Blur 21 / The Box / First Pictures

Blur 21: The Box / First pictures

Blur‘s career-spanning box set Blur 21: The Box is out next week. Full review then, but in the meantime take a look at these exclusive photos. Blur 21: The Box can be pre-ordered here (UK) or here (US).

Blur 21: The Box / First pictures

Blur 21: The Box / First pictures

9 double CDs and one triple DVD slot into the box. Book and 7" vinyl at the back

Blur 21: The Box / First Pictures

Box is surprisingly compact - CDs within are all housed in card gatefold sleeves

Blur 21: The Box / First Pictures

Parklife! (click to enlarge)

Blur 21: The Box / First Pictures

Parklife gatefold. Disc design very similar to original

Blur 21: The Box / First Pictures

The book is roughly the size of a 7" single (click to enlarge)

Blur 21: The Box / First Pictures

Unique Seymour 7" single included (click to enlarge)

More photos below!

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7 responses to Blur 21 / The Box / First Pictures

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  4. Ron says:

    It has happened, I could not resist anymore. I ordered mine yesterday and it was shipped today! :D :(

    And yea, I might have liked those separate 2cd editions in the box as well, but then again, I literally know no more than 5 Blur songs (I swear!) so I am not too bothered if I miss a picture or two or some lyrics. It is the music that counts for me in the end (although I do not know 99% of the songs in the box). At least I know I will be fairly complete when it comes to owning Blur music by having this box set.

    Signed, a freak :)

  5. Paul Kent says:

    Phil – Mine arrived this morning and, I have to say, I’m very disappointed for much the same reason. The slipcases don’t even contain booklets, so no lyrics or photos as per the original releases. Yes, there’s a lovely thick hardback book with all the info (again, no lyrics, though), but I would have expected all the individual albums to have the same design specs as the separate releases. Points lost for this, I’m afraid, and, if it hadn’t been for all the unreleased stuff, I’d have gone for the individual reissues, too….

    ….having said that, this is a birthday present off my wife, so I can’t complain, really. It’s just worth mentioning for those who are deciding how to buy!

  6. Phil Wilson says:

    Anyone know what the extra bonus download only tracks are?

    Personally, I’m slightly disappointed that the CDs are only in the 2CD slipcases, as buying them individually gets you them in a box similar to the radiohead reissues with postcards, booklet etc. I would have liked those to have been inside the box, and if it wasn’t for the rarities discs, would have gone for those I think.

  7. JB says:

    Thanks! Looks great – this is one of the boxsets I’ve ever anticipated the most, I think. Have you had a chance for a listen yet?

    My only disappointment is that the versions of the albums here don’t include the full booklets for each album – those for Modern Life, Parklife & Great Escape were wonderful. Is there at least some liner notes on the rarities etc in the book?

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