FIRST LOOK: McCartney RAM Box Set

Out today in the US, we give you Paul and Linda McCartney‘s RAM Deluxe Box Set. Extensive photo gallery below. Full review of this set later in this week. Let us have your thoughts on what you see!

You can order this lovely item here (UK) or here (US).
Paul McCartney / RAM Deluxe Box SetPaul McCartney / RAM Deluxe Box SetPaul McCartney / RAM Deluxe Box Set

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10 responses to FIRST LOOK: McCartney RAM Box Set

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  4. Paul Kent says:

    I would have loved to have bought all these boxes, but funds just won’t allow it. I’ll have to stick to the 2 disc editions. This one looks particularly tasty. Although I’m disappointed that the Thrillington album forms part of the set. When Concord announced they were reissuing the McCartney catalogue (including Thrillington, Twin Freaks, The Fireman, etc.), I was hoping to see it get a standalone release.

    • greg says:

      Who would honestly buy thrilling ton beyond the completist hence why it works great in the box . It is an extra

  5. John Reeder says:

    Great Job Paul. Here’s hoping the rest of the deluxe boxes are given the same attention to content & detail.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks! Hopefully we’re in for a good autumn/winter if the rumours of Venus and Mars, Speed of Sound AND Wings Over America all coming out together are true.

  6. Marshall Gooch says:

    Very nice package! Seems almost overwhelming for such a humble (but GREAT) album, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I hope this happens with Venus and Mars and Wings Over America, too. (And for that matter, my other fave, Back to the Egg!) One thing: As of today (5/22/12), the download card takes you to the Kisses on the Bottom downloads page, so my download card didn’t work. I hope they fix that soon.

  7. Max says:

    Really really beautiful ! I haven’t bought the other deluxe reissues (Band on the Run, McCartney, …) but Ram is a very special album : songs are perfect and colorful, great artwork. Paul & Linda have lots of fun and their joy is contagious. I WANT THIS BOX SET !

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