FIRST PICTURES / Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 5CD


First pictures of Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records the new five-disc set from Cherry Red that brings together the early years of Alan McGee’s label.

At 124-tracks the set is an impressive enough musical document of that early era, but the volume of photos and text across the book is amazing. This has clearly been something of a labour of love for all involved.

Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 1983-1985 is out now. For a full track listing visit this post.




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  1. Sam Matheson says:

    Since I wrote the above, Cherry Red have been in touch and the replacement CD just came in the post. Looks like all’s well that ends well here!

  2. Sam Matheson says:

    Any updates on the defective disc 2? I contacted Cherry Red about three weeks ago about this, and have received no reply.

  3. Neil Hendry says:

    It is nearly a month since Cherry Red was advised that there was a problem with Disc 2 of the Creation Artefact box set. Despite promises that replacement discs would be sent, none have been forthcoming. In fact Cherry Red has never publicly acknowledged that there was a problem – despite numerous complaints on Amazon etc. This is really unprofessional and their customer service has been very poor frankly.

  4. Mark Turrell says:

    i bought it and love it. but then i am a Creation records nut. i have almost all of the first 50 singles and the first 20 or so albums on vinyl.
    as well as creation soup cd’s and individual band cd’s.
    The only issue i have is ‘spiral girl’ by the x-men is not on there for some reason.
    they note in the liner that there is no slaughter joe foster or lez zarjaz for licensing reasons, no biggie, the zarjaz tracks are terrible.
    all of the Loft material has been previously released on ‘magpie eyes’.
    however we finally get both versions of ‘god bless’ on cd.
    i would say disc two is a bit of a letdown, the album tracks are superfluous, i would’ve preferred them to just carry on with more singles from the 20’s.
    the demos are interesting, and the peel sessions other than the loft are great. the meat whiplash session is in my top 5 sessions from the 80’s.
    all in all a bargain for me in the USA i paid 30 quid inc shipping.

  5. Charles Hodgson says:

    If you have already purchased the Artifact Box with the faulty disc two, contact Cherry Red Records via the ‘Contact’ link on their website to let them know (include your postal address).

    They are aware of the fault and will send out a replacement disc as soon as they are ready.

    Unfortunate, but can’t fault Cherry Red for their excellent customer service.

  6. Neil Hendry says:

    As with many box sets it would seem, there is little QA. I have ordered two copies of this item now from Amazon and there is a very audible distortion on tracks 3, 5, 17, 18, 21, 23 and 24 on Disc 2. This has obviously occurred either during mastering or pressing. Cherry Red need to send out replacement discs to all those that have bought the item I think.

  7. Charles Hodgson says:

    Jeez, I remember some of those flyers! Still got some somwhere I think…

  8. Charles Hodgson says:

    Ordered my copy from Action Records of Preston via Amazon for £29.26 all in.
    Should be great, particularly all those Meat Whiplash tracks (saw them support the Mary Chain with Shop Assistants in 1985. Alex SA vocalist later joined up with MW guys under the name The Motorcycle Boy. All three excellent). Also Bodines, Jasmine Minks, The Loft, et al.
    Re: the ‘pocket’ sleeves in the bookset. Understand the point, but it’s usually possible to ‘pinch’ them open, so only the outer-edges of the discs make contact when removing / replacing them.
    Otherwise, looks very nice.

  9. Jason fieldhouse says:

    Just use some plastic CD sleeves. 50 for £2. Job done. Your just being picky. PS great tunes. Looks amazing. Something for Christmas. Hopefully this will continue with 1986

  10. Jonathan Reeve says:

    I love much of the music on this set. However, I would never dream of buying this particular box because of those awful sleeves that hold the discs. Every single time I’ve ever gotten a box with packaging similar to this, the CDs have been scratched to bits. I will never understand how the paper/cardboard sleeve caught on as a way to package compact discs. Jewel cases (or at least digipacks with trays to hold the CD firmly in place) are the only way to go.

    • Eric says:

      I agree. The a-ha SDE is ruined by this. And putting them in other sleeves is no use if the discs are scratched to bits already.

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