Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists Collectors Box

Take a look inside the now SOLD OUT Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists 20th Anniversary Collector’s Box Set with this unboxing video.

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9 responses to Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists Collectors Box

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  4. Vicky Hinault says:

    I found the manics when i was 15 and this was the first CD of theirs i bought, since that day they have been my favourite band, i’m turning 30 this year and was planning to buy this for myself to celebrate 15 years of being a manics fan but they all sold out and now i can’t get one. I would love to win one so i could look through the pictures and relive all the happy memories they have brought me.

  5. Theodore says:

    They are my favorite band since their first album…but through all these years they became something more than that. They became a way of thinking and living.

  6. gary clarke says:

    I saw them last christmas when they did ALL those. The oldies sounded great, but the newer stuff really had a bit more life too it. I do regret not seeing them on more recent tours to hear more of Lifeblood and Postcards live.

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  8. Emmanuel says:

    I received my box too.
    A real disappointment for the picture quality of the booklet !
    Is it a photocopy or what??

    The music is worth it otherwise !

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