Yello issue a Dolby Atmos Edition of their latest album Point on blu-ray

Yello / Point Dolby Atmos Edition

Standalone surround sound blu-ray now available

The latest album from Swiss electronic duo Yello has been issued as a standalone blu-ray edition, featuring a Dolby Atmos surround mix of the entire album and three bonus tracks.

Point was issued back in August and great though the now sold out box set version was, it didn’t contain a surround mix of the album. But fans can now get hold of this via a new standalone blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos Mix of the album. Interesting to see that the ‘Pure Audio – High Fidelity’ brand has been exhumed  for this release!

This edition appears to have a 24/96 hi-res LPCM stereo mix and the Dolby Atmos mix. There are three bonus tracks but it’s not entirely clear what they are at this stage.

There’s no separate 5.1 mix, although, in theory, it shouldn’t matter and an Dolby Atmos mix should ‘downmix’ to standard 5.1, but it has to be said that artists like The Beatles and Steven Wilson have recently offered both with their blu-rays and have not left the Atmos Mix to do two jobs.

Nevertheless, the standalone blu-ray audio with surround mix is a relatively rare beast these days, so this release is certainly welcome. The Dolby Atmos blu-ray of Point is out now.

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Point - blu-ray with Dolby Atmos Mix


01. Waba Duba
02. The Vanishing Of Peter Strong
03. Way Down
04. Out Of Sight
05. Arthur Spark
06. Big Boy’s Blues
07. Basic Avenue
08. Core Shift
09. Spinning My Mind
10. Hot Pan
11. Rush For Joe
12. Siren Singing

Plus three bonus tracks

36 responses to Yello issue a Dolby Atmos Edition of their latest album Point on blu-ray

  1. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Since yesterday 21.12.2020 they stopped the delivery of letters and parcels to UK and Irland because of the New covid mutation. Have ordered immediately after reading this news. Now i wait for the delivery. I think it will arrive after christmas. Wish everybody a healthy and beautiful christmas time.

  2. Stevie B says:

    It’s actually £32.75 from Amazon and free delivery.
    They’ve put a high Amazon Sellers price as the main option. Click ‘Buy New & Used’ and its there. ;)

  3. Trevor Smith says:

    Trying to order from JPC as I did the box set earlier in the year but cannot find UK, Great Britain in the drop down list of countries when doing so?? Anyone else noticed this?

    • SimonH says:

      It was in the list but when I clicked it said, not shipping to UK.
      Could be a Brexit measure, they may not want the hassle.
      Ordered from Amazon UK for £31.50 in the end, it’s on it’s way.

    • Jonathan Handler says:

      I’ve been getting this regarding the new Beck item, so not with the same thing. I was keen to start using JPC too. It’s not just you, Trevor.

    • Jonathan Handler says:

      I am having this trouble regarding ordering the new Beck CD, so not even with the same item. I am keen to start using JPC as well. It’s not just you, Trevor.

      • Trevor Smith says:

        Thank you for confirming Jonathan. Ive used JPC a few times before and they’ve been good. Looks like I am forced to use Amazon UK for this though as it’s impossible to place the order with JPC

        • Derek Langsford says:

          Apparently no problem JPC sending to the USA. Just ordered for EUR 29.15 delivered. Hope it’s as good as reported.

  4. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Listened to the regular album on Apple Music and was blown away by the soundstage, depth, and separation. Atmos mix seems like it would have to be just incredible.

  5. Nick says:

    It sounds fantastic in Atmos, they really go to town on some of the overhead effects in some of the tracks. You can also get the Atmos version on Tidal HiFi, the Blu-ray will be even better quality being TrueHD rather than lossy streamed Dolby Digital+

    • Thomas D. says:

      Yes, the Atmos-Mix sounds superb, even in 5.1-Downmix, which is everything i hoped for. Very good use of the surround speakers. Also a very transparent sound overall. Love it. It probably should have been included in the Super Deluxe Edition, but i‘m glad that they released a surround mix at all.

  6. Don Henson says:

    Sweet!! This should be fantastic in Dolby Atmos. Thanks for the update as always Paul!

  7. Ian McJannet says:

    Rather a beleaguered format ….. So what’s the point !!

  8. Mathew Lauren says:

    This is great news for original album, surround-sound advocates, regardless of whether this genre “moves you.”

