First Pictures: Elvis at Stax deluxe


RCA/Legacy’s Elvis at Stax deluxe set was issued very recently and the packaging mirrors the Prince From Another Planet release from last year.

Although there is no DVD this time around, the Elvis at Stax set comes in an eight inch die-cut square slip case, which is home for a six-panel wallet containing the three CDs and a 44-page softcover book with a host of archive photographs and an excellent essay by Robert Gordon (author of It Came From Memphis and Elvis Treasures, amongst others).

We very much like this style of presentation and hope to see Sony make more use of it on other releases. It’s small enough to be shelf-friendly, while different and significant enough to feel ‘special’ and justify the ‘deluxe edition’ tag.

Elvis at Stax is out now. More information about this release and the track listing can be found here.


Booklet slides into slip case


CD wallet (left), slipcase and booklet


Stylishly designed CDs housed in a wallet with photos of the original tapes


Rear of wallet


Spread from the book


Letter and photos picture in the book


An Elvis Presley photograph featured in the book


Track listing of the 3CD set

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