FIRST PICTURES: Eric Clapton: Give Me Strength 1974-75 Recordings


Universal/Polydor’s Eric Clapton Give Me Strength: The ’74/’75 Recordings is released today.

This is a generous six-disc set, packaged in a landscape book (very similar to last year’s Velvet Underground & Nico super deluxe edition). The 60-page volume is well-laid out with lots of great period photography and includes an essay by John Lynskey on this period in Clapton’s career.

The full track listings and details can be found here, but in summary, this set includes newly expanded versions of 461 Ocean Boulevard, There’s One In Every Crowd, E.C. Was Here (across two discs) and a CD of Freddie King studio sessions. The sixth disc is a audio-only blu-ray with hi-res versions of the original quad mixes of 461 Ocean Boulevard and There’s One In Every Crowd, as well as a previously unreleased Elliot Scheiner 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of 461 Ocean Boulevard. Contrary to what some track listings have suggested, there are no 5.1 mixes of E.C. Was Here on this disc.

A full review of the audio coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy some photos of this new release.

5CD+Blu-ray Audio box set

3LP Vinyl set


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Discs set within the leaves (2 discs are on the previous page)


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  1. This looks really well thought out, and I think other producers of reissue sets could learn from it– it’s the ideal place to start.

    The format is familiar– a book, that protects and presents the content discs, and ultimately preserves them because it’s easy to use. The associated content is logical– essays and photos, (seemingly) intelligently arranged, and the trainspotting details are all available to the collectors.

    Random tchotchkies are eliminated, yet nothing’s missing. Kudos!

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