10cc / Tenology box set / new photo

10cc / Tenology box set

10cc Tenology (Click to enlarge)

Above, is a new image detailing the forthcoming 10cc five-disc box set Tenology.

This set is out on 19 November. More details and track listings here.

4 responses to 10cc / Tenology box set / new photo

  1. Mark Wardle says:

    There’s one unreleased song – the original demo of “People in love” that Godley and Creme appeared on – just before the split in 1976. Otherwise, a wholly disappointing and badly compiled box set – and a totally wasted opportunity – bad Universal!! Bizarrely…the version of “I’m not in love” – y’know, their most famous song..appears in a edited version (taking over two minutes off it) – being a huge 10cc fan I can’t begin to say how utterly let down I feel by the whole box set – I need to get a job at Universal so I can do this properly!

  2. Paul Kent says:

    Looks pretty, but there’s no unreleased stuff on it, is there?

  3. Justin says:

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but is the set remastered and if so, do we have any details by whom?

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