    Would (always) prefer a separate 5.1 mix to accompany an ATMOS effort. It seems that “Fold-downs” simply don’t work for everyone.

    • Steven Burke says:

      I agree with M. Lauren that fold-downs don’t always work. For The Beatles Atmos mixes, Giles created the Atmos and the 5.1 mixes separately.

  9. Jim Hoffmann says:

    I had a listen to the “3D” version on Amazon Music through my Echo Studio; fun effects, but I would definitely prefer the full surround experience.

    • Jeff says:

      Thabk you Jim for reaffirming my suspicions. There is no way one or two speakers will ever substitute the dynamics of being in the center of a room surrounded by speakers with a file sening discrete singals to each corner of the space.

      All the Best – Jeff

  10. Michel Banen says:

    Ordered to support the format and I previewed / listened some track on iTunes…. this is some trippy music, let alone in such a surround mix. Too curious for the actual effect and JPC was the only outlet that still has this in stock. Other outlets -including the Yello webstore- are sold out at the moment.

  11. Mikael says:

    Weird price differences between the European Amazon sites, no?

  12. Derek Langsford says:

    Tempted to get it just to support the format.

    It was my hope that as hi-res formats arrived (SACD, DVD-A) that a hi-res disc would become the replacement for CD. And as Blu-ray players became more common to play movies, and consumers upgraded to 5.1 systems, Blu-ray Audio would be the new format of choice. I imagined seeing CD/BD releases to help consumers transition to the BD format, which would allow artists to put out hi-res stereo, 5.1, plus lost of extras if they wanted. Some actually came out – Rush put out CD/BD or CD/DVD combinations for 2112 and Moving Pictures with 5.1 mixes on the BD or DVD.

    But Napster, Pandora, iPods, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music were unstoppable in slashing into physical media sales and the rest is history. Thankfully such discs are still being produced though mostly deep inside multi-disc boxed sets.

    Kudos to Yello for breaking the trend.

  13. AdamW says:

    As a US resident all the Amazons turned up empty for me, and the Yello store was going to charge me more in shipping than the actual item! (in stock, reasonable shipping) for the win. Thanks Paul for the link.

  14. Stuart Bates says:

    Fan……tastic band
    Will be getting mine asap

  15. Seikotsi says:

    Do you expect the UK price to go down to the FR price or the FR price to go up to the UK price? (I know the original announcement via their onw site was much more expensive, especially the shipping – good to see it at a better price overall – outside the UK anyway).

    Btw this is album is amazing. Its only flaw is that all songs are too short. At least you get 3 extra ones here.

  16. Jeff says:

    Yes.. this is how all major releases should be handled.

    I wish the recent Atmos mix that Ryan Ulyate did for Tom Petty’s Wildflowers would recieve a physical Blu release. Its currently available in a very sonically-limiting streaming channel via amazon music and completely defeats the purpose of the hi-res audio file and what it was created for.

    Thanks and All the Best – Jeff

    • Ade Swatridge says:

      You can get it from Amazon HD Music in hi-res off Denon amps using works very well and sounds awesome.

      • Jeff says:

        Ade – is the HEOS speaker set up as a singular speaker or are you using multiple HEOS speakers as a wireless 5.1 set up thru your denon amp?

        Thanks and All the Best – Jeff

    • Jim Hoffmann says:

      Tell me more!
      Are you saying that it streams IN ATMOS? I have been SO wanting/wishing that streaming services would do surround/5.1/other options…
      Amazon Music’s “3D” options are a bit underwhelming…

  17. CJ says:

    It would be nice if this ushered in a new era of surround mixes being available for stand alone releases. I’m not holding my breath, but I really liked having some albums in surround. Maybe it will catch on enough with the public that record companies will reconsider the format.

    That said, I must plead a bit of ignorance about Yello. Until today, I thought they had disappeared after “Oh Yeah.” Seeing this post, I pulled up Spotify to sample the album, and saw I’ve apparently missed years of releases from them. I’ll probably spend the day sampling some of it while I’m working on grading papers. I’m actually enjoying the newer material right now.

  18. Michael says:

    The 3 bonus tracks are the same they included on the initial deluxe set. I would like to have them but shipping to the u.s. more than doubles the cost of this.

  19. Wayne Carter says:

    Hi Paul,
    The 3 bonus tracks were on the Collector’s Box CD.
    13. Insane
    14. Zephyr Calling
    15. Meet My Angel

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