Bob Dylan 1965-66 / Story of The Cutting Edge: Bootleg Series Vol 12

Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 Collector's Edition 18CD

Check out this fantastic video that goes behind-the-scenes with rare audio and video to set the scene for the impending release of Bob Dylan‘s The Cutting Edge Bootleg Series Vol 12.


6CD Deluxe Edition

Best Of The Cutting Edge Deluxe 3LP + 2CD

Best Of The Cutting Edge 2CD Edition


The Cutting Edge 18CD Collector’s Edition = 9 x 7″ mono singles

For full track listings visit this post.

3 responses to Bob Dylan 1965-66 / Story of The Cutting Edge: Bootleg Series Vol 12

  1. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Same problem, it may end up at JB HiFi. But Australian prices are higher

    • DJ Control says:

      Will be very surprised if it ends up at JB as it’s meant to be exclusive to the Dylan web store. If it does I’m assuming they’ll do want they usually do which is purchase it from the Dylan store and add $100 to the price.

  2. DJ Control says:

    As a late blooming Dylanite, I’m a big fan of this period in his career and was keen on purchasing the big set from the Dylan box set store. Unfortunately they want US$110 to send it to Australia which puts an already expensive set way beyond my means.

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