David Bowie / ‘No Plan’ video and EP

A video of David Bowie‘s No Plan has been issued today (along with an EP) on what would have been his 70th birthday.

The film was directed by Tom Hingston. No Plan was written for the Lazarus musical and David’s version appeared on the cast album that was issued last November, along with Killing A Little Time and When I Met You. All three songs are now available today as a digital EP accompanied by Lazarus. This is the first time the songs have been available without having to buy the Lazarus Cast album (although that album is recommended). There is no physical release of the No Plan EP (yet).

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David Bowie

No Plan - EP




No Plan EP

  • Lazarus
  • No Plan
  • Killing A Little Time
  • When I Met You

32 responses to David Bowie / ‘No Plan’ video and EP

  1. Eric W says:

    Do we know if David was involved in the planning/creation of the video and the decision to relase an EP of these songs? I recall quite clearly that Frank Zappa mapped out a release schedule that took years after his death to complete. I’d love to think that David will still continue to interact with us as was his wish.

  2. El Nino says:

    Did any one catch the BBC documentary at the weekend on Bowie’s last 5 years? Well worth a catch-up if you missed it. Has some brief film of Lazarus rehearsals.

  3. paolo says:

    Well, of course it’s only an image they’ve rushed to sell the digital EP, so not that big deal, but still they could have done it better. They did already put together a lazy artwork for that ‘Legacy’ greatest hits, so whoever is in charge of milking Bowie’s catalogue already proved their poor aesthetic taste. If a vinyl ever comes out I wouldn’t totally rule out the possibility of it being the actual cover, though.

    On a personal note, I won’t buy these tracks unless they come out as part of a ‘Blackstar’ deluxe edition.

  4. Bobby says:

    Price is displaying as £3.96 for me rather than £1.99?

  5. nite says:

    Love Bowie and consider Blackstar 2016’s best album however this is a truly horrible, awkward video for a song that on it’s own isn’t up Bowie’s normal high standards. I would go so far as to say that it could only be appreciated in the right context (as an element song from Lazarus).
    At least with the lyric video for I Can’t Give Everything Away the song was strong enough to carry such a plain “lyric” type video. So much so it was beautiful in it’s minimalistic approach.
    This is just plain boring.
    They could have done a lot better for the great mans 70th.
    And either way, thanks for posting Paul.

  6. paolo says:

    Hideous and rushed cover art, by the way.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure I’d go so far as to describe and image put together for a digital EP ‘cover art’

      • RJSWinchester says:

        Of course it’s the cover artwork!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          How can it be cover art when it doesn’t ‘cover’ anything? It’s just some image they’ve knocked up because they need it to sell the digital files. If this gets a physical release this won’t be the cover art to a vinyl record, because as pointed out it’s not very good. It’s a bit of a pointless argument to be honest. Who cares about images for digital files, when you can choose your own?

          • RJSWinchester says:

            It covers the digital music files in a digital library! It’s lined up next to other albums in my digital library and they’re all displaying the original artwork for the physical releases. It’s not a particularly bad piece of artwork and keeps the blackstar theme.

  7. paolo says:

    These recordings will eventually be made available as a standalone physical release, be sure. Look forward to RSD and a fancy 12″ might easily turn up.

  8. Jeremy Earle says:

    I predict a Record Store Day release for the vinyl version of this EP…

  9. Will W says:

    I like the video for No Plan, really enhances the song. As for the Lazarus cast album, I didn’t find it that great on the first listen, but this morning I enjoyed it much more, it’s a different experience to DBs regular cannon of work.

  10. Leemer says:

    I too would love to see a physical vinyl copy without the expense of buying the Lazarus soundtrack.

  11. Phil says:

    Nice touch with the “Newton Electrical” shop front referencing Thomas Jerome Newton(Bowie) from The Man Who Fell To Earth.

  12. RJSWinchester says:

    £1.99 for 320kbps MP3 from Google Play Music store. So glad that this is finally available separately. The Lazarus soundtrack was awful, real X-Factor / The Voice type stuff and I refused to buy it just for the final Bowie tracks.

  13. daf says:

    Seeing Lazarus is definitely key here. The cast recording is just that – a cast recording. It’s not intended to be a concept album or flow like a regular album. Like most cast recordings, it’s missing the connective tissue (the dialogue) that linked the musical numbers and further moved the storyline along.

  14. Adey says:

    I have only ever bought 2 tracks from amazon music in the past (oasis tracks) and found them appalling quality. Their autorip tracks are also very poor quality imho. I will never download anything from amazon music ever again.

    • SimonP says:

      Agreed. You don’t seem to be able to edit them either (the tagging on them is terrible), so I’m guessing there is some heavy handed DRM going on, too…

  15. HalloweenJack says:

    I sincerely have to disagree with those claiming the cast album is worth having. It’s simply cringe-worthy. I would not even enjoy the set if it was a compilation of Bowie’s original versions. I see and hear no flow between the selected songs and the Lazarus musical concept really didn’t appeal to the Bowie fanatic in me. Just because it’s Bowie and one of the last works completed before his death does not make it good (let’s not forget Lou Reed’s collaborative swansong “Lulu” – or have we already? – which thankfully did not turn into a stage production!). These Bowie tracks should have been released as an EP from the start and not included on the cast recording. Perhaps “they” may re-release it again as part of a ★ “Blackstar” deluxe edition with the original “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore” single and the Last Panthers early mixes.
    Either way, I am happy with what I have as the ★ album…
    1) Blackstar
    2) No Plan
    3) Girl Loves Me
    4) ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore [Album Version]
    5) Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) [Original Full Length Single Version]
    6) When I Met You
    7) Lazarus
    8) Killing A Little Time
    9) Dollar Days
    10) I Can’t Give Everything Away

    (“No Plan” sounds fantastic following the title track!)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Seeing the Lazarus Musical made me appreciate it much more, I have to say. “Heroes” at the end of the musical is extremely moving (loads of people near me were in tears) and it’s a lovely interpretation. Bowie was involved in how these would sound, don’t forget. The earlier stuff (Changes, Life On Mars) is the least successful I think.

      • Trash says:

        Actually I bought the cast album purely to get the unreleased Bowie tracks in physical form. However after reading (quite) a few people saying that it was rather good I decided to give the full thing a listen and I was/am pleasantly surprised.
        There are a couple, of songs that (for me) really do not work but otherwise it is something I actually enjoy listening to (and will play more than once).

    • Rory says:

      The cast album is great once you have seen the play and understand it. I saw it twice and thought it was brilliant. I agree that the main draw of the set is the second disc and that I would rather listen to the originals over the cast versions, but the new interpretations of songs like The Man Who Sold The World and Always Crashing In The Same Car etc. are worth a listen.

      I’d still very much welcome a Blackstar deluxe edition though, with the Lazarus tracks, early Sue and ‘Tis a Pity (not available on CD) and all the radio edits collected on a second disc and a DVD/Blu-ray of the videos… a set like The Next Day Extra

    • paolo says:

      Good call, this way the album would have been even better.

  16. Le Baron says:

    Thanks Paul, I find both the track and the video very moving.
    The photo of Bowie at the end of the video reminds me of the Black Tie White Noise (very underestimated album, by the way) promo shoots.

  17. adam shaw says:

    Hi Paul
    Where do you download the EP from ?
    And agree, the Lazarus cast album is worth having .

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