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Sting / Back To Bass / 25 Years Box SetSting has just finished the UK leg of his ‘Back To Bass’ tour and tomorrow night plays in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is all in celebration of his 25 years as a solo artist, and the tour follows on from the 25 Years releases of last autumn

Although we were not that impressed with ‘greatest hits’ track listing and very expensive nature of the 3CD+DVD box set, it is an undoubtedly classy affair, in terms of design and packaging, and much bigger than you might imagine if you haven’t seen one in the flesh.

Now seemed like a good time to give you an exclusive close-up look at the 25 Years box and the book within.

The box can be ordered here for the US or here for the UK.

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  2. Ron says:

    I still want to pick up a copy of this one, but, since I am currently living in Germany, the box is adorned with an unpleasant “FSK” sticker stuck on the front of the artwork because the box carries a DVD.

    It is however not that high on my priorities list hence I have not yet bought it online :)

    Interesting fact: it seems that someone close to the Police once worked on a new Police box set about 5-6 years ago which would include the missing tracks that did not end up on the Message in a Box from the 90’s. Unfortunately Sting did not like the idea so the project got cancelled. So I am wondering why he releases a box like this one.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Interesting info about The Police Box. Although Message in a Box has flaws (not being ‘complete’ being the most obvious one) I do enjoy it.

      It’s pretty hard to really recommend the 25 Years box, because the 2CD set is an excellent alternative at a FRACTION of the price. I think I got mine for £5.99. So an extra £70 for a book, and extra CD of tracks that I have mostly already got, and the DVD is very poor value. Why they didn’t include a disc of proper rarities in the box to attract buyers is a mystery to me.

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