FIRST PICTURES: Small Faces / “Here Come The Nice” Immediate Years box


Charly Records’ Small Faces box set Here Come The Nice is out at the end of this month and we can bring you some exclusive photos of the package.

Subtitled The Immediate Years Box Set 1967-1969, this lavish Small Faces box celebrates the band’s 1960s career on Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records label.

This set features every worldwide hit single, A & B side plus EPs and rare and previously unreleased material, unheard recording sessions from Olympic, IBC & Trident Studios, outtakes, early mixes, alternate versions and live material. It has been years in the making, and series producer Rob Caiger’s notes (in the book) on how they tracked the original tapes down is very much a roller coaster story featuring reels thrown in skips and a worldwide hunt from original UK masters!

We are pleased to report that the set is superbly designed and packaged. The box is fractionally smaller than 12″x12″ and aside from the music, the highlight is a well put together hardcover book. Unlike some deluxe sets which rely of photographs to fill the pages, this contains excellent notes by Mark Paytress and something which should be compulsory for any archive release with unreleased material – a detailed track-by-track guide covering all the music within this set.

The four CDs (75 songs) are secured within the covers of the book and lifting the tome from the box reveals four seven-inch records, posters, art cards, postcards and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Only 3000 of these sets are being produced. The good news for UK fans is that it is now available to order on the UK Amazon site as well as the US.

Here Come The Nice: The Immediate Years Box Set 1967-1969 is released on Monday 27 January.


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Box is superbly designed and excellent quality


72-page hardbound book


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CDs 1& 2


Contents of the book include a detailed track-by-track guide to the music


Detailed Mark Paytress notes


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CDs 3 & 4


Front cover of lyric book


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Ogdens’ press kit, art prints and posters


Signed certificate of authentication (Kenney Jones & Ian McLagan) and “Mystery” acetate replica


Red white and blue vinyl


Four seven-inch records in sleeves


Back of the box


Spec sheet from back of the box

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  5. Hedley says:

    looks like a terrific assembly but is there enough of a difference to the 50 track Ultimate Collection both in terms of the 25 additional tracks and the sound quality ?

    For once the blows the UK price out of the proverbial

  6. Paul English says:

    They should have jewel cases for each CD.

  7. rare glam says:

    Very stylish, as it should be for a Small Faces set! Glad to see that the discs are more tastefully housed here than in Charley’s CD SDE box set edition of the 13th Floor Elevators book. The book format / layout looks similar to the 13 FE book (CD set) as well, which was very visually engaging. I’m looking forward to my copy next week but glad I pre-ordered it early for less than £100 last year.

  8. Mike F says:

    Not my bag, but looks very nicely done.

  9. PaulB says:

    Looks good -best price I’ve seen £149.99 at

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