FIRST PICTURES: Jimmy Somerville / Club Homage remix compilation


Cherry Red/Strike Force Entertainment are issuing Club Homage at the end of this month, a compilation of extended versions and promotional remixes of the most popular tracks from Jimmy Somerville‘s Homage album of last year.

All of these particular reworkings are released on CD for the very first time and remix collaborators include Tom Moulton, DJ Robbie Leslie, Felix Gauder and Sebus & Larzo. In total, there are 11 remixes ranging from a three-minute radio remix of Lights Are Shining, to an 11-minute version of Travesty.


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As you can see below, they’ve made an effort with the packaging since this comes in an embossed gatefold sleeve, with a ‘black vinyl effect’ CD and the disc even has a good quality protective inner sleeve! Great job.

Club Homage is released on CD on 29 April 2016.


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1 Travesty (Extended Version) 8.21
2 Strong Enough (Tom Moulton Mix) 7.30
3 Overload (Felix Gauder Remix) 5.07
4 Back to Me (Extended Version) 8.04
5 Travesty (Robbie Leslie Mix) 11.10
6 Strong Enough (Extended Version) 7.12
7 Overload (Extended Version) 7.41
8 Some Wonder (Extended Version) 7.50
9 Lights Are Shining (Radio Remix) 3.26
10 Strong Enough (John Winfield Remix) 5.16
11 Travesty (Sebus & Larzo Remix) 6.38



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7 responses to FIRST PICTURES: Jimmy Somerville / Club Homage remix compilation

  1. DiscoAdam says:

    Really looking forward to this! Thanks for the preview.

  2. graham says:

    Is the age of the Remix album coming back? Public Service Broadcasting are also releasing remixes of their ‘Race for Space’ album from last year in June. Would love a Remix LP of Simple Minds’ ‘Big Music’

  3. baward says:

    I’m somewhat tempted because of Tom Moulton’s involvement. I was rather unimpressed with the interior of the gatefold; gold lettering (embossed or not) on white seems rather lazy design to me.

  4. Lanny says:

    Want want want want……………………

  5. André Mes says:

    ‘Homage’ is the first Jimmy Somerville album I’ve really enjoyed since 1995’s ‘Dare To Love’. For 20 years after that he seemed to tread the mediocre waters with covers and very bland/forgettable self-written songs. You can tell ‘Homage’ was made with love and his nod towards the disco era works very well in th modern age. I’ll be getting this remix album too. I love the fact it is packaged similar to the parent album. For those who have not heard it, give it a listen. You may just be surprised! ‘Travesty’, ‘Overload’ and ‘Bright Thing’ are my personal favourites.

  6. Kiki says:

    this sounds great !

  7. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Tom Moulton you say? Sounds good to me. Nice package, I like a nuce package….

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