ZTT / The Art of the 12-inch, Volume Three / 2CD remix compilation


ZTT/Salvo will issue a third volume of their popular The Art of the 12″ compilation series in February 2014, almost exactly two years after the previous volume was issued.

Alongside Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition) and The Organisation of Pop (London Edition), The Art of the 12″, Volume Three will help mark the 30th Anniversary of ZTT Records.

Like the previous set, this two-CD remix compilation contains reworkings of familiar ZTT material, alongside remixes of tracks by acts that have some loose connection to the label or the personnel within.

So inevitably, we get contributions from Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Rage Hard – Vocal/Remix), Art Of Noise (Close (To The Edit) Original Ruff Mix) and Propaganda (Complete Machinery), but alongside these tracks sit selections such as the Video Mix of Sigue Sigue Sputnik‘s Love Missile F1-11, Mad House – an instrumental dub version of Madness‘s Our House – and the 12″ version of The Belle StarsSign Of The Times.

The Art of the 12″, Volume Three will be released on 10 February 2014.

Track listing


  • 1. Star Cycle – a soundtrack from The Tube (Jeff Beck via Art of Noise)
  • 2. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Trailer Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  • 3. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  • 4. Snobbery & Decay (The Naked Civil…) (Act)
  • 5. Fabergé, take one (Art of Noise)
  • 6. Escape From New York (Video Mix) (Nasty Rox Inc.)
  • 7. Close (To The Edit) (Original Ruff Mix) (Art Of Noise)
  • 8. Leave It (Hello, Goodbye Mix) (Yes)
  • 9. Complete Machinery (Propaganda)
  • 10. Medea Terrorists (Living) (Das Psych-Oh! Rangers
  • 11. Fabergé, take two (Art of Noise)
  • 12. Language Problems (Extended Version) (Electric Guitars)
  • 13. Rage Hard (Vocal/Remix) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  • 14. Pop Muzik (Darkside/MM Devo Remix) (M)
  • 15. Network 7: opening titles (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)


  • 1. The Look of Love (Parts I, II, III & IV) (ABC)
  • 2. Sleepwalking (Movement Two) (Instinct
  • 3. Watching The Wildlife (Movement Two) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  • 4. Scottish Writer Of The Year (Pencil and Paper Mix) (Andrew Poppy)
  • 5. Mad House (Our House Instrumental Dub Version) (Madness)
  • 6. Sign Of The Times (Extended 12” Version) (Belle Stars)
  • 7. Docklands (12” Version) (Mint Juleps)
  • 8. Something Special (Inversion) (Stephen Duffy & Sandii)
  • 9. Jazz (Via Vagabond)
  • 10. The Word: opening titles (808 State)
  • 11. Moments In Love (Massey Mix Two) (808 State Vs.Art of Noise)
  • 12. Network 7 (12” Version) (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)
  • 13. A Friendly Warning (12” Version) (Act)
  • 14. The Tube:opening titles V.2 (Andrew Poppy)

35 responses to ZTT / The Art of the 12-inch, Volume Three / 2CD remix compilation

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  3. Mychael says:

    Now why does the booklet repeat a couple of pages (like the disc 1 tracklisting) – something (wickedly) conceptual or a plain mistake?

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  5. nick says:

    been looking forward to this for month mainly because of the theme tune to The Tube [ Star Cycle ] but very disappointed to find it is yet something else that is in MONO !! Bahh ! I know the tv series appeared before the general advent of stereo broadcasts so not really sure if this was how it was recorded or just another pressing error. Otherwise i like this better than volume 2

  6. omar says:

    I noticed that Act’s “A Friendly Warning (12”) may have a mastering fault. It’s obviously sourced from a good quality vinyl but the bass is too loud. As a result the song vibrates a little. Has anyone noticed that or is it me ?

    • Eric says:

      I hear it badly at around the 1.50 mark….the overbearing bass is omnipresent but that glitch is a big one.

      • Eric says:

        Actually, a lot of this compilation sounds like it’s from vinyl, the Snobbery & Decay mix of definitely from a record. You could get this quality of vinyl rip for nothing of a music lover’s blog. Or just dig out your own 12″s again.

  7. mike says:

    its an odd CD, some great, some not and most nothing to do with 12s – i get the ‘remix’ thing but some of them arent 12s… Worth it for 7.49 anyway.

