disc 3 should have been included.

  87. Adam says:

    Ouch £75 is a bit steep.

  88. Dave Pattison says:

    Thanks Paul, ordered and hoping to be one of the lucky 50

  89. Ian Harris says:

    Can’t wait to hear the Minute Taker remix of Winter Kills. It’s a perfect song for his style.

  90. Alan B says:

    Every time Vince Clarke does an autographed version (be it with Erasure and now Yazoo) he always goes down the “sent out at random” route rather than the “first x orders” route. Very annoying. The only random signed item I’ve ever got was the last New Order album boxset which was very welcome.

    • BillyD says:

      I was so disappointed my Mute Audio Documents box wasn’t signed. I think it was only like 10 signed copies.

      As far as signed Vince Clarke, he is very difficult. At least for me. Only have one.

  91. tom says:

    Classics, the peak of both their careers.

  92. Steve says:

    No “other side of love”?

    • Neil says:

      It wasn’t on the original album just on reissues . Anyway these vinyl only releases are really starting to get on my wick that’s fine if people want vinyl but give people the choice as quite rightly so they will be complaining why this isn’t being released on CD.

      • Steve says:

        Yeah I know that. I’m sure it could’ve been included on one of the four sides of bonus material

    • BillyD says:

      I seriously dislike that song…

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