Japanese CD / ZTT: The Organisation of Pop (Tokyo Edition)


ZTT’s Organisation Of Pop compilation continues its global 30th birthday celebrations with a new Tokyo Edition.

This two-CD set is (in theory) available only in Japan and comes as a matt laminated gatefold card sleeve, with yet another bespoke cover design and a completely different track listing to the previous London and New York editions.

There’s a small selection of tracks that are either previously unreleased (or previously unreleased on CD) but in the main this contains many tracks making their Japanese debut on CD. You can view the full track listings by clicking on the image below.

This is actually a Blu-spec CD (compatible with all CD players) and comes with an OBI strip, decent booklet (largely – but not entirely – in Japanese) and excellent protective sleeves for the CDs themselves.

If you’ve picked up the other two editions, then you are likely to want to seek this out. It can be picked up via CDJapan or use the link below for Amazon UK which seems to have some at reasonable prices.


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6 responses to Japanese CD / ZTT: The Organisation of Pop (Tokyo Edition)

  1. Bertielego says:

    Excellent set. Great selection of tracks; good sequencing.
    Notable highlights:
    – CD debut for Act’s “Winner 88” 7inch version.
    – Previously unreleased instrumental version of Instinct’s “Swamp Out”.
    – CD debut of A Theory’s “Eleven”.
    – Previously unreleased live version of 808 State’s “10×10”.
    – CD debut of Andrew Poppy’s “32 Frames (New York Radio Mix)”.

  2. David says:

    …just another tacky ZTT cash cow!…..MOO!!!!

  3. PaulB says:

    The original amazon seller was japan media who had it for £26. You can get it from YesAsia for £18 with free shipping. CDJapan is about £25 with shipping

  4. Martin says:

    Just having a look at CDJapan website and it shows as being @£15 from them!?? Bit of a difference to Amazon’s price (though to be fair to them, it’s not directly from them as far as I can tell)

  5. Paul Chapman says:

    yes that’s a bit steep ! (though it is a double)

  6. g man says:

    £43? i thought you said decent price? lol

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