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  9. euan says:

    Track listing on amazon doesn’t match the above one

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  11. mr59 says:

    two questions to the two sigue sigue sputnik mixes:

    do you think that the (Video Trailer Mix) is the 5:01 mix including the ‘Trailer’ (1:15) und ‘Video Mix’ (3:45)?

    and the (Video Mix) is again the ‘Video Mix’ (3:45) which was included in the other mix on the track before?

  12. baward says:

    A somewhat underwhelming release IMO. A bit of a barrel-scraping exercise?

  13. Mike F says:

    I’m not impressed. There’s a couple of chestnuts, but what on earth are Parts I-IV of The Look of Love doing as one track? They don’t segue and aren’t even all on one side of vinyl, it just makes selection/sequencing more difficult.

  14. Johan Erikson says:

    Yay! Looks really good. Which anything that includes the Hello goodbye mix of Leave it would. Add the 4 parts of The Look of Love, Movement 2 of Watching the wildlife and Complete machinery, and it is a sure buy. Excellent!

  15. James Blair says:

    This is a better track listing than I’d dared hope for. An extended version of Act’s “A Friendly Warning” – VERY excited for this!

    • Matthew P. says:

      “A Friendly Warning”! YAY for this! If any track from Laughter, Tears and Rage deserved a remix, that song does. Love it!
      ZTT, Take my money!

  16. Jeremy Orbell says:

    That looks like a very interesting set – will defo getting this one

  17. Stephen says:

    Yay, Propaganda’s Complete Machinery!

    Ah, but which Complete Machinery… the vinyl version or the cassette version?

    • Paul Rymer says:

      I really hope its the proper cassette version of Complete Machinery with the crazy long ending, the vinyl version (Excerpts from Complete Machinery) is available already on “Outside World”.

  18. Neil says:

    What is Sigue Sigue Sputnik doing on this Huh They have no connection to ZTT at all

  19. Gazelle says:

    “Mad House” is Mark Kamins’ instrumental dub version of Madness’s “Our House”, originally released as the b-side of the 1983 Geffen US 12″ single of “Our House”. This mix has previously been released on CD on the 2010 Salvo reissue of “The Rise And Fall”.

    It is a shame that Mark Kamins’ ‘Special Remix – Extended Dance Version’ of “Our House” – originally released on the a-side of the 1983 Geffen US 12″ single of “Our House” – has not been included instead on “The Art of the Twelve Inch – Volume 3”, as to my knowledge, it has never been released on CD.

  20. Paul Rymer says:

    VERY happy that Stephen Duffy & Sandii’s “Something Special” 12″ mix is appearing, I don’t think this has ever been on CD.

    Sandii is still gorgeous, she was on the YEN label in the 80s which was pretty much the Japanese ZTT, headed up by Hosono and Takahashi from YMO. After YEN, Hosono moved on to form Non-Standard, another label contemporary and similar to ZTT, with bands like the early Pizzicato Five and Mikado (French electronic group).

    • trash says:

      Well spotted. Love this song and I think I have only heard the 12″ version once. Isn’t it about time this great album (Because We Love You) was remastered?

      As for Yen – as you say a great label for anyone that was interested in Japanese music back in the 80s (those Pizzicato Five albums had great packaging) and Hajime Tachibana’s albums were great too!

  21. PAC says:

    Been after Network 7 digital copy for, well, ever !

    Many Happy Returns Zang.

  22. m_Tourneur says:

    Or “A design for living”?

  23. Stefano says:

    Finally the full 4 versions ABC’s ‘The Look Of Love’ together as released on the original Trevor Horn produced 12 inch. I do hope that Part 2, which is the superb instrumental version, is without ANY drop outs on this set. A few earlier compliations contain Part 2, but always with a few nasty drop outs!

  24. g man says:

    Good to see movement 2 getting its cd debut at last

    • mr59 says:

      is it really the first time on CD?

      • Gazelle says:

        To my knowledge it is the first time this mix has been released on CD in the UK.

        The only other time I’m aware of it being released on CD is as part of last year’s Japanese “Frankie Said” compilation.

  25. lee says:

    i had no idea there was a ZTT link to Sigue Sigue Sputnik? i thought it was all EMI?

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