ZTT announce “Zambient One”


After a reasonably busy second half of last year, ZTT have been fairly quiet of late. That has all changed, with the release of the limited edition Record Store Day Frankie Goes To Hollywood shaped picture disc last weekend, and the recent announcement of a new compilation, Zambient One.

Described as ‘the soundtrack to an imaginary road movie’, Zambient One is a 13-track one-CD set (unmixed) that kicks off with the Art Of Noise‘s Moments In Love (Beating Hart’s Mix) and ends with the Mint Juleps‘ take on Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart. On the way the journey takes in tracks such as Tracy Ullman‘s I Know What Boys Like (from the Stiff Records archive, like the Mint Juleps track) and Kirsty MacColl‘s Walking Down Madison (the slinky ‘6AM Ambient Mix’).

Almost inevitably, the cash cow that is Frankie Goes To Hollywood comes out to graze, and so halfway through this make-believe road movie, we pull over to stretch our legs and enjoy Relax (Sex Mix, Edition Two). This is an 8.25 edit of the very original 16 minute Sex Mix (the version that ‘forgets’ to play the actual song at the end).

2013 is a significant year for ZTT – it’s their 30th anniversary. This playful compilation is, we hope, very much an Hors d’oeuvre for some great celebrations and reissues to come.

Zambient One is released on 3 June 2012 via Salvo Records.

ZTT / Zambient One

ZTT / Zambient One (click to enlarge)

ZTT / Zambient One

ZTT / Zambient One full track listing



7 responses to ZTT announce “Zambient One”

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  2. Chris Lancaster says:

    Great news to see a track from Hoodlum Priest’s hard to find Heart of Darkness make it onto the compilation. Fingers still crossed for this to get the Salvo treatment at some point…

  3. Mike says:

    Yes, getting tedious that ztt keep issuing new cd’s with one or two anyone wants. We’ll all be dead soon before they get round to the box set.

  4. Tyler says:

    Amazing how many reissues/comps are milked out of a handful of groups that issued one or two records

  5. What’s the story about Dream with a Dream? Is it a reworking/unreleased mix or one of the two previously published versions on A Secret Wish deluxe?

    • James Blair says:

      I have seen this listed as “previously unreleased” with a running time of 4:27. I believe the CD is unmixed and so it’s either an unreleased mix or a new edit.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yes that is the right running time. This version doesn’t have any vocals/voiceover. Don’t know if it’s a new edit, or some original remix created back in the day. Probably the later, I would have thought.